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					            St. Mary School                Holy Trinity Catholic School Division
            720 5th Avenue SW                               502 6th Avenue NE
            Moose Jaw, SK S6H 5W3                       Moose Jaw, SK S6H 6B8
            306.694.0066                                           306.694.5333

Dear Parent(s) and/or Guardian(s),
I want to take this time to welcome you and your son or daughter into my classroom. I am
very excited for our year together and look forward to getting to know both of you quite
well. This year I have a Grade 5/6 Homeroom and will be teaching them ELA, Math,
Religion, Science, Phys. Ed, Catholic Wellness, Arts Ed (drama and dance only), and French.
Miss Artiga will be teaching the grade 5/6 Social, Mr. Mitchell will be teaching Music and
Mrs. Stan Ross will have 1 class of visual art.

Please review this letter in regards to my classroom procedures so you are familiar with
our classroom.

Students are expected to attend class every day. If they are unable to attend due to
illness or other circumstances, it is expected that assignments will be made up with
reasonable time given. If your child will be away for more than 1 day, please request
their homework through the main office! Missed classes and homework is the
responsibility of the student. For 1 day absences, students can find their homework in the
classroom pickup bins.

Students should be spending an average of 20 minutes on homework a night, which may
include teacher assigned homework or student review of daily concepts obtained in class.
Homework is vital to a student's success. It is expected to be done on a regular basis and
ON TIME. I try not to assign much homework but students should be reviewing their daily
work to prepare for upcoming tests. I will always give 1 week notice to students for all
tests along with a study guide. Please visit our class wikisite to view homework and
reminders posted daily.
This website also includes subject links to accommodate our classroom work and links to
additional websites to support student learning.

Please check student agendas as I expect students to fill in their homework daily.

Watch for Work Bug Wednesday forms coming home!
Notes will go home with any students with 2 or more outstanding assignments. They will
then be expected to stay the following Wednesday from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. to finish these
incomplete assignments. Another day can be arranged if a conflict arises. Parents are
            St. Mary School                Holy Trinity Catholic School Division
            720 5th Avenue SW                               502 6th Avenue NE
            Moose Jaw, SK S6H 5W3                       Moose Jaw, SK S6H 6B8
            306.694.0066                                           306.694.5333

asked to sign this slip and return it back to school by Tuesday. This will verify that you
have seen the note and are aware that your child will be staying at school during that time.
If the note does not come back signed by Tuesday then an email or phone call will take
place. If students are unable to stay afterschool that week, please let me know and they
can serve a lunch extension. This extension will require them to work on their homework
during lunch until it is complete.

*** Work Bug Wednesdays are also open for students who would like to stay
afterschool for extra help.

Second Chance Rewrite Exams:
At the teacher’s discretion, students can choose to fill out a second chance form and
rewrite an exam if they did poorly on the first exam. The second chance form will need to
be signed by a parent in order to obtain a chance at rewriting. On the second chance
form, students must also develop a plan of action to prepare for their rewrite.
     Develop 2 pages of study notes
     Write out 20 questions and answers to guide your studying
     Develop 20 recipe cards with questions, key facts, vocab terms, etc
     Complete a crossword puzzle with 15 terms and facts from the unit of study
     Ask for an extra assignment to complete in preparation for the rewrite
     Create a study game, collage, poster or PowerPoint using material from the unit
     Other options may be explored with permission from Miss B
If students’ plan of action is not completed…they will not be allowed to rewrite the exam!!
Rewrites are done this way to ensure students try their best on every exam. Students will
be asked to rewrite the exam at lunch or afterschool on a day that I have set. Students
will be expected to write a whole new exam.

Contact Information
I encourage you to please contact me through the school phone or email if you have any
questions or concerns. Open lines of communication are vital to positive relationships.
Learning is teamwork! Please also fill out the sheet attached and return as school as

Email: renee.bischoff@htcsd.ca
Telephone: (306) 694-0066
                                                                Miss Bischoff
Classroom #1 (downstairs)
              (NOTE: After October 1st, my married last name will be Mealing.)
              St. Mary School                      Holy Trinity Catholic School Division
              720 5th Avenue SW                                     502 6th Avenue NE
              Moose Jaw, SK S6H 5W3                             Moose Jaw, SK S6H 6B8
              306.694.0066                                                 306.694.5333

Dear Parents/Guardians,

During ELA, grade 5/6 students will be supported by “The Daily 5.” The focus of this
program is for students to work independently while the teacher works with individual
students or small groups to further meet students’ individual needs in their reading and
writing. The program focuses on 5 key areas:
    1.    Read to Self
    2.    Read to Someone
    3.    Listen to Reading
    4.    Word Work
    5.    Work on Writing

Students are using our classroom library and the public library to choose books that
interest them at their reading level. Students have book boxes full of 3-5 books that
will remain in the classroom. Researchers say that reading each day is the best way to
become a better reader and that the best readers practice each day with books they
choose. When done enough, reading will soon become an enjoyable habit.

Please view the class wikispace for an update on what the students are learning.


Please note that your child’s name will never appear on this wikispace. However, I am
hoping to set up a class slideshow of picture of the students on this website with parent
permission. Please fill out the portion of this note and return to Miss Bischoff.
Wikisite Permission Form
Please return to school

Student Name: ______________________________
I allow my child to appear in photos on the class wikisite. ______
I do not allow my child to appear in photos on the class wikisite. _______

Parent Signature: ______________________________________

                        Miss Bischoff (Mrs. Mealing after October 1st)
                        Grade 5/6
                        St. Mary School

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