Bunco _2 _Katy_ Auction Items by fjzhangxiaoquan


									                         Bunco #2 (Katy)
                            Auction Items

             Classy and Sassy!
 Beautiful 4x6 wood frame with black
sheer/satin bow and rhinestone-studded
 fleur-de-lis (landscape orientation) $1

                                                Pool Party Extravaganza!
                                            Turquoise ice bucket with clear
                                           pitcher, 4 turquoise square dinner
                                           plates, 4 white square salad plates
                                           with turquoise firework design, 4
                                            turquoise square bowls, 4 white
                                            linen napkins, 4 turquoise cups,
                                                  6 palm tree cups $3

             Modern and Chic!
Black 4x6 textured frame with burgundy
stripe bow and rhinestone-studded fleur-
     de-lis (portrait orientation) $1
                                             Grillin’ and Chillin’!
                                        Grill-top skillet for perfectly
                                      grilled veggies, shrimp, or other
         Sweet Romance!               small items that would normally
 Mink apron (ooh, la, la!), Godiva      fall through on a grill! Grill
 chocolate bars, chocolate fondue     cookbook and cheese grater add
with 2 skewers, 2 bath bombs, and    the perfect touch to complete this
  a bottle of sauvignon blanc! $1                package! $1

             Scrappy!                          Dragon Beauty!
Custom-made scrapbook, baseball      Custom-strung, beautiful necklace,
themed. Each of the eight pages is     bracelet and earring set! Navy,
different, and it has been created    clear, and silver – classic colors
on heavy chipboard for durability      that go with everything from
         and beauty. $3                      dresses to jeans! $3
                                          (vendor will be on site)
        Animal Instincts!                   Holiday in the Summer!
 Gorgeous black, lime, and zebra       Get a jump start on your holiday
beads make this necklace, bracelet,    décor with this beautiful hostess
   and earring set a must-have             set (includes serving tray,
          accessory! $3                  spreader, and napkins)! Also
     (vendor will be on site)          includes a gift set from The Body
                                      Shop (including cranberry-scented
                                         candle, shimmer lotion, body
                                         polish, and shower gel), and a
                                        silver and pearl snowflake 4x6
                                                 frame! Wow! $1

        Passion for Coffee!
 Enjoy a treat from Starbucks in
 this cute blue and white striped
mug! This auction also includes a
$15 Starbucks gift card and book!
                 $1                               Be Gorgeous!
                                      Beautiful glass apothecary jar and
                                       lid also contains great Mary Kay
                                      products (lotus & bamboo loofah
                                      body cleanser, body spritzer, body
                                       lotion, shower gel, and puff) $3
                                            Play some SWEET Ball!
                                        This is a FUN candy bouquet,
                                         complete with marshmallow
                                      baseball, M&M’s, Hot Tamales, 100
                                       Grand, 3 Musketeers, Hershey’s,
                                       KitKat, SKOR, Baby Ruth, salted
                                      peanuts, Twix, Crunch, York, and
                                       Pop Rocks! Also includes $5 Best
          Target Tower!                Buy Gift card and TWO coupons
  Unique and fun 3-tiered glass       for a FREE Italian shaved ice from
tower stuffed with $30 worth of           Rita’s, and a $15 gift card to
Target gift cards. Think of all the          Quizno’s! MMMM…! $1
         possibilities! $3
                                 Explosion of Sweet Taste!
                               Candy bouquet of 100 Grand,
                                  York, Crunch, KitKat, 3
                              Musketeers, and a $15 gift card to
    Here’s to Summer!                 Starbucks!! $1
   A cute martini glass
  overflowing with Jolly
    Ranchers (cherry,
watermelon, and grape), $5
 Sonic gift card, and TWO
 coupons for a free Italian
 shaved ice from Rita’s! $1

                              Fun basket includes all you need to
                              relax and enjoy the good life! Light
                                 blue photo album, glass petal
                              tealight holder, weekly organizer,
                                bath bombs, and three sizes of
                                          candles! $1
    SPECIAL AUCTION ITEM                       BUNCO PRIZES

    Handmade bird bath includes
 teacup flower pot, plant, colored
  glass stalk, and decorative bowl.
   Actual bird bath for auction is
 currently under construction and            Prizes for 4 winners:
   will be green, blue, and yellow                  Most Wins
  glass. This item will be available              Most Buncos
for silent auction bids at the bunco               Most Losses
 event on June 8! Please come and            Bunco Dragon holder
  bid on this beautiful, decorative,   Lots of gift cards to choose from!
          and unique piece!
                                             Vendors Attending:
 If you do not win, custom orders            Creative Memories
        may still be placed.                      Scentsy
                                               Cypress Bling
                                                 Wild Tree
                                               Keen Creations

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