Offer of Employment Letter

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									This Offer of Employment Letter sets forth the terms of an employment offer from a
company to an individual. This document contains important information, such as the
salary that will be paid for the position, the name of the position, and anticipated start
date of employment. The document contains numerous optional clauses to permit
customization and ensure all terms of the employment offer are properly set forth. Use
this document when offering employment to a potential employee.
                                [Instruction: Insert company letterhead.]

_____ [Instruction: Insert date.]

_____ [Instruction: Insert addressee.]
_____ [Instruction: Insert address.]
_____ [Instruction: Insert city, state, zip code.]

Re: Offer of Employment

Dear _____ [Instruction: Insert addressee.]:

On behalf of _____ [Instruction: Insert company name.], I am pleased to offer you the position
of _____ [Instruction: Insert position title.], in the ____ [Instruction: Insert address.]
department of _____ [Instruction: Insert company.] contingent on the successful completion of
your background screening [Comment: Insert any additional contingencies including for
example, licensing verification.].

The salary for this _____ [Instruction: Insert whether this is exempt/non-exempt/other type
of position.] position is _____ [Instruction: Insert amount.] per _____ [Instruction: Insert
pay schedule, for example, monthly/weekly/hourly rate.] Optional language: Overtime
compensation will be based on your hourly rate of _____ [Instruction: Insert information
regarding overtime, if any.] [Comment: If any training time will be required prior to
beginning scheduled work, include information regarding same, including any variation in
training pay.] [Comment: If any additional information regarding pay should be disclosed,
including for example sign on or other bonus, stock options or other benefits, same should
be included here.]

Your anticipated employment start date of _____ is contingent on the successful completion of
your background screening and other factors set forth in this letter. Please report to ______
[Instruction: Insert contact name, location and time to report.]. Please bring with you on the
first day the following documents: _____. [Instruction: Insert any documents to bring,
including those required for tax filing purposes.] Optional language: Although the office
has a business casual dress code policy, please wear business attire on your first day, as we
will take your official company portrait for your identification card and use in corporate
marketing materials, among other uses. You also will be required to verify your eligibility to
work in the United States. Please bring with you on your first day of employment the enclosed I-
9 form along with documents that will establish your identity and employment eligibility. Also
enclosed is a list of acceptable documents.

In addition to successful completion of the background screening and other factors set forth in
this letter, this offer is contingent upon your signing a copy of this offer letter as well as an
agreement that the employment relationship is at-will and a confidentiality agreement. Both
agreements are enclosed for your signature to be returned to me along with a signed copy of this
letter. [Instruction: Review the requirements set forth in this paragraph and make any
necessary changes to reflect actual agreements and/or contingencies that may exist. For

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example, prospective attorneys may need to complete a client list so that appropriate
waivers or “Chinese-walls” can be set up to ensure no ethical issues arise.]

Should you accept this contingent offer, your continued at will employment will require both
satisfactory job performance and compliance with existing and future university and
departmental policy [Comment: If employment will not be at-will, discuss factors which will
affect continued employment, including reference to any handbooks or other materials
setting forth job retention requirements, if any.].

At orientation, you will be provided with information about your eligibility for employee
benefits, the enrollment process, and the effective dates of coverage. Your enrollment in benefits
programs for which you are eligible must be completed within the first 60 days of your
employment or you must wait until the next open enrollment period. Your supervisor will
schedule you to attend orientation within your first three weeks of employment. You will need
to provide certified documentation for any dependents you wish to include in benefits programs.
[Comment: Revise the above as necessary and applicable to provide correct information.]

I am pleased that you are joining us and hope you will find your employment with _____
[Instruction: Insert company name.] to be a rewarding experience. If you have any questions,
please contact me at _____ [Instruction: Insert contact information.].

Please signify your acceptance of my offer by signing and returning to me the enclosed copy of
this letter along with the agreements set forth herein no later than _____ [Instruction: Insert
return date.].


[Instruction: Insert signature block.]


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