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									This is an agreement between two people for the loan of a vehicle when no money is
exchanged. The vehicle owner agrees to lend the vehicle to the borrower for a specified
amount of time provided in the agreement. Under the agreement, the borrower asserts
that he or she will not allow anybody else to drive the vehicle and further promises to
protect the vehicle by exercising care. This agreement can be used by individuals that
want to borrow a vehicle when no money is being exchanged.
                                Vehicle Lending Agreement (non-financial)
       Made this ________ day of _______________, _____ [Instruction: Insert date.] by and
between _____ [Instruction: Insert vehicle Owner name.] (hereinafter “Owner”), and
________________ [Instruction: Insert vehicle Borrower name.] (hereinafter designated as
"Borrower”). The anticipated period of loan for the Vehicle shall be from ____ to ____.
[Instruction: Insert dates when vehicle will be borrowed.]
       For and in consideration of the loan of that certain vehicle (more specifically hereinafter
described) by Owner to Borrower, it is mutually agreed as follows:
    1. The subject Vehicle is _____ [Instruction: Insert vehicle information, including but
       not limited to make, model, VIN number, color.] (hereinafter the “Vehicle”).
    2. Optional language: Borrower has been informed and understands that Owner is
       NOT responsible for inspection, safety, maintenance, and/or repairs of said Vehicle
       and Owner does NOT warrant and/or guarantee the mechanical condition and/or
       safety of the Vehicle.
    3. Borrower agrees that he/she will examine and inspect the Vehicle prior to taking
       possession of it during the loan period. Borrower agrees that he/she will report in detail
       any problems and/or concerns with the Vehicle immediately upon such inspection. In
       the event Borrower fails to report any such problems and/or concerns, it shall be agreed
       herein and deemed that no such problems and/or concerns exist.
    4. Borrower uses the Vehicle in this condition at his/her own risk and agrees to advise
       passengers to do the same.
    5. Borrower agrees that he/she will NOT cause or allow the subject Vehicle to be loaned,
       rented, or driven by any person other than Borrower or a person who has signed a
       Borrowed Vehicle Agreement and been approved by Owner.
    6. Borrower has been informed and agrees that if the Vehicle becomes inoperable through
       no fault of the Borrower, Owner will take reasonable steps to have the Vehicle repaired,
       but makes no such guarantees of any ability to repair the Vehicle or provide the use of a
       substitute vehicle.
    7. Borrower agrees that while this Agreement is in force he/she will preserve and protect the
       subject Vehicle from loss and/or damage. Borrower agrees to be liable for all costs of
       repairs to the Vehicle that is not directly caused by Owner. Borrower assures Owner that
       Borrower has confirmed that his own automobile insurance coverage will provide for
       payment of loss in the event of any accident and will submit proof of such coverage with
       this agreement. Borrower agrees that he/she will take no action during the duration of
       this Agreement that could or would reduce, cancel and/or terminate the Borrower's
       insurance coverage.
    8. Borrower has been informed that use of the Vehicle is subject to all Federal, State and
       Local laws, ordinances and regulations pertaining to the operation and handling of motor
       vehicles. Borrower agrees that he/she will NOT use said Vehicle, cause or permit the
       same to be used, in any manner whatsoever in violation or contravention of any Federal,
       State and Local laws, ordinance or regulation.

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    9. Borrower agrees that in the event of any accident involving the Vehicle he/she will,
       within one (1) hour following such accident, furnish to Owner a full and complete report
       thereof, and will report such accident within the time and in the manner prescribed under
       the provision of applicable state statute, or, in the event of loss or destruction of said
       Vehicle or any of its accessories or of loss of possession thereof or inability to return
       same to Owner on demand for any reason, whatsoever, Borrower will pay Owner the
       market value of the Vehicle and reasonable market value for loss of accessories unless
       otherwise specified in writing signed by all parties.
    10. Borrower agrees that all expenses incident to the maintenance of the subject Vehicle
        which are caused by and/or related to Borrower's use of the Vehicle shall be borne solely
        by Borrower, and Borrower further expressly agrees to hold harmless and indemnify
        Owner against all claims and demand arising or resulting from Borrower’s use, storage
        and/or repairs of and to the subject Vehicle during the period of this Agreement
        including, but NOT limited to, gasoline, towing charges, mechanics liens and parking
        tickets. Borrower shall not be responsible for maintenance and/or repair costs which
        were not caused directly by Borrower.
    11. Borrower covenants and agrees with the Owner that he/she will forever hold harmless
        and indemnify said Owner from any and all claims, demands, causes of action, attorneys’
        fees and expenses of any nature arising or alleged to arise from the use, operation,
        maintenance and ownership of the subject Vehicle while this Agreement remains in force
        and effect, and to reimburse Owner for any loss or damage during said period. Borrower
        agrees to pay to Agent and/or Owner upon demand any and all reasonable sums expended
        by it for attorneys’ fees and court costs in the event Owner files any action to recover
        possession of, the value of, and/or the cost of repairing said Vehicle; or in the event
        Owner employs an attorney to defend it in any sanction filed by Borrower, or anyone
        claiming for personal injuries, or property damage, arising out of the use of the subject
        Vehicle while in the actual or constructive possession of Borrower.
    12. The Borrower is required to return the Vehicle with a full tank of gasoline by 11:00 a.m.
        on the termination date. Borrower will be charged a $50.00 refueling charge if Borrower
        fails to refuel the Vehicle with a complete tank of gasoline prior to returning the Vehicle.
        Borrower waives any claim which may hereafter arise for any and all damage he/she may
        hereafter sustain by reason of any action, civil or criminal, which Owner or its agents
        may take in connection with the Borrower's use and/or retention of the Vehicle in the
        event of Borrower's failure to return said Vehicle to Owner as specified in this paragraph.
    13. Borrower agrees that he/she will, at his sole risk and expense, maintain Bodily Injury and
        Property Damage Liability Insurance covering the use of Vehicle during the time it is in
        his/her possession and until it is returned to the Owner. Owner shall NOT be required to
        carry or provide Bodily Injury or Property Damage Liability Insurance during said period
        of time.
    14. Borrower agrees that the use of the Vehicle is complimentary. Borrower agrees this
        privilege can be revoked without notice and/or warning by Owner, in his sole discretion,
        for any violation of this Agreement.
    15. Borrower represents that he/she currently has a valid license to operate a motor vehicle.
        Borrower agrees to notify Owner immediately if, for any reason, Borrower's license to

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        operate a motor vehicle is suspended or revoked for any period of the time covered by
        this Agreement. Borrower represents the following information to be true and correct:
            a. Borrower’s Full Name (please print)___________________________________
            b. Borrower's Driver's License Number _______________ State: _______
               Expiration Date: ___________
            c. Borrower's Insurance Company: _________________________________
            d. Borrower's Insurance Policy No.: _________________
            e. Expiration Date of Insurance Policy: ____________________
            f. Insurance Agent's Name and telephone Number:_________________________
    16. Borrower agrees that this Agreement is entered into in the State of _____ [Instruction:
        Insert state.] and any disputes arising therefrom shall be interpreted and governed by
        _____ [Instruction: Insert applicable state.] law. Borrower agrees to submit to the
        jurisdiction of the _____ [Instruction: Insert applicable information.] for any
        litigation, arbitration and/or mediation regarding this Agreement.
        It is further expressly agreed by and between the Parties hereto that the foregoing
constitutes the sole Agreement between the parties covering the loan of the subject Vehicle by
Owner to Borrower. Any changes and/or amendments to the terms of this Agreement must be in
writing and signed by both parties.
Signature of Borrower
Signature of Owner

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