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     9.16.2010                                           A publication by the students for the Ramapo College community                                      XLI No. 1

                                                                        Ramapo Remembers
                                                                                           Nine Years After 9/11

Village Incident Draws Scrutiny from Officials
                                                                                                                                                           photo by Stefani Mauro
Flags representing each victim killed in the attacks of September 11, 2001 were displayed at Ramapo Collegeʼs Arch as the nation looked back on how the
world has changed over the past nine years.

By MEGAN ANDERLE                                         consequences increase with each violation. After
Editor-in-Chief                                          three violations, students are suspended from campus
                                                         and parents are notified.
  Masses of students and visitors congregating out-        “There’s always an issue of underage and public
side of the Village warranted 52 alcohol and noise-      drinking in every school year,” Mercer said. “It’s not
related violations on Aug. 31, officials said. Mahwah
Police arrived at the scene, to disband groups and
                                                         unrealistic. It occurs at virtually every other col-                                        3-Day Forecast
deal with a few unruly students. President Peter           But to administrators and Public Safety, the most
Mercer issued a statement the following day via e-                                                                                                             Fri
                                                         alarming aspect of the night wasn’t just that alcohol
mail, threatening to make the campus dry.                was involved; it was the sheer number of people in                                                    High 74
  Administrators are talking to students to figure out   the Village – an estimated 400, according to Vincent                                                  Low 55
what is best for the community as a whole,               Markowski, director of Public Safety.
Associate Vice President of Student Affairs Patrick        “I’ve never seen that number of people in the                                                       Sat
Chang said. Moving forward, Mercer said on Sept. 7       Village at night before,” Chang said, who has                                                         High 74
that he doesn’t foresee Ramapo becoming a dry cam-       worked at Ramapo for more than twenty years.                                                          Low 55
pus, despite the e-mail he sent on Sept. 1.              “Every parking spot was filled.”
  “I don’t think we’re going to change any of our          Eight Mahwah Police officers arrived by midnight                                                     Sun
policies,” Mercer said. “If there was a significant      on Aug. 31, as there were not enough Public Safety                                                     High 77
increase in this sort of behavior, we would establish    officers on duty to control the crowds.                                                                Low 51
it in new policies, such as making residences dry if       Mercer said he hopes to keep the lines of commu-
things deteriorated.”
                                                                                                                               photo by Jolie Lang
                                                         nication open with students in wake of the incident.        An estimated 400 people
  The policy that currently stands is that underage         “I sent a broadcast email (to the community), met     were in the Village the night
drinking is not permitted, nor is alcohol allowed on     with students and am having SGA come over for                         of the incident.
designated “dry” areas of campus. Fines and other        dinner to let everyone know that we take these                                              see VILLAGE on page 6_
                Local Farmers Market Promotes Sustainable Living
Page 2 The Ramapo News                                                                                                                                 Thursday, September 16, 2010

   “Historical Location Brings Back Original Farming Community”
Staff Writer
   Gone are the days when one can walk down the street to
the corner market and pick up a carton of milk from the
nearest mom-and-pop store. In a nation where suburbia
dominates, all the essential food and products that we con-
sume comes from distant, monopolizing chain supermar-
kets. Instead of buying into this globalized market, other
options are available. Ramsey’s Farmer’s Market is an
alternative way to buy your daily necessities from local
  Ramsey’s Farmer’s Market is located next to the Ramsey
Train Station on Main Street every Sunday until Oct. 31.
The Farmer’s Market brings in 27 different vendors that
offer a variety of locally produced food and products. The
location of this market was chosen to support the farming
  “I was the president of the Ramsey Historical Association
and one of things we wanted to promote is the link with
the town which was once a farming community,” market
manager Nancy Boone said. “When the train station came
to Ramsey, the farmers in local towns would bring their
crops to the train station, so I thought ‘wouldn’t it be nice
to keep on promoting the history of this farming commu-
nity and have a farmer’s market?’”
                                                                                                                                                                    photo by Stephanie Noda
                                                                 Out of 26 different vendors, Farmer Jim Matarazzo awaits market on-goers to purchase his crop.
  Ramsey’s Farmer’s Market promotes the idea of sustain-
able living. Antoniette Koshykar, owner of Buena Vista           has been produced locally, and all proceeds go directly to     Farmer’s Market fresh produce as well as grocery items,”
Soapery, specializes in making homemade shampoos and             the individuals that produced the food.                        Jim James, site manager of the Mahwah Center for Food
soaps that don’t use plastics. Her “Solid Shampoo” comes            “When you go to the supermarket, half the produce           Action facility, said. “Generally, we don’t get fresh vegeta-
in the form of a bar of soap but provides buyers with a          comes from China or Mexico,” Farmer Jim Matarazzo said.        bles on a daily basis, so we get this once a week from the
salon-quality product without the need for wasteful plastic      “Food in supermarkets might be a week to ten days old          Ramsey’s Farmer’s Market. We can service to about 15
bottles.                                                         before it gets to the customers. If you go to farmer’s mar-    families in a day; on Mondays, we can service as many as
  “You’re reducing your carbon footprint by buying local-        kets, it keeps your own farming community thriving and         20-22 families. It’s an added treat that we generally don’t
ly,” Koshykar said. “Then you’re reducing your carbon            the food is also much fresher. Most of this stuff we picked    have in our food packages when we distribute them.”
footprint further by buying from business that manufacture       yesterday and brought it here today. It’s just healthier for     “One of the concepts I had was the idea was paying it for-
locally. It’s nice to see small business that can flourish and   you.”                                                          ward,” Boone said. “If you’re doing well, why not be able
thrive, especially in this environment.”                           Ramsey’s Farmer’s Market takes advantage of this thriv-      to share your good fortune with others? It’s all about giv-
  All the products and food sold at the Farmer’s Market are      ing community to help the less fortunate members of the        ing back and spreading the word.”
produced by their vendors at numerous stands. The food           communiy. The Farmer’s Market regularly donates nonper-          To find out more about Ramsey’s Farmer’s Market, visit
sold at the market not only includes fruits and vegetables       ishable items to the Center for Food Action, an organiza-
but homemade baked goods as well. Tables of homemade             tion that brings food to the poor. Many farmers also donate
bread, chicken pot pies, quiches and even goats’ milk            fresh produce that has not been sold throughout the day.                                     
cheese can be found throughout the market. All of the food       “Every Monday morning, we receive from the Ramsey’s

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        AROU N D THE

Students Expect School Spirit, Hopes Fall Short
                                                                                                                                                      Thursday, September 16, 2010

Staff Writer
Admitted students are encouraged to pose for a picture with
Ricky the Roadrunner on their orientation day. Throughout
the summer, the soon-to-be freshmen visit the campus and
stock up on Ramapo gear from the school bookstore.
  Come move-in day at the end of August, families cheer
on first-year students as they pass through the arch and
shake hands with President Mercer, a Ramapo College tra-
  So why does all the school spirit seem to fizzle out once
our Roadrunners cross the arch?
  “All that Welcome Week stuff, I got three pamphlets
about it, it was just thrown at me,” freshman Suzanne
Hochberg said. “But once Welcome Week ended, I don’t
really know what’s going on on-campus. The enthusiasm
for getting people to go to stuff just faded out.”
  Countless events are organized and promoted by Student
Affairs throughout the semester. An entire wall of the
Student Center is dedicated solely to reminding students
                                                                                                                                                                        photo by Elyse Toribio
                                                                 Freshmen Cara LaPolla and Cara May are among many other freshmen with similar concerns.
about upcoming events, in addition to the activities calen-
dars that are distributed across campus.                        true college experience, when a better alternative is getting Ramapo has not been what she expected. Donovan said, “I
“Through technology, social networking, Facebook and            involved in clubs and extracurricular activities.             wasn’t so much disappointed as surprised at the amount of
everything, the most impacting way of getting people out          “When we’re talking about school spirit, let’s talk hon-    craziness at night. But then again I’ve never been to col-
is still word of mouth,” Pat Chang, associate vice presi-       estly,” Chang said. “If you’re talking about the opportuni-   lege, so I guess that’s to be expected.”
dent for Student Affairs, said.                                 ty to drink and then create damage, then this is not the        One freshman did not even consider Ramapo as an insti-
  Getting the word out about different events on campus         place for you and no, we don’t have that kind of spirit       tution with a lot of school spirit before even arriving on
                                                                here.”                                                        campus.

Shuttle Terminated Due to Costs and Unruly Behavior
does not seem to be the issue. Instead, Chang said he
believes the problem of poor school spirit may lie in the         For freshman Jessica Marie Donovan, who has wanted to         Jon Burns said, “To be honest, I didn’t see it as a school
increasingly popular belief that partying and drinking is the   attend the college since her junior year of high school,      that’s really invested in stuff like that.”

“Students are Left to Come Up With An Alternative form of On-Campus Transportation”
By S AMANTHA ULLRICH                            Finance said. “This was not a practical         allows students more free time on Tuesday         At least one student is going to miss the
Staff Writer                                    solution because our public safety officers’    and Thursday nights. According to the on-       shuttle service.
  Ramapo College’s on-campus shuttle            main responsibility is to protect the safety    campus shuttle ridership statistics from          “It was really nice because then kids
service will no longer be available to stu-     of our students.”                               2009 to 2010, Tuesday night provided trips      weren’t resorting to driving drunk across
dents starting this semester due to costs,        The college has sustained state aid reduc-    for 3,362 riders and Thursday night racked      campus when it gets as cold as 5 degrees
environmental impact and educational con-       tions year after year. This decrease has made   up 3,002 riders. The other days of the week     outside,” Senior Brian Luba said.
cerns, officials said.                          the college reevaluate the services that        only reached a total of 1,800 combined.           While Public Safety does not see the
  Ramapo College’s Public Safety                might be candidates for cutbacks or elimi-        “I think that there are significant courses   shuttle service returning in the future,
Department sent out a mass email on Sept.       nations.                                        students naturally take that allow them to      Echols Tobe and Markowski met with
1 informing students of the cancellation of       “The total cost associated with this serv-    have Fridays off, so in a sense the schedule    Krisza to discuss transportation alterna-
the nightly shuttle service. School and stu-    ice is about $25,000 per year,” Echols          does lend itself to increase activities on      tives.
                                                Tobe said.                                      Tuesday and Thursday nights, primarily
                                                                                                                                                   “This was not a practical
dent leaders, including Presidential Cabinet,
Public Safety, and the Student Government         The costs linked with running the service     Thursday nights, because students aim to
Association decided to cancel the service       covered staffing, maintenance of the vehicle
                                                and overall cost of Public Safety having to
                                                                                                have those Fridays off,” SGA President
                                                                                                Jason Krisza said.
                                                                                                                                                       -Dorothy Echols Tobe,
  “It was really nice because                   drive the vehicle when scheduled drivers did      The shuttle also causes excess pollution
                                                                                                                                                         VP administrator
 then kids weren’t resorting to
                                                not show up.                                    that the American College and University
                                                  Additionally, there have been discussions     President’s Climate Committee (ACUPCC)
 driving drunk across campus                    with student leaders about student learning     strives to have its members reduce.               Krisza said this might be something stu-
    when it gets as cold as 5                   and education on campus. The college’s
                                                class schedule affects a student’s leisure
                                                                                                  College President Peter Mercer signed the
                                                                                                ACUPCC in November 2007 and has since
                                                                                                                                                dents would want to take over again.
                                                                                                                                                   “As it is now, there are no alternatives.
       degrees outside.”                        hours.                                          taken immediate action in reducing green-       Public Safety won’t staff it and the school
          -Brian Luba, senior                                                                   house gases and increasing environmental        seems like it is trying to cut ties with the
                                                   “As it is now, there are no                  awareness on campus. Since then, Ramapo         shuttle. I think the next and only logical
                                                   alternatives. Public Safety                  College has been looking for ways to            step would be for students to staff it,”

                                                  won’t staff it and the school
because of the lack of money available,                                                         achieve carbon neutrality and reduce the        Krisza said. “It would also prove students
                                                                                                environmental footprint.                        actually want this service.”
                                                  seems like it is trying to cut
increases in the college’s carbon footprint
and students’ class schedule.                                                                     “We’ve been talking over the past two or
                                                      ties with the shuttle.”
  “The campus shuttle was started initially                                                     three years with environmental interest peo-
as a student run initiative. Over time, stu-                                                    ple about its impact and rider ship so that                  
dent drivers proved unreliable and the
                                                   -Jason Krisza, SGA President                 was a major thing,” Chief Vincent
staffing was then transferred to our depart-                                                    Markowski, director of public safety said.
ment of Public Safety,” Dorothy Echols                                                          “And cost, again, looking for ways that we
Tobe, chief planning officer, VP Admin &         Ramapo offers fewer classes on                 had to look at where were spending
                                                Wednesday and Friday mornings, which            money.”
Semi-Annual Club Fair Encourages Students To Get Involved
Page 4 The Ramapo News                                                                                                                                       Thursday, September 16, 2010

                 “Clubs Overcome Fiscal Economic Year”
By DEANNA DUNS MUIR                                                                                                                                 events to help them gain exposure, such as
Staff Writer                                                                                                                                        Battle of the Bands, a national event, and
                                                                                                                                                    scholarship opportunities.
  More than 100 students congregated
                                                                                                                                                     The organization spotlights educational
under the C-wing overpass to learn about
                                                                                                                                                    and networking opportunities to students
different clubs available on campus at the
                                                                                                                                                    aspiring to be a part of the music industry.
semi-annual Club Fair.
                                                                                                                                                    Members’ career goals range from perform-
 Though many different organizations on
                                                                                                                                                    ing artists to producers.
campus have fizzled, club fairs are the
                                                                                                                                                      “This year our focus is on getting recog-
vehicle for some to maintain their follow-
                                                                                                                                                    nized and raising awareness of our club”,
ing over the years. Through pamphlets, fly-
                                                                                                                                                    Vice President Rosanna O’Brien said.
ers and other informational tools, clubs are
                                                                                                                                                    “A lot of people want to make it in the
able to promote their values.
                                                                                                                                                    music industry, but as we are in college it is
 “We may be one of the longest standing
                                                                                                                                                    continuously changing, new business mod-
clubs,” Co-President of Campus Crusade
                                                                                                                                                    els are discussed at our meetings with the
for Christ Lauren McDonald said. “We                                                                                 photo by Deanna Dunsmuir       acknowledgment of copyright issues and
allow freshmen to continue their faith as        Students explore different oppurtunities the club fair has to offer.                               the rapid growth of music downloading,”
they make the college transition to living
                                                  The OrgSync website is a student accessi-         “Last year we went to Boston, the hotel         MEISA member Jeff Lambert said.
on a campus.”
                                                 ble tool in which clubs register and update       and food were paid for by the college. We         Although clubs’ budgets are declining,
  Organizations are finding other ways to
                                                 their profiles with regard to upcoming            visited Massachusetts Museum of Modern           Club Fair still shows promise.
reach out to students.
“Our leadership training program has all of      events. SGA contributes club success to the       Art,” John Bonacolta, treasurer of the
the clubs get together and use OrgSync,”         website and therefore encourages others to        Visual Arts Society said. “This year we are

Eager CAAFYE Adviser is Up for the Challenge
SGA Commuter Council Speaker, Jeremy             make use of it as well.                           hoping to do the same.”                                      
Dela Cruz said. “Club turnout was pretty           However, certain budget cuts for this fis-       Among new and emerging clubs is the
good this year.”                                 cal year may have some club officers wor-         Music Entertainment Industry Student
                                                 ried about expected upcoming events.              Association, who said they would feature

  “Newest Addition Jennifer Kim Shares Her Goals and Expectations for the Community of Ramapo”
Staff Writer
   Jennifer Kim is the newest Ramapo faculty member, join-
ing the Center for Academic Advising and First Year
Experience (CAAFYE) team as a professional adviser.
  After spending eight years in Boston, Kim said that when
she was ready to return back to her home state of
New Jersey this year, Ramapo College was a perfect fit.
    In addition to Ramapo’s liberal arts curriculum and the
school’s accessibility as a state-funded public college, Kim
said there are many things that attracted her to the position.
  “It still feels like a small environment,” she said of the
campus community.
  She said that getting to know the students and faculty has
been a “true pleasure.“

 “I will try to find my niche. I’m looking
  forward to understanding the Ramapo
         -Jennifer Kim, CAAFYE adviser

                                                                                                                                                                            photo by Nicole Alliegro
  “Joining the CAAFYE team has been a great experience.”          Jennifer Kim is happy to be apart of a well-rounded community such as Ramapo.
Kim said
  As Kim has only been working at Ramapo for less than a            Before Ramapo, Kim attended Mount Holyoke in South              relate to her students. “I’m looking at this experience as a
month, she said there is still a great deal she needs to learn    Hadley, Massachusetts, where she studied media and society.       first year student and also a transfer student,” she said.
and experience.                                                     After earning her Master’s degree in sociology at Brandeis         All in all, Kim said she feels that Ramapo is well-round-
 “I’m really eager to get to know my colleagues a bit more,”      University, Kim stayed at the school, acting as assistant         ed and is happy to be a part of the community.
Kim said.                                                         director of academic advising, coordinator of Interdisciplinary     “There’s some really outstanding classes and faculty that are
  She also hopes to get involved on campus more and inter-        Majors and cofounder of the Sophomore Year Experience.            here to support students,” she said. “We really are here to
act with the students, since she feels this is the core of           Here at Ramapo, however, Kim is eager to take on new           support [students] in any way we can. We take their feedback
Ramapo College.                                                   responsibilities. Apart from the general duties of advising,      seriously.”
  “I will try to find my niche. I’m looking forward to under-     including assisting students with their course selections,
standing the Ramapo student.”                                     graduation requirements and career goals, Kim said that all
 Kim wants to encourage students to take advantage of study       advisers will now be following a group of first year students
abroad programs, experiential learning and any other oppor-       until each declares a major. Kim believes she can bring an                                      
tunities that are offered to enhance their college experiences.   interesting outlook to this initiative and will be able to
Page 5 The Ramapo News   Thursday, September 16, 2010
Ramapo Climbs U.S. News Rank to #25
Page 6 The Ramapo News                                                                                                                                    Thursday, September 16, 2010

By REBECCA PENHAKER                                                                                                                    teachers know me well enough to be able to write a letter like
                                                                                                                                       that for me,” Junior Alyssa Tummillo said.
Staff Writer
                                                                                                                                         The one-on-one teaching technique is what separates
Ramapo College continues to earn respect from surrounding                                                                              Ramapo from the competition.
schools, being ranked number 25 by U.S News and World                                                                                    “The most important thing about Ramapo is that the facul-
Report for the Best Regional Universities, North category.                                                                             ty wants to teach you, which is so rare in higher education,”
  Competing against the top schools in the region, like                                                                                Chang said. “The faculty at bigger institutions does not want
Villanova University, The College of New Jersey and                                                                                    to teach.       They are rewarded for doing research and pub-
Quinnipiac University, Ramapo stands out in the ranking cri-                                                                           lishing-not teaching undergraduates.”
teria for its small class sizes and offering “hands-on experi-                                                                           Ramapo still has faculty and staff that have been around
ence,” according to the Princeton Review.                                                                                              since the college opened their doors in 1969.
  “During my first school tour, (as a prospective student) I                                                                             “That says a lot about an institution when people keep
took great notice of the small class size. I knew, for me per-                                                                         coming back,” Chang said.
sonally, I didn’t want to be in a 300 person lecture hall. I                                                                           Chang and his wife have lived on campus for the past 21
don’t think I would be as involved as I am if I went to a big-                                                                         years, maintaining an open door policy to faculty and students
ger school,” Valerie Canubas, SGA senator-at-large said.                                                                               alike.
  Ramapo is no stranger to being ranked at the top of                                                                                    “We expect students to have fun, explore, be responsible,
America’s best colleges list. In 2003 Ramapo was ranked                                                                                and to be good citizens,” Chang said. “We are all here for
number two for the Top Public Comprehensive Colleges in                                                                                the students to experience and learn.”
the North. Then in 2006, it attained that sought after number                                          photo courtesy of      Canubas views this new rank as a great opportunity for
one ranking.                                                        Due to vaious qualities, Ramapo College stands                     Ramapo to gain more respect not just as a school, but for the
  When Ramapo was moved into a different category in 2007           out from other New Jersey schools.                                 state of New Jersey as a whole.
since adding more graduate degrees to the school’s program,                                                                              “When people see Jersey Shore, they automatically assume
there was slight hesitation and concern as to how Ramapo                                                                               all of New Jersey is like that. This shows that the media
                                                                     “We have no intention to become a university. We know
was going to measure up to the other leading schools.                                                                                  doesn’t always match up to reality,” Canubas said.
                                                                   we can be a really good college,” Chang said.
  “We were a little scared of being with the big boys. It was                                                                            Ramapo’s main goal is to be the ultimate support system
                                                                     When calculating, the college rankings are broken up into
a whole new ball game,” Associative Vice President for                                                                                 for its students. And regardless of outside pressures to change
                                                                   five weighted sections: Faculty resources (20 percent), student
Student Affairs, Patrick Chang said.                                                                                                   the mission of Ramapo, it will continue to remain true to its
                                                                   selectivity (15 percent), financial resources (10 percent), grad-
  However, with Ramapo consistently climbing in the stand-                                                                             small school mentality.
                                                                   uation rate performance (7.5 percent; for National Universities
ings of being one of the premiere colleges, the future for                                                                               Canubas admires Ramapo for being able to progress and
                                                                   and National Liberal Arts Colleges only) and alumni giving
Ramapo is looking more promising each day.                                                                                             gain more respect without losing sight of what the school
                                                                   rate (5 percent).
  “Ramapo is a special place, and I don’t think we realize yet                                                                         represents.
                                                                     With Ramapo’s student to faculty ratio of 18 to 1, students
how great we are,” Chang said. “For such a young school it                                                                               “Ramapo doesn’t try to be anyone else. It’s not trying to
                                                                   are able to develop a more intimate and personal relationship
feels great to get this kind of recognition.”                                                                                          be Rutgers. It is unique in its own self. Ramapo rises to its
                                                                   with their professors.
  One of the pressing questions Ramapo encounters is being                                                                             own expectations.”
                                                                     “Next year I’ll be graduating. Junior year is an important
asked when they plan on becoming a university. However,
                                                                   year. You have to start asking for recommendation letters for
administration does not see that for Ramapo’s future any time

                                                                                                                     Most Ramapo Students Feel There Isn’t
                                                                   internships and future job opportunities, and I feel like my                                       

52 Violations Were Warranted in the Village
Continued from page 1                                                                                                School Spirit
                                                                                                                     Continued from page 3
things seriously,” Mercer said.           “From a students’                    “Certainly a lot of the misbe-        “I know a lot of the schools down south that have a lot of school spirit, every-

                                        perspective, the meas-
“My ultimate concern is the stu-                                             havior is by non-students,” Mercer      body paints their chest and stuff,” he said. “I didn't expect that here, but I did
dents.”                                                                      said. “I don’t know if it’s an issue    expect a certain degree of spirit.”
  Student Government Association       ures taken were unwar-                of them getting invited on to our         The real issue here may not be that there’s a lack of opportunity to get
                                       ranted and excessive.”
President Jason Krisza, who has                                              campus, but certainly the perpetra-     involved and support the school, it may be that a majority of Ramapo students
met with Mercer on a few occa-                                               tors are often not part of our com-     view school spirit a bit differently than others.
sions to discuss the issue, said he        -Jason Krisza, SGA                munity.”
wants to represent the students as              President                      Markowski encourages students                                                            
best he can.                                                                 to take some responsibility when
  “SGA is extremely proactive,”        night for everyone, Senior Gina       they invite guests to stay with
Markowski said. “We talk to them       Anselmi said.                         them and to do their part in mak-
on a regular basis to try to figure      “The next day after getting an e-   ing the campus safer.
out how to deal with this. Our         mail I talked to one of my room-        “We need the students to partner
concern is to keep our students        mates and she said that there were    with us,” Markowski said. “Part
happy and safe.”                       fireworks going off in the first      of the security and safety comes
  Krisza said he understands how       quad. I couldn’t believe that peo-    from the students themselves.”
students felt that night as they       ple were being that stupid,” she        Although the beginning of the
were corralled out of the Village.     said.                                 semester has caused a lot of hub-
  “From a students’ perspective,         Though Public Safety asks for       bub, Chang said that the campus
the measures taken were unwar-         Mahwah police’s reinforcement         is “far calmer” than in past years.
ranted and excessive,” Krisza said.    often, the reason why they came         Both Krisza and Mercer attribute
“From a law enforcement perspec-       on Aug. 31 was out of the ordi-       the sizable number of loitering
tive, they were necessary. Most        nary, Mercer said. Markowski said     students to the warm weather and
students believed they weren’t         that the groups were cooperative      friends reconnecting after three
doing anything wrong.”                 once police arrived.                  months apart. Classes and
  Senior Cara Smith did not feel         “It was not an unruly group,”       extracurricular activities also had-
she was doing anything wrong.          Markowski said.”There was no          n’t started yet.
  “A few of my friends actually        disciplinary action taken, but          “As the weather gets cooler and
got in trouble Tuesday night; not      most of the residents don’t want      students get back into the swing
because they were underage, but        them there – they waited four         of things, this will cease to con-                                                            photo courtesy of
because I was standing outside and     years to live there. There are peo-   tinue,” Krisza said.                    School spirit leaves freshmen worried about their time spent at
apparently I wasn’t even allowed       ple living there who have to get      *Ashley Drapkin contributed to          Ramapo.
to stand outside,” she said. “It was   up in the morning,”                   this article.
ridiculous how everyone was get-         Another issue administrators face
ting in so much trouble for even       are the guests who visit campus,
standing outside.”                     many of who were in the Village          
  Another issue is a small group       last week, posing a safety threat.
of disorderly students ruining the
              VIEWPOINTS                                                                                                                                     Thursday, September 16, 2010

             Ground Zero Mosque: A                                                                                                SGA Wants to
       Campus views are the sole opinion of their respective authors, submitted to The Ramapo News and in no way reflect the views of either The Ramapo News or Ramapo College of New Jersey.

             Question of Controversy                                                                                              Represent You
                                                             But he did “think” of building over a cemetery –                                                 For those that are returning, I
                                                           he’s been rallying for the building’s construction for                                           would like to welcome you back to
                                                           awhile now. He even refuses to relocate the mosque                                               another year at Ramapo. For new
                                                           elsewhere. He needs to pick a side; either stick to his                                          students, I would like to welcome
                                                           convictions and press for the mosque near ground                                                 you to the Ramapo community. My
                                                           zero or stop making ignorant comments. He must                                                   name is Jason Krisza, and I am the
                                                           like the attention he receives.                                                                  Student Government Association
                                                             While refusing to pitch a different location, the                                              (“SGA”) President.
                                                           imam claims to remaining “open-minded” about the                                                   The SGA serves to be the persistent
                                                           issue.                                                                                           voice of the students to administra-
                                                             “We are exploring all options. Everything is on the                                             tion. This column is a conduit for
                                                           table,” Rauf said.                                      By JASON KRISZA
                                                                                                                                                             me to speak to the campus body at
                                                             If he doesn’t want the mosque in another location, SGA President                                large about the issues facing the
                                                           what other options are there? What else is on the       school, and hopefully get them engaged in the solution.
                                                           table? Either it’s built or it isn’t. A strong leader     While this may be the first edition of the paper and the semester is quite
                                                           would stick to his convictions, but the imam seems young, we have not been without significant excitement over the past few
By MEGAN ANDERLE                                           to be having second thoughts. Or he’s just trying to weeks. Both the student body and the administration alike seem to be
Editor-in-Chief                                            keep the cameras on. The latter is a more likely rea- focused on the issue of alcohol. In the wake of these incidents we as stu-
                                                           son for why he would make so many contradictions. dents ask, why is this year so different from previous ones? What is caus-
  The imam said he wouldn’t have proposed placing            While many find the most important issue to be        ing the administration to be so concerned? What is going to happen next
a mosque near where the World Trade Center fell if         about whether the mosque is built or not, a point of in terms of on campus policy?
he knew it would cause as much controversy as it           concern is that the imam is representing his view-        Over the past few weeks I, along with other members of SGA, have met
has.                                                       points with statements that are either absurd or        with administration, including President Mercer and Chief Vincent
  How is it possible that the imam was truly unaware       wishy washy for the sake of press attention.            Markowski and asked them. I have ascertained that there are two major
of the controversy this would create? Talk of the                                                                  issues facing the campus this year that differentiate it from the past: the
mosque’s construction prompted Florida Pastor Terry                                 number of serious alcohol-related hospitalizations and the number of seri-
Jones to threaten burning copies of the Quran, spark-                                                              ous incidents involving off campus visitors.
ing even greater controversy across the United                                                                       In my opinion, this issue is larger than what is going on at Ramapo. I

                                                            Have an opinion?
States.                                                                                                            don’t think that this has anything to do with a “rowdy” freshman class or
  Nine years after the 9/11 attacks, Americans are                                                                 weak policies in place. I think that this is a culmination of economic and
still mourning the loss of their loved ones. It’s been                                                             social conditions, which have resulted in a situation that has a detrimental

                                                            Make your voice
less than a decade — the effects are still reverberat-                                                             effect on campus life as a whole.
ing — and the imam has the audacity to say he did-                                                                   With regard to the severity of underage binge drinking, it has been noted

n’t see this one coming.                                                                                           by Professor Nabil Nahra, that in times of economic recession the
  “I would never have done it. I’m a man of peace. I                                                               American people consume more alcohol. According to a study by the
mean, the whole — the whole objective of peace                                                                     Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Behavioral Risk Factor
work is not to do something that would provoke con-                                                                Surveillance System, “binge drinking increased substantially during eco-
troversy,” Imam Feisel Abdul Rauf said.                                                                            nomic downturns.”

                                                                 Send a letter
  It’s clear the imam likes the media attention and                                                                  It can be noted that we are currently experiencing the greatest economic
was fully aware of the repercussions of his proposal.                                                              decline since the Great Depression. As these trends show, this specific
How could he not be? His modest proposal makes                                                                     issue is not one that can be solved by introducing stricter policy. Rather, I

                                                                 to the editor:
America a target to Muslim extremists who may                                                                      believe the proper application of our current policies will result in a posi-
consider the building’s construction a cue to attack                                                               tive outcome for all.

again.                                                                                                               I believe that the number of issues involving off-campus guests are esca-
  Soon after the imam’s claim that he didn’t realize                                                               lating due to increased guest volume rather than a decline in guest quality.
the uproar the mosque would cause, he said that the                                                                It is my assumption that this escalation can be attributed to the high levels

area is not hallowed, provoking responses from offi-                                                               of unemployment among recent college grads, a problem striking the
cials like the state GOP leader.                                                                                   entire nation.
  “It is absolutely disingenuous as many have said                                                                   As a result of my meetings, the administration is already looking at ways
that that block is hallowed ground, with strip joints                                                              to more stringently monitor the flow of traffic in and out of the campus.
around the corner with betting parlors. Let’s clarify                                                                   I can assure you that our concerns as students have not fallen on deaf

                                                               Monday and
that misperception,” Rauf said.                                                                                        ears and I will continue to fight for our rights. While there have been
  Is he serious? Almost 3,000 lives lost; one of                                                                    rumors of the administration enacting sweeping changes, such as making

                                                            Wednesday nights
America’s greatest tragedies, and he denies ground                                                                 the campus dry, President Mercer has assured me that this is not the direc-
zero as “hallowed land.” He had to have known                                                                           tion he wants to take. However, if these incidents continue to occur
what he negative press attention he would receive                                                                           President Mercer will be forced to enact significant changes.

                                                            at 7:15 in SC-218.
when he made that comment.                                                                                           The administration and SGA are continuing to work toward a practical
  Soon after, the imam made a statement that implied                                                               solution that benefits both parties in this matter. If you would like to part
that ground zero is in fact a hallowed land, contra-                                                               of this discussion, please feel free to attend SGA meetings on Tuesdays at
dicting himself.                                                                                                   1 p.m. pm in the Alumni Lounges, stop by the office — SC 233.
  “To me it is a cemetery. I would never think of
building something on top of a cemetery,” Sullivan                                                                                                                  
  ARTS                                               &
                                                E N T E RTA I N M E N T
Alex Masket: A Young Artist with a Fresh Perspective
                                                                                                                                                      Thursday, September 16, 2010

 BY GEOFF KIDDOO                                his childlike sensibilities, allowing his art
 Staff Writer                                   to effectively ignore the boundaries of the
                                                creative world. Although he is severely
 Remember making art in the first grade? It     autistic and barely talks, Masket’s artwork
was a new form of expression, with young        speaks volumes.
minds taking full advantage of the lack of        New to the art scene and completely self-
rules. 23-year-old Alex Masket still lives in   taught, Masket held his first exhibition just
that world. Currently, the Berrie Center is     last year. Now his pieces can be found in a
displaying his work in the exhibition enti-     number of galleries in New Jersey and
tled “Alex Masket: A View with a Room”.         New York.
The show continues through Oct. 6.                One can see that Masket has found his
  Even though Masket’s body has evolved         niche, and within that niche he’s incredibly
into that of a grown man, he has retained       versatile. Using colored duct tape, bits of
                                                paper, Legos, and numbered and lettered
                                                stickers, he transforms canvases into his
                                                personal playgrounds.
                                                  On one wall, there is a progression of
                                                canvases decorated with lettered stickers,
                                                with thick coats of paint on top and under-
                                                neath the letters. Up above are the works                                                                           Photo by Anya Kougasians

                                                with “warm letters” in which oranges, reds,       Alex Masket: A View with a Room will be on display in the Berrie Center
                                                pinks, and yellows are used liberally. The        until Oct. 6.
                                                viewer’s eyes then work their way down
                                                the canvases to the cool letters, consisting    overall form. Seen from a new perspective,      Containing only approximately thirty
                                                of blues, grays, dark greens and deep pur-      the overwhelming details coalesce into a       pieces, the exhibition is an easy walk.
                                                ples. The final piece contains black letters    fairly simple framework.                       Since the Berrie Center is never overrun
                                                on a black canvas.                                There is one separate room in the exhibi-    with people, there’s enough space to get
                                                  Each work has a unique life of its own,       tion, clearly set apart from the rest of the   lost in the art.
                                                which can reveal itself differently depend-     pieces. Walking into this room feels like        Un by an art world that can be cruel and
                                                ing on the viewer’s distance from the can-      walking straight into the mind of Alex         unforgiving, Masket makes art solely for
                                                vas. The viewer should take a few steps         Masket. The walls are covered in lumines-      the joy of creating. For those looking to
                                                back to look at the wholeness of his pieces.    cent duct tape, with no particular design      gain exposure to modern expressionistic
                                                From afar, one can see the patches of paint,    structure. It is comparable to a New York      art, the exhibition is a great place to begin.
                                                                                                City sidewalk with its boldness and lack of

As the Weather Cools, Networks Turn Up the Heat this Fall
                                                the solid duct tape in geometric shapes and
                      Photo by Anna Kougasian
Masket uses unique mediums to                                                                   self-consciousness.                                         
express himself through his artwork.

By DANIELLE REED                                gymnastic skills, Marti easily makes the                       The Event                       own job, Meghan works to discover who
Staff Writer                                    team, but soon realizes she must learn how        “What will you believe?” is the central      killed the victims of the accident that
                                                to survive the competitiveness on and off       idea of the upcoming thriller series “The      wrecked her career. Her investigation
  As fall approaches, it is time to take a      the mat to keep her spot. Also staring                                                         forces her to reexamine her own life and
                                                                                                Event”. A group of strangers cross paths as
look at the new shows premiering this sea-      Ashley Tisdale, Matt Bar, Heather                                                              the relationships that her career-oriented
                                                                                                Sean Walker (Jason Ritter) unknowingly
son across all the major networks.              Hemmens, and Robbie Jones, “Hellcats”                                                          ambition has destroyed. “Body of Proof”
                                                                                                unearths a government conspiracy while
Covering a range of genres, there is likely     premiered on Sept. 8 and airs on                                                               airs Fridays at 9 p.m. on ABC, the premier
                                                                                                searching for his missing fiancée Leila
to be something for every viewer. Here is a     Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on the CW.                                                                date has not yet been announced.
                                                                                                (Sarah Roemer). As more and more evi-
sneak peek at some new series making
                                                          S#*! My Dad Says                      dence of the conspiracy is uncovered, mul-                  Running Wilde
their debut in the upcoming weeks.
                                                  Based on a popular Twitter feed and a         tiple lives are affected by the information,     “Running Wilde” is a series about the
                 Hellcats                       book of the same name by Justin Halpern,        including U.S. President Elias Martinez        reunion of two childhood sweethearts.
  The newest show on the CW, “Hellcats”         “S#*! My Dad Says” is a highly anticipat-       (Blair Underwood) and the leader of a          Steven Wilde (Will Arnett), is an immature
demonstrates what happens when cheer-           ed comedy coming to CBS this fall. This         mysterious group of prisoners, Sophia          wealthy playboy who is focused only on
leading and academics are forced together       show details the opinionated ideas of foul-     Maguire (Laua Innes). “The Event” pre-         using his money to get what he wants. In
in the life of one average college student.     mouthed father Ed Goodson (William              miers Sept. 20 and airs Mondays at 9 p.m.      strong contrast to his materialistic lifestyle
Marti Perkins (Aly Michalka) is a pre-law       Shatner). Often politically incorrect, Ed       on NBC.                                        is his former sweetheart, Emmy Kadubic
scholarship recipient, attending Lancer         voices his opinions to anyone around,                        Body of Proof                     (Kerri Russell), who leads a life as a liberal
University in Memphis, Tennessee. A             including his two sons Henry (Jonathan                                                         humanitarian who is focused on her 12-
                                                                                                  “Body of Proof” is a perfect combination
down-to-earth girl from a working class         Sadowski) and Vince (Will Sasso). When                                                         year-old daughter, Puddle. When Wilde’s
                                                                                                of mystery, suspense, and medical drama.
family, Marti is dramatically impacted          Henry can no longer pay his rent, Ed offers                                                    Oil, Steven’s family owned company,
                                                                                                Dr. Meghan Hunt (Dana Delany) is a tal-
when her scholarship is canceled. Without       him a place to stay, leading to the compli-                                                    begins planning an expansion that threatens
                                                                                                ented neurosurgeon soaring to the top of
the scholarship, Marti realizes that the only   cated relationship of this father and son                                                      her home, Emmy steps up and attempts to
                                                                                                her field. When a car accident destroys her
way to continue her academic dreams is to       duo. Also staring Nicole Sullivan, “S#*!                                                       change Steven’s ways.“Running Wilde”
                                                                                                career, Meghan returns to work as a med-
earn another scholarship by becoming a          My Dad Says” premiers Sept. 23 and airs                                                        premiers Sept. 21 and airs Tuesdays at 9:30
                                                                                                ical examiner, determined to uncover the
member of Lancer’s renowned cheerlead-          Thursdays at 8:30p.m. on CBS.                                                                  p.m on Fox.
                                                                                                truth behind what actually happened.
ing squad, the Hellcats. Using her “retired”                                                                                                                 
                                                                                                Blurring the lines of detective work and her aimed towards Ramapo“Collegiettes”
Page 9 The Ramapo News                                                                                                                               Thursday, September 16, 2010

Staff Writer

  Last Tuesday, Ramapo College
launched its own branch of the
hit online magazine HerCampus is
targeted towards college-aged
women and features entertaining
and informative articles about
everything a girl needs to know
about college life. Now that
Ramapo has its own page on the                                                                               [photo courtesy of
site, students are able to read    HerCampus is an online magazine for women that has partnered with “Seventeen
fun, fresh and exciting articles   Magazine” and New Balance.
written by RCNJ students.
  The articles on                                                      Windsor Hanger and Annie           page on HerCampus, said, cover a variety it all.”                                 Wang. The three met at Harvard “Writing for HerCampus is very
of topics such as style, health,      Megan Anderle, a junior, is the University while running the        informal, and you can really
love, dorm life, career and         Campus Correspondent for the       campus lifestyle and fashion       bring your personality into it
world. The stories are written      Ramapo page on HerCampus.          magazine. When they expanded       and have fun with the articles
with passion and witticisms that    Like the founders of the online    the magazine online, they          you write. Each week we cover
are “laugh-out-loud” hilarious;     magazine, Anderle felt that giv-   received huge waves of readers     six topics, which range from
it’s very easy to lose track of     ing college women an online        and were offered partnerships      Spotted on Campus, which is
time on thanks outlet for reading about relative         from several companies.            something interesting that catch-
to the engaging style of the arti-  and contemporary college topics      Kaplan stated, “We realized we es your eye at Ramapo, to
                                    is necessary and                   were hitting on an unmet need-     Campus Celebrity, someone you
cles.                                                                                                                                                        Like to write?
  Samantha Ullrich, a junior and    compelling. She decided to         for an online hub for college      know who has accomplished
writer for the magazine stated,     bring HerCampus to Ramapo          women, and a career launching      something great.”
“I think it’s great that Ramapo is students in order to broaden her    point for the nation’s top student  As Kaplan stated,                        Come to our meetings
getting involved with               writing experiences and to give    journalists- and we sought to is a                       Monday and Wednesday It’s almost          women tips about college life.     address this need on a broader,    “Collegiette‘s guide to life.” She          nights in SC-218.
like a Vogue magazine cus-          Anderle said, “I want them to be national scale.”                     said, “We hope women will gain
tomized by gender, age range        educated, like I put an article up   Kaplan, Hanger and Wang won a valuable resource through Her
and campus. Whatever a college about recipes; I want them to           a business plan competition at     Campus, as well as a source of
girl needs to know about fash-      use my recipes. I’m looking for    Harvard with their idea and offi- entertainment and procrastina-
ion, fitness, cuties, must-haves,   them to be entertained and get     cially began in tion!

Lettuce Eat Healthy                                                                             Fashion for the Fall Season
and more, has         information out of it.”            September 2009.
                                      HerCampus was originally cre-      Freshman Kristen Garafano,         
                                    ated by Stephanie Kaplan,          another writer for the Ramapo

By MAGGIE SCARPELLI                 eggs or egg whites and      flavorful that you might just                                of classes or a night out.        from the AMC series “Mad
Staff Writer                                                                                    ByJULIANNE BRANDA
                                    any three toppings, all     want them all — are avail-                                   Then you can move on to           Men” and presented full
                                                                                                Staff Writer
                                    wrapped up in a 12-inch     able for 50 cents or more.                                   some of-the-moment                skirts, tailored jackets,
  Want a healthy bite to eat
                                tortilla.                         They also have a great                                     pieces that may eventually        chunky knits, cat-eye
not too far from campus?                                                                 The change of weather
                                  The Lettuce Inn is a great    section on their menu called
The Lettuce Inn, a popular                                                               always introduces new fads          go out of style for a little      glasses and straight-legged
                                way to start off your day on    “Lettuce Wrap It,” with a
café in Ramsey, offers a                                                                                                     bit (but if you love it, wear     pants. If Sandy from
                                the right track. Their break-   variety ranging from a   to the fashion scene, and
variety of nutritious                                                                                                        it! Don’t feel constricted        “Grease” is not your style,
                                fast wraps are such a           California Wrap, to an   with fall quickly approach-
                                yummy way to eat healthy        Oriental Chicken Wrap, to a
                                                                                         ing there will be no short-         by the so-called “rules” of       you can still add a skirt
  Located in the center of
                                first thing in the morning      Vegetarian Wrap. My      age of cute trends to warm          fashion).                         with some volume to a
Ramsey’s business district,
                                and get you going for the       favorite is the scrumptious                                    Animal prints, which            tight t-shirt and a belt to
The Lettuce Inn is just eight                                                            up the cool autumn nights
                                day ahead.                      California Wrap, which
minutes from campus.                                                                     ahead.                              have been a staple on the         rock this look. Or you can
                                  The café’s lunch and din-     includes romaine lettuce,
Surrounded by great stores                                                                 While flipping through an         runways for several sea-          pair a fitted blazer with
                                ner options are my personal     grilled chicken, smoked
and salons such as Lush                                                                                                      sons now, were once again         skinny jeans, a t-shirt and
                                favorites. Building your        bacon, tomatoes, avocado,issue of “Vogue” or “In
Salon, Sunset Tan, Nail                                                                                                      spotted all over Milan run-       some cute accessories to
                                own salad or wrap is so         mozzarella cheese and    Style” may incite reactions
Galaxy and Starbucks, the
                                easy and you get to be in       ranch dressing.          of “Who would actually              ways. While not everyone          look polished yet edgy.
café will turn your quick
                                control.                          Whether you’re looking to
                                                                                         wear that?”, the truth is           may feel comfortable                Whatever your style
lunch into an enjoyable
                                  You pick from one of four     sit down for a meal or grab                                  drowning themselves in            mantra may be, there is
afternoon outing.                                                                        anyone can! The key to
                                kinds of lettuce: iceberg,      a quick snack, you’ll be
 The setup is similar to that                                                            rocking a trend is to adapt         animal print from head-to-        something for everyone
                                mesclun, romaine or             able to find something at
of Subway: you select your                                                               it to your own personal             toe like Rihanna, cheetah         this fall. But if you prefer
                                spinach; then four crisp top-   the café to suit your needs.
meal — either a breakfast                                                                                                    print in small doses is still     not to be a slave to the
                                pings: avocado, bean            You can either dine in the
                                                                                         style and remember to
sandwich, salad or wrap —
                                sprouts, broccoli, carrots,     “green” environment or   incorporate only the things         chic and fashionable. Try a       fashion gods, wear whatev-
and wait on the ordering
                                chickpeas, Chinese noodles,     bring food back to campusthat you feel comfortable           leopard print bag or scarf        er you would like, just
line. As you make your way
                                croutons, crumbled egg,         when you’re on the go.                                       to spruce up your classic         make sure that it is “you”.
down the line, you choose                                                                in.
                                cucumbers, olives, red                                                                       look.
from a supply of fresh top-
                                onions, sesame seeds, toma- To kick off the season,
pings and ingredients. All                                                               make sure you invest in               The retro-look was dis-   
                                toes, walnuts and many
of the selections are quickly                                                                                                played on runways in pret-
                                more; then pick a tasty                                  some basics like skinny
made to your liking.                                                                                                         ty much every fashion cap-
                                dressing: balsamic vinai-                                jeans and plain long-
  Breakfast is a new addi-
                                grette, blue cheese, Caesar,                             sleeved t-shirts that are           ital for fall. Designers like
tion to the menu. You can
                                Italian, parmesan pepper-                                versatile and can be                Louis Vuitton, Prada and
build your own breakfast
                                corn, ranch and many more.                                                                   Marc Jacobs all took cues
wrap from your choice of                                                                 dressed up for either a day
                                  Additional toppings — so
Page 10 The Ramapo News                                                                                                                              Thursday, September 16, 2010

The 2010 MTV VMA’s: Pop-Culture History in the Making
Staff Writer
   The commercials leading up to the
2010 MTV VMA’s promised viewers an
unforgettable moment in history. They
promised that every year something
instantly memorable and shocking would
happen, leaving everyone talking the next
day. What viewers got instead was a reaf-
firmation of who the heaviest hitters are
in contemporary pop music.
  Lady Gaga took home a total of eight
Moon Men, including Video of the Year                                                             Photo Courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons
for “Bad Romance”, but more important-          Justin Bieber was popular with fans of all ages at Sundayʼs award show.
ly, she firmly established that she is the
single most important name in pop at the
                                                 The Jersey born Chelsea Handler hosted      the Machine was a very welcome change
moment. The elaborate and frequent cos-
                                               the show and mostly fell flat on her face.    of pace with a performance of “Dog Days
tume changes, the political and social
                                               Her opening monologue was especially          Are Over.” Kanye closed the night with
stands she made with the troops accom-
                                               rough to watch if you aren’t a fan of her     the premiere of a new song “Runaway
panying her (several men and women dis-
                                               work as she mostly just touched on popu-      Love” that was masterfully executed with
charged for their homosexuality),
                                               lar subject matter rather than telling        a lone keyboard in the center of the circu-
announcing the title of her next record on
                                               jokes. The low-point for Handler was an       lar stage.
stage (Born This Way, belted out at the
                                                                                                                                                  Photo Courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons
                                               elaborate set up for a bit which refer-         The highpoint of the night had to              Lady Gaga walked away with eight
top of her lungs). All of it was welcomed
                                               enced last year’s Kanye/Taylor debacle        involve the current queen of culture,            Moon Men at the 2010 MTV VMAʼs.
by the adoring public as we hung on to
                                               that ended with her simply punching a         Lady Gaga. We were treated to a surprise         wasn’t the shocking or interrupting
every word she uttered and ever stoic
                                               stagehand/prop in the chest and scream-       presenter, an “If I Could Turn Back              moment we had planned on not planning
glance she gave.
                                               ing “My award!”                               Time” outfit wearing Cher who went on            for, but it was a historic moment at the
  Justin Bieber, winner for best new artist,
                                                 Elsewhere, the combination of Katy          to say that she used to get thrown off of        end of another Video Music Awards that
was the other name at the forefront of the
                                               Perry and Nicki Minaj presenting the best     MTV for wearing outrageous costumes, a           gave us our yearly glimpse into the cul-
awards. Also a performer of the night,
                                               male video and best hip hop video awards      clear indicator of the times and foreshad-       ture of popular music.
Bieber arrived at the outdoor stage to
                                               was a charismatic treat. Eminem opened        owing the inevitable outlandish outfit that
screaming throngs of age-appropriate
                                               the show with “Not Afraid” and “Love          Lady Gaga would be wearing as she took                 
(and some not) fans as he took the stage
                                               the Way You Lie” which featured special       the stage to accept the award. So, as
and went through a medley of his own
                                               guest Rihanna. Usher gave a very lip          Gaga walked up the stairs wearing a dress
work before capping it off with a drum
                                               synced performance of “OMG” before a          made of meat, we got to witness the past

From the Streets to the Stage, the Illz is a Hip-Hop Sensation
                                               dazzling light show, while Florence and       and present of musical provocateurs. It

Staff Writer
 From the streets of Hudson County, N.J. to the stages
of local venues, new hip-hop artist The ILLZ arrives to
make his mark on the contemporary music scene.
 As an adolescent, the now-24-year-old Delgis Jose
Mustafa Rodriguez developed a passion for hip-hop,
drawing inspiration from artists such as AZ, Mobb
Deep, Nas and Wu-Tang Clan.
 Unsatisfied with the music world at the time, ILLZ
decided it was best to cut himself off from the scene
 After a much-needed vacation, ILLZ — with a new
perspective and a new encyclopedia of music — and
music stumbled upon each other, once again.
 “The Pursuit LP,” an 11-track digital album, was
                                                                                                                                                Photo Courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons
                                                               The Illz performing at a local venue.

                                                               released on Dec. 15, 2009 and presented by two major
                                                               music blogs, and                  His ideals and morals are clear in songs such as:
                                                                 ILLZ worked nonstop both in and out of the studio to       “Dreams of Life & Beth,” in which he says, “I’m the
                                                               make it a warmer summer for his fans this year, releas-      one that decides/ when everything is finished. So when
                                                               ing new material from his latest production, “In             tough times roll in/ and everything’s against me/ I
                                                               Between Video Series,” weekly up until July 27.              promise Imma give it all I got/ until I’m empty/ And
                                                                 Attempting to prove that simplicity is the highest form    when I see all hope is dying/ I won’t stop I promise to
                                                               of sophistication, ILLZ teamed up with Hot Mop Films         keep trying.”
                                                               and director Kristopher Rey-Talley to bring this eight-        Listeners can experience his music for themselves on
                                                               track series to life, using vivid video content to accom-    Oct. 4 as Jabari and Good*Fella Media present
                                                               pany each song.                                              Tonite…Rap Rocks! at Crash Mansion, located at 199
                                                                 The project was digitally packaged and made available      Bowery, New York, N.Y.
                                                               for download on Aug. 24, via                      When all is said and done, ILLZ puts on the type of
                   Photo Courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons     ILLZ’s dedication to his art is what makes this project    show that leaves you wishing you’d own the venue, just
Delgis Jose Mustafa Rodriguez, also known as                   much more unique than his previous one and others sur-       to personally ask him for an encore.
The Illz.                                                      facing on the Web. Song after song, bar after bar, ILLZ                             
                                                               belts out relatable lyrics filled with emotion.
Page 11 The Ramapo News                                                                                                                                   Thursday, September 16, 2010

Apple Unveils Latest Upgrades, Introduces New Software
By NICOLE MAZEWSKI                             playlist menu and the remaining battery
Staff Writer                                   life. Both the Shuffle and the Nano are
                                               offered in five colors: silver, blue, green,
   Have you noticed a change in your           orange and pink.
 iTunes? Along with the launch of iTunes         According to an Apple Store employee
 10, Apple has just released updated ver-      at the Garden State Plaza, the ultimate
 sions of their most popular products.         college tool is still the thirteen inch
 Apple’s iPod Nano is revamped- sporting       MacBook Pro. Over the summer, the
 a new sleek design and all touch screen       Apple Store ran a cross promotion, offer-
 front, allowing users to easily view their    ing a free printer and iPod Touch with a
 music collection. This player is slightly     purchase of a computer. Many students
 bigger than a shuffle and is able to clip     took advantage of this offer, especially
 onto clothing, perfect for the new            with all the software capabilities and new
 pedometer and Nike + iPod features,           updates.
 which is separately sold software that          Betsy Klein, a sophomore Visual Arts
 tracks workout information to the iPod.       major, said that her professors
 The iPod Touch was unveiled with two          recommended that she get a MacBook
 built-in cameras, perfect for the new         for her contemporary arts classes. “I got
 FaceTime application. This great feature      my Mac BookPro last summer, and I love
 allows users to smile at friends living in    it. I haven’t encountered any problems
 other states, or blow a kiss to significant   with it so far.”
 others studying abroad. Through a Wi-Fi         Wondering what “Ping” is on your
 network, users create accounts and chat       iTunes? Apple has developed the
 with others, right on their iPods.            “Facebook of the music world.” Ping is,
                                                                                                                                                      Photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons

   The iPod Shuffle has been updated to                                                          Last week, Apple released the new touch screen iPod nano.
                                               according the Apple site, “A social net-
 include the new VoiceOver feature. This       work for music that lets you follow your
                                                                                                 what music they’re talking about, listen-      favorite artist is listening to? Ping allows
 announces the current song and artist,        favorite artists and friends to discover
                                                                                                 ing to, and downloading.” Simply create        you to see their favorites and makes rec-
                                                                                                 your own free profile on Ping to get           ommendations based on your style. This
                                                                                                 started. Users are able to access Ping as      new feature puts the public out there
                                                                                                 a social network site, and continuously        even more; but in today’s not-so private
                                                                                                 feed off of the Recent Activity Page.          world, this app is a popular trend. Users
                                                                                                 This page shows what your friends are          are essentially building a community out
                                                                                                 listening to, anything they have just          of their music styles and choices.
                                                                                                 downloaded, and any other posts they
                                                                                                 share. Artists post on Ping too; they can              
                                                                                                 post pictures, updates on shows and new
                                                                                                 music and recommend things to their
                                                                                                   You don’t have to worry about down-
                                                    Photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons    loading another app for your iTouch or
Ping is a social networking application specifically designed for music.                         iPhone either; Ping is built right into the

Colbert Offers Warm Reception For Troops With Two-Night Special
                                                                                                 iTunes app. Want to see what music your

By ERIK GAVILANES                              resses serving cold beer, and green grass         still in Iraq, and the idea that all of our       In all, the message of the night was clear.
Staff Writer                                   for the troops to rest their feet on after such   troops have been asked to win the war over      Americans should be rewarding returning
                                               a long time spent in the arid middle east.        and over again, going as far as calling this    troops with appreciation and understanding,
  Stephen Colbert spared no expense last        The returning troops were clearly the            the “War that Cried ‘Over’,” before moving      while not being satisfied with calling this a
week to provide a warm welcome for his
                                               Viewers were asked time and                       back to the idea of sacrifice. Viewers were     true and definitive “end” to this war. Katie

                                               time again to simply recog-
studio audience of troops recently returning                                                     asked time and time again to simply recog-      Sutton, a sophomore at Ramapo College,
from Iraq. After President Obama
                                               nize the sacrifice made by
                                                                                                 nize the sacrifice made by these men and        said “What made me happy was seeing that
announced the end of combat forces in Iraq                                                       women, a sacrifice so few of Americans          the troops were happy. I think it’s impor-
late last month, Colbert announced his two-    these men and women, a sac-                       have, or would ever, make.                      tant that we recognize and reward what
night special that aired on September 8th      rifice so few of Americans                          Vice President Biden also pushed the idea     they’ve done,” in reference to the special
                                               have, or would ever, make.
and 9th to honor the services of men and                                                         that we must recognize what our troops          episodes.
women in the military. From the onset, in                                                        have done for America in serving overseas.        The occasion was perhaps best summed
which Colbert arrived in a tank and was        main focus, but a good portion of the show        “If you know someone that served or is          up by Colbert himself, “I’m not going to
played out by the Army Fields band that        was made to emphasize the remaining non-          serving, mow their lawn, babysit for them,      debate this war” he said in his crazed pun-
were live in studio, the whole show echoed     combat troops left in Iraq and those still        do anything, just show them that you            dit character before declaring in a more sin-
the same basic statement throughout: the       stationed in Afghanistan. A side-by-side          understand,” Biden urged the viewer.            cere tone, “Tonight is for the troops.”
celebration of America’s returning troops.     live feed of both non-combat troops in Iraq         In the interview with General Ray
  “Been there: Won That: The                   and combat troops in Afghanistan was              Odierno, the U.S. military commander in                 
Returnification of the American-Do             shown to the audience as Colbert joked, “If       Iraq, he reveals that the troops in Iraq are
Troopscape,” the special’s full title, fea-    you can tell the difference between a non-        still receiving a combat pay.
tured a hot dog vendor serving the troops      combat troop and a combat troop, then               Biden was not spared questions regarding
who revealed himself to be Vice President      you’re the president of America.”                 the troops still overseas and acknowledged
Joe Biden, a “Conflict Analyst” in former        A regular segment on the show, The Word,        that “This is a significant milestone, but
New York Yankee great Yogi Berra, wait-        also focused heavily on the 50,000 troops         we’re not there yet.”
Craigslist Says It Has Permanently Taken
Page 12 The Ramapo News                                                                                                                                Thursday, September 16, 2010

Down U.S. Adult Services Ads
By CECILIA KONG                                                they focused on Craigslist because it is the largest classi-     unmoderated adult content, do not assist law enforcement
Washington Post                                                fied site in the world. They added that other, smaller online    and do not engage in best practices.”
Staff Writer                                                   ventures should be pushed to follow Craigslist’s lead.             Craigslist is shielded by the Telecom Act of 1996, which
                                                                 “Websites escape liability when an ad on their site results    absolves it of liability for the content on its sites. Some
WASHINGTON - Under pressure from law enforcement               in rape, prostitution and even death,” Rep. Jackie Speier,       legal experts say, for instance, that Craigslist could not be
and Congress, Craigslist said Wednesday it had permanent-      D-Calif., said. “Our priorities are out of balance and perpe-    held liable for the actions of a New England man who
ly taken down its adult services ads on its highly popular     trators are taking advantage.”                                   killed a woman he had contacted through the site.
classified site in the United States.                            Ernie Allen, president of the National Center for Missing        But some lawmakers questioned whether the need to pro-
  The move is the first of its kind for a company that has     and Exploited Children, noted that each year about 100,000       tect children overrides the need to protect free speech.
become not only a place to buy used furniture and find         boys and girls become prostitutes. “Internet services have       “Speech in the form of postings that incite violence against
apartments, but also a symbol of a free-speech, no-limit       made it possible to pimp these kids, offering them to            children is not protected speech,” Rep. Christopher Smith,
Internet. Yet even Craigslist ultimately yielded to the com-   prospective customers with little or no risk,” he testified.     R-N.J., said.
plaints of advocacy groups who say the firm’s websites are       But Craigslist officials warned that blocking the ads
being widely used in the global sex trade of women and         would only push the sex trade further into the shadows.
children.                                                      “Those who formerly posted adult services ads on
  The San Francisco company complied, but not without          Craigslist will now advertise at countless other venues,”
hinting at what the actions of government officials could      said William “Clint” Powell, a director of customer service
portend for the future of the Web.                             and law enforcement at Craigslist. Though they were invit-
  After state law enforcement officials asked Craigslist to    ed to the hearing, the firm’s chief executive, Jim
eliminate adult ads earlier this month, the company            Buckmaster, and its founder, Craig Newmark, did not
replaced those listings with a single word: “censored.” It     attend.
later dropped the label, but not before prompting protests       Unlike most of Craigslist’s classifieds, which are free, the
from free-speech advocates.                                    firm charged for adult ads, which gave it the ability to hand
  Craigslist officials, who testified Wednesday at a House     over credit card information to law enforcement when
Judiciary subcommittee hearing on child sex trafficking,       crimes occurred. Craigslist had made about $30 million off
did not address calls to shutter adult services ads on some    adult listings so far this year, said a report released before
Craigslist sites outside the United States, where they con-    the hearing by the Advanced Interactive Media Group.
tinue to run.                                                    Powell noted in his testimony that in a White House
  Still, the company’s decision was applauded by advocacy      meeting earlier in the summer, Obama administration offi-
groups that said Craigslist had become a massive online        cials said they considered Craigslist to be a model com-
marketplace for sex predators.                                 pared to “the countless other venues that currently host
  These groups and state law enforcement officials said

                                    photo by Anya Kougasian                                                                                        photo by Stef Mauro
“A View with a Room” exhibit will be on display at the Berrie               Ramapo womenʼs tennis picked up their first win of the season against the John Jay
Center until Oct. 6.                                                        College of Criminal Justice team.
           RAMAPO SPORTS                                                                                                                       Thursday, September 16, 2010

Women’s Soccer Wins Jersey City Tournament                                                                                                        Women’s
                                                Bruno is scoring, Melissa Demko is              with them now.”
                                                                                                                                                Serves Heat
Staff Writer                                    scoring, [and] Melanie Pupo is scoring.           Ramirez also believes that one of the
                                                Saturday we play the number two team in         keys to winning is team chemistry.

                                                                                                                                                to Earn Win
 The Ramapo women’s soccer team is              the nation, but I think we are going to be        “The team chemistry is excellent. We
poised and ready for another successful         ready for them because playing the tough        picked four captains (Demko, Bruno, Pupo,
year.                                           teams is definitely going to help.”             and Alison Arnold), who are really trying
  The season may not have started as they         Melanie Pupo is leading the team with         to keep the team together because that is
would have liked; they posted a 1-3 record      five goals and two assists. She is followed     so important to the on the field play.
through the first four games. Yet this did      by Demko with four, Bruno with three, and       One of the reasons why Spain won the
not deter their goal to be one of the top       Britney Harraka with two goals. All of          World Cup, besides playing good soccer, is     By JUS TINA S LACHTA
teams in the New Jersey Athletic                these players are seniors, which is a real      because they all got along so well.”           Staff Writer
Conference. They followed up the sluggish       attribute to the leadership on the team.          With the season off and running the             It is that time of the year again.
start with a good showing in the Jersey         The senior leaders are not the only players     Ramapo women’s soccer team is looking          School mode begins and the love
City Tournament, where they evened their        that are stepping up this year, as the team     towards a bright future. The team seems to     of a racket and a net come into
record to 3-3.                                  is filled with a lot of youth as well.          be coming together at just the right time      play. For many, tennis is just a
  Head Coach Arnie Ramirez is a firm              “They are doing great,” Ramirez said.         as NJAC play approaches.                       game, but it’s more than just that
believer of playing tough out of conference     “Annmarie Paskovich is starting for us at         “I am really satisfied,” Ramirez said. “I    for Ramapo College women’s
teams before reaching in conference rivals.     right full-back. Jennifer Stone as a stopper    think we have a good combination of            tennis.
  “I always like to play difficult teams        is doing an excellent job. Stephanie            freshman, sophomores, a couple of juniors        The Ramapo women’s tennis
before we start the NJAC,” Ramirez said.        Andolino is really stepping up as well.”        and the seniors that are doing really well.”   squad held their third home game
“If we play teams that were really good we        Ramirez is looking ahead to a bright            The team returns to action at home           this past Friday against John Jay
are going to learn something from those         future. Many of the top teams that they         Saturday, where they will start NJAC play      College of Criminal Justice. The
games. If we play teams like Old Westbury       could not keep up with in the past are now      against TCNJ. They continue NJAC play          Roadrunners took home a 9-0 win
that we beat 11-2, we are not going to          on their radar.                                 Wednesday, where they will go back to          to improve their record to 1-1.
learn anything.”                                  “I think we can keep up with these teams      Jersey City to face New Jersey City              The goals and expectations are
  In the midst of tough competition,            now,” Ramirez said. “I think we have the        University.                                    set high for the Roadrunners. The
Ramirez is getting contributions from           players that can keep up with The College                                                      women’s tennis team at Ramapo
many of the team’s senior leaders.              of New Jersey, Rowan, and Richard                                 has been working hard through the
  “The girls that are supposed to be scoring    Stockton. Those teams went to the                                                              preseason to build team bonding,
are scoring now,” Ramirez said. “Kimberly       NCAA’s last year. I think we can compete                                                       team morale, and physical

Men’s Soccer Suffers First Defeat of Season
                                                                                                                                               conditioning. Even though some
                                                                                                                                               players from last year have left,
                                                                                                                                               Head Coach Raza Baig puts an
                                                                                                                                               emphasis on having a solid team
                                                                                                                                               that is growing stronger. With two
                                                   “If we play a full 90 min-
By CHRIS ARNDT                                                                                  when they are on the field. A great factor     good additions to the team, he
Staff Writer                                                                                    in their success is their ability to commu-    hopes to see a winning record this
  Ramapo’s men’s soccer team suffered
                                                    utes, we can play with                      nicate with each other on the field.           season.
their first loss of the season at the hands                anyone.”                               Nobody ever seemed to be out of
                                                                                                position, and if so there was always some-
                                                                                                                                                 Ramapo women’s tennis strives
                                                                                                                                               to keep working hard in order to
of the Eastern Connecticut State Warriors              DJ Pinton, Head Coach                    one to put them in the right spot. This        achieve their goal of winning the
by a score of 2-0.
                                                                                                team is going to be dangerous all season       New Jersey Athletic Conference.
  The first half of the game was dominated
                                                                                                long and will be able to keep up even          However, getting there will not be
by the Roadrunners, who kept the Warriors       Santaniello, who leads the team with 9          with the toughest of opponents.                easy. Rival The College of Nersey
on their toes with a vicious offensive          goals, did not score.                             Ramapo defeated SUNY Westbury at             has a sound foundation and are
attack. The game remained scoreless at the        Head Coach DJ Pinton saw some posi-           home yesterday to improve their record to      working just as hard to achieve the
half, but Ramapo seemed to have an edge         tive signs for his team despite the loss.       5-1. They will look to improve to 6-1          same goal.
over ECS. However, junior keeper Carl             “If we play a full 90 minutes, we can         when when they face The College of New           Baig touched on the importance
Appel led a strong Warriors’ defense with       play with anyone,” Head Coach DJ Pinton         Jersey Saturday.                               of stamina. No matter how good a
nine saves to shut down Ramapo’s                said. “ECS was a good test for us. They
                                                                                                 “Practices are intense this
                                                                                                                                               player is, it will put a burden on
offense.                                        are a regionally ranked team, and I felt like                                                  their skills and abilities if they
                                                                                                 season. People are fighting
  Both teams appeared to be well condi-         we had a very productive first half.”                                                          cannot keep up. Therefore, he is
tioned but executed different styles of play.     The Roadrunners are led this year by
                                                                                                   for spots every day. We
                                                                                                                                               stressing to improve the stamina
The Warriors were a defensive minded team       captains Jim Clemente and Francis Carr,                                                        of the players. If they can achieve
who remained as a unit and swarmed to
the ball, while Ramapo used an attack first
                                                who set the tone both in practice and on          have good chemistry as a                     that, having a good season will be
                                                                                                 team and we expect to win
                                                the field.                                                                                     a greater possibility.
mentality to try to strike first.                  “Practices are intense this season;
                                                                                                 every game no matter who
                                                                                                                                                 The Ramapo women’s tennis
  Early in the second half, sophomore           people are fighting for spots every day,”                                                      have a lot to look forward to -
                                                                                                      the opponent is.”
Cory Tobler slipped a goal past freshman        Carr said. “We have good chemistry as a                                                        practices, games, and the confer-
keeper Stephan Monaghan to put the              team and we expect to win every game no                                                        ence. They will look to keep their
Warriors up 1-0. Later in the half fresh-       matter who the opponent is.”                    Francis Carr, Midfielder/Forward
                                                                                                                                               momentum going at home against
man midfielder Luke Capezzone found the           Even though they suffered their first                                                        Rutgers-Newark on Monday.
net and cemented the Warriors victory.          loss, Ramapo has still had an impressive
Eastern Connecticut’s win improved their        start to the season. The Roadrunners                                                                
record to 4-0.                                  already have a lot to be proud of after                       
  This loss marks the first time this sea-      winning the first four games of the sea-
son that the Roadrunners were shut out          son. The roster is full of talented players
and the first time that star forward Rob        from top to bottom, which is evident
Opening Week in NFL Offers Plenty of Surprises, Controversy
Page 14 The Ramapo News                                                                                                                                Thursday, September 16, 2010

By JAKE EDINGER                                                                                                                               to keep up their torrid pace.
Staff Writer                                                                                                                                    Entering the season as favorites in their
                                                                                                                                              respective divisions, the San Francisco
  The National Football League season                                                                                                         49ers and San Diego Chargers each were
kicked off Thursday with a rematch of last                                                                                                    upset by division opponents.
year’s NFC championship game between                                                                                                            The New York Giants also showed why
the Super Bowl champion New Orleans                                                                                                           they could be a force in the NFC by
Saints and Minnesota Vikings. The Saints                                                                                                      pounding the Carolina Panthers in the first
won 14- 9, holding Vikings quarterback                                                                                                        regular season game in the New
Brett Favre to 171 yards and containing                                                                                                       Meadowlands Stadium. Hakeem Nicks
All-Pro running back Adrian Peterson to                                                                                                       caught three touchdown passes to neutral-
87 yards on the ground. The Saints, led by                                                                                                    ize Carolina’s defense. Dropped passes
quarterback Drew Brees, look to get back                                                                                                      from the Giants’ receivers made the game
to the Super Bowl and proved Thursday                                                                                                         close, but Panthers’ quarterback Matt
night that they have the fluent offense and                                                                                                   Moore threw three interceptions to bail out
turnover-happy defense to do just that.                                                                                                       the Giants. Moore’s poor decisions could
  Five years ago the New England Patriots                                                                                                     lead to rookie second round draft pick
won the Super Bowl two years in a row,                                                                                                        Jimmy Clausen taking over signal calling
and they took a step to returning to their                                                     photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons
                                              Wes Welkerʼs quick return from a knee injury inspired the New England
previous success by defeating the                                                                                                               Monday night’s game featured the Giants’
                                              Patriots to start the season with a convincing victory over the Bengals.
Cincinnati Bengals 38-24. The Bengals,                                                                                                        roommates - the Jets. After much hype
who added wide receiver Terrell Owens to      Bowl contenders, but they were derailed by     reversed as replay showed that Johnson did       from their HBO television show Hard
join Chad Ochocinco as one of the more        the young Houston Texans. The Colts            not have possession after he hit the ground      Knocks the Jets looked to bully Rex
dominant receiving duos in football, were     were 15-1 against the Texans going into        in the back of the end zone. The Bears won       Ryan’s former team, the Baltimore Ravens.
picked by many to make it to the Super        Sunday yet where unable to stop running        the game 19-14.                                  However, the Ravens proved that they are a
Bowl. However, they were out played by        back Arian Foster, who ran for 231 yards         Fellow NFC north rival and Super Bowl          forced to be reckoned with, beating the Jets
the Patriots’ defense and embarrassed by      rushing and scored three touchdowns in         contender Green Bay Packers defeated the         10-9 in a defensive standoff. New wide
Tom Brady’s offense.                          Houston’s 34-24 win.                           Philadelphia Eagles 27-20. Although              receiver acquisition Anquan Boldin proved
  Patriots’ wide receiver Wes Welker            The Detroit Lions and Chicago Bears also     Packers’ quarterback Aaron Rodgers threw         to be a valuable addition for Baltimore by
returned from a season ending knee injury     played Sunday in what proved to be a           two interceptions after only throwing            grabbing seven receptions for 110 yards in
in 2009 and looked like he was never          devastating loss for the Lions. After losing   seven in 2009, the Packers defense stayed        his debut.
injured, catching eight receptions for 64     quarterback Matthew Stafford with a            hard-nosed and contained the dangerous             The Jets look to face the Patriots next
yards and two scores. The Patriots looked     shoulder injury during the first half, they    Eagles quarterback Michael Vick, who             week, which should be a classic AFC East
as fluent as they were during their recent    lost the game in controversial fashion.        replaced starter Kevin Kolb after he left the    battle. Week one has been controversial as
championship year as the Bengals still        With seconds left backup quarterback           game with a concussion. Even though              well as exciting, and the best part is there
struggle to be a consistent threat in the     Shaun Hill threw what seemed to be a           running back Ryan Grant will miss the            are 16 more weeks to go.
American Football Conference.                 game winning touchdown pass to wide            remainder of the season with an ankle
  Much like the Bengals, the Indianapolis     receiver Calvin Johnson, but the play was      injury, the Packers still have enough talent                 
Colts are also in the discussion of Super

                           NFL WEEK 2 STAFF PICKS
      Week 2                Tom Babcock                 Chris Arndt            Almerry Martins Sean Ritchie                                Jeremy Kelly            Jake Edinger

    NE @ NYJ                     Patriots                  Patriots                   Patriots                      Jets                        Jets                    Patriots

   NYG @ IND                       Colts                     Colts                      Colts                       Colts                      Colts                      Colts

  HOU @ WAS                     Redskins                     Texans                   Texans                      Texans                      Texans                     Texans

    BAL @ CIN                    Bengals                     Ravens                   Bengals                     Ravens                     Bengals                    Ravens

    PIT @ TEN                      Titans                    Titans                   Steelers                     Titans                      Titans                    Titans

   SEA @ DEN                   Seahawks                      Broncos                  Broncos                  Seahawks                      Seahawks                 Seahawks
MLB Playoff Contenders: Yankees, Phillies... and the Reds?
Page 15 The Ramapo News                                                                                                                                              Thursday, September 16, 2010

By JEREMY KELLY                                    been a prime example of MLB ineptitude. They       the San Francisco Giants for first place in the       been successful for the majority of their 49-year
Staff Writer                                       had not had a winning season since 2000, and       NL West. They had a 6.5-game lead on Aug.             history. They have had only three playoff
                                                   have not made the playoffs since the strike-       25, but that lead has quickly slipped. After the      births, and have never advanced past the first
  While the National Football League has got-      shortened 1995 season. The Reds expanded their     Padres went on a ten-game losing streak that          round. It wasn’t until 1996 that they finally
ten underway again, the Major League Baseball      lead on the Cardinals after a good stretch in      stretched from the end of August to early             reached the postseason, but they have not been
season is winding down. However, the playoff       August in which they went 19-8. This allowed       September, they lost three out of four to the         back since their last appearance in 1999. Now
picture is quite muddled and uncertain, with       the Reds to rise six games ahead of their divi-    Giants. The Padres now have a one game lead           they can finally be poised for a playoff run. The
several unexpected teams emerging as the fron-     sion rivals. However, the Reds have lost eight     over the Giants in the division.                      Rangers went 21-6 in the month of June, and
trunners in their respective divisions.            of their last 12 games. Their upcoming road trip     Also in the West, the Colorado Rockies are          following a six-game winning streak, the
  When looking at the New York Yankees, it’s       that stretches nine games and goes through         only two games back, and they host both San           Rangers are currently nine games ahead of the
not surprising to see them in first place in the   Houston, Milwaukee and San Diego makes it          Francisco and San Diego in the final weeks of         next-closest club, the OaklandAthletics.
American League Eastern Division. Coming off       possible for plenty to go wrong to Dusty           the season. With these facts in mind, it’s virtual-     The Minnesota Twins have christened their
their 27th World Series championship in 2009,      Baker’s team.                                      ly anyone’s guess on who will come out on top         new home, Target Field, with a run for a second
the Bronx Bombers have the league’s best record      For most of the early part of the season, the    in this division.                                     consecutive division title in the AL Central.
of 88-57. However, their playoff spot is far       San Diego Padres have had a decent lead over         In the AL West, the Texas Rangers haven’t           Despite playing alongside, as well as behind,
from secure. They are currently only one-half of                                                                                                            the Chicago White Sox for first place, the
a game behind of the Tampa Bay Rays, who                                                                                                                    Twins have turned up the heat in the final weeks
were the AL champions in 2008. The Rays past                                                                                                                of the season. They went 18-10 during August,
the Yankees in the standings after beating them                                                                                                             and have won 11 of their last 13 games to
last night.                                                                                                                                                 ascend to a seven-game lead over the White
  In the National League East, the Philadelphia                                                                                                             Sox. Yet with a three-game series in Chicago
Phillies, despite claiming the title of National                                                                                                            beginning on Wednesday, the momentum may
League Championships two years in a row,                                                                                                                    shift.
have been fighting an uphill battle with the                                                                                                                  The playoffs begin on either Oct. 6 or 7, and
Atlanta Braves for most of the season. But after                                                                                                            the World Series will begin on Oct. 27. It will
a summer trade with Houston for ace pitcher                                                                                                                 be the first time since 2001 that a team from
Roy Oswalt, the Phillies are 29-13 since                                                                                                                    the National League will host the World Series,
August 1 and are currently two games ahead of                                                                                                               and in a season that’s been filled with unpre-
Atlanta. Their remaining games are against divi-
                                                                                                                                                            dictability, there’s no telling which teams will
sional opponents, but the winner of the NL
                                                                                                                                                            rise and which teams will fall with the Fall
East could very well be decided on Sept. 20-22
when the Phillies host a three-game series                                                                 photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons        Classic coming our way.
against the Braves at Citizens Bank Park.          ,JoeyVottoʼs powerful bat has put the Reds in good shape to earn a rare                                                       

Locker Risks NFL Fame and Fortune to Return for Senior Year
  For nearly a decade, the Cincinnati Reds have    postseason appearance.

By ALMERRY MARTINS                                                                                                                                          ready for the season, with his guys
Staff Writer                                                                                                                                                knowing that he’s going to be back to
                                                                                                                                                            help them get to where they want to be.”
  Jake Locker had everything on the table                                                                                                                     When asked why Locker “decided to
any young athlete may dream of.                                                                                                                             pass up on the instant millions he would
The chance to go pro before graduating                                                                                                                      have earned next spring had he entered
college, the multi-million dollar con-                                                                                                                      the NFL Draft, Locker supported his son.
tract, the top rating in his quarterback                                                                                                                      “Every time it gets to the subject of
position in this year’s NFL Draft, poten-                                                                                                                   money, I tell people he’s not about that,”
tial endorsements, and the fame.                                                                                                                            Locker said. “I know it’s hard to believe
 He also had options that led to a tough                                                                                                                    when you’re talking millions of dollars,
decision that would take many of us                                                                                                                         but he’s never been about that.”
much more time than it took Locker to                                                                                                                       In the first two games of his senior sea-
decide on. With a month in advance to                                                                                                                       son, Locker is 1-1, completing 42 of his
his deadline to declare for the draft,                                                                                                                      70 attempts for 555 yards, five touch-
Locker drove himself to the football                                                                                                                        downs and no interceptions, with a rating
offices to inform Coach Steve Sarkisian                                                                                                                     of 150.18. Saturday will be a showdown
and offensive coordinator Doug                                                                                                                              between the Huskies and the University
Nussmeier that he had unfinished                                                                                                                            of Nebraska Huskers.
business to take care of in the University                                                                                                                    If Locker goes out and performs the
of Washington.                                                                                                                                              way he did against Syracuse for the
  After informing his coaches, he released                                                                 photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons        remainder of the season, the talk of him
a press release through the Washington             Jake Locker turned down a chance to make a multi-million dollar contract                                 being a Heisman Trophy candidate will
athletic department on that led to high            in the NFL to return to the University of Washington for his senior year.                                only continue to grow. Everything that
season-tickets request. All of Huskie                                                                                                                       was on the table before his decision will
nation was glad to have their main                 14-0 season in which he threw for 1,603            return.                                               still be there, only this time he will be
canine back, even if it was for one more           yards and 25 touchdown passes with                   After his decision was made public,                 able to do it with his graduating pack
year. While there are many who doubt               three interceptions.                               Dave Mahler of 950 KJR in Seattle                     behind him.
his decision, Locker firmly stands behind            Ever since then, he’s earned merits such         interviewed Jake’s father, Scott, who                   The ‘W’ on his helmet will stand for
his choice.                                        as Pac-10 Freshman of the Year (2007),             approached Locker’s quick decision as a               much more than Washington, and all his
  Born in Bellingham, Washington, he’s             Freshman All-American (2007), and                  positive.                                             peers will regard him as the warrior that
had the ‘W’ that’s on his helmet imprint-          Honorable mention All-Pac 10 (2009).                “I think it’s great, especially from                 came back to win for them.
ed on his life since birth. Six miles                Closing out the season last year vs.             Jake’s standpoint just so you know the
north of his hometown, in Ferndale,                19th ranked California, Locker completed           questions can be done and people can quit                                  am artins5@ram
would be where Locker would begin to               19 of 23 passes for 248 yards and three            speculating about what he’s going to
build his football resume. As a senior in          touchdown passes and ran in two scores,            do,” Locker said. “And everyone will
2005 he led Ferndale High School to the            giving the Huskies a 42-10 grand finale            know and I think it will be easier for
Class 3A State Championship after a                and maybe an edge on his decision to               him to focus on the task at hand getting

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