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Sewage and Effluent Treatment Technologies


									Best Practice in

Processes, Theory, Maintenance,
Operation and Troubleshooting
for engineers, technicians, waste operators,
supervisors and managers
                       YOU WILL LEARN HOW TO:
                      • Maintain and troubleshoot waste water treatment systems
                      • Understand the different waste water treatment systems available
                      • Understand National and local legislatation
                      • Apply knowledge of the latest technologies and best practice

                       WHO SHOULD ATTEND:
                      • Municipal Planners
                      • Sewerage Operators
                      • Municipal Engineers
                      • Consulting Engineers
                      • Anyone responsible for managing and operating sewerage
                        treatment facilities
                      • Maintenance Engineers, Technicians
                        and Staff
                      • Plant Engineers
                      • Operation, Maintenance, Inspection and Repair Managers,
                        Supervisors and Engineers
                      • Mechanical Engineers and Technicians
                      • Design Engineers

 THE WORKSHOP                                            THE PROGRAM
The quality of groundwater used cannot be            DAY ONE                                       DAY TWO
compromised any longer and the servicing
requirements of on-site sewerage disposal            INTRODUCTION                                  RECIRCULATING SAND FILTERS
systems cannot be ignored. With limited funds                                                      YEAR ROUND TREATMENT
available to you - the private owner or regulatory   PLANNING CONSIDERATIONS -
                                                                                                   • History experimental design
agency who have responsibility for inspection,       PROVINCIAL AND NATIONAL
                                                     GOVERNMENT                                    • Construction
the task of on-site sewerage treatment and
                                                     • Economic, social and environmental goals    • Operation
disposal is becoming very difficult.
                                                       of planning
With limited funds available to the owners we
believe this workshop will help you to install an    • Environmental assessment                    SUBSURFACE DISCHARGE
effective system. You will learn numerous tips       • Need for health and safety                  •   Filter bed
and tricks throughout the workshop to make it        • Factors in preparing municipal plans        •   Shallow trench
very practical and relevant to your applications.    • Protection for stepped up demand            •   Leaching bed
                                                     WASTE WATER FUNDAMENTALS                      •   "Constructed wetland"
                                                     • Basic terminology                           •   Recycle, reuse
Fundamental knowledge of basic waste water           • Contaminant considerations                  DIRECT DISCHARGE
treatment requirements. Pre-course preparation       • Biological, phosphorous, ammonia            • Stream assimilative capacity
material is available on request.                    • Pathogens                                   • Mixing zone
                                                     • Effluent objectives                         • Disinfection
                                                     • Alternate discharge options
                                                                                                   BIOSOLIDS DISPOSAL
                                                     • Receiving water capacity-provincial water
                                                                                                   • Hauled waste
                                                       quality objectives
                                                                                                   • Compost
                                                     • Surface discharge
                                                                                                   • Lime stabilisation

                                                     • Subsurface discharge
                                                                                                   MANAGEMENT OF COMMUNAL
                                                     DESIGN CONSIDERATIONS
                                                                                                   WASTE WATER SYSTEMS
    Excellent workshop, very                         • Collection of sewerage
                                                                                                   • Regular monitoring
                                                     • Aerobic and anaerobic treatments
   informative and interesting                                                                     • Long term satisfactory performance
                                                     • Critical design parameters for communal
     and very well presented.                          sewerage treatment systems                  FINANCIAL AND LEGAL ISSUES
                 Simon Fleming                                                                     •   Funding sources
                                                     TREATMENT TECHNOLOGIES
                                                                                                   •   Approval process
                                                     •   Suspended solids removal
                                                                                                   •   Regulatory compliance
                                                     •   BOD removal
   Excellent depth of subject                        •   Nitrification and denitrification
                                                                                                   •   Municipal and owner liability
     knowledge displayed.                            •   Phosphorous reduction                     DESIGN AND INSTALLATION OF
                  Hugh Donohoe                                                                     YOUR OWN SYSTEM
                                                     TREATMENT SYSTEMS
                                                                                                   •   Simple design rules
                                                     •   Conventional Septic Tank
                                                                                                   •   Implementation of your system
                                                     -   As the treatment system
            Well compiled                                                                          •   Tips and tricks
                                                     -   Enhanced septic tanks
                                                                                                   •   The Thirteen Golden Rules of working with
          technical material.                        -   As a primary for other bioreactors            Waste Water systems
              Robert Higgenbotham                    •   Bioreactors
                                                     -   Fixed film                                    CASE STUDIES
                                                     -   Rotating                                      • Municipality
         Great workshop
                                                     -   Suspended                                     • Private rondavel in a pristine
  - well balanced presentation                       -   Batch                                           inaccessible area
      and course content.                            -   Filters-sand, peat, stone, synthetics         • In the middle of suburbia
                 Richard Turnhout                    -   New technologies targeting specific
                                                         contaminants                              SUMMARY, OPEN FORUM, CLOSING
     Instructor had good
  background knowledge that
     was used to support
       course material.
                     J Clarke

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