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					                                           Mega Liner
                                           Raising the standard.

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 D            F     GB	    DK	   P	   NL
              The Mega Liner: Packed with mega ideas.
                               At	KRONE,	we	were	the	first	to	mass-produce	trailers	in	mega-format.	
                               But	we’re	not	resting	on	our	laurels.	On	the	contrary:	we	have	continued	
                               to develop the Mega Liner, which as a result has developed into
                               an innovative volume vehicle packed with sophisticated refinements.

      Under run protection and light bars are      E
                                                  		 xtendable	ladder	with	large	steps	   Because of Mega Liner’s low ride
      always separate so that they can be         for easy access and optimum safety.     height, the spare wheel holder is a
      replaced quickly and cost-effectively       The	steps	are	also	clearly	visible	     winch;	it	is	fitted	in	a	well	protected	
      as individual components.                   when descending.                        and easily accessible position
                                                                                          behind	the	axle	assembly.

2	|    Mega Liner GB
            The	Mega	Liner	lives	up	to	its	name	in	every	respect.	Not	     winning	load	securing	system.	Thanks	to	KTL	+	Powder	
            only	does	it	boast	a	mega	loading	volume	of	100	cubic	         coating	(in	your	company’s	colours),	your	Mega	Liner	will	
            metres, it also delivers numerous mega refinements. For        never	have	rust	perforation.	We	guarantee	it.	And	just	
            example,	the	new	hydraulic	lifting	roof	with	450	mm	           like	all	KRONE	curtain	sided	trailers,	the	Mega	Liner	is	
            lift height, the rear curtain tensioners for fast loading      also	certified,	regardless	of	load.	The	Mega	Liner:	a	pro-
            and	unloading	and	Multi	Lock	/	Multi	Block,	the	award-         fessional amongst mega trailers.

                                                                                   		 ouble	impact	protection	on	            T
                                                                                                                            		 he	strong	coupling	support	
                                                                                   the inside of the front wall             with connections for electrics
                                                                                   through a front-raised chassis           and air on two levels effec-
                                                                                   and laminated wood liner bol-            tively prevents cables from
                                                                                   ted	to	the	front	wall.		 othing	         getting tangled. Connections
                                                                                   could be more stable.                    for a dual ride height on

 		 ll	control	valves	are	well	protected,	             K
                                                      		 RONE	purchases	complete	axles	and	sus-               S
                                                                                                             		 ide	impact	beams	are	bolted	to	the	
     located	behind	the	axle	assembly.	                pension from renowned manufacturers.                  frame for stability and powder coa-
     Ready	to	go:	wheel	chocks	where	they	             This	ensures	the	best	possible	compatibility	         ted	in	white	for	safety.	Hinged	with	
     are needed.                                       of	axle	and	chassis.	What’s	more,	the	                accessories.
                                                       vehicle stability system comes as standard.

              The mega-specialist for hard daily transport demands.

                                 We’ve got nothing against specialists. But that approach is too simple for a
                                 KRONE	trailer.	Although	our	Mega	Liner	is	certainly	a	specialist	vehicle,	it’s	
                                 also one that can deliver much more besides. Just about everything, in fact.
                                 Thanks	to	the	many	innovative	details	and	highly	practical	transport	solutions	
                                 that	only	KRONE	can	supply,	it’s	thoroughly	safe	and	sound.

      Multi Lock side rave come as                    A
                                                     		 utomotive	container	width	even	        T
                                                                                              		 o	adjust	the	height	of	the	rear	frame,	
      standard.	Securing	positions	at	               between the cant rails, making loa-      the lock rods are fitted with double
      100	millimetre	intervals	for	                  ding easy with the roof lifted           locking claws at the top at intervals
      universal load securing.                       on one side.                             of	50	mm.

      		 he	side	curtains	can	also	be	opened	         T
                                                     		 he	strong	curtain	tensioner	is	pro-    S
                                                                                              		 imple	movement	of	the	sliding	
      and closed at the front wall using a           tected	at	the	rear.	It	provides	excel-   posts thanks to a one-lever operation.
      quick release arm for fast loading and         lent leverage for a taut curtain.        Making loading and unloading fast
      unloading of partial loads.                                                                 e
                                                                                              and		 fficient.	Side	posts	have	locating	
                                                                                              arms for height adjustment.

4	|   Mega Liner GB
           As	an	all-round		performer,	the	Mega	Liner	must	be	           nection are required between the pumps. What else can
           able to meet all the daily demands of the transport           the	Mega	Liner	offer?	Automotive	container	width	
           	 usiness.	That’s	why	KRONE	has	built	in	dozens	of	           even between the cant rails. Front height adjustment
           	ngenious	details.	These	include	the	hydraulic	lifting	
           i                                                             of	120	mm	to	suit	every	tractor.	Multi	Lock	side	rave	
           roof, which can be quickly raised for loading and unloa-      with	securing	positions	at	100	millimetre	intervals.	User-
           ding in all situations thanks to easily accessible separate   friendly	sliding	posts	with	height	adjustment.	Not	to	
           pumps.	The		 otal	lift	is	450	mm.	What’s	more,	no	con-
                          t                                              mention fast access and tensioners for the curtains.

 		 RONE’s	Mega	Liner	really	is	mega:	the	hydraulic	lifting	roof	
 system – as simple as they are strong – saves a lot of time.
 Loading is fast with three automotive containers fitting on
 top of one another.

 		 peration	of	the	
 hydraulic lifting roof
 works on the car
 jack principle, which
 everyone finds both
 simple and easy
 to use.

 		 he	front	height	
 adjustment is easy
 to use and ables you
 to adjust the overall
 height to match a
 variety of tractors.

5	|			
              Need a little more? The options:
                                 What	else	do	you	want	from	your	dream	Mega	Liner?	Perhaps	you’d	
                                 like	flexibility	of	the	trailer	and	ideal	load	securing?	At	KRONE,	we’re	ne-
                                 ver short of ideas. Your Mega Liner comes tailor-made to suit your precise
                                 needs, so you can take your time to choose.

      		 ptimum	load	securing:	the	award-            P
                                                    		 art	loads	are	ideally	secured	in	          A
                                                                                                 		 	flat	bar	welded	to	the	outer	frame	
      winning	KRONE	Multi	Block	loading	             the	Mega	Liner.	Variable	Multi	Wall	        acts as a pallet stop toa prevent loads
      bar	with	22	anchor	points	is	positio-          with removable aluminium boards             from	slipping	sideways.	Also	available:	
      ned	across	(optional).                            a
                                                     as		 dditional	bulkhead	(optional).         pallet stop for retro-fitting.

      		 he	Mega	Liner	does	it	all:	spe-             A
                                                    		 luminium	reversing	planks	secure	          S
                                                                                                 		 imple	as	that:	hooking	the	
      cial alloy planks convert the trai-            bottle crates on locking bar pallets.       planks into the crates produ-
      ler into a specialist drinks carrier           The	planks	can	be	installed	in	the	plank	   ces optimum load securing for
      in no time.                                    pockets	both	upright	and	horizontally.      double stacked pallets.

6	|   Mega Liner GB
                  Mega Liner Huckepack:
                  Combined traffic XL
                   At	a	speed	of	140	km/h	from	Hamburg	to	Milan?	No	pro-              With	a	trestle	height	of	85	cm,	the	railway	wagon	Mega2	
                   blem	with	the	Mega	Liner	huckepack	execution,	which,	              (d)	by	Hupac	is	suited	for	this;	the	following	types	with	a	
                   of course, is also licensed for high-speed lines in cargo          trestle	height	of	88	cm	are	also	compatible:	the	railway	
                   traffic.	The	superstructure	stability	is	certified	according	to	   wagon	T5	(e)	by	Hupac,	the	sail	wagon	and	its	advanced	
                   DIN	EN	12	642	Code	XL.	The	Mega	Liner	piggyback	exe-               version	T3000	(f)	as	well	as	the	articulated	double-railway	
                   cution may currently be transported on four wagon types:           wagon	TWIN	by	AAE	(g).

Mega-volume for
combined	traffic:	The	
Mega Liner in hucke-
pack	execution.

  		 xles	with	split	air-                                                                   S
                                                                                           		 trong	gripper	edges	
   bag:	The	air	bellow	                                                                     and an aramid cur-
   lifts itself from its ba-                                                                tain protection allow
   se	and	is	not	exten-                                                                     cranes and fork-lift
   ded.	Thus	damage	                                                                        trucks to grip safely.
   during spring deflec-
   tion is avoided.

 7	|			
           Mega Liner Coil:
           Mega-volume combined with coil transports
           80	mm	neck	height,	3,000	mm	internal	height	–	this	is	a	          Coil, of course, offers everything required for the safe
           real	Mega	Liner.	Flexibility	for	high-volume	transports	and	      transport	of	steel	coils.	Apart	from	the	Multi	Lock	exter-
           a	coil	trough	with	a	length	of	7,236	mm	for	transporting	         nal	frame,	the	vehicle	is	equipped	with	9	pairs	of	heavy-
           steel	coils	are	combined	in	one	vehicle.	The	chassis	is	sy-       duty	strapping	rings	in	the	external	frame	and	4	pairs	of	
           stematically	reinforced	and	thus	withstands	even	extreme	         post	sockets	for	the	reception	of	coil	retainer	rods.	The	
           point	loads.	Even	the	empty	weight	of	approx.	7,200	kg	           coil trough cover is, of course, forklift-compatible to al-
           can be proudly presented. In addition, the Mega Liner             low	the	flexible	utilisation	of	your	vehicle.

     With	a	length	of	7,236,	the	coil	            The	covers	of	the	coil	tub	in	the	                  The	Multi	Lock	external	frame	allows	
     trough	meets	the	standard.	4	pairs	of	       floor are easy to handle and very                   down, direct, and inclined strapping
     post	sockets	and	9	pairs	of	heavy-duty	      solidly designed for forklift compa-                of	coils	in	any	direction.	The	strap-
     strapping rings ensure a safe trans-         tibility.                                           ping angles are always optimally
     port of steel coils.                                                                             designed.

                                                  The	reinforced	chassis	withstands	even	             Nine	pairs	of	heavy-duty	strapping	
                                                  extreme	point	loads.	Coil	retainer	rods	            rings complement the manifold
                                                  secure the steel coils to the front.                strapping points of the Multi Lock
                                                                                                      external	frame.	The	strapping	trays	
                                                                                                      are equipped with a cover.

Technical data Mega Liner:
                                                                                13.620	mm	internal	lenght

  Technical description:

                                                                               •		 ydraulic	lifting	roof,	lifting	cylinders	integrated	in	four	corner	
  •	Multi	Lock	side	rave	for	universal	load	securing
                                                                                 posts;	roof	lift	max.	450	mm	(330	mm	lift	at	front	and	400	mm	lift	
  •	mechanical	landing	gear	2	x	12	to,	with	compensating	feet
                                                                                 at rear in base setting. From the base setting, the installation height
  •	low-maintenance	axles	with	disc	brakes	(370	mm);	centre	nave
                                                                                 at	the	front	by	120	mm	and	by	50	mm	at	the	rear	for	adjustment	to	
  •	Air	suspension	with	raise	and	lower,	1	valve	(260	mm	lift)
                                                                                 various	fifth	wheel	heights,	4	sets	of	wooden	planks
  •	6-off,	435/50	R	19.5	(14.00	x	19.5)
                                                                               •		 ront	wall	bolted	with	strong	corner	posts;	restricted	loading	at	sides	
  •	EG	brake	system	incl.	vehicle	stability	system;	spring	loaded	parking
                                                                               •		 ear	wall	as	container	door	with	bolted	rear	frame,	flush	double	lok-
  	 brake;	EBS	system	2S/2M,	2	sensors	on	one	axle,	diagnostics	on	
                                                                                 king	rods;	roof	crossmember	folds	up	and	slides	with	roof;		 urtain	
  	 ISO	7638	socket	(EBS)
                                                                                 tensioner on rear frame
  •	24-volt	lights	system	with	two	7-pin	sockets	DIN	ISO	1185/3731		
                                                                               •		 	pairs	of	side	posts,	arranged	opposite	to	one	another,	double	
  	 (NATO);	with	two	multi-function	rear	lights	in	compliance	with	
                                                                                 sided	with	6	possible	positions,	with	plank	pockets
  	 EG	including	rear	fog	lamp	and	reversing	lamp;	two	large	outline		
                                                                               •		 	trapezium	steel	impact	corners	at	rear;	additional	impact	
  	 lamps	with		 ubber	arm;	side	marker	lights	of	LED	design	
                                                                                 	 rotection	at	rear	with	Delta	buffers
  •	30	mm-thick,	phenolic	coated,	fully	sealed	floor	plates;	strength		
                                                                               •		 VC	curtains	with	vertical	reinforcements,	complete	with	top	rollers	
  	 complies	with	DIN	283,	for	floor	loads	to	max.	7,000	kg	forklift	
                                                                                 and	heavy	duty	stainless	steel	buckles;	white	roof	sheet
  	 axle	load
                                                                               •		 teel	parts	shot	blasted,	with	KTL	+	Powder	coating;	axles	including	
  •	one	piece	aluminium	cant	rail,	for	supporting	sliding	curtains	and		
                                                                                 wheel	hubs	in	KTL	black;	under	run	protection	and	light	bars	pow-
  	 sliding	posts	sliding	roof	with	plastic	joints,	overall	height	175	mm,		
                                                                                 der	coated	in	white	for	safety,;	wheels	in	factory	finish	silver;	
    slides to front and rear
                                                                                 add-on	parts	black/galvanised

                                                                                                                                        Subject to modification.

  Technical data:                                                    Standard: Optimum load securing with Multi Lock!

  King pin load                                  12,000 kg           Trailer Innovation
  Axle load max.                                 27,000 kg           Award 2002:
  Design gross vehicle weight                    39,000 kg           Load securing at right
  Tare weight                              approx. 6,900 kg          angles to the direction
  Design axle load                        approx. 32,100 kg          of travel with over 3,000
                                                                     anchor points.
  Axle distance                                  1,310 mm
                                                                     Cost-effective with a
  Neck heigt                                           80 mm
                                                                     high utility value.
  Fifth wheel height, unloaded                     950 mm
  Internal length                               13,620 mm
  Internal width (between side posts)            2,480 mm
  Internal height (UK outer beam)                2,860 mm            Whatever load needs to be transported, the new Multi Lock and Multi Block
  Corner dimension                               2,040 mm            system guarantees secure delivery every time.

(dimensions and weights refer to basic arrangements)
Yes,                                       I am interested in the Trailer Experts!

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