TECHNICAL INFORMATION

        DIRECTOR                        Todd Holmberg
        (785) 532-6425

        ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR                     Terri Lee
        (785) 532-6426

        TECHNICAL DIRECTOR                Kyle McGuffin
        (785) 532-6427

        MRKTG & DEVMT OFFICER             Todd Holmberg
        (785) 532-2354

        ASST. TECHNICAL DIRECTOR         Darren E. Levin
        (785) 532-6425

                                      Jeanne McKenzie
        (785) 532-3933

        Fax                                (785) 532-5870

        Box Office                         (785) 532-6428

        Green Room              (785) 532-7029 or 532-7030

        Backstage Right                    (785) 532-2361

        McCain email

                                                                                               Solid purple line
                                                                                               is from West.
                                                                                               Dotted blue line
                                                                                               is from East.

Traveling West on Interstate 70 (I-70)
1. Follow I-70 WEST from Kansas City. This becomes             8. Cross Manhattan Avenue and continue on Anderson
the Kansas Turnpike, a toll road.                              Avenue until the 3rd stoplight: it is a crosswalk light
                                                               between 15th and 17th Streets (Mid-Campus Drive).
2. Exit I-70 at the first Topeka, KS exit.
                                                               9. Turn right onto Mid-Campus Drive; follow the drive
3. Follow I-70 WEST to Exit #313 which is Kansas               past Calvin Hall (on the right), the K-State Union (on the
Highway 177.                                                   left), Fairchild Hall (on the right), and Anderson Hall (on
4. Follow K-177 North 9 miles into Manhattan.                  the left).

5. Cross the Kansas River Bridge and take the righthand        10. Immediately after Fairchild Hall, turn right onto the
exit ramp before getting to the end of the bridge. This will   circle drive and continue around towards the building in
take you to a stoplight on Ft. Riley Blvd.                     front of you. Take the smaller sidewalk/road which leads
                                                               to the back of the building.
6. Take a left-hand turn onto Ft. Riley, which will turn
into Tuttle Creek Blvd at the next stoplight. Continue         11. This drive will take you to the loading dock at
on Tuttle Creek Blvd and go to the third stop light            McCain Auditorium. Pull forward and then back into
(Bluemont Avenue).                                             dock.

7. Turn left onto Bluemont Avenue. Continue going west         12. Shut-off your engines when you are positioned in the
on Bluemont which will turn into Anderson Avenue at the        dock. Building air intakes are in the dock area which will
intersection of Manhattan Avenue (about 11 blocks).            draw in the carbon monoxide generated by your engines
                                                               if you leave it idling. Thank you.

Traveling East on I-70
1. Follow I-70 east to Exit #303 which is Kansas               BP Service Station on your left).
Highway 18.                                                    4. Turn right on Anderson, and go a 1/2 block.
2. Follow K-18 which becomes Fort Riley Blvd. to 17th          5. Turn left at the crosswalk light onto campus (Mid-
Street (a stoplight).                                          Campus Drive).
3. Turn left on 17th Street and follow it north to             6. Follow no. 10-12 from above to reach the building.
Anderson Avenue. (Holiday Inn Hotel is on your right;

       Looking from SL toward loading doors.

       Loading Dock                  10’ w x 3’ h x 36’ l
       Interior Doors              9’ 11” x 9’ 11” each
        (2 sets)
       Loading Dock Doors                      8’ w x 10’ h

                                       Loading dock is located
                                       in the upstage right
                                       area. Access is through
                                       a scene shop, which is
                                       not part of our division
                                       and not available for use
                                       by road companies.
                                                              SEATING CAPACITY
                                                              Orchestra seating                                             912 or 957
                                                              Mezzanine                                                              402
                                                              Upper Balcony                                                          407
                                                              Balcony Total                                                          809

                                                              Grand Total
                                                              (without chairwagon)                                                 1721
                                                              (with chairwagon)                                                    1766

                                                              Note: Orchestra seating figure includes six positions for wheelchairs.
                                                              There are no seats in these positions. There are 45 chairs on a wagon
                                                              for additional seating on the orchestra lift. As an orchestra pit, the lift
                                                              will accommodate 50 musicians.

CREW                                                          STAGE
McCain Auditorium uses a production crew comprised of         Proscenium with a semi-thrust orchestra pit
students. The technical staff has trained these students.                                                                              22’
                                                                  Maximum Height
Because they must attend classes, they may not be able to
work full shifts or runs. Do not worry as schedules are set       Maximum Width                                                        60’
well in advance, and we will cover the position. We must
insist on having appropriate meal breaks.                         Maximum Depth                          (from plaster line) 34’ 6”

                                                                  Edge of lift to booths                                               65’
McCain Auditorium is a non-smoking facility which in-
cludes the theatre, backstage area, greenroom, all dressing       Wall to wall                                                      130’
rooms, light and sound booths.
                                                                  Offstage right to wall                                               35’
WARDROBE                                                          Offstage left to wall                                                35’

There are no laundry facilities on site. There is a coin          Curtain line to edge of stage                                    5’ 6”
operatedlaundromat located across the street from the au-
ditorium. Irons, ironing boards, and a steamer are on site.       Curtain line to edge of lift                                    17’ 6”

                                                                  Stage floor to grid                                                  66’
DRESSING ROOMS                                                    Stage floor to fly floor                                             22’
2 Star dressing rooms, each holds up to 3 people.
                                                                 Distance of last line set to back wall 2’ usable; there is a perma-
Located on the SR side of the stage of the stage.
                                                                 nently mounted orchestra shell ceiling.
1 Women’s Principle dressing room holds up to 9 people.
Located one floor down on SR
1 Men’s Principle dressing room holds up to 9 people.
Located one floor down on SL                                     Dimensions                                                   12’ X 50’
1 Women’s Chorus dressing room holds up to 19 people.            Lift at seat level                                                3’ 6”
Located one floor down on SR.
                                                                 Lift at orchestra level                                                8’
1 Men’s Chorus dressing room holds up to 19 people.
Located one floor down on SL.                                    Lift at basement level                                                14’
Amplifiers    Stewart 15, PA-1000, 1000 watt          Console             Soundcraft K2
                                                                          40 Channel
                                                                          8 Group
EQ            Ashley Protea 4.24 heads for                                4 Aux
              stage monitors and sidefills                                2 Mains
                                                                          4 band switchable EQ

Compressor/   3DBX 166XL Dual Compressor              Microphones         8 Shure SM-57
Limiter       Units                                                       4 Audio Technica AT873
                                                                          2 EV RE-655
                                                                          5 Shure SM-91
Effects       Yamaha SPX1000                                              1 Telex wireless, lavaliere,
                                                                          184.4 MgHz
                                                                          1 Shure wireless system,
Speakers      Main Cluster 4 JBL 2245 H in cus-                           handheld & lavaliere, 598.625
              tom bass bin 4 Community PC 1542,                           MHz
              2 Community PC 6 EV HP series                               1 Shure UT Lavaliere
              horns and drivers                                           1 Shure VHF wireless,
                                                                          3 AT853Rx Choir mics
Mounted       2 Altec 612A enclosures w/Altec                             8 Shure SM-58
Monitors      604E speakers permanently mounted                           2 Audio Technica ATM33a
              at 24’ up on back wall on either side                       1 Audio Technica drum mic kit
              of upstage.                                                 (3 mics)
                                                                          2 Shure KSM 109
                                                                          2 Shure UHR wireless
Monitor       4 JBL 4602B floor monitor wedges

                                                      Note: Sound is mixed in the sound booth with the win-
Side Fills    2 Altec Voice of the Theatre type       dows removed. There is not a permanent mixing position
              w/515 woofer 2386 HiFrequency           in the house as it is fixed seating. When mixing must be
              horn with 2445J driver                  done from the house, a 4’ x 8’ platform is placed in the last
                                                      three rows of the orchestra level seating in front of the
                                                      sound booth.
Microphone    24 stage to sound booth
                                                      Lobby/ Page System
                                                      The lobby/page system can be used for program,
CD Players    Technics SL-PG450                       announcements, audience retrieval, and pre-show music.
              Marantz CDR631 recorder
                                                      Program Monitor/ Paging System
Intercom      Clear Com boxes and headsets            Built in speakers in all dressing rooms, green room, light
              Single Channel Only                     booth, box office, usher’s room and the director’s office.
              Positions:                              All locations have individual volume control. Program
              light & sound booths                    material is fed from permanently mounted microphones
              follow spot positions                   attached to the ceiling. Program material may also be
              SR & SL                                 inserted from the sound booth. The stage manager’s
              fly rail SR                             microphones backstage left and right can override the
              pin rail SL                             program material for communication with all locations
              center of house                         nonselectively.
LIGHTING                                                         Lighting Equipment
                                                                 Fresnels        Strand 3312     4        6”      750 watt
Lights                                                                           Strand 3413     8        8”      1000 watt
Board ETC Expression 2x                                                          Hub 8811        20       8”      1000 watt
            372 dimmers
            1 dimmer per circuit                                 Pars            Source 4        50       NF, MF, WF, EWF
            600 control channels                                                                          lenses HPL 575
            Designer worksheet                                                                            lamps
            Focus remote which is operable from                  Ellipsoidal     Strand 2112      26     14 degree (6x12s)
                   back stage left                                                                       1000 watt
            Dimmers can be accessed w/ DMX512                                    Strand 2216     18      17 degree (6x16)
                   input located stage left                                                              1000 watt
Lighting Positions                                                               Strand 2212     28      25 degree (6x12)
                                                                                                         1000 watt
FOH There are no balcony rail positions but                                      Strand 2209     32      31 degree (6x9)
there are two sets of beams on the ceiling.                                                              1000 watt
Box booms        Two (2) box boom positions on either                            Source Four bodies      120
side. One (1) is just to the house side of the proscenium                        (46) 19 degree
wall. The other is 26’ further into the house and                                (40) 26 degree
corresponds with the rear house beam position.                                   (40) 36 degree
                                                                                 (10) 10 degree
On stage These include 4 electric, a pin rail position                           (5) 50 degree barrels 750w HPL lamps
on both sides as well as four 4-circuit drop boxes                               Century 4273 Scoops (2) 18” 1500 watt
on either side of stage.                                                         Altman Cyc (16) 3 cell sky-cyc 1000 watt
Floor pockets Four (4) circuits are in each location and
are on SL, SR, and in the upstage area.                          Follow Spots Lycian 1290XLT (2) 110’ throw
                                                                              2000 watt
                                                                 Miscellaneous Equipment
1 -334 are located in the above lighting positions.
335-338 are located in the trap room, immediately                       2        Male two-pin G to female edison
below the stage area.                                                   33       3-wire twist-lock male to two-pin G female
339-370 control 2 receptacles in the light booth, 4                     14       3-wire twist-lock male to Edison female
receptacles in the fore stage (lift) and the                            2        3-wire twist-lock female to Edison male
pro-proscenium and orchestra shell lights.                              25       Two-fers, twist-lock to twist-lock
371-372 are crossover lights
373-378 are house lights.
                                                                 Stage Equipment
                                                                 Main drape      2 Both are hand operated and front curtain
All instruments, except scoops, have color frames. All                           is guillotine while the second is a traveler.
instruments terminate in a 125/250-volt, 20 amp, 3-wire          Piano           9’ Steinway and smaller upright
twist lock plug, with lug out. All ellipsoidals will take pat-   Projection      20’ x 20’ screen. Two 1200w slide
tern holders and holders are available.                                          projectors.
Barn-doors                       8         8”                    Ladders         2 10’-17’ “A” frames with wheels
                                 8         6”                    Genie lift      1 extends up to 36’
Top-hats                         3
Source Four Iris                 2                               Dance Floor
Telrads                          2                               Eight sections 4’ x 60’ of Rosco Adaggio vinyl floor.
                                                                 Total thickness is 1/8”. Because of the length of strips,
Company Switch                                                   the floor must be laid out across the stage. It can be used
Located upstage left 120/208 VAC, 3-phase, 400 amps per          in depths of 18’, 24’, 30’, or 36’. ROSIN CANNOT BE
leg times 3 positions.                                           USED.

Rigging System                                                            Stage Line Positions
Double purchase counterweight                                             Number     Distance    Description (house hang)
T-bar arbors                                                              1          0’ 8”        Main Drape (guillotine)
10’ long                                                                                                    (Does not move)
2,100 lb capacity (1,050lb on stage)                                      2          1’3”           Main Drape (traveler)
Operable from the fly rail which is 22’ above SR                                                           (Does not move)
Has intercom cue system                                                   3          2’7”                            Pipe
                                                                          4          3’3”                            Pipe
                                                                          5          3’11”                    1st Electric
Counterweight                                                             6          4’7”                            Pipe
                                                                          7          5’3”                            Pipe
469 full bricks (approximately 47 lb each)
                                                                          8          5’11”                           Pipe
160 half bricks (approximately 25 lb each)
                                                                          9          6’7”                            Pipe
Weight Amounts          Full            22,043 lbs                        10         7’3”                            Pipe
                        Half            4,000 lbs                         11         8’0”                            Pipe
                 Grand Total            26,043 lbs                        12         8’8”                            Pipe
                                                                          13         9’3”                            Pipe
Battens                                                                   14         9’11”                           Pipe
                                                                          15         10’7”                           Pipe
5/7-line system                                                           16         11 ’3”                  2nd Electric
Battens are 56’, 63’, or 70’ long depending on position.                  17         11 ’11”                         Pipe
Battens are 1 ½ “ trade size schedule 40 black iron pipe.                 18         13’3”                           Pipe
                                                                          19         13’11”                          Pipe
Line Sets                                                                 20         14’7”                           Pipe
                                                                          21         15’3”                           Pipe
Total number of line sets                45                               22         15’11”                          Pipe
Available for use                        41                               23         16’7”                           Pipe
Grid height                              66’                              24         17’3”                    3rd Electric
                                                                          25         17’11”                          Pipe
                                                                          26         18’7”                           Pipe
Immovable Linesets                                                        27         19’3”                           Pipe
#1       Guillotine main drape                                            28         19’11”             Mid-stage traveler
                                                                                                            (Does not move)
#2       Traveler main drape
                                                                          29         20’7”                           Pipe
#28      Mid Stage Black Traveler
                                                                          30         21’3”                           Pipe
#43      Rear Black Traveler                                              31         22’0”                           Pipe
                                                                          32         22’8”                           Pipe
Soft Goods                                                                33         25’0”                           Pipe
                                                                          34         25’8”                    4th Electric
Legs               5 sets 18’ wide, 30’ high w/o fullness                 35         26’4”                    5th Electric
                   (10 total)
                                                                          36         27’0”                           Pipe
Borders            5            105’ wide, 12’ high w/o fullness          37         27’8”                           Pipe
Travelers          1            70’ wide, 30’ high with some fullness     38         28’4”                           Pipe
                   1            56’ wide, 30’high with some fullness      39         29’0”                           Pipe
Cyclorama          1            70’ wide, 30’ high, light blue seamless   40         29’8”                           Pipe
Scrim              1            70’ wide, 30’ high, black, seamless       41         30’4”                           Pipe
                                                                          42         31’0”                           Pipe
                                                                          43         31’8”                    US traveler
Note: All drapes are black velour. Fullness may be tied in.*All soft                                        (Does not move)
goods are removable except the travelers and main drapes. They will       44         32’4”                            Pipe
remain on their designated line sets.                                     45         33’0”                            Pipe

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