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									                                                                                                       January 2008

   Spokane AIDS Network

                     new movement–new growth
                          LeADing As we mArch on…                                   we’re stiLL here!
      stigmA               by Susan Fabrikant, Executive Director                  by Paul Tiesse, Board President

                               World AIDS Day, December 1, 2007, has                  Well, SAN survived 2007!
                           come and gone, but we will always remember              Having said that, I’m sure some
   Contributors                                              and never             people will interpret that to mean
                                                             forget the            SURVIVED?… Are there prob-
   Susan Fabrikant                                           toll of HIV/          lems? What’s going on? Are you
     Paul Tiesse                                             AIDS on so            closing your doors? Who’s leav-
                                                             many. In the          ing now and why? It is interesting
   Anne Kalunian                                             Spokane               to consider how different people
     Nick Klein                                              community,            read different things into certain
    Malin Orcutt                                             Spokane               words.
                                                             AIDS Net-                 Being the small big city that
    Monica Lahr                                              work (SAN)            it is, Spokane has always been
  Karen Washington                                           staff, Cherie         prone to rumor and gossip. An
  Brandi Mahoney                                         u Moss and                innocent remark can make the
                                                          s Mark Gar-              social circles and end up mean-
    Mark Garrett                                         a ret, lead by            ing something totally different
    C. Lawrence                                          n example.                than was originally said by the
                                                             As co-chairs          time the words reach the ears of
     C.D. Willis
                           of the World AIDS Day planning committee, they          the last person to hear them.
                           assembled a dynamic program.
                                                                                       SAN is no different from most
    In This Issue             “Accountability means the number of HIV              nonprofit corporations in that it
                           infections globally will lessen each year; instead      must find or replenish financial
4 2006-07 Expenses         they are increasing,” master of ceremonies Dr.          stores annually. Funding is prob-
                           Kim Thorburn told a full audience. She said we          lematic when it comes to HIV/
4 Prevention Strategies
                           need to hold our leaders to their word because          AIDS programs because funding
4-5 Financial Report       what is happening now is NOT OKAY.                      has changed as the progression
5 Looking Forward             Starting with an inspiring invocation by the         of the disease has changed.
                           Rev. Dr. Richard Erhardt of the Unitarian Univer-       Many longtime grantors have run
6 Fond Memories            salist Church of Spokane, the theme, Keep the           out of funds, restricted funding to
                           Promise: Take the Lead, was woven throughout            services in specific geographical
6 New Case Manager
                           the evening’s presentations. SAN educator               areas, or totally revised funding
6 I am Michelle            and advocate Mark Garrett and Jim Breedlove,            criteria.
                           executive director of the Spokane HIV/AIDS                  Ryan White funding changes
7 Promises Make a          Speakers’ Bureau, spoke eloquently of their             will affect SAN’s food program.
   Difference              leading productive lives with AIDS for more than        The structure of the funding will
BC Winter/Spring                                             Continued on page 2                    Continued on page 2
                          Twenty-two years of serving the Inland Northwest by reducing the impact of HIV and AIDS
LeADiNG–cont’d from page 1               SurvivAL–cont’d from page 1                 Working at SAN is exhausting
                                                                                  emotionally and can take a toll on
15 years. Several other community        leave SAN with less money for cer-
                                                                                  one’s health. Our turnover rate tends
leaders, among them Mayor Mary           tain programs. Some corporations
                                                                                  to be high. SAN was blessed to
Verner, Marj Johnston, assistant pas-    and foundations that have consis-
                                                                                  have Monica Lahr for six years. We
tor at Westminster Congregational        tently granted SAN funds over the
                                                                                  are sorry to see her go but wish her
United Church of Christ, and Eastern     years have ended their programs or
                                                                                  good luck in her new venture. We
Washington University’s Dr. James        changed direction of their vision. So
                                                                                  know she remains a big supporter
Ocha-Echel discussed how HIV/            our programs have to change. Cuts
                                                                                  of SAN.
AIDS has affected them personally.       have to be made.
Other powerful and moving highlights                                                 Please remember that SAN is a
                                            To limit such losses, we have es-
included live performances by North                                               community-based organization. Our
                                         calated our fundraising efforts. We
Central High School students, the                                                 employee salaries are very com-
                                         are searching for new granting and
EWU Black Student Union, and Mark                                                 petitive but we cannot compete with
                                         financial resources. SAN has been
Morris’ art photography of people liv-                                            government or private entities. We
                                         successful in procuring new funding
ing with HIV/ AIDS were so moving                                                 expect talented individuals to use
                                         for certain programs; we will try to
and powerful.                                                                     SAN as a stepping-stone, a place to
                                         pick up the slack through additional
                                                                                  gain experience before they move on
    Another notable aspect of the        fundraising.
                                                                                  to other professional challenges.
program was an exhibit of watercolor        Believe it or not, the hardest
drawings created by HIV positive                                                     In the end, I can proclaim 2007 a
                                         programs to fund are prevention
children from Rehoboth’s Children                                                 good year for SAN. We are searching
                                         and food. The Ryan White changes
Village in South Africa (complete with                                            and expanding our grant, foundation
                                         impact our food program the great-
a picture of each child). Rheanne                                                 and donor base. We are offering
                                         est. Cherie Moss, SAN’s wonderful
Garrett, a registered nurse, led this                                             our clients, many of whom live at or
                                         food program coordinator, has put
art project when she traveled there                                               below the federal poverty line, basic
                                         together a new program that will en-
for 2 1/2 weeks in October as part                                                services that will cloth, feed and give
                                         sure that our neediest clients receive
of her church mission. The $1,555                                                 them shelter. SAN provides adher-
                                         the help they require.
raised will be sent directly to the                                               ence and nutrition programs and has
                                            The scarcity of funding for preven-   the best resource referral program in
village for the children. The entire
                                         tion of this disease always amazes       the Inland Northwest. We have the
program was indeed inspiring and
                                         me. Our government will spend            finest staff not only working in the
showed true community cohesion.
                                         millions to provide care to people       HIV/AIDS world but in the nonprofit
    Shortly after the World AIDS Day     infected with HIV/AIDS but it will not   world. Our employees work hard for
event, I had a conversation with a       supply the money to prevent it, which    the community, and we in the com-
friend who told me that my job had       we all know is the more prudent – and    munity appreciate them.
a lot to do with loss. I contemplated    less expensive – course.
this for awhile and then responded,                                                   The local community needs to
                                             In light of a documented increase    TAKE THE LEAD in the fight against
“It’s as much about living.”
                                         in infections among 18 to 29-year-old    HIV/AIDS. We need to get involved
    SAN’s mission is to nurture and      gay and bi males, SAN currently has      at the local and state levels to make
help guide our clients and their         dedicated money for programs that        sure that we secure adequate funds
families as they learn what living       are age- specific. If you old-timers     to sustain our programs. We at SAN
with HIV/AIDS entails. We do this        like me want a program, then you         hope to see you at the various events
by ensuring that our infected clients    need to step up and help us find the     planned for 2008. We invite you to
and their affected families have the     funds. The prevention needs of 18 to     share your concerns, advice, praise
essential medical care, support, and     29-year-olds are completely different    and support. Words cannot express
services they need to live their lives   from those of us in the 30 years+        our appreciation for your continued
fully. Our taking the lead means         category.                                support of SAN.
showing we care and expresses our
    We must go further than this by      all different systems, no matter how         On behalf of the SAN Team and
making our own individual and collec-    small the issue may seem to them.        Board of Directors, I thank you for
tive pledges and holding ourselves       And I will continue to do so until       your compassion and loyalty. I invite
accountable. My pledge begins            there is widespread and accurate         you to join us in 2008 as we march
with educating other professionals,      information about the transmission       forward collectively. This is the com-
friends, and elected officials from      and prevention of HIV/AIDS.              munity spirit and energy that fuels
                                                                                  all of us!
OsCar nIghT 2008!
by Ann Kalunian,
Development & Adherence Asst.
   The holiday season is over and
here at SAN we are busier than ever
dusting off our tuxes and evening
gowns in preparation for the Oscar
Night Gala on Feb 24th.
    As was reported in the Fall Net-
worker, Oscar’s will be held this year
at Northern Quest Casino. On Janu-
ary 8th the Oscar Committee invited
all the table captains to attend an
Oscar preview at Northern Quest.
    The Oscar Committee decorated
one table as it will be the night of Os-
car’s, appetizers were sampled and
excitement for the evening filled the
room. Northern Quest and the deco-
rating committee have gone all out to
ensure that guests will receive red
carpet treatment and an atmosphere
will totally surprise and delight.
    This year’s auction will be particu-
larly thrilling as it will include several
getaways, autographed basketballs
from both the Gonzaga University
and Washington State University
men’s basketball team and of course
hard to find entertainment memora-
bilia. There will be lots of surprises
from the Hollywood community this
year so you won’t want to miss auc-
tion items the likes of which Spokane
has never seen.
    Hopefully by now you have re-
ceived your invitation in the mail.
If you have not or have any ques-
tions please feel free to call SAN at
    I would love to be able to say I
hope to see you all at Oscar’s but I
will not be able to attend. I have been
accepted into a master’s in Intensive
Care nursing at Emory University in
Atlanta Georgia. Jan 18th is my last
day at SAN.
   As I watch the Oscars on televi-
sion I will be jealous of all the fun you
are having but remembering all the
funds that will be raised for all the
important work that SAN does for the
Inland Northwest.                       3
                    prevention strAtegies – inmX & poL
by Nick Klein,                        this year we will begin to utilize an   of all ages and sexual orientations,
Assistant Coordinator, INMX           additional approach in our battle       POL seeks to inform through the
                                      against HIV, Popular Opinion Leader     recruitment of peer leaders as edu-
                                      (POL). Thanks to a grant from the       cators. The goal is to promote the
                                      “Until There’s a Cure Foundation,”      sharing of information not only about
                                      POL will be implemented to work in      safe-sex behaviors and HIV testing
                                      consort with other prevention strate-   but also disclosure of HIV status to
                                      gies such as The Inland Northwest       partners and the appropriate and
                                      Men’s Experience (INMX).                timely accessing of medical/preven-
                                          Dedicated to serving 18 to          tion services. Combating misinfor-
                                      29-year-old gay, bisexual, and ques-    mation remains one of the biggest
                                      tioning men, INMX endeavors to          challenges for all of us who do HIV
                                      create a strong community based         prevention work.
                              N       on friendship, mutual respect, and          I look forward to engaging this
                              i       community service. It also promotes     additional prevention model in 2008.
                              c       safe sex practices and regular HIV      Implementing many unique programs
                              k       testing through the Spokane Re-         that serve a common goal is the best
                                      gional Health District. INMX provides   strategy we have against HIV. I urge
   HIV prevention can be difficult    young men with a positive and safe      the community of Spokane to partici-
and complex. SAN believes that        introduction to the gay community in    pate in Popular Opinion Leader and
an issue of such magnitude may        Spokane.                                help make it a successful program.
never be solved with a single form       POL has a broader, mainly edu-       Without dedicated individuals willing
of intervention, which is why early   cationa focus. Aimed at individuals     to take the lead, we will never keep
                                                                              our promise.

                       2006-2007 Revenue Sources





                                          LOOkIng FOrward
by Malin Orcutt, Case Manager
    SAN is going to be able to assist                                                    Clients enrolled with EIP should
clients with many exciting things in                                                 have received a letter discussing this
the coming year. One of the major                                                    exciting update. In order to be eligible
updates I would like to mention is that                                              for dental services clients must meet
the Early Intervention Program (EIP)                                                 the following criteria: have current
is now going to assist clients with                                                  non-temporary EIP eligibility, live
dental services! Going to the dentist                                                outside of King County, and not have
is something very few people enjoy,                                                  dental insurance or dental coverage
but good dental health is crucial to                                                 through Medicaid. A list of providers
overall health. Clients have consis-                                         M       is being developed as not all dentists
tently reported that their dental needs                                      a       will accept EIP. The Department of
have gone unmet. This change to                                              l       Health’s website will present a list of
EIP could benefit a lot of people and                                        i       covered procedures.
make a huge difference in the quality                                        n          SAN is dedicated to staying
of their health, so get ready to show                                                abreast of services available to cli-
those pearly whites!                       dental services in 2002 because of        ents. Call your case manager if you
   As some clients might remem-            budget constraints. Beginning Janu-       have any questions. We should be
ber, Washington State Department           ary 1, HIV Client Services will be able   receiving new information on dental
of Health HIV Client Services Early        to provide dental services to clients     options shortly.
Intervention Program suspended             outside King County.

                                    2006-2007 Expenses




             FOnd MeMOrIes wITh                                                         I am Michelle
              MuCh appreCIaTIOn
                                                                                         In the September issue of The
by Monica Lahr, Program Supervisor of Services                                        Networker, SAN Program Supervi-
   As many of you may already                                                         sor of Services Monica Lahr wrote a
know, I have resigned my position at                                                  very touching article about a couple
SAN. My departure from SAN is bit-                                                    she called Zack and Michelle. Zack’s
tersweet. SAN has been my family for                                                  real name is Dan Lopez. At the time
the last six years. In that time, I have                                              Monica submitted the article, Dan
seen staff go from mothers to grand-                                                  was still hanging on to life. I know
mothers, families expanded, educa-                                                    now that he was holding on for me.
tions received, and people moved on                                                       He waited until my mother came to
to bigger and better things.                                                          visit us and help me care for him be-
    I have enjoyed watching the                                              M        fore he moved on, so that I wouldn’t
agency grow and mature. Yes, there                                           o        be alone. He never got to see the ar-
have been some financial struggles
                                                                             n        ticle; I received it a few days after he
                                                                             i        passed away. I know that he would
along the way, but I am confident                                            c        have been very moved by the love
SAN will continue to hold its own.                                           a        and friendship that Monica poured
This agency will continue to give
compassionate and professional ser-                                                   into her writing.
vice to the HIV/AIDS community and                                                        During Dan’s quick and unex-
those affected by this disease.                I am appreciative of all the lessons   pected decline, it was extremely hard
   Six years ago, I accepted this job      I have learned here. So many people        for me to cope with the day-to-day
to honor my friend Michael, who died       have touched my life and shaped            tasks of his care without wondering if
of AIDS alone in a Hospice house           who I am. I can’t imagine the kind of      I would be able to make it on my own
in the early ’90s. Now I can name          person I might be had I not worked         without him. His dignity and peace
several more individuals who inspire       here. Thank you all for teaching me        as he passed has lent me strength
me to continue to do what I can for        and allowing me to be a part of your       every day since then. As hard as it
those infected and affected in this        lives.                                     was to care for his needs, I would
community.                                                                            have had an even harder time of it if
                                                                                      it wasn’t for the love and support of
                                                                                      Monica, Cherie, the Friends of SAN,
         new Case Manager on Board                                                    and others in our community. I can’t
                                                                                      imagine how I would have been able
by Brandi Mahoney, Case Manager                                                       to cope with everything without them.
   I am the newest addition to the             I attended the CAREvent in Ta-         The outpouring of love and support
case management team here at               coma in November. Wow! What an             was, and remains, overwhelming. I
SAN. In the past two months I have         experience. I was able to learn so         am honored to be a part of the SAN
had the opportunity to meet many           much that will aide me in assisting        family, now and forever.
SAN clients. I have felt very wel-         my clients. In addition to learning
                                                                                          In Love and Light,
comed by both clients and staff and        about the programs Washington
have had much success in updating          State offers, I was able to meet               Karen Washington
charts and forming new relation-           clients from around the state and
ships. I can honestly say that I have      hear their stories. I believe personal
enjoyed my time with SAN thus far.         stories help fuel the desire in me and     mental health field as a child and
Those of you who have met me may           other case managers to continue our        family case manager for Spokane
have come to realize that I am a little    work. I am already excited for the         Mental Health. I then took a nice
more reserved than the other case          next CAREvent!                             break to be with family before joining
managers. My colleagues are doing            My background? I graduated from          the SAN team. I grew up in a small
a great job of helping me adjust. I        Eastern Washington University in           town north of Spokane but have
look forward to making new connec-         2005 with a Bachelor of Arts in Social     called Spokane my home for the last
tions. Don’t hesitate to give me a call    Work, and began my career in the           seven years and love it here.
or stop by to say hello.
     YOur prOMIses wILL Make a dIFFerenCe!  
                                             
by Mark Garrett, Client Advocate/Community Educator
   In November, more than 25 del-                                                Lead” and develop microbicides that
egates from Spokane, including                                                   will prevent new infections and pro-
person’s living with HIV/AIDS and                                                vide an effective tool for women and
providers who care for them, ex-                                                 men to protect themselves.
perienced something that has not
                                                                                    I am very proud of Spokane’s his-
happened in our state since 2001.
                                                                                 tory of “Taking the Lead” in the fight
That something was CAREvent, a
                                                                                 to STOP AIDS. We can all continue
statewide conference sponsored
                                                                                 to make a difference by promising
by our State Health Department to
                                                                                 to hold our leaders and ourselves
encourage the sharing of the latest
                                                                                 accountable. Want to know if a can-
information about HIV and the many
                                                                                 didate for public office understands
challenges we all face to STOP
                                                                         M       what it takes to STOP AIDS and
                                                                         a       which candidates are committed to
   CAREvent has great personal                                           r       “Take the Lead” in that effort? Visit
meaning to me because I attended                                         k       www.AIDSVote. org.
the first CAREvent conference at
SeaTac in 1997. Having just moved
                                        energizes seasoned advocates and
to Spokane, I knew very few others
                                        inspires new leaders from our com-         “I am very proud of
                                        munities, and this year’s conference       Spokane’s history of
 “Many promises have                    was no different.
                                                                                   ‘Taking the Lead’ in the
 been made in the past                      Many promises have been made
                                        in the past 10 years since that first      fight to STOP AIDS.”
 10 years since that first              CAREvent, among them the prom-
 CAREvent, among them                   ise to reduce new annual infections
 the promise to reduce                  in the United States from 40,000 to
                                                                                     We can all promise to do our part,
 new annual infections in               20,000. Today, however, the CDC
                                        is reviewing new data that indicates     and one way to do this is to join the
 the United States from                                                          Communities in Action Network.
                                        annual infections may actually be
 40,000 to 20,000..”                    closer to 60,000. “Taking the Lead”      C.A.N. is a statewide HIV advocacy
                                        was another U.S. promise. Our na-        group that will e-mail you an alert
                                        tion would contribute one third of the   only when your voice is needed; with
                                        $23 billion required annually to care    a couple of mouse clicks on your
living with HIV then. I remember
                                        for and treat the more than seven        computer you can send a message
coming away with an incredible
                                        million people worldwide who need        directly to your elected representa-
sense of hope because of the new
                                        immediate access to life-saving          tives on issues important to people
medications that promised the first
                                        medications. Today these life-saving     affected by HIV/AIDS. Go to www.
step toward ending this pandemic. I
                                        medications reach only 1.4 million of and sign up! Your
returned encouraged and motivated,
                                        those people who need them.              promise will make a difference.
certain that I could do more with new
statewide friends who also wanted         Treatment alone will not end the
to make a difference. CAREvent re-      pandemic. We must also “Take the

                    Call 455-8993 for tickets or more information                                                    7
    Spokane AIDS Network
  905 South Monroe
 Spokane, WA 99204

   Board of directors
     paul Tiesse, Pres.
    Jim Jones, v. Pres.
    diane Crow, Sec.
   Michael wernz, Treas.
     Lynn B. hurley
     donna Flanagan
    dr. kim Thorburn
      Lloyd Francis

 Online donations now accepted at

                 san’s wInTer/sprIng CaLendar
  Please check the INMX web site for upcoming groups and events at
             Open Bowling At North Bowl – Sun, 12:30-3 pm, 1/06/08
             CHIV Ed/Support Group Meeting – Fri, 4-6 pm CHAS Downtown, 1/11/08
             Advocacy/Consumer CARE Planning Group – Tues, 3-4 pm SRHD RM 320, 1/15/08
             CARE Consortium Planning Group – Tues, 4-5:30 pm SRHD Rm 310/311, 1/15/08
             CARE planning Grp Housing Svcs – Thurs, 10:30 am-noon SRHD Rm. 310/311, 1/17/08
             SAN CLOSED for Martin Luther King, Mon. Jan 21, 2008
             CHIV program Consumer Advisory 4-6 pm CHAS Downtown Clinic 1/11/08
             Board Meeting – Wed, 5:30-7 pm, 1/30/08
             CHIV Ed/ Support Meeting CHAS Maple Tues, 4-6 pm 2/12/08
             SAN CLOSED Mon, Feb 18, 2008
             SAN’s Oscar Gala-Northern Quest Casino Sun, 4 pm 2/24/08
             SAN CLOSED 8 am-1 pm OPEN 1-5pm 2/25/08 Board Meeting Wed, 5:30-7 pm 2/27/08

           Board Meeting Wed, 5:30-7 pm, 3/26/08
           Dine Out For Life, Thurs, 4/24/08 -Check our Web site for participating restaurants!
           Board meeting Wed, 5:30-7 pm, 4/30/08

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