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					Athletics Canada is the national sport governing body for the sport of track and
field including cross-country running and road running. Our purpose is the pursuit
of leadership, development and competition that ensures world-level performance
in athletics. The association believes in physical health and fitness, individual
excellence and personal growth, individual development beyond sport, as well as
inclusiveness and integrity. Athletics Canada firmly believes that track and field is
a sport for people of all ages and abilities to this end we have expanded our core
values to incorporate inclusiveness. Athletics provides an opportunity for all to
participate, pursue personal development and compete, officiate, coach or
volunteer without limitation or bias, prejudice, or inequity of ability, gender,
region, or culture.

                                         FEATURED ATHLETES
Cover Photo: Tyler Christopher, 400m                         Page 7: Jessica Zelinka, Heptathlon
Bronze - 2005 IAAF World Championships                       Gold - 2005 Canadian Championships
Photo: Claus Andersen                                        4th - 2006 Commonwealth Games
                                                             Photo: Claus Anderson
This Page: Chantal Petitclerc, 100m, 200m, 400m,
800m, 1500m T54                                              Page 8: Jacques Martin, Discus, Javelin F55
Gold - European Paralympic Championships (200m)              Gold - 2005 IAAF World Championships (Javelin)
Gold - European Paralympic Championships (400m)              Silver - 2006 Commonwealth Games (Discus)
Gold - European Paralympic Championships (1500m)             Photo: Claus Andersen
Photo: Mathilde Dusol
                                                             Page 11: Stephanie McCann, Pole vault
Page 3: Mark Boswell, High jump                              Bronze - 2006 Commonwealth Games
Gold - 2006 Commonwealth Games                               Photo: Dan Galbraith, Concepts to Applause
4th - 2005 IAAF World Championships
Photo: Dan Galbraith, Concepts to Applause                   Page 12: Perdita Felicien, 100m Hurdles
                                                             Gold - 2005 Canadian Championships
Page 3: 2006 Commonwealth Games team                         Gold - 2005 Prefontaine Classic
13 medals (2 gold, 7 silver, 4 bronze)                       Photo: Claus Anderson
Photo: Dan Galbraith, Concepts to Applause
                                                             Page 15: Dana Ellis, Pole Vault
Page 6: Richard Adu-Bobie, 100m, 4X100m                      Gold - 2005 Canadian Championships
5th - 2005 Canadian Championships (100m)                     4th - 2006 Commonwealth Games
Member of 4X100m team at 2005 IAAF World Championships       6th - 2005 IAAF World Championships
Photo: Claus Anderson                                        Photo: Claus Anderson

Page 6: Daniel Normandin, 100m, 200m, 400m T54
Gold - Canadian Paralympic Championships (100m)
Gold - Americas Series (100m)
4th - IAAF World Championships (100m)
Photo: Claus Anderson

The Board of Directors              4
Athletics Canada staff              4
Message from Athletics Canada       5
Overview                            6
Organizational capacity             7
Coaching                            8
Athlete development                 9
Competitions                        10
Membership services                 11
Financials                          12
The future                          14
Committee structure                 15
Athletics Canada partners           16

Jean-Guy Ouellette                   Chairman                     Québec
Dr. Danny Daniels                    Vice Chairman                British Columbia
Peter Low                            Treasurer                    Ontario
George Fournier                      Director-at-Large            Québec
Candice Jones                        Director-at-Large            Alberta
Harold Nicholson                     Director-at-Large            New Brunswick
Marc Quessy                          Director-at-Large            Québec
Karlene Haughton                     Athlete Representative       Ontario
Kevin Sullivan                       Athlete Representative       Ontario
Abby Hoffman                         Ex-Officio                   Ontario
Joanne Mortimore                     Chief Executive Officer      Ontario

           Paul David Bernard            Martin Goulet              Joanne Mortimore
           Finance Assistant             Director, Endurance        Chief Executive Officer

           Melissa Dowling               Les Gramantik              Scott Ogilvie
           National Team                 Head Coach                 Paralympics Director

           Michèle Edmiston-             Donna Kaye                 Bruce Pirnie
           Hurter                        Manager Coach              Development Programs
           Executive Assistant           Development

           Alicia Fagan                  Jean Laroche                Ivonne Shoucair
           National Team Assistant       Head Coach                  Member Services
                                         Paralympic Programs         Manager

           Diane Gagné                   Gilbert Legault             Christina Towers
           Finance Officer               High Performance            Corporate Services
                                         Coordinator                 Director

           Mathieu Gentès                Scott MacDonald
           Marketing and                 National Teams Program
           Communications Manager        Coordinator
                                                                    ATHLETICS CANADA
                                                                   2197 Riverside Drive, Suite
                                            4                                 300
                                                                        Ottawa, Ontario
                                                                           K1H 7X3
               On behalf of Athletics Canada we are pleased to present to you the 2005
               Annual Report. 2005 marked the second year of the quadrennial leading
               into the 2008 Olympic and Paralympic Games. We now find ourselves
               firmly entrenched in the second half of our 2000-2008 Strategic Plan and
               are moving forward into the next quadrennial as a stable, collaborative or-
               ganization aiming for podium performances at the 2008 Olympics and
               Paralympics in Beijing. The association’s numerous success stories attest that
               we have     successfully laid the foundation in “Building towards Beijing” and
               now find ourselves on “The Road to Beijing”.

Of note in the past fiscal year the association underwent an operational re-alignment
welcoming seven new employees to the team. The new operational structure will allow us to
better serve our membership and help us reach our goal of providing leadership and
development ensuring world level performance on and off the track.

The spirit of cooperation and enthusiasm around the table is unparalleled in recent Canadian
athletics history. There is still work to be done and we look forward to moving ahead with
our provincial branches and our partners in this exciting time for Canadian sport. The year
culminated with 13 medals at the Commonwealth Games, bettering the mark from
Manchester in 2002 and an outstanding athlete to medal ratio of just over 3.

We look forward to establishing new personal bests, Canadian records, and top world
rankings in 2006 as we target the podium in Beijing.

     Jean-Guy Ouellette                                            Joanne Mortimore
    Chairman of the Board                                        Chief Executive Officer

                 The strategic plan continues to provide a foundation for the organization to
               succeed through Beijing and beyond. The plan has been refreshed and further
              refined to reflect lessons learned in the past year and to provide guidance to the
             new staff in the organization. The plan is focused around four
             pillars of the organization: Program & Coaching Direction,
                   Athlete Development, Competition, and Organizational

ORGANIZATIONAL                                    ATHLETE
                         COMPETITION                                       COACHING
   CAPACITY                                     DEVELOPMENT

 These pillars support the overarching goal of excellence in athletics leading to podium

          With a Director of Paralympics in place and the establishment of a Technical Advisory Group
          to assist and advise the Paralympic Head Coach, the organization is moving towards seamless
          integration. A solid foundation has been laid on which the Paralympic Program looks to
          build on its strong international results, work toward the full inclusion of athletes with a
          disability, and enhance the programs and services provided to its current and future national
          team athletes.

          Athletics Canada continues to increase its presence on the national
          and international stage with a number of televised events. The
          Canadian Track and Field Championships, the IAAF World
          Championships, the IAAF World Half Marathon Championships,
          and the XVIII Commonwealth Games all were televised. The
          association’s main communication vehicle - the website -
          continues to be one of the most visited track and field federation
          websites in the world. Site traffic hit an all-time best of over 15
          million hits and 601 000 sessions in 2005. The association
          launched The Gold Standard, Athletics Canada’s official newsletter
          which serves to bring our stories and our athletes to the track and
          field community.

          Teamwork and support are essential in
          achieving top athletic performance;
          similarly, Athletics Canada collaborates
          closely with its corporate partners. The
          association is proud of working with
          Nike Canada, RBC Financial Group,
          Mondo, and H3 Creative who are all
          industry leaders in their fields. Our
          major funding partners, Sport Canada,
          the Canadian Olympic Committee ,
          and the Coaching Association of
          Canada continue to act as key
          contributors to our success.

                Quick Fact

   Athletics Canada’s recently launched
newsletter - The Gold Standard - has been a
tremendous hit with the Canadian track and
              field community.

The Gold Standard’s monthly readership has             7
increased with each new edition, with a total
  of 14,889 views in a three month period.
           By developing coaches and coaching programs, Athletics Canada is ensuring grassroots to
           top level athletes can achieve their objectives, goals and dreams. The association has
           professional national coaches working in unison across the country, providing elite technical
           leadership and focusing on improving Canadian performances in sprints, relays, throws,
           jumps, combined events, as well as middle and long distance running.

           The strategic plan identifies as a quadrennial target ongoing support for high performance
           Training Groups and in particular support for career coaches leading these Training Groups.
           Clear objectives and targets have been established with all of our Training Groups; as well
           support to training groups has been extended to March 2007. The Training Groups’ main
           function is to ensure the development of high performance athletes capable of succeeding
           on an ongoing basis in major international competitions. Led by professional coaches with
           the necessary support systems in place, over time athletes are significantly more likely to
           achieve high performance success.         Training groups are providing solid training
           environments for some of our top level athletes. By injecting additional funds we are
           looking to challenge them to develop world level performers for Beijing and beyond.

           Over 120 Canadian athletic minds converged
           in Edmonton for the 2nd annual Technical
           Congress “Making the Difference as a Canadian
           Coach: Coaching Development and System
           Building”. The technical congress featured
           noteworthy presentations on topics including
           coaching, development programs, training
           programs, women in coaching, and club

           The association wishes good luck to Alex
           Gardiner in his new role with the Canadian
           Olympic Committee as Director, International
           Performance. Les Gramantik, Head Coach,
           and Martin Goulet, Director of Endurance
           Programs, went above and beyond sharing the
           duties of Chief Technical Officer upon Alex’s
         Quick Fact

 Run, Jump, Throw, Athletics
  Canada’s official grassroots
program underwent some major
    advances in 2005. The
program sports a new logo and                           8
  a website will be launching
The Athlete Development Program Committee was proposed last fall as a follow-up to the
2005 Annual General Meeting. A committee proposal and structure was approved as a
temporary workgroup by the Board of Directors, pending formal approval at the 2006
AGM. The Athlete Development Program Committee consists of experts selected from
various backgrounds and experiences across the developmental stream. The committee has
began the process of determining a long term strategy and structure for the National
Program as well as providing input into the 2009 Canada Games, a National Youth
Championship and the other competitive opportunities that are included in Athletic
Canada’s Strategic Plan.

Thirty eight athletes achieved the Athletics Canada standards for the IAAF World Youth
Championships. Twenty two of these athletes met or exceeded these standards during the
competition while twelve were within 95% of the standards. Ten athletes finished in the top
16 of an event that featured 1 260 athletes from 168 countries. Of significance, 24 of the 38
athletes on the team had been identified through their participation in the Royal Canadian
Legion National Championship Program.

The second and largest developmental opportunity was the Pan American Junior
Championships in Windsor. As the host federation, Athletics Canada was able to field a full
team for this meet, the 18 medals won by our athletes was our best team performance in 22
years, finishing 2nd overall. Thirty six personal bests were registered while 46 performances
bettered qualifying performances just weeks before the trials.

                            2005 – 2006 was a key building year for Athletics Canada’s
                            revitalized Run, Jump, Throw grassroots program. The past
                            fiscal year brought new staff, new partners, new manuals, major
                            program revisions and an updated logo. The Run, Jump, Throw
program is now managed through a partnership with the Canadian Athletics Coaching
Centre. Although 2005-2006 was focused upon completing the final major program
pieces; our branches were focused on beginning to implement the program. In the last year
our branches trained 209 teachers, 155 coaches and engaged 23 882 children in the RJT
program. All program pieces will be ready for implementation in the fall of 2006 with the
development phase to be completed this summer, leading to a full national launch.

Phase one of the Athletics Canada Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model was
completed in 2005-2006. The branches and key stakeholders were presented with the draft
document at the Technical Congress with final revisions taking place in December. The
document will be ready for distribution in May 2006. Phase Two work began in February.

             We are thrilled with the news that Canada will play host to over 180 countries in Moncton,
             New Brunswick for the 2010 IAAF World Junior Championships. Athletics Canada has a
             rich history in hosting international events and we are looking forward to working with
             Moncton for years to come on this project. The championships will leave a positive
             economic impact on Canada, the province of New Brunswick and the              Commonwealth Games
             City of Moncton. A lasting legacy will be established in the form of          Athlete to Medal Ratios
             state of the art facilities and athletic knowledge, both playing a critical
             role in the development of athletes.                                        1990 Auckland, New Zealand
                                                                                       For every 8.6 athletes sent we earned a
             At the 10th IAAF World Championships in Athletics in Helsinki
             Finland, 20% of athletes finished in the top eight and 52% of our             1998 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
                                                                                                5.1 athletes / medal
             athletes finished in the top twelve. On the summer’s biggest stage our
             athletes came through with four personal bests, two new Canadian                2002 Manchester, England
             records, and nine seasonal bests.                                                 3.81 athletes / medal

                                                                                            2006 Melbourne, Australia
             Our athletes also shined at the first ever European Open Paralympic               3.38 athletes / medal
             Championship with 38.3% finishing in the top five and an outstanding
             71.3% were top eight finishers. When all was said and done in Espoo,
             our athletes amassed an amazing 20 medals (9 gold, 8 silver, 3 bronze).

             The athletics team came home from the XVIII Commonwealth Games with an impressive
             medal haul of 13 (2 gold, 7 silver, 4 bronze), with 43% of our competitors finishing fifth or
             better and an exceptional 74% in the top eight.

      Did you know?

  Chantal Petitclerc named
   Flag Bearer at the 2006
Commonwealth Games was
history in the making. It was
the first time an athlete with
a disability was named Flag
Bearer for a major       multi
         -sport event.                                    10

    Way to go Chantal!
      Servicing our athletic community is paramount as part of our strategic plan.
      To this end, Athletics Canada has undertaken the development of a web-based
      application for athlete registration, and meet results to manage the
      membership statistics and perform data analysis. The database system provides
      accurate information in a timely manner to track statistical and demographic
      information. One of the components of the system is the on-line National
      Championships registration system which will operate for the first time in

Current developments indicate                              With accurate and updated
the system will be fully                                   information, Athletics Canada is
operational by the end of the                              aiming to increase membership
year allowing for the reporting                            and support club development.
of updated rankings and records                            The use of demographics and
as well as the management of                               key statistics will also provide
athlete profiles. Parts of this                            important sponsorship support,
information will be integrated                             aiding in securing increased
into the current website, making                           funding and resources.
it possible for our Provincial
Branches to showcase their

                                                                             Did you know?

                                                                      At the first ever European Open
                                                                       Paralympic Championship in
                                                                         Espoo, Finland, Canadian
                                                                        athletes came home with an
                                                                           impressive 20 medals!

       Statement of the financial position for the year ended March 31, 2006

Current                                                  2006               2005
Bank                                                       $ 189,272         $ 118,263
Account Receivable                                          215, 901          253, 792
Receivable from Athletes’ Reserve Trust                           2,463             8,516
Inventory                                                             0             5,858
Prepaid Expenses                                                 29,804            51,035

                                                                437,440        437,464
Capital Assets                                                   75,005            15,323
Athletes’ Reserve Trust Fund                               6,421,756         6,277,483

                                                           6,934,201         6,785,033

Current                                                  2006               2005
Lines of Credit                                                     $0        $ 60,000
Accounts Payable and Accrued Liabilities                        532,105        581,606
Deferred Revenue                                                  1,450            56,450
                                                                533,555        698,056
Deferred contributions related to capital assets                 35,556                 -

Athletes’ Reserve Trust Fund                               6,421,756         6,277,483

Deficit                                                         (56,666)      (190,506)
                                                           6,934,201        $ 6,785,033

             Statement of revenue and expenditures ended March 31, 2006

Revenue                                                                          2006                  2005
Ministry of Canadian Heritage                                                                          $ 2,464,200
Marketing Sponsorships
   In kind                                                                                                324,590
   Financial                                                                                              110,000
Program Support                                                                                           319,223
Canadian Olympic Committee                                                                                184,929
Canadian Paralympic Committee                                                                                 80,500
Coaching Association of Canada                                                                                55,500
Miscellaneous                                                                                                 34,401
Competition Fees                                                                                              49,929
Membership Fees                                                                                               47,880
Athletics Canada Foundation                                                                                   40,000
Canadian Athletics Coaching Centre                                                                            30,000
Sales                                                                                                          2,589
Donations                                                                                                     30,646

Expenses                                                                         2006                  2005
Athlete Development                                                                                     2,535,493
National Office and Association Expense                                                                   582,862
Marketing Sponsorships - in kind                                                                          324,590
Membership Servicing                                                                                      167,485
Meetings / Governance                                                                                         62,222

Excess of revenue over Expenditure for the year                                                           101,735

For a complete copy of the 2005-2006 audited financial statements, please contact the Athletics Canada office.

           Building upon our pillars consistent with the Canadian Sport Review Panel, we are focused on
           our podium goals. In this coming third year of the quadrennial, our podium goals will be
           emphasized and measured against our performances at the Paralympic World Cup, the Pa-
           cific World Cup, the NACAC U-23 Championships, the IAAF World Junior                  Cham-
           pionships, the IPC Athletics World Championships and the IAAF World Cup in Athletics.
           The sturdy foundation laid by the strategic plan combined with stable leadership will lead us
           through this benchmark and well on to “The Road to Beijing”.

                  IPC Paralympic
                    World Cup

                               Pacific World Cup

                                           IAAF World Cup in
       Did you know?
  2006 marks the 10-year
  anniversary of Canada’s
                                                              IAAF World
   4X100m and Donovan                                        Championships
 Bailey’s 100m Gold medal
 performances at the 1996                                                Olympic Qualifier
  Atlanta Olympic Games.

1996 Olympic 4X100m team                                                                 Olympic &
Carlton Chambers - alternate                                                          Paralympic Games
Donovan Bailey - anchor                                 14
Robert Esmie - 1st leg
Glenroy Gilbert - 2nd leg
Bruny Surin - 3rd leg
Athlete’s Council            Officials               Personnel

Karlene Haughton             Keith Newell - Chair    Gord Orlikow - Chair
Kevin Sullivan               Fiona Clarke            Danny Daniels
                             Jane Edstrom            Karlene Haughton
Competitions                 Philippa Fairbairn      Joanne Mortimore
                             Peter Hocking           Jean-Guy Ouellette
Candice Jones - Chair        Glenn Kurmey
Karlene Haughton             Harold Nicholson        Planning
Dan Ouimet                   Ivonne Shoucair
Ingrid Ruys                  Serge Thibaudeau        Danny Daniels - Chair
Ivonne Shoucair              David Weicker           Tim Berrett
David Weicker                                        Helen Manning
                             Paralympic              Brian McCalder
Finance                                              Joanne Mortimore
                             Scott Ogilvie - Chair   Gord Orlikow
Peter Low - Chair            Jacques Bouchard
Leslie Estwick               Rick Gronman            Run Canada
Diane Gagné                  Mark Heidebrecht
Sean Holman                  Jean Laroche            Dan Ouimet - Chair
Joanne Mortimore             Mike Lonergan           Vicky Bonnell
Jean-Guy Ouellette           Helen Manning           Martin Goulet
                             Chantal Petitclerc      John Jacobson
                             Marc Quessy             Jerry Tighe
International                                        George Fournier

Jean-Guy Ouellette - Chair                           Rules and Awards
Danny Daniels
Abby Hoffman                                         Danny Daniels - Chair
Joanne Mortimore                                     Alice Kubek
Cecil Smith                                          Ivonne Shoucair
Maureen Switzer                                      Cecil Smith
                                                     David Weicker
National Team                                        Duane Wysynski

Les Gramantik - Chair
Martin Goulet
Karlene Haughton
Scott MacDonald
Kevin Sullivan

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•   Canada Games
•   Canadian Amputee Sports Association
•   Canadian Athletic Coaching Centre
•   Canadian Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance
•   Canadian Blind Sports Association
•   Canadian Centre for Ethics in Spor
•   Canadian Interuniversity Sport
•   Canadian Wheelchair Sports Association
•   Canadian Cerebral Palsy Sports Association
•   Canadian Sport Centre - Alberta
•   Canadian Sport Centre - Atlantic
•   Canadian Sport Centre - Ontario
•   Canadian Sport Centre - Manitoba
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•   Coaching Association of Canada
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