Ogema School Handbook 2011 2012 by ajizai


									                             Ogema School Handbook
Welcome to a new school year at Ogema School.

This handbook provides necessary information to students, parents, and staff concerning
expectations of students, services offered in the school program and activities available to students at
Ogema School. It is our hope that you will take the time to review the policies with your child so
that all are aware of the general procedures of the school.

We hope this will allow everyone to have a successful school year.

Ogema School Vision
Academic Excellence:
The Ogema School Community believes in academic success for every student. Within this
community, there will be a safe, healthy environment that contributes to responsible citizenship.

A. Staff

•      Set high academic expectations and hold students accountable to them.
•      Value and encourage professional development for all staff.
•      Inspire lifelong learning.
•      Model professionalism.
•      Cooperate and support one another as a team.
•      Provide for the diversity of learning styles, interests, and abilities and help develop
       intellectual curiosity.
•      Teach students work ethic by example.
•      Share excitement about teaching and learning that will translate to everyone’s success.

B. Curriculum/Instructional

•      Value the diverse characteristics of our community.
•      Actualize the provincial curriculum, which prepares students to be lifelong learners.
•      Provide program opportunities to meet all student needs.
•      Encourage different teaching styles and instructional strategies.
School Climate:
A school of excellence maintains a positive quality of school life and provides a welcoming atmosphere
enabling students to enjoy their school experience. Ogema School will foster a safe and supportive
environment that respects individual and group differences.

A. School Pride

•      All members of Ogema School will promote school pride by recognizing and celebrating the
       efforts and achievements of all students and staff.
•      All members of Ogema School will respect the physical appearance of the building and school
•      SRC will encourage all students to participate in spirit and intramural activities. They will set a
       good example for all students by modelling pride in Ogema School.

B. Environment

•      Staff and students will encourage and teach honesty, integrity, responsibility and a strong work
       ethic by example.
•      Ogema School will offer a variety of activities to engage all students.
•      Staff members will be consistent in addressing student issues.
•      Students and staff will conduct themselves in a way that contributes to a safe and orderly
       atmosphere that respects the rights of others.
•      All members of Ogema School will make a commitment to provide an emotionally and
       physically safe, engaging, supportive environment where students want to learn, school
       employees want to work, and every individual feels respected and valued.


A school of excellence creates an effective partnership and a sense of belonging with staff, students,
parents, organizations, businesses and other community members.

•      Parents play an active and supportive role in the education of their students. They take an interest
       in their student’s academic progress and work with teachers to emphasize the importance of
•      The school provides effective connections with institutions of higher learning and programs
       offering various post-secondary options.
•      Staff and students demonstrate pride in our community and respect the rights of all community
•      Parents and staff will engage in timely and open communication.
•      Promote good relationships with neighbouring schools and communities.
                          Ogema School
                                                                                                     January 2012
                       August 2011- June 2012

                  S    M       T     W      T    F    S            Color Codes             S    M     T   W    T     F    S
                                    Cycle                  Final Exams                                                         1st - New Year's Day
                                                                                                           4    5     6
                                                           Holidays                        1    2     3                   7    Jan. 4th - 1st day of Classes
                                                                                                           4    5     6
                                                                                                9    10   11   12    13
                                                           No Classes Teacher SIP          8                              14
                                                                                                1     2    3    4     5
                                                                                                16   17   18   19    20
                                                           Report cards/3Way conf          15                             21
                                                                                                6     1    2    3     4
                                                           No Classes Teacher                   23   24   25   26    27
                                                                                           22                             28 24-27- Midterm/Final Exams
                                                           convention                           5     6    1    2     3
                                                           1st day back after holidays     29   30                             30th – Teacher SIP

                              August 2011                                                            February 2012

                  S    M       T     W      T    F    S                                    S    M     T   W    T     F    S
                                                                                                           1    2     3
                                                                                                           5    6     1
                                                                                                6     7    8    9    10
                        1      2      3     4    5    6                                    5                              11
                                                                                                2     3    4    5     6
                                                                                                13   14   15   16    17
                  7     8      9     10     11   12   13                                   12                             18
                                                                                                1     2    3    4     5
                                                           29th – School Improvement
                 14    15     16     17     18   19   20                                   19   20   21   22   23    24   25 20-24th - Spring Break
                                                                   Planning (SIP)
                                                           30th – Division Prof. Dev.           27   28   29
                 21 22        23     24     25   26   27                                   26                                  27th - 1st day back
                                                                                                6     1    2
                 28    29     30     31                    31 – School Staff Meeting

                             September 2011                                                           March 2012

                  S    M       T     W      T    F    S                                    S    M     T   W    T     F    S

                                            1    2                                                             1     2
                                                      3    First Day of Classes                                           3
                                            1    2                                                             3     4
                              6      7       8    9                                             5     6    7    8     9
                  4    5                              10 6th - Labour Day                  4                              10
                              3      4       5    6                                             5     6    1    2     3
                       12     13     14     15   16                                                  13   14   15    16
                 11                                   17                                   11   12                        17 12th - Teacher Planning
                        1     2      3       4    5                                                   4    5    6     1
                       19     20     21     22   23        22 – School Pictures –               19   20   21   22    23
                 18                                   25                                   18                             24 16th - Report Cards
                        6     1      2       3    4        9:00 am                              2     3    4    5     6
                              27     28     29   30          th                                 26   27   28   29    30        21st – 22nd – 3 Way
                 25    26                                  26 – Division PD Day            25                             31
                              5      6       1    2                                             1     2    3    4     5        Conferences
                                                                                                                               23rd No Classes day in Lieu

                              October 2011                                                            April 2012

                  S    M       T     W      T    F    S                                    S    M     T   W    T     F    S
                                                                                                2     3   4    5
                                                      1                                    1                         6    7
                                                                                                6     1   2    3
                        3     4      5       6    7
                  2                                   8                                    8    9    10   11   12    13   14 6th–13th - Easter Break
                        3     4      5       6    1
                              11     12     13   14          th                                 16   17   18   19    20
                  9    10                             15 11 - Thanksgiving Day             15                             21
                              2      3       4    5                                             4     5    6    1     2
                       17     18     19     20   21           th                                23   24   25   26    27
                 16                                   22 4-5 Teacher Convention            22                             28
                                     6       1    2                                             3     4    5    6     1
                       24     25     26     27   28                                             30
                 23                                   29 24th                              29
                        3     4      5       6    1                                             2
                       31                                  24th – School Picture Retakes
                        2                                  9:00 am

                             November 2011                                                             May 2012

                  S    M       T     W      T    F    S                                    S    M     T   W    T     F    S
                               1     2       3   4           th                                       1    2    3     4
                                                      5    10 Report Card                                                 5
                               3     4       5   6                                                    3    4    5     6
                        7      8     9      10                                                  7     8    9   10    11
                  6                              11   12 11 – Remembrance Day              6                              12
                        1      2     3       4                                                  1     2    3    4     5
                       14     15     16     17   18                                             14   15   16   17    18        14th - No School – Division
                 13                                   19 16-17 - 3 Way Conferences         13                             19
                        5      6     1       2    3                                                   6    1    2     3        Learning Fair
                       21     22     23     24   25                                                  22   23   24    25
                 20                                   26 18- No classes day in Lieu        20   21                        26 21st -Victoria Day
                        4      5     6       1    2                                                   4    5    6     1
                       28     29     30                                                         28   29   30   31
                 27                                                                        27
                        3      4     5                                                          2     3    4    5

                             December 2011                                                            June 2012

                       M       T     W      T    F    S                                    S    M     T   W    T     F    S
                                             1    2                                                                   1
                                                      3                                                                   2
                                             6    1                                                                   6
                        5     6      7       8    9                                             4     5    6    7     8
                  4                                   10                                   3                              9
                        2     3      4       5    6                                             1     2    3    4     5
                       12     13     14     15   16                                             11   12   13   14    15
                 11                                   17                                   10                             16 22-27 - Final Exams
                        1     2      3       4    5                                             6     1    2    3     4
                       19     20     21     22             Dec 22- Jan. 5th Christmas           18   19   20   21    22        29th – Pick-up Report Cards
                 18                              23   24                                   17                             23
                        6     1      2       3             Holidays                             5     6    1    2     3        9-11 am - No Busses
                                                                                                25   26   27
                 25    26     27     28     29   30   31                                   24                  28    29   30 28/29- Teacher Planning
                                                                                                4     5    6

June 27, 2011
                                        Table of Contents
This handbook contains a variety of information:

1.     School Policies:                                     6-16
       1.     Attendance/Supervision                        6-7
       2.     Noon Hour (Open campus policy)                7
       3.     Lockers                                       7
       4.     Smoking                                       8
       5.     Alcohol and Restricted Drugs                  8
       6.     Approved Dress                                8
       7.     Assignments/Study Hall                        8
       8.     Gymnasium and Physical Education              8
       9.     General conduct                               9-10
              i.     Students' Guidelines                   9
              ii.    Discipline Policy                      9-10
       10.    Role of the Teacher                           11
       11.    Evaluation                                    12
       12.    Graduation                                    13
              i.     Expenses
              ii.    Fund Raising Schemes
              iii.   Valedictorian
              iv.     Attendance
       13.    Extra-curricular                              13
       14.    Learning Supports                             14
       15.    Office Equipment                              14
              i.     Photocopying

       16.    Movement of Classes, Bell times               14
       17.    Textbooks                                     15
       18.    Fire Drills                                   15
       19.    Library Regulations                           15
       20.    Guidance Services                             15
       21.    Subject Drop/Transfer                         15
       22.    Middle Years & Secondary Program Offering     16
       23.    Vandalism                                     16
       24.    School Photographs                            16
       25.    Vehicles and Parking                          16
       26.    Cell Phone                                    16
       27.    Nutrition                                     16
Table of Contents Continued:

2.     Directory                                       17-18

       1.     Teaching Staff
              a.     Principal                         17
              b.     Home Room Assignments             17
              c.     Subject Assignments               17

       2.     Support Staff                            17

       3.     Bus Drivers, Winter Weather Procedures   17-18

       4.     School Community Council Members         18

       5.     Central Office Personnel                 18

3.     School Awards                                   19-20
       1.     Criteria                                 19-20

       2.     Listing with Sponsors                    20

4.     S.R.C. Activities                               21
       1.     Fundraising                              21

       2.     School Elections                         21

5.     Communications                                  21
       1.     Channels of Communications               21

       2.     Newsletter                               21

       3.     Computer/Internet                        21
1.        School Policies
1.1              Attendance
                 a.    Children between the ages of 6 and 16 inclusive must, by law, attend school on a
                       regular basis.
                 b.    Students aged 16 and over are beyond compulsory school age and are not required
                       by law to be registered and attend school. In the Ogema School, if you are 16 or
                       older and enrolled as a student, you are expected to attend school on a full time
                       basis. Students in Grade 10, 11 or 12 carrying less than eight (8) credits need
                       special permission to do so.
                 c.    Attendance is of major importance to a student's performance at school.
                 d.    Absenteeism/Lates:
                       i.      If parents deem it necessary to keep students home from school, parents
                               are asked to notify the school by calling or sending a note. The absence
                               will be recorded accordingly.
                       ii.     Students must be in their designated class rooms when the bell rings at the
                               beginning of each period, or they will be marked late by teacher.
                       iii.    It is the responsibility of the student to complete all missed assignments
                               and be prepared to write missed examinations the first day back to school.
                       iv.     Students required to leave the school during scheduled classes are to
                               provide the office with the reason by means of a note or telephone call
                       v.      All attendance records will be maintained through the home room teachers
                               and the office.
                       vi.     Subject teachers will track absences and/or lates each period.

                 e.     It is important that students develop the qualities of consistent attendance and
                        punctuality. Parents and students are reminded that all appointments should be
                        made outside of school hours whenever possible. Dates of term planning and
                        institute days will be published in advance in the school newsletter.

                 f.     Picking up students during the day:
                        In accordance with the Education Act, parents or legal guardians, who must
                        collect their child early from school are requested to report to the school office and
                        notify the Principal or Clerical Assistant they are assuming responsibility for their
                        child and taking the child with them. If possible, an explanatory note should be
                        submitted by the student PRIOR to their departure.

         It is our responsibility, teachers and administration, to work with each student and his/her
          family to ensure that the student receives the best education possible, and we understand that
          positive attendance habits allow us to ensure the success of the student. Therefore, in instances
          where attendance has been identified as a problem for a particular student, we will attempt to
          improve the student’s attendance with a number of the following interventions:

         Attendance Interventions
       o Teacher phone calls to parents/guardians.
       o Letters sent to parents/guardians.
       o In-School Interventions (student conferences involving counselors and/or administration;
         parent conferences involving the student, counselors and/or administration; pull-out time
         from regularly scheduled classes to allow for assessment of potential problems that may
         be the underlying cause of attendance issues).
       o Attendance contracts signed by students, parents/guardians, and school administration.
       o Reduced/adjusted timetable that better meets the needs of a particular student.
       o Counselor/administrative interventions and referrals (anger management, personal
         counseling, drug and alcohol assessment, drug and alcohol counseling, academic testing,
       o In-school suspensions.
       o Out-of-school suspensions.

Where consideration has been given (through the use of some or all of the above intervention
processes) and the school feels that it has exhausted its options in helping a student with his/her
attendance struggles, the school administration will look at adhering to the above attendance

          Student Supervision
                Teacher supervision will be on duty on the playground and in the school at the
                following times: 8:45–9:00am, 11:40am-12:30pm, and 3:10–3:25pm. Please do
                not have your child arriving to school prior to the supervision times in the

 1.2      Noon Hour and Spares
          a.    All non-town students are reminded that they are accountable to the principal and
                members of the teaching staff for their behaviour during the noon break.
          b.    Students bringing their lunch to school are asked to eat their lunches in their
                designated lunch areas.
          c.    Bus students who wish to leave the school premises during the noon break, are
                required to have a note signed by their parent/ guardian.
          d.    Town students are accountable to the principal and teaching staff during the time
                spent travelling to or from school and their home.
          e.    Students are expected to remain in the designated area at school during spare

 1.3      Lockers
          Each Grade 7 to 12 student is assigned a locker. A lock will be issued by the office for a
          $5.00 charge which is refundable at the end of the year. The locker remains the property
          of Ogema School.
          i.     A student is expected to use only the locker which has been assigned to them and
                 to keep the locker clean, tidy, locked with appropriate content.
          ii.    The school is not responsible for items missing from lockers. Unsolicited
                 removal of material from another student's locker will be dealt with as theft.

1.4    Smoking
       By federal law no one under the age of 18 years may purchase or use tobacco products.
       Tobacco products are not permitted to be used by anyone on school property at anytime.

1.5    Alcohol and Restricted Drugs
       Students found under the influence or in the possession of alcohol and/or restricted drugs
       during any school activity may be reported to the police and will be suspended from
       school for a length of time appropriate for the infraction.

1.6    Approved Dress
       Students are expected to adopt acceptable standards of dress. All students are
       expected to be clean and tidy in person and clothing. Suggestive clothing and clothing
       with suggestive or inappropriate logos are not permitted. Bare midriffs etc. are not
       allowed. Final decisions are at the discretion of the staff.

1.7    Assignments and Examinations & Study Hall

       All assignments are to be completed as requested by the teacher. Students who are
       absent from the school are responsible for any homework assignments, notes, etc.
       missed and must make arrangements with the subject teacher. The students will be
       prepared to write missed examinations on the first day back to school unless prior
       arrangements have been made with the subject teacher.

Assignments help you understand the material of the course and give the teacher some
feedback concerning your level of understanding. Handing in all assignments will help your
final mark, as well as assist you in studying for exams. Assignments are expected to be
completed before the beginning of class the day that they are due.

                 Students that are not completed their homework or assignments will
                  be assigned to study hall that day after school or the following day at
                  lunch. You will use that time to complete the unfinished work. You
                  must submit the assignment for following class. If your assignment is
                  still not complete after attending study hall you will be sent to the

                 Students that are not making use of their time in class to work on
                  assignments will be assigned to study hall the next day at noon.

1.8    Gymnasium and Physical Education
       The Physical Education instructors will guide in the matter of proper gym wear for
       physical activities. Students are expected to wear approved gym shoes and clothing.
       Students in grades 4 to 12 will have a change of clothes for P.E. classes. In the
       interest of safety, stocking feet will not be allowed in gym activity. Street shoes may
       not be worn on the gym floor during instruction and in competition. Food and drink
       are not permitted in the gym.

      1.9      General Conduct

i.          Student Guidelines

               In order to promote a meaningful educational experience and positive environment, in
               accordance with the Saskatchewan Education Act, guidelines as to the duties of
               students have been established for students in Ogema School:

               1.      Every student shall:
                       a)     Be diligent in attempting to master those studies which are part of the
                              program in which s/he is enrolled.
                       b)     Exercise self-discipline
                       c)     Accept such discipline as would be exercised by a kind and judicious
                       d)     Attend classes punctually and regularly.
                       e)     Show courtesy to fellow students and obedience and courtesy to staff.
                       f)     Be clean in person and habits.
                       g)     Take such tests and examinations as are required.
                       h)     Show respect for school property.

               2.      Every student is accountable to the principal and teaching staff of the school
                       for his/her conduct:

                       a)       On school premises.
                       b)       In out-of-school activities that are part of the school program.
                       c)       While travelling on a school bus.
                       d)       While on the way to or from home to school.

ii.         Discipline Policy

            The purpose of the school’s discipline policy is not to be punitive but rather to encourage
            corrective, responsible behaviour. This pertains to any school personnel who students may
            have interaction with during school activities.

               1.      Good order, including complying with school and classroom rules, is necessary
                       for schools to provide education in an efficient, safe and effective way. The
                       primary purpose of disciplinary action, therefore, is to prevent and correct
                       unacceptable actions. If this purpose cannot be achieved, it may be necessary
                       to remove offending the student from class for a period of time so that the
                       education of the larger group will not be affected.

               2.      All staff are expected to deal with problems in their classroom and on the
                       school property using appropriate management techniques. If the school staff
                       feel the need for assistance they may take the student to the principal for a
                       three-way conference. (Student, teacher, principal)

               3.     School rules are required for the orderly operation of the school on a day to day
                             basis. Teachers will have in place guidelines which clearly describe
                             acceptable classroom behaviour. The school requires that all students
                             observe these basic rules:

                      a)     Students shall not defy a teacher's authority.
                      b)     Physical and/or verbal abuse of others (e.g. pushing, shoving, fighting,
                             name calling) will not be permitted.
                      c)     Potentially dangerous behaviour (i.e. throwing objects) will not be
                      d)     Use of foul language or gestures are not permitted.
                      e)     Rude, disruptive behaviour will not be permitted.
                      f)     Defacing school property is not permitted.
                      g)     Vandalism, is a zero tolerance issue.
                      h)     On a repetitive basis, refusing to do homework will be considered to
                             defiance of teacher authority and/or disobedience.

              4. Extreme misbehaviour as outlined in the Education Act may result in a(n):

                             - in-school suspension
                             - 1 day out of school suspension
                             - 3 day out of school suspension
                             - 10 day suspension, the principal in consultation with the
                             superintendent will submit proper documentation and possible
                             recommendations which will result in a Discipline Hearing at the
                             Division level.

Possible Consequences for Unacceptable Behavior (Serious of behavior pending)

1st Occurrence – Verbal warning from administration, and mediation with student and teacher

2nd Occurrence – Phone call home, or note sent to be signed by parent and returned to school, an
appropriate consequence, and a plan for corrective behavior.

3rd Occurrence – A meeting with student, parent, teacher, school administration, possible in-school
or out of school suspension (1 to 3 days), review corrective behavior plan.

4th and Continued Occurrence – A meeting with the student, parent, teacher, school administration,
an in-school or out of school suspension (1 to 10 days). The student will be referred to the school
councilor and or an outer agency. Continued occurrences could result in expulsion.

 All occurrences will be documented by the Principal. The Principal has the right to apply any of
the previous consequences at any given time, depending on the severity of the incident (i.e., a first
                             occurrence could result in a suspension.

1.10   Role of the teacher:

       a)     Teaches pupils in the education program assigned to him/her by the principal.

       b)     Plans and organizes the learning activities of the class for their pupils. These plans
              (yearly) will be on file in the school and division offices.

       c)     Cooperates with colleagues and associates in program development and teaching
              activities pertaining to the class and individual pupils.

       d)     Maintains, in cooperation with his colleagues and with principal, good order and
              general discipline in the classroom and on school premises.

       e)     Conducts and manages assigned functions in the instructional program in accordance
              with the educational policies of the Board of Education.

       f)     Keeps a record of attendance of the pupils for statistical purposes in such forms as the
              department may prescribe.

       g)     Reports regularly to the parent or guardian of each pupil with respect to the student's
              progress and any circumstances or conditions which may be of mutual interest or
              concern to the teacher and the parents or guardian.

       h)     Participates, under the leadership of the principal, in developing cooperation and
              coordination of efforts and activities of members of the staff in accomplishing the
              objectives of the school.

       I)     Excludes any pupil from the class for overt opposition to the teacher's authority or for
              gross misconduct and, by the conclusion of that day, reports in writing to the principal
              the circumstances of that exclusion.

       j)     Cooperates with the colleges of education of the universities in the education and
              training of teachers.

       k)     Attends regularly all meetings of the staff convened by the Principal or the Director.

       l)     Advances or promotes pupils in their work in accordance with the promotion policies
              of the school and under the general supervision of the Principal.

       m)     Cooperates with supervisors, consultants, and other personnel and undertakes personal
              initiatives in activities intended or designed to enhance inservice for professional
              growth and the development of professional competence and statues.

1.11   Assessment and Evaluation:

Ogema School is working on creating and Assessment Policy that will be published to the School
Community when finalized. At Ogema School, the assessment and evaluation handbook will outline a
“best practice” framework that every teacher within Ogema School will adhere to. This framework
reflects current understanding of successful practices in assessment and evaluation.

In Ogema School we believe:
           that effective instruction depends on high quality assessment. Therefore, we expect
             all assessments to provide accurate and timely information about student achievement.
             Each assessment must adhere to standards of quality that all staff know and follow.
           the primary purpose of assessment is to improve student learning. It is the
             expectation of the teachers at Ogema School is that all assessments will be directly
             linked to specific student learning outcomes, use assessment methodology appropriate
             for the subject/grade level, and will allow for the effective communication of results.
           that assessment can serve as a powerful form of instruction. By involving students
             in the assessment and evaluation of their own achievement under direct supervision,
             teachers can use assessment and feedback to help students progress towards meeting
             the expected learning outcomes for each subject, at each grade level.
           that a variety of assessment tools are considered appropriate for use within
             Ogema School. Any ‘grade’ should include varied forms of assessment.
           that a differentiated approach allows all students to be assessed on student learner
             outcomes in a manner that is appropriate to each individual.
           that achievement and behavior should be assessed and reported separately.

Report Cards

A written evaluation will be distributed three times a year to the parents or guardians of each student
for term classes. Semester courses will be twice a semester. Student achievement and student work
habits will and social skills will be graded separately. Student achievement will be assessed based on
the specific subject level outcomes. Grade legends for K-10 outcome based courses will be the

M = Meeting
A = Approaching
B = Beginning
E = Experiencing Difficulties
I = Insufficient Evidence

Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences
Three way conferences will be held after the first report card has been distributed and again in the
spring following the report cards.

1.12   Graduation Policy
       To participate in graduation activities, students must be enrolled in enough subjects credited by
       Saskatchewan Education to attain a Grade XII standing by the end of the graduation year.
       In lieu of Graduation or Honour Night/Prom Night or a combination of Graduation/Honour
       Night is an option.

       i.     Expenses
              The S.R.C. will cover all reasonable graduation expenses. This includes banquet
              invitations and decorating costs.
       ii.    Fundraising may be employed to assist in the payment of expenses. Fundraising
              money will not be used to pay for grad guest banquet tickets.
       iii.   The valedictorian will be determined by the student with the highest academic standing
              at the end of Term III. This calculation will be based on Ela 30, Ela B30, History 30, a
              Science 30 level class, Math 30 and any other two level 30 credits. On behalf of the
              graduates, the valedictorian prepares and delivers the farewell oration at the graduation
              exercises. The valedictorian will be requested to submit his/her address prior to the
              exercises for approval to the graduation advisor.
       iv.    Attendance - All Grade XII students are expected to be in full attendance at school the
              week prior to graduation exercises. The principal and staff will designate instructional
              time to be used for graduation preparation. Unexcused absenteeism may result in the
              privilege of participating in graduation exercises being removed.

1.13   Extra Curricular Activities

       Grade 7 to 12 students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities. Participation
       helps to develop social skills, athletic skills, interests and a sense of belonging. Some
       regulations concerning extracurricular activities are required:
       a)      Practices must be attended faithfully. Games and practices are not valid reasons for
               incomplete assignments or not preparing for tests. If a student's marks are below an
               acceptable level (incomplete school assignments, poor attendance/tardiness), s/he may
               be requested to discontinue the activities.
       b)      Student transportation guidelines must adhered below:
       -         If the number of students involved in a school related and approved activity is such
                 that it does not warrant the use of a school bus, the principal can approve the use of
                 private vehicles, but must have a minimum of two million dollars liability insurance
                 coverage). Students shall not transport other students to co-curricular or extra-
                 curricular events.
       -         The driver the vehicle must have a valid license and each person transported in the
                 vehicle has a functioning seatbelt, and the seatbelt is used during the trip.
       -         There is no use of tobacco products, alcohol or non-medical drugs; neither should any
                 of those products be carried in the vehicle nor used at the activity.

Extra-Curricular Activities May Include: Volleyball, Badminton, Graduation/Honour Night,
Curling, Drama, Track & Field, Yearbook, Intramurals, and Basketball. Specifics will be announced
through the school year.
1.14   Learning Supports

              It is the intent of Ogema School to provide each child with supportive, successful
              education. To achieve this aim the unique needs of some pupils require flexibility in
              programming with Special Services involvement. The Special Services program
              provides a service or support to both the students (whose needs may be in the academic,
              motor, sensory, or behavioural areas) and the student's classroom teacher(s).

       Education of children with special needs is the joint responsibility of every staff member.
       Diagnosis of specific difficulties and instructional plans are provided by the Special Services
       teacher as well as by Region 1 Shared Services personnel: The Educational Psychologist and
       the Speech and Language Pathologist.

       The Learning Support and Response to Intervention Teacher provides direct instruction;
       consults with teachers on matters relating to program materials, instructional techniques and
       student information; plans for effective utilization of special services assistant(s); reports to
       parents regarding child's progress; and develops and maintains student's individualized
       education plans. Speech and language development support is also included.

1.15   Office Equipment
              Students are not permitted to use the office machines either in the general office or in the
              work room adjacent to the Library/Learning Resource Center.
       i.     Photocopies are $0.15 each and will be done at convenience of the office staff or
              teaching staff.

1.16   Movement of Classes

       There should be no loitering in the halls between classes.

              Bell Times

              8:55 First Bell
              9:00 - 9:50 - period 1
              9:55 - 10:45 - period 2
              10:50 - 11:40 - period 3
              11:40 - 12:25 - lunch beak
              12:30 - 1:20 - period 4
              1:25 - 2:15 - period 5
              2:20 - 3:10 - period 6

1.17   Textbooks and Other Learning Resources

       Take care of your textbooks and library resources. Report losses and/or damage as soon as
       possible. The loss or damage of text or other instructional items may lead to a replacement

1.18   Fire Drills

       Students and staff will proceed as follows:

       a.     Stand.
       b.     If there is a teacher in the room, await instructions.
       c.     If there is no teacher in the room, the student nearest the door check to see if all is clear,
              and directs the class to their fire exit or to a fire-free exit.
       d.     Walk quietly out of the building.
       e.     When outside, do not disband, but congregate by home room in the designated area and
              wait for the roll call by your teacher.
       f.     In winter, take a jacket and outdoor footwear with you if it is safe to do so.

1.19   Library Regulations

       a.     Because the library is a place for study, instruction and research, appropriate behaviour
              is expected.
       b.     No food or drink is to be brought into the library at any time.
       c.     Books may be borrowed for a (2) two week period.
       d.     Reference books may not be removed from the library.
       e.     All books and resource materials must be signed out.
       f.     When a student is finished with the materials, s/he is expected to put the materials away
              in the appropriate places and tidy up the library.
       g.     A maximum number of books loaned at one time to an individual are (2) two.
       h.     Books on reserve shelf may not be removed from the library at any time.
       I.     Students are not allowed in the library without teacher or librarian supervision.
       j.     Students may use the computers to research essays or projects.

1.20   Guidance Services

              Every teacher and staff member in the school is there to help students who have
              concerns and to assist students with their questions and concerns. A career counsellor,
              Mr Mark Penny visits the school on a regular basis to work with students K-12.

1.21   Subject Drop/Transfer

       Any student wishing to drop a subject must obtain written parental, teacher and principal

1.22      Subject Offerings Grade 7-12 2011-2012:

Grade 7             Grade 8            Grade 9           Grade 10          Grade 11           Grade 12

Math 7              Math 8             Wildlife 10       Wildlife 10       Foundations 20     Math B30

Prac. App. Arts     Prac. App. Arts    Math 9            Work&App 10       Pre Calc 20        Math C30

Phys Ed             Phys Ed            Phys Ed           Fnd&PreCal 10     Physics 20         Physics 20

Social              Social             Social            Phys Ed           Physics 30         Physics 30

Science             Science            Science           Social            Accounting 10      Accounting 10

Health              Health             Info Pro 20       Science           Biology 20         Biology 20

Career              Career             Health            Info Pro 20       Phys Ed            Phys Ed

Eng. Lang Arts      Eng. Lang Arts     Career            ELA 10a           Law 30             Law 30

French              French             Eng. Lang Arts    ELA 10b           ELA 20             ELA B30

                                       Arts Ed 20        Arts Ed 20        Media Studies      Media Studies

1.23      Vandalism
          The school will make every effort to prevent acts of vandalism and to reduce opportunities for
          vandalism. The school will seek restitution from those responsible for damage. If no student
          comes forward, then the SRC will be held responsible for the provision of funds to cover the
          reasonable cost of the damage.

1.24      School Photographer
          Color photograph packages are available upon request. These are usually taken in September.

1.25      Vehicles and Parking
          Any perceived danger as a result of driving habits (e.g. speeding, joy-riding, etc.) will result in
          contacting student, parents and legal authorities. Parking areas for students are available.

1.26      Cell Phones
          The Ogema SRC has set out the following regarding cell phones. There are to be no cell
                      phones in class at any time. Violation of the rule will result in the cell phone
                      being confiscated, and it will not be returned until such time as the parent
                      accompanies the student to the school to discuss the situation.

1.27      Nutrition
          Ogema School will adhere to Public Health food safety standards. A diet of nutritious food
                      supports academic achievement. The school will offer nutritious foods in
                      vending and drink machines, and for fundraising purposes.

2.0 Directory

2.1    Teaching Staff
       a.    Principal:                             Ronda Casavant
       b.    Home Room Teachers
             K and Grade 1                          Carey Metheral
             Grade 2 & 3                            Danelle Struthers
             Grades 4/5/6                           Mark Noble
             Grades 7/8                             Megan Hughes
             Grades 9/10                            Tracy Eden
             Grade 11/ 12                           Cathy Webb

       c.     Subject Assignments
Kara Leonard-Schmidt:      Learning Support Services, RtI, Health 1-3, EAL
Carey Metheral:            K/1 Subjects
Danelle Struthers:         Grade 2&3
Mark Noble                 Grade 4/5/6
Megan Hughes:              ELA 7 - 12, Arts Ed 7-10, Arts Ed 20, Media studies, French 4-8
Cathy Webb:                Math 9-12, Biology, Accounting, Physics
Tracy Eden                 Sc. 7 -10, Social 7-10, Law 30, Phys Ed 7-12 Career 7-9, Health 7-9, IP 20
Ronda Casavant             Math 7/8, PAA 9/10, PAA 7/8, Response to Intervention

       d.      Support Staff
       Kerrie Johnson                       Administrative Assistant
       Donna Hartley                        Library and K Educational Assistant
       Barb Leonard                         Educational Assistant
       Cara Olafson (on leave)              Educational Assistant
       Debbie Tuck                          Educational Assistant
       Marie Stewart                        Caretaker
       Gordon Stewart                       Caretaker

2.3    Bus Drivers/Bus Cancellations & Expectations
       Dennis Petit
       Tom Mead
       Garnet Eden

Bus Expectations:
      -         Students must obey the driver’s instructions respectfully and promptly
      -         Students and parents are responsible to have student at the pickup point at the
                designated time
      -         Once on the bus, the student will proceed to the seat assigned to them and remain in this
                location unless moved by the driver.
      -         Smoking, drugs, alcohol, and firearms are not permitted on the bus.
      -         Students are to sit at all times on the bus and be facing forward and upright.
      -         Students not adhering to bus policy guidelines may dose bus privileges.

Winter Weather Bus Procedures:

      1. Consultation between the driver and the bus supervisor for the area affected will determine
         whether or not a bus run is to be cancelled on account of severe weather conditions. Following
         consultation, the bus supervisor may authorize the driver to cancel the run.
      2. Cancellations will be advised on the local radio station.
      3. Factors that may impact on the decision to cancel include, but are not limited to:
         i. Severe cold, -40 Celsius or greater -45 with the wind chill
         ii. Severely limited visibility, blizzard or white-out conditions
         iii. Unsafe or extremely adverse road conditions
      4. If a bus route is cancelled in the morning, before it has started its regular route, it is cancelled for
         the day.
      5. If the decision to cancel is made after students are in school and the extreme weather conditions
         that caused the cancellation are occurring or imminent, no bus is to depart from the school with
         students in an attempt to complete its regular route.
      6. During extreme weather conditions, students transported to school by bus shall be required to stay
         at school until regular dismissal time, unless they are picked up by their parent or guardian, or the
         school is given permission by the parent or guardian to release them prior to dismissal time.
      7. The Principal will develop procedures to contact billets to prepare them to receive the student(s)
         that will be boarded with them.

2.4      School Community Council Members

                 The Ogema School Community Council meets regularly throughout the school year. If
                 you are interested in becoming involved with this organization please contact the school.

                 Last year’s members included:

         Amanda Baumgartner (chairperson)        Robbie Mazer
         Brenda Mazer(vice chairperson)          Mackenzie Warren
         Wayne Myren                             Milt Lesperance
         Stephanie Bacon                         Wanda Siba
         Kara Leonard Schmidt                    Danelle Mondor
         Ronda Lee                               Andy Acton

2.5      South Cornerstone School Division Central Office Personnel

         Marc Casavant                           Director of Education
         Kelly Hilkewich                         Superintendent of School
         Bruce Wagner                            Division Board Representative for Ogema

3.0    School Awards Day
       The Awards Day will be set early in the school year and this date will be sent home to parents
       through Newsletter Communication.

3.1    School Award’s Criteria

If any changes to the criteria are made early in school year, these changes will be published to parents
and students through school newsletter.
    1. Level 30 (Grade 12) Subject Awards
        - Not necessarily a grade 12 student
        - Awards are determined by highest grade for English, Math, Science and History/Law
    2. Governor General’s Academic Medal
        - Awarded the grade 12 student with the highest overall average according to the subject
            requirements (not awarded until official transcripts with Departmental scores incorporated).
    3. Intramural Awards
        - Presented on points students earn for academics and extra-curricular involvement as they
            progress through grade 7-12
     10 points each are received if: member of volleyball, basketball, badminton, track and field,
        intramural curling, brier curling, SRC, yearbook, drama, and SCC.
     10 points are received each semester in Grade 10-12 if the student’s average is 75% or higher
        (maximum of 20 points).
     20 points are received in Grade 7-9 if the student has consistently achieved “Meeting” or
        “Approaching” status in all subjects other than two subject areas where “Beginning” or
        “Experiencing Difficulties” was recorded. NOTE – The MOST Recent status for an outcome
        will be used (for example, if you achieved a B in term 1, but an M in term 3 ... the status is M).
            o Note - There is a ratio set up for 5 year, 4 year, etc. plans for those students who have
                moved to Ogema School after grade 7.
                      Once a student has earned:
                              40 points a pin is presented to them
                              200 points a paperweight is presented
                              300 points a pencil caddy is received
                              400 points bookends are received
                              500 points a gift certificate is received
    4. Athlete of the Year - skill, participation, leadership
        - Senior and Junior Boys/Girls
    5. Most Improved (all four divisions: K-3,4-6, 7-9, 10-12) - academics, daily work habits, attitude
    6. Honor Roll - 80% or higher average in Grade 10-12 courses OR in Grade 7-9 consistently
        achieved “Meeting” and/or “Approaching” status in all subject outcomes other than two subject
        areas where “Beginning” or “Experiencing Difficulties” was recorded. NOTE – The MOST
        Recent status for an outcome will be used (for example, if you achieved a B in term 1, but an M in
        term 3 ... the status is M).

   Award Criteria Continued:

7. Academic - Highest academic mark for each grade (highest percent average - Grade 10-12; the
    student that received the most “Meeting” status’ for the learning outcomes – Grade 7-9).
8. Most Courteous – One student from grade K-6, and one from Grade 7-12 is chosen by staff –
    Criteria: polite, respectful to staff and students - ability to get along well with others – inclusive
9. Best All Around - academics, school leadership, participation in sports teams and extra-
    curricular, positive attitude, maturity
10. Intramural - house points are added up for student participation from grade 5-12 (noon hour
    sports, school spirit participation and intramural awards mentioned above ; each 10 points is
    worth 50 credits to the house the student belongs to).

   Ogema School Awards Day Sponsorship

   Through the generosity of local business people and private donations the Awards Committee of
   Ogema School is able to present these awards to outstanding students. Thank you to last year’s
                                 Award                            Sponsor
                    English – Grade 12 Level                 Ogema Agencies
                    Math – Grade 12 Level                       Bea Struthers
                    Science – Grade 12 Level                Ogema Elevator Ltd.
                    History/Law – Grade 12 Level         Royal Canadian Legion #67
                    Jr. Male & Female Athlete                  Ogema Seniors
                    Sr. Male & Female Athlete            Royal Canadian Legion #67
                    Most Improved Grade 1-3                    Ogema Co-op
                    Most Improved Grade 4-6                 Ogema Royal Bank
                    Most Improved Grade 7-9             Gordon and Dalyce Peterson
                    Most Improved Grade 10-12                   Cathy Webb
                    Honour Roll – Grade 7                 Mark and Dawna Mellon
                    Honour Roll – Grade 8               Ogema Agricultural Society
                    Honour Roll – Grade 9                   Ogema School Staff
                    Honour Roll – Grade 10                  Ogema School Staff
                    Honour Roll – Grade 11               Royal Canadian Legion #67
                    Honour Roll – Grade 12               Royal Canadian Legion #67
                    Highest Academic – Grade 7                Town of Ogema
                    Highest Academic – Grade 8            Deep South Animal Clinic
                    Highest Academic – Grade 9                RM of Key West
                    Highest Academic – Grade 10             Ogema Dance Club
                    Highest Academic – Grade 11          School Community Council
                    Highest Academic – Grade 12            Carl and Joyce Luebke
                    Most Courteous Student K – 6          Debbie and Pernell Howe
                    Most Courteous Student 7 – 12           Radius Credit Union
                    Best All Around Student                 Radius Credit Union
                    Intramural House Championship                Ogema SRC

4.0   S.R.C. Activities

      1      Fund Raising Programs to support school activities are run on an annual basis.

      2.     School elections will take place in September each year. Nomination forms must be
             signed by two students and a teacher and must include an acceptable reason the candidate
             is being nominated.

5.0   Communications

5.1   Channels of Communication

      Together, teachers, central office personnel, support staff, SCC members and parents, share the
      vital challenge of helping adolescents mature into well rounded adults who have the skills,
      knowledge and attitudes required to lead happy, successful lives. When parents and their child
      have a concern or problem centred around a school issue, they are encouraged to contact the
      subject teacher first. The following route will be taken:

      1.     Meet with the teacher involved.
      2.     If unresolved meet with principal
      3.     If unresolved meet with Superintendent.

5.2   Newsletter

      The school will publish a monthly newsletter. These newsletters will advise parents and
      community members of special events taking place at the school. Any organizations who wish to
      receive the newsletter are requested to contact the clerical assistant.

5.3   Computers and Internet

      Ogema School encourages the use of technology. However, student must treat computer with
      care. It is essential students always sign out laptops and have permission to use any computer
      whenever they require access.

      All students will have access to computer at Ogema School. Students must abide by the Division
      Policy on Internet use. Students are expected to use the Internet for appropriate and school
      related activities only. Staff members will closely supervise use of computers. Inappropriate use
      of the computer of any kind will result in the loss of computer privileges.


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