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					                                                                organise your vanity with
                                                                 the milky acrylic range

use to hide the kids toys                                    matching
or for extra towel storage                                  acrylic toilet

                                                                             Organising the Bathroom
                                                                             Watch the video @

Do you have a storage dilemma? Ask in-store for help.   BATHROOM       Organised Bathroom 21
     Choose eco-friendly bamboo
     This natural choice is a quality product, has the warmth of timber and is
     a renewable resource. Mix timeless beauty with an eco-friendly organic touch.

                                                                      D. 4 Tier Bamboo Shelf $116
                                                                      Comes flat packed and is easy to assemble.
                                                                      W31.1 x D28.2 x H112.2cm. EIC056.

                                                                      E. 3 Tier Bamboo Shelf $83.90
                                                                      Comes flat packed and is easy to assemble.
                                                                      W31.1 x D28.2 x H77cm. EIC057.

     A. Natura Round Bathroom Range
     Range includes Lotion Dispenser $26.90, Soap Dish $21.90,
     Cotton Jar $16.90, Swivel Mirror $51.90. Made from Ceramic
     with Oak trims. EIC435/1/2/4.



                                            B. Bamboo Trolley
                                            3 Drawer $133
                                            W34.5 x D33.5 x H64cm.
                            B               5 Drawer $182
                                            (Not shown)
                                            W34.6 x D33.5 x H89cm.

                                            C. Bamboo Bath
                                            Mat $47.90
                                            Easy to roll up when
                                            not in use.
                                            W60.5 x D47.7 x H0.5cm.


                                                                                                        rolls up
                                        YOUR HAVEN
                                          Create a spa like
F. Bamboo Leaning Towel                calm at home by being                                                            can hold
Ladder $94.90                                organised.                                                               large bottles
Comes flat packed and is easy
to assemble. W51 x D4 x H180cm.

G. 4 Tier Bamboo Stand $88.90
Large enough to be useful yet small
enough to be portable.                                                                                                      Shamboo
W28.2 x D18.5 x H88.3cm. EIC069.                                                                                              Shower
                                                                                                                          Caddy $168
H. Bamboo Hamper                                                    water                                               Fits a standard
Double $84.90                                                     resistant                                       shower arm. Bamboo.
W55.9 x D51 x H66cm. PMB02.                                       bamboo                                           W18 x D14 x H71cm.
Single Hamper $73.90                                                                                                       ANA160390.
W39 x D45.9 x H66cm. PMB03.


                                      fabric made from recycled
                                          PET plastic bottles


                                                                  suits baths up
                                                                  to 107cm wide

                                                                  Aquala Bath Bridge $179
                                                                  Water resistant. Extendable sides, book holder, soap/loofah holder,
                                                                  razor holder and non spill wine glass holder. Bamboo.
                                                                  W70-107 x D21 x H16cm. ANA90390.

                                                                                BATHROOM                    Bamboo Storage 23
                           Rescue your bathroom drawer                                                                            Clever basics!


                                                                                                           group like
                                                                                                                          Everloc Suction Holders
                                                                                                                          Hair Dryer $37.90 EVO10204.
                                                                                                                          Hair Straightener $36.90 EVO10212.

     Glam Organiser with Lipstick Holder $86.90
     Enjoy instant organisational success with this high quality acrylic drawer insert that will help you keep all your
     cosmetics neatly grouped. Your everyday make up routine will become faster and easier. Acrylic. ANA1304.

                                                                                                                          Rectangular Illuminated Mirror $64.90
           STARTER                                                                                                        Bright LED side lights. Can be adjusted
          PACK ONLY                                                                                                       360 degrees. Supplied with batteries. Chrome.
           $17.95                                                                                                         W27.5 x D14 x H34cm. EIC008.

     8 Piece Drawer Organiser Small Multipack $15.90                                                                      Hair Dryer Holder $17.90
     Customise your drawer with this great value multi pack. Includes: 2 Large W23 x D15 x H5cm                           Free Standing. Chrome. W12 x D13 x H27cm.
     3 Long W23 x D7.5 x H5cm and 3 Small W7.5 x D7.5 x H5cm. Plastic. PTG13111.                                          EIC99522.

makeover                                                        A
Restore order behind the mirror                                     cubes
by grouping make up and storing
in appropriate organisers.
A. Allure Stackable Boxes $23.90 Set of 2
Acrylic. PTM1127.
B. Linus Small Drawer Organiser $19.90                                                                E                   F
                                                            B       C                    D
Acrylic. ANA52830.
C. Linus Mini Drawer Organiser $14.90
Acrylic. ANA52730.
D. Glam Cosmetic Organiser $41.90 Acrylic. ANA1029.
E. Allure Lipstick Holder $14.90 Holds 9 lipsticks. PTM6.
F. Glam Corner Organiser $26.90 Acrylic. ANA119.                                                          H
G. Allure Tissue Box $40.90 Acrylic. PTM10.
H. Allure Cotton Tips & Ball Caddy $24.90
Acrylic. PTM3091.

                                                                                             Bloom Bathroom Range Ceramic.
                                                                                             Includes Lotion Dispenser $23.90
                                                                                             Oval Soap Dish $11.90
                                                                                             Round Cotton Jar $16.90 EIC253/1/22.

          “I never thought I could
          make my cupboard look
   so neat and beautiful. I can see
   and find everything; my lipsticks,
   my makeup and my little bits
   and pieces.” Zeina Issa
   Visit for more.
                                                                                York Over the Door
                                                                                Towel Bar $42.90
                                                                                Rubber lined to protect cabinet.
                                                                                Chrome. W26 x D7 x H8cm.
          Behind the Mirror                                                     ANA54360.
          Watch the video @

For your nearest store see back cover.                                              BATHROOM                  Make Up Organisers 25
  Creative ways to add storage to your bathroom
                                                  Everloc Screw Suction                                 A. Corner Basket 2 Shelves $66.90
     Wall-fixed                                                                                               W32 x D19.5 x H42cm. EVO10202.
                                                                                                             B. All Purpose Caddy $40.90
     storage                                                                                                   W20 x D11 x H15cm. EVO10101.
                                                                                                                   C. Double Hook $15.90
     Everloc Screw Suction
                                                                                                               W9.5 x D6 x H11cm. EVO10249.
     This new generation design in suction                                             B                 D. Soap & Sponge Holder $21.90
     uses a powerful vacuum seal to attach
                                                                                                               W13 x D10 x H6cm. EVO10200.
     to your wall and is unmatched in strength.
                                                                                                                 E. Shaver Holder $22.90
     Powerlock Screw Suction                                                       A                         W8.5 x D13 x H13.5cm. EVO10207.
     These high quality acrylic storage solutions
     will easily attach to most non-porous                                                                  holds up
     surfaces with a simple push and twist.                                                                 to 20kg
     York Suction
     Installation couldn’t be easier as each
     component in this range adheres to
                                                                                             C                   D                       E
     smooth, flat surfaces.
     Stainless Steel Suction
     Neat and petite, add extra storage
     where you need it with the classic
     stainless steel suction range.                                                                          Everloc Suction Solutions E
                                                                                                             Watch the video @

                                                  Over the Toilet
     Over the Toilet
     Our range of over the toilet storage                                                    height
     racks are a neat way of creating space                                                adjustable
     just where you need it.                                                                shelves
     As the name suggests, this range is simple
     to assemble. Made from triple coated
     chrome, it’s ideal in the bathroom.
     elfa freestanding                                              Storage Rack                          4 Shelf Rack
     Create one-of-a-kind storage with elfa®                        $115 Chrome.                          $123 Chrome.
     freestanding. It’s flexible, expandable                        W61 x D29 x                           W63 x D21 x H260cm.
     and you can customise to your needs.                           H176cm. GLX655.                       GLX613.
     Made from non-porous resin, these
     come in many shapes and sizes.
     See page 58 for more options.

26 Storage dilemma? Ask our in-store organisation specialists!
                  Powerlock Screw Suction                                       York Suction                                Stainless Steel Suction

                             A. Shower Caddy                                                                                            A
A                            $78.90 ANA53820.
                              B. Mirror $57.90                                           B

                                     B                                                                                B
                                                 A. Soap Dish
                                         C       $28.90 ANA7041.
                                                 B. Mirror $64.90
                                                 ANA7541.                            D
                                                 C. Shower Basket
                                                 $57.90 ANA7741.
                                                 D. Squeegee
    C. Razor Holder                              $42.90 ANA5411.
    $17.90 ANA51220.                                                                                                     A. Combo Unit 78.90 ANA57302.
    D. Large Basket                                                                                                           B. Hook $24.90 ANA49802.
    $57.90 ANA52420.                                                                                                 C. Corner Basket $73.90 ANA69102.

                                easy-build                               elfa® freestanding                                                    Resin

     no tools
     to build

    easy-build                                                                elfa® freestanding
    4 Shelf Kit                                                                        Shelf Unit
    $257                                                                           Customised unit
    Strong triple                                                                to provide: 3 extra
    coated chrome                                                                    shelves, bench
    and requires no                                                           space and 3 baskets
    tools to build.                                                                for dirty laundry.   2 Tier Narrow Resin Shelf $142
    W46 x D46 x                                                         Unit as shown $1,426.90         Chocolate. W35.6 x D30.5 x H68.6cm.
    H120cm. DAD4.                                           See online for components. ELF01017.        PUP04712. See p59 for more options.

    Shop close to home. Visit our online store locator.                                                   BATHROOM                  Extra Storage 27
  Show Off                                                                                                Large laundry
                                                                                    It’s all about work flow. Why settle for just doing

  Your Laundry                                                                             the washing, when you can pre-sort, wash,
                                                                                          dry/drip-dry, fold, iron, distribute and mend!
                                                                                                 The elfa® range is accommodating to
  Time after time the                                                                                   your space, needs and budget.
  unassuming laundry
  has had to fight the
  kitchen and bathroom
  for attention. So, we’re                                                                   C
  putting a spotlight on
  the laundry to help you
  multiply the utility of
  this everyday room,                                                                      Dry                           drip dry
                                                                                                                         over the
  whatever the size. For                                  Fold                                                             sink
  more on the Swedish
  designed elfa® shelving
  system, see page 74.                           Distribute

          Watch how we did it!



  With the right planning and                                                         A. Dry Store 10L $29.90 PIW892.
  organisation, your laundry can be
                                                                                      Laundry Tins White.
  transformed from a simple utility room                                              B. Peg Box $40.90 UNE110262.
  into a high performance laundry.                                                    C. Laundry Powder Tin $47.90 UNE110264.
  Visit to see how.                                                         D. Soaking Bucket $44.90 UNE110263.
                                                                                      E. Hanging Organiser 22 Pocket $24.90 LTW5216.

                                            washing station as shown $2,010.30 See plans online. ELF01016.
28 For more laundry tips, visit
                                        Hideaway laundry
                                        Tight on space? Make the most of the vertical                                            A
                                        space you have with elfa®. Co-ordinate your
                  ironing station       look with Howards large range of quality
          as shown $501.50
                                        caddies. A slim trolley takes advantage of
          See plans online. ELF01039.
                                        tight space beside the washing machine.
                                        A. Sterilite Caddies & Baskets
                                        from $6.90 (SMS1609).
                                        B. Wheeled Stacking Basket $36.90ea
                                        W41.6 x D50.2 x H27.3cm. SMS1280.
                                        C. 3 Tier Slim Basket Trolley $80.90                                    B
                                        Chrome/Steel. W16 x D47 x H75cm. GLX715.
                                        D. Laundry Hamper with Wheels
                                        $73.90 Plastic. White. SMS8003.
                                                hideaway laundry as shown $503
                                        See plans online. ELF01014.                                                                        D



                                        Walk through                                                         NEW
                                        laundry                                                                              D
                                        Even if your laundry is confined to one
                                        wall it can still be organised. Our fully
                                        customisable elfa® range makes that easy
                                        and is ideal for storage in a moist area like
                                        the laundry.
    a 22 pocket
     organiser                          Laundry Tins Charcoal.
                                        A. Peg Box $40.90 UNE110132.
    makes the
                                        B. Soaking Bucket $44.90 UNE110133.
      perfect                                                                                                                          C
                                        C. Laundry Powder Tin $47.90 UNE110134.
     mending                            D. House Box $51.90 UNE110135.
                                              walk through laundry as shown
                                        $1,171.50 See plans online. ELF01013.
                  store vacuum
                                                    The elfa® storage system is incredibly hardwearing
                                                    and durable. elfa® is so confident of the quality that
                                                    they have a ten year warranty on all elfa® products.

                                        Be inspired. Visit our online organisation station!                             LAUNDRY      elfa® Solutions 29
  Speedy laundry secrets revealed
  Change the way you use your laundry.
  Get the infrastructure to suit your space and the workflow right, by utilising the extensive range of
  components from the easy-build range. This freestanding system is built from triple coated chrome
  and requires no tools to construct. It’s so easy to use your kids can run it!

                                                       Umbra Magnetic Noticeboard
                                                                Perforated Metal Board.
                                                     Accepts pins & magnets (provided).
                                         Small $92.90 W30.5 x D2 x H30.5cm. ANA12410.
                                            Large $138 W53 x D2 x H38cm. ANA15410.

                                                                                                             ZAK Stackable
                                                                                                           Canisters Acrylic.
                                                                                                         1L $17.90 ZAK0210.
                                                                                                       1.5L $26.90 ZAK0220.
                                                                                                      2.75L $33.90 ZAK0230.
                               Dry                             Fold                                                                               Iron


                                                                                                                                                   Laundry Unit
                                                                                                                                                     Triple Coated
                              Wash                          Pre-sort                                                                                      Chrome.
                                                                                                                                                    Unit as shown

                   pre-sort darks, whites
                    & colours with ease

                                                 3 Divider Laundry Cart Chrome/Canvas.              Hampton Baskets from $20.90
           The Organised Laundry                 Large $174 W76 x D45 x H79cm. GLX660. (Shown)      Made from recycled paper rope. Available in
           Watch the video @           Small $86.90 W62 x D32 x H70cm. GLX661.            blue, olive, stone and cream. (PWH00164).

30 Howards is an easy-build specialist. Ask about our free design, measure and quote service.
                                                                                                                                                   Deluxe Ironing
                                                                                                                                                     Caddy $8.90  

                                                               holds a hot
                                                                                                                                heat resistant
                                                                                                                             iron parking zone
Ironing Hanger $8.90                                     brabantia Steam Iron Store $70.90
Holds 8 hangers separated by notches. Plastic            Wall mountable with hooks for hanging ironing board.
coated wire. White. W7 x D39 x H32cm. PC030.             Heat resistant plastic. Grey. W21 x D14 x H21cm.


Adjustable Ironing Rack Grey $86.90                      Over the Door Ironing Board Holder $11.90  
Height adjustable and includes easy glide castors.       Plastic Coated Wire. White. W24.5 x D11.5 x H22cm.
Chrome & Plastic. Grey. W83.5 x D43 x H153cm.            PC665.

       hanger shelf
       is reversible

                                                                                                                Titan Circles Ironing Board $440  
                                                                                                                Sturdy with extra wide top for faster ironing.
                                                                                                                Galvanised steel frame with integrated child lock
                                                                                                                to prevent the frame collapsing. Made in the
Hanger Shelf $31.90                                      Iron Organiser $11.90
                                                                                                                Netherlands with a 10 year guarantee.
Mounts either way up. Includes a hanging rail. Plastic   Mount on the wall or behind the door. Plastic Coated
                                                                                                                W47.5 x D164 x H63-102cm. KGT266720.
Coated Wire. White. W61.5 x D31 x H18.5cm. PC78.         Wire. White. W32 x D8.5 x H33.5cm. PC019.

For your nearest store see back cover.                                                        LAUNDRY           easy-build Laundry Solutions 31
     Power friendly drying                                                                    NEW

     Save money and the environment with
     the latest in hideaway drying solutions.

                                                                                          Artweger Artdry Pull Out Airer
                                                                                          Neatly folds in on itself. Plastic Coated Steel.
                                                                                          100cm Wide $133 8.7m Drying Line. PZ260.
                                                                                          70cm Wide $103 4m Drying Line. PZ261.

     Wall Fix Clothes Line $357
     Quality pull out clothes line with 24m of drying                                     Delux Clothes Airer $148
     line that opens and closes effortlessly. Outer lines                                 Folds away when not in use. Plastic Coated Wire. White.
     are 120cm long and suitable for larger items. When                                   W127 x D75 x H112cm. PC026.
     closed, attach the cover (included) to protect the
     drying lines. Aluminium. KGT375842.
     Open: W180 x D182 x H49cm.
     Closed: W20 x D18 x H102cm.

                                                                                                                                Artweger Ruckzuck Airers
                                                                                                                         Install indoors or out. Folds away
                                                                                                                    when not in use. Anodized Aluminium.
     Wall Fix Clothes Line Hardcover $204                                                                          80cm $182 W80 x D59 x H19cm. PZ332.
     Extra protection for your clothes line. Matt                                                                100cm $199 W100 x D60 x H19cm. PZ333.
     brushed s/steel. 5 year guarantee. KGT475900.                                                               120cm $224 W120 x D59 x H19cm. PZ334.

                                                            Wall Fix Clothes Line
32                                                          Watch the video @
    5 hangers

Leifheit Pegasus
200 Deluxe $228
• 2 holders for small items
• Anti-slip rung for hangers
• 5 wind resistant hangers
• Bag for clothes pegs
• Mesh for soft drying
W174 x D66 x H89cm. LHT81530.

                                                               Ultra Caddy Large $23.90
                                                               Plastic. White. W44 x D30 x H27cm. SMS1584.

                                                              Save 15 minutes every time you clean!
                                                              As you move from room to room doing your cleaning, save time by keeping all
                                                              your products in the ultra caddy
                                                              y You’ll always have everything handy
                                                              y Avoid costly double up of products
                                                              y Reduce trips back to the cleaning cupboard for supplies
                                                              y When finished cleaning, store your cleaning products safely out of reach
20 Rail Airer with Mesh & Peg Bag $75.90                         of children instead of under the sink
S/Steel.  W79 x D82 x H108cm. PLT4627.                        y Other sizes available.

                                                              Magic Holder Plastic. White.                   Trend Vacuum Brush & Broom Tidy
                                                              3 Broom $18.90 W28.4 x D8.3 x H6.8cm.          $19.90 Plastic. White.
42 Rail 3 Tier Mobile Airer $130
                                                              EVR404. 5 Broom $23.90 W44.3 x D8.3            W21 x D40 x H10cm. HLL4289.
Tiers collapse to create full length hanging space. Plastic
                                                              x H6.8cm. EVR405.
Coated Wire. White. W90 x D80 x H151cm. PLT4617.

                                                                                                 LAUNDRY                 Drying & Cleaning 33
  sanctuary                                                                                     Top track is the only part
                                                                                                  attached to the wall
  Cut the clutter in your bedroom
  and be rewarded with a retreat
  you will look forward to
                                                                               Create a shoe
  escaping into each night.                                                      library with
                                                                                 Clear Store
         In-Wardrobe Custom Unit                                                 Shoe Boxes
  Fully utilise space with an elfa® wardrobe unit. Plan                         (see p40 for
  in space for your short and long hanging, and even                                details)
  shelves for a clear store shoe library. Space on the
  higher shelves becomes useful archive space.
  See the elfa® section of this catalogue on p74
  for more inspirations.
  Unit as shown $1,635.50 See plans online. ELF02004.

         Bedroom Wall Custom Unit
  Keep the things you love most around you by using
  wall space around your bed to create an organised
  haven. This unit cleverly provides 2 bedside tables
  including drawers as well as ample shelving for
  photos, books and more.
  Unit as shown $4,015.90 See plans online. ELF02019.

  For this elfa® walk-in
  wardrobe, see page 74

  The Swedish designed elfa® shelving
  system is ideal inside wardrobes or full
  walk in wardrobe installations. For more
  ideas see page 74.

34 Howards is an elfa® specialist. Ask for a free design, measure and quote.
                                                   Turn any space into useful
                                                    and creative storage with
                                                     Swedish designed elfa®

For your nearest store see back cover.   BEDROOM   elfa in the Bedroom 35
  Clever ideas for extra storage

  1       Under the bed
          Claim the space under your bed with these practical storage
          boxes. They’re great for maximising space and keeping items
                                                                                  2   Freestanding wardrobe
                                                                                      There’s no need to go to the expense of a built-in wardrobe
                                                                                      with elfa’s freestanding custom solution. It can even be
          neat, tidy and dust free.                                                   reconfigured or moved as your storage needs change.

                                                              NEW                                                                          NEW
                                                             SOLUTION                                                                     SOLUTION

           holds 6 pairs
             of shoes

                                    Easi Store Underbed Shoe Box                                                 elfa® freestanding Wardrobe Unit
                                    $49.90 Divided compartments for 6                                            If you need a little extra hanging space
                                    pairs of shoes with locking lid, on wheels.                                  in the spare room, you can assemble
                                    Plastic. Clear. W84.5 x D38 x H15cm.                                         this sturdy unit in minutes. It can be
                                    PJ066. Available Summer 2010.                                                customised to your own needs with
                                                                                                                 additional drawers, shoe racks or shelves.
                                                                                                                 Unit as shown $1,183.50 ELF01002.
                                            easy to roll out
                                            on wheels
                                                                                                                 Additional 3 Drawers $490.20
                                    Easi Store 45L Underbed Box $43.90                                           See plans online.
                                    Ideal for toys, linen, photos and more.
                                    Lockable lid, with wheels and stackable.
                                    Plastic. Opaque. W45 x D84 x H17cm.                                            add on extra components
                                    PJ045.                                                                         like gliding drawers

36 Love being organised? Sign up to our e-newsletter for regular hints and tips.
3      Simple cupboard transformation
       Ever wasted time rummaging in your cupboard? Install elfa®
       baskets on “easy-glider” tracks to tame your cupboard into
                                                                            4   Triple your storage space
                                                                                Store bulky items with these must-have space creators.
                                                                                The protective case will ensure quilts, blankets and last
       orderly groups and fully utilise your shelf space.                       season’s clothes are stored free from dust and bugs!

     basket available
     in 3 heights

                                 elfa® Easy Glider™ System                                               Space Bag Storage Totes
                                 These baskets literally rescue your                                     Simply extract air with your vacuum and
                                 cupboards making rear shelf space easy                                  triple your storage space.
                                 to access. The Easy Glider™ combinations                                Cube Tote $73.90 TRA56320.
                                 shown here are:                                                         Large Tote $53.90 TRA77021.
                                                                                                         Large Underbed Tote $56.90 TRA90111.
                                 350mm Easy Glider™ (E233528) $40.90                                     Jumbo Underbed Tote $71.90 TRA90206.
                                 + 2 Runner Basket (134210) $24.90
                                 = $65.80 complete unit

                                   450mm Easy Glider™ (E234528) $42.90                                   Space Bag Hanging Bags
                                 + 2 Runner Basket (144210) $29.90                                       Can hold up to 10 garments on hangers
                                 = $72.80 complete unit                                                  inside the bag and it compresses to a third
                                                                                                         of its original size.
               450mm width       Add elfa labels                                                         Suit Bag $36.90 TRA57021.
                                 5 Pack $8.90 222614.                                                    Dress Bag $41.90 TRA57022.

Storage dilemma? Ask our in-store organisation specialists.                                    BEDROOM                Space Creators 37
  It’s all about you
  Surround yourself with beautiful things and create a home for all your accessories.


                                                               holds 7
                                                               each side

                                                                                On The Dresser, makeup and jewellery are at the ready:
                                                                                     Makeup: Allure Maxi Organiser $228 PTM1260.
                                                                                    Necklaces: Allure Necklace Organiser $61.90 PTM5938.
                                                                                      Tissues: Allure Tissue Box $40.90 PTM10.
                                                                                 Cotton Buds: Allure Stackable Boxes $23.90 Set of 2. PTM1127.

                                                                           Create your own easy-build accessory station and include storage for:
                                                                              Long Necklaces: Belt Rack $13.90 EIC00014.
                                                                                       Scarves: 5 Tier Trouser Hanger $12.90 PLT3037.
                                                                                    Handbags: Hanging Holder $39.90 PVC. PLT5218.
                                                                           Handbag Contents: Porta Bag Inserts from $22.90 PVC. (PLT5400).
                                                                             Hair Accessories: ZAK Stackable Canisters from $17.90 (ZAK0210).
                                                                                      Lipsticks: Allure Lipstick Cosmetic Organiser $25.90 PTM7.
                                                                                    Keepsakes: Bigso Boxes from $24.90 (PBB9683).
                                                                            Accessory Station: Custom Designed easy-build Unit $905.40
38 Go online for more easy-build inspiration.                                          See component list online. DAD00002.
              Jewellery                                         Mirrors                                       Drawer organisers

Stackable Faux Leather Jewellery Trays         Rectangular Illuminated Mirror $64.90                      Diamond Drawer Organiser $22.90
Medium Trays from $40.90, Lid $30.90.          LED side lights. Chrome. W27.5 x D14 x H34cm. EIC008.      In drawer organiser for socks, ties, etc.
Large Trays from $67.90, Lid $40.90            Circular Illuminated Mirror $48.90                         Add compartments as your collection grows.
(MMA70400/40/425/42).                          Mag x 5. Chrome. EIC70218.                                 Plastic. W47 x D36 x H7cm. PDI24.

Allure Folding Earring Screen $43.90           Tall Pedestal Mirrors Chrome.                              Stackable Bamboo Organisers from $7.90
Display your favourite earrings without them   Howards is a mirror specialist. Check in-store for more.   Made from environmentally friendly bamboo, trays
becoming tangled. Quality acrylic.             Pedestal Mirror $37.90 Mag x 2. EIC2500.                   are a modular system of drawer organisers that are
W7 x D11.5 x H27cm. PTM8572.                   Pedestal Mirror $72.90 Mag x 10. EIC2541.                  also stackable. Bamboo. (PHA3051).

Allure Jewellery Chest with Necklace Keeper    Magnified Mirrors Chrome.                                  Linus 2 Tier Small Jewellery Tray $66.90
$215 Acrylic. W27 x D14 x H29cm. PTM1645.      A. Vanity Mirror $64.90 Mag x 5. D12.5cm. EIC2504.         Double your storage opportunities by going
Allure Earring Organiser $25.90                B. Ball Pedestal Mirror $64.90 Mag x 5. EIC2509.           2 tier. Ideal for smaller pieces of jewellery. Plastic.
Acrylic. W16 x D9.5 x H23cm. PTM1290.          C. Cosmetic Mirror $45.90 Mag x 7. EIC2528.                W22.2 x D19.7 x H7cm. ANA60930.

Looking for a present? Give a gift voucher!                                                        BEDROOM                Dresser & Drawers 39
  Live the
  dream!                                             small
  Indulge in your own shoe
  library and step into an
  organised world. Find
  shoes faster and keep
  them protected.

  Small Clear Store Shoe Drawer $30.90
  Stackable. Designed for 1 pair of ladies shoes.
  Acrylic. Clear. W17.7 x D30.4 x H10.1cm.

  Large Clear Store Shoe Drawer Stackable.
  Holds a single pair of boots or mens shoes.
  Acrylic. Clear. W20.3 x D35.5 x H13.5cm.
  Drawer $44.90 PAP9000.
  Divider $16.90ea PAP90001.

  Clear Store Stackable Shoe Cube $30.90                                      SAVE TIME
  Pigeon hole stackable cubes, with a separate                              Easily find your shoes
  lid to go on top row. Holds 2 pairs of shoes.                            and its also faster to put
  Acrylic. Clear. W30.5 x D30.5 x H11.4cm.
                                                                                 them away.
  Top $16.90 PAP10121.                                         stackable
                                                              shoe cubes
40 Need help? Ask in-store.

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