Connecting Android Devices to WIA

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					                         Connecting Android Devices to WIA

Android devices are not supported by IT Services, but it is possible to connect them to our
WIA (wireless) network. You can follow this guide to set up your Android device, but
please do not contact the helpdesk if you run into problems. You’ll need to be in a hotspot
to configure your Android device. Please see the availability page of the website for a list of
hotspots. You’ll know you’re in a hotspot if you see the logo on the right.                     Wireless Hotspot Sign

    1. Open your Wi-Fi settings

                                                                                                              Step 1
    2. Press on the Wi-Fi network ub-wpa and configure it as follows:
           a. EAP method: PEAP
           b. Phase 2 authentication: MSCHAPV2
           c. CA certificate: Unspecified
           d. User certificate: Unspecified
           e. Identity: Your university username (e.g.
               student ID)
           f. Anonymous identity: Leave blank
           g. Password: Your university password

                                                                                                              Step 2
    3. Press Connect and your Android device will connect to the Wi-Fi network. You should see it
       appear in the list with Connected underneath. Open a web browser. If you are already
       registered with the system then you will now have full internet access. If this is your first
       time using the system please follow the instructions to register.

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