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    The Importance of
      on a Website
If sales are down on your website then your site is
not fulfilling its function.

The most important factor in your site is your
copy, or content, get this essential basic right and
success will surely follow.
           Consider Your Site

When considering your website, whether it is to
create a new one or simply to alter an existing site
to increase sales use the following guidelines…..

Write in short statements, emphasising benefits
or using questions your visitors will fell
compelled to answer. For example …..
Ensure headlines are short and to the point.
Users wish to gain information quickly and easily.

Try to see your site from the customers point of
view, why are they there? They want to know
that you can solve their problem easily.
       Something for nothing…
People visit the internet to obtain free
information so that is what you must give them!
Once they are a regular visitor to your site (5 – 10
visits) they will buy from you.

Initially this may seem like a lot of work for
nothing, but repeat business will soon build up,
and you can move onto your next money
making project!
        Target Your Audience
Aim your content at your selected target
audience. Targeting too wide a range of people
will mean you lose people‟s attention and interest.

So spend your time and money on specific
groups of people first and you will soon become
established as an expert in that field!
            Come Back Soon!
Stimulate return visits by putting new articles in
your „free articles‟ link, and draw attention to
them by marking them as „NEW!‟. Put in a new
article at least every fortnight.

Cause your copy to tell, persuade, and convince
your visitor to buy!
Sort the articles you post on your site into a
logical order. For example you could have:

 Writing and Self Publishing
 Online and email Promotions
 Web site sales copy
 Web Promotion and Marketing
Include a „bookmark this site‟ notice on every
web page and include a statement saying material
is updated every two weeks.

Then ensure updates are carried out!
         Be Easily Understood
Keep your language simple so it is easy to
understand. Try to avoid jargon as it will quickly
put off the uninitiated.

Keep sentences and paragraphs short, particularly
the first one, with no more than 4 or 5 lines.
Remember that people want information quickly
and a long paragraph can be off-putting.
Make a list of the benefits that your product or
service offers. It should be at least 5 benefits

Then take the first benefit and start by making it
into a headline.
Make a list of the features your product or service
offers. Again it should be at least 5 features long.

Combine the features with a strong benefit in a
bulleted list. These draw the eye and will be read
by someone skimming the document.
           Check Your Work!
Before uploading to the Internet get a friend or
colleague to read through your work.

Ask them what would persuade them to part with
their hard earned cash for your product.
                 Home Page
On your home page don‟t talk about yourself.
Include benefits and questions for the visitor to

When writing your text direct it directly to the
visitor, use “you”, to your future customer.
               In Conclusion

Don‟t be dull, obtuse, or stale on your site. Your
headlines and copy should excite, amuse and
make your visitor think,

“Wow! I want this amazing product!”
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