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					                                          Beyond the Horizon
                                                                                                   THE CONSULTANT’S SOURCE

April 2010                                                                                                 BE
                                                   Dear April Superstars,

        SALEST                                     As comedian Robin Williams says, “spring is nature’s way of saying

        CONTE                                      LET’S PARTY!” We agree, and there is no better time than now to
                                                   party and build your Aloette show schedule. To celebrate the new
                                                   season, we are offering some incredible specials and offers.

                                                   Our April Super Sales feature three rave-reviewed products: our Soy

                                                   Manicure Candle, Bio-C vitamin powder and Look Alive Eye Base. Our

   BE     FREE,IND    as
                        ury Body   W
                                                   Instant Delivery items include three “all-time favorites in fives” that will

   Pearl Es   sence Lux                            make up next month’s Super Sales and mark Aloette’s 32nd
                                                   Anniversary. (Look out for more big news to come.)

                                                   This month’s sales challenge and awards also scream “LET’S
            April                                  PARTY!” You can earn our newest product addition—Pearl Essence
         Super Sales                               Luxury Body Wash—and add a loofah, microfiber face cloth and beach
                                                   towel with your sales. And new Recruits who join Aloette in April will
                                                   receive the new Age Perfections Serum.

                                                   But the ultimate party reward this month goes to our Hostesses, who
                         Three Beauty Bu
                                          ys       can receive all four Spa Indulgence products as a BONUS! Honestly,
                         for a Naturally
                                                   has there ever been a better month to host an Aloette show?
                         Brilliant Spring

 In This Issue                                     So enjoy your April and remember, LET’S PARTY!

                                                   Your #1 Fan,
Super Sales                         2
Recognition                         3
Instant Delivery                    4
Sales Contest                      5           IMPORTANT NOTES:
                                               To download forms, flyers, product sheets or more Aloette   Consultant Contact:
New Consultant Bonus                6          information, visit
                                               To log into consultant’s corner:
Hostess Bonus                       7          Login -- same as WebExpress login
                                               Password -- first initial in first name          Phone #:
Go Red for Women®                   8          and last name (all lowercase)
                                               PWP Support
April Calendar                      9                                                  Email:
                                               Call 1-888-847-4735
                                               Email          PWP site:
 Congratulations                 to Our Top Sellers & Recruiters
                   For the month(s) of MARCH

 Top Sellers, Aloette of ______________________________________________________________
                         DALLAS/FT WORTH
 CONSULTANT                                                       SALES
Carole Duncan                                                    $2,964.85

Nancy Salverino

Lauren Ottwell                                                   $1,753.40

Shawna Kelsey

Amanda Lowe

Wanda Baker                                                      $1,045.65

Terry Howard                                                     $1,004.85

Cindy Hamala                                                     $714.85

Megan Oh                                                         $695.35

Trish Endlsey                                                    $615.95

 Top Recruiters, Aloette of ___________________________________________________________
                            Dallas/Ft Worth

 CONSULTANT                                               NUMBER OF RECRUITS
 Carey Campbell                                                  1

 Carole Duncan                                                   1

 Terry Howard                                                    1

 Megan Oh                                                        1

 Lauren Ottwell                                                  1

 Angela Reis                                                     1

 Nancy Salverino                                                 1

 Latisha West                                                    1
                                                                                                                  BE        free
April 2010 Super Sales

 Three Beauty Buys for a Naturally Brilliant Spring

 Luminous Eyes                                  Skip the Spa                                         C the Difference
 Brighten away the look of dark circles         Bring the spa experience home                        Enhance the anti-aging benefits of
 with light-reflective minerals and             and save with this all-natural soy                   your favorite Aloette serums with this
 antioxidant botanicals.                        manicure candle.                                     unique vitamin C powder.

 Look Alive Eye Base                            Hot Soy Manicure Candle                              Dual Action Bio-C

   Ingredient Spotlight:                          Ingredient Spotlight:                                 Ingredient Spotlight:

   Glutathione naturally                          Warmed soy oil soothes                                Vitamin C targets
   fights free radical stress                     and conditions the skin.                              collagen loss.

 Retail Price: $20.00                           Retail Price: $29.95                                 Retail Price: $39.95
 Super Sale Price: $5.95                        Super Sale Price: $16.95                             Super Sale Price: $13.95

                                               Booking Bonus
                                                                                     With an Aloette Booking
                                                                                     Bonus You Can Earn:
                                                                                     •$100 in product of your choice for
                                                                                     only $19.95
                 Your                                                                                            or

                                *Offer valid April 1-30, 2010 while supplies last at participating franchises.
                                                                                                                                    BE          free
April 2010 Instant Delivery

Boost your sales with FIVE of next month’s Super Sales!

                                                                                                                                 Visible Aid
                                                                                                                              Restoring Creams
                                                                                                                                 Retail Value:

                      Hand & Body
                      Silk Lotions
                      Retail Value:

                                                                                            Retail Value:
    Instant Delivery Price: $59.95
         Retail Value: $240.00

   Contact Me:

      Aloette reserves the right to substitute products. 30-day cancellation notice is required. Non-refundable. Product will be shipped by April 15, 2010.
                                                                                                            BE       free
April 2010 Sales Contest

  Pamper yourself with Aloette’s multitasking NEW Pearl
  Essence Luxury Body Wash. Get it before it’s available
  for purchase and create the ultimate home spa experience
  when you reach the following sales goals.

  Pearl Essence
  Luxury Body Wash                                                                  SALES
  • Luxurious scented body cleanser                                                 CONTEST
  • Effectively eliminates dirt and excess oil
  • Great for the whole family!


 Sell $1,000               Sell $1,500                    Sell $2,500                             Sell $5,000
 Get: Pearl Essence        Get: Pearl Essence +           Get: Pearl Essence + Loofah             Get: Pearl Essence + Loofah + Aloette
 Value: $21.50             Loofah                         + Aloette Face Cloth                    Face Cloth + Aloette Beach Towel
                           Value: $26.50                  Value: $42.00                           Value: $59.75

    Contact Me:

                                 Offer ends 4.30.10 at participating franchises or while supplies last.
                                                                                                           BE   free
April 2010 New Consultant Bonus

  and get rewarded!
 Join Aloette this month and get the new
 Age Perfection Serum, FREE! As an
 Aloette Consultant, you’ll have first access to
 breakthrough products like this and get all your                                          NEW
 Aloette favorites at an incredible discount. PLUS,                                   CONSULTANT
 you’ll earn extra income with one of the best                                        BONUS!
 commission plans in the business!

 Age Perfection
 Skin Retexturing Serum
 • Enhances the benefits of anti-aging exfoliators like
   Lumitone Peel
 • Minimizes the look of existing lines and wrinkles
 • Prevents the onset of future damage
 • Lightly exfoliates without irritation

 Retail Value: $29.95

    Contact Me:

                                  Offer ends 4.30.10 at participating franchises or while supplies last.
                                                                                                        BE   free
April 2010 Hostess Bonus

 Host a party in April and receive Aloette’s
 complete Orange Vanilla Spa Indulgence
 collection FREE! Enriched with essential
 vitamins, aloe vera and natural extracts, this
 exhilarating, citrus-scented ensemble will
 delight your senses and nourish your skin.

 Orange Vanilla
 Spa Indulgence
 Exfoliating Sugar Scrub
 Reveal a firmer, softer finish with this
 skin-perfecting body polish

 Body Soufflé
 Revive even the driest skin with this
 nourishing head-to-toe hydrator

 Body Wash
 Refresh and rehydrate your skin for a
 lustrous finish and supple feel

 Body Butter Balm
 Target dry skin on the spot with this
 intensely moisturizing butter balm

 Retail Value: $88.45                             HOSTESS

   Contact Me:

                               Offer ends 4.30.10 at participating franchises or while supplies last.
                                                                                                      BE       free
Get Active in the Fight Against Heart Disease

  Stay                    Heart                    Strong!

 It’s never too early or too late to get heart healthy. By watching what                About Go Red For Women
 you eat and including regular exercise in your daily routine, you can
 minimize your risk of a potentially life-threatening cardiac event. Here               The American Heart Association’s
 are a few quick tips on how to have a happy heart at any age.                          Go Red For Women® movement is
                                                                                        dedicated to funding research and
 Heart Healthy at Any Age                                                               raising awareness of heart disease—
                                                                                        the No. 1 killer of women in the U.S.
 In your 20s and 30s:
 • Start a routine of healthy eating and regular exercise                               For more information, visit:
 • Learn and record your family’s health history                              
 • Minimize risky lifestyle choices like smoking and excessive
   drinking                                                                                     Proud to support

 In your 40s and 50s:
 • Focus on total nutrition, not just counting calories
 • Make an effort to stay active and exercise regularly
 • Get regular checkups and track your numbers
 In your 60s and beyond:
 • Learn to balance your caloric intake with your level of activity
 • Be mindful of your blood pressure and cholesterol levels
 • Know the symptoms of a heart attack and stroke

          Aloette and Astral Brands will donate $250,000 to support the
          American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women® movement.

    Contact Me:

                                     TM Go Red trademark of AHA, Red Dress trademark of DHHS.
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                                                                     Under the meeting center, top left corner, click on
   Manager and New                       Dial-in: 1-866-537-1615
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                                                                     Dial-in: 1-866-537-1615 Passcode: 8845903

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