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PIARC                                                 Sept / Oct

                      Phillip Island Auto Racing Club Ltd   ACN 004351446
                                          Registered Office                                Club Night -
                            RVAC First Avenue Moorabbin Airport 3194             First Thursday of Each
Print Post Approved                  Telephone: (03) 9578 5728                   Month at the Aero Club
PP 325147/0004                                                              First Ave Moorabbin Airport

 piarc notes

PIARC Board Of Directors
& Committees - 2007
Board of Directors
president & chairman
                                      Darren Smith
Peter Nelson
                                      Mob 0418 593 016                      AH        9773 1133
Mob 0419 394 631       AH 9551 0026
                                      Mark Scorah
                                      Mob 0408 108 363                      AH        9775 6629
vice presidents
Geoff Bull
AH 9803 3633                          Delegates
E-mail        CAMS
                                      Brian Williams
Matt Balcombe
Mob 0438 826 415                      group 5
E-mail     Warren Reid
                                      Matt Balcombe
treasurer & company secretary
Graeme Taylor
AH 9551 2573                          PIARC website
                                      manager -
Other Board Members                   Matt Balcombe
Warren Reid                           E-mail
Mob 0417 873 273       AH 9386 0646
                                      House committee
Stuart Greig                          club captain & VSRS delegate
Mob 0408 353 055                      Geoff Bull
BH 9870 2277          AH 9876 6021    AH 9803 3633
E-mail         E-mail

David Bellenger
Mob 0419 479 390
                                      Sub committees
                                      race committee
                                      Peter Nelson
board secretary
Jean Bellenger                        clubsport committee
AH 9701 5566                          Warren Reid
                                      RTA Permits
Ken Smith                             Brian Williams
AH 9773 1133

Henk Duncan                           Membership registrar
BH 9802 6466          AH 9598 3021    Renee Pickering
E-mail        C/- RVAC Bldg First Ave Moorabbin Airport
                                      AH 9459 2453 Mob. 0419 831 604
Brian Williams                        E-mail
CAMS delegate & RTA Permits
BH 9758 8856           AH 9754 8328
E-mail      Magazine
                                      Ashley Benjamin & Sandra Ashman
RVAC/Clubrooms Liason
                                      NOTE: The articles and views reprinted in this magazine are not necessarily
Ross Earl                             those held by the Committees of PIARC. PIARC is an affiliated club with CAMS
0439 875 022 / 03 9570 3918           and a member of the Group V Association.

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Clubnight 2007

                              Next Clubnight
                               November 1

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              When: First Thursday of every month.
                    Where: Royal Victorian Aero Club
                                              First Avenue
                                      Moorabbin Airport, Mentone
                                     (next to King Island Airways)
                                     Time: Dinner is available from
                                        6.00 pm from the Bistro
                         (please ring Marilyn & book if eating Ph 9580 0069)
                            with Formalities from 8.30
 All members and their guests are welcome at the club during the clubnight and also during its opening hours,
                               seven days a week. Aero Club Ph. 9580 0069

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Gear up for Coming Events
PIARC 2007

October                              November
12-14   Australiam Motorcycle GP     01        Clubnight
        Phillip Island                         Royal Victorian Aero Club
                                               Formalities from 8.30
20-21   GP5 Speed Event Series Rd8
        Phillip Island               06        GP5 Speed Event Series Rd9
                                               Sandown - Cup Day

                                     11        HAC Interclub Motorkhana

                                     24-25     Island Magic
                                               For the 17th time at
                                               Phillip Island

                                     30/11 -   V8 SUPERCARS
                                     2/12      Phillip Island

                                     06   Annual General Meeting
                                               Royal Victorian Aero Club
                                               Formalities from 8.30
                                               Phillip Island

                                     09        GP5 Motorkhana

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Back When
PIARC, SOME 30 YEARS AGO (checking out
from Aug 1976) - #88 in the series.

Working Bees were in fashion again as the club   later session we had “History of Motor Racing
built up towards the Summer Season – known       Part 4 – 1935-1939”, “The 1972 East Africa
as such because we ran over the summer           Safari” and then “History of Motor Racing Part
period, keeping away from when the circuit       5” later on. The major automotives companies all
and outfields were waterlogged. The off-track    maintained film libraries and the club owned its
access paths and the track run-off areas had     own professional projector to view these with.
very poor drainage and thus were totally         Nowadays with TV and DVD, this entertainment
inaccessible from about July to October.         has all but disappeared.

After 6 rounds, Barry Hexter was leading         In August it was announced that Geoff Bull
the PIARC Trials Pointscore from Jim             would take over the role of Club Captain from
Wright and Brian Ovenden. Warren Reid led        Alec Beech, who had been our third CC, following
the Motorkhana points from Geoff Bull and        Peter Nelson then Henk Duncan. The House
Brian Ovenden.                                   Committee chaired by Geoff was to be Geoff,
                                                 Wal Head, Alan Campbell, Mark Keilor, Ken
Films being featured at the club night were      Thomas, and Brian Ovenden. On the subject
from Goodrich and Shell. We saw “Street          of the Bulls, Dawn had just obtained her driving
Tyres go Racing”, “1973 Le Mans”, History        licence and Geoff removed the driving lights
of Motor Racing – Part 3 The Titans”. At a       from the front of the family Mini - PIARC
                                                 notes suggested there was a connection between
                                                 the two items.

piarc notes

              65 Kelletts Road, Tel (03) 9764 2811
                  Rowville      Fax (03) 9764 8740

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PIARC Annual General Meeting

              ACN 004 351 446
              Notice of Annual General Meeting
     The 55th Annual General meeting of Phillip Island Auto Racing Club Limited will be held at the
          AERO Club, First Ave, Moorabin Airport on Thursday 6th December, 2007 at 8 p.m.


1.   Minutes of 54th Annual General Meeting, November 2006.

2.   Chairman’s Report
     Report from The Chairman, Mr. Peter Nelson will be presented detailing the operations of the Company for
     the year ended 30 June 2007.

3.   Treasurers Report
     The Treasure, Graeme Taylor will present his report on the operations of the club during for the year ended
     30 June 2007.

4.   Adoption of Accounts
     To receive and consider the financial statement and reports to the shareholders comprising: -
     a)    The profit and loss accounts for the year ended 30 June 2007 and Balance Sheet of the Company as
           at 30 June 2007.
     b)    The directors’ declaration and report by auditors for the financial year ended 30 June 2007.
     c)    The directors’ report for the financial year ended 30 June 2007.

5.   Election of Directors
     To consider all proper nominations for positions as Directors on the Board of the Club, and, as appropriate,
     to appoint or to conduct such voting as is necessary to identify those persons to be appointed as Directors
     for the coming two years.
     Management Committee for 2006 has been:
     Peter Nelson; Warren Reid; Stuart Greig; Ken Smith; Graeme Taylor; Geoff Bull; Darren Smith; Matt
     Balcombe; Ross Earl; Henk Duncan; Brian Williams; David Bellenger; Jean Bellenger, Mark Scorah (Total
     of 14).

     Peter Nelson; Warren Reid; Ken Smith; Graeme Taylor; Geoff Bull; Matt Balcombe; Ross Earl; Jean Bel-
     lenger, and Mark Scorah retire from office by rotation in accordance with Rule 62 of the Constitution and,
     being eligible, are available for re-election as Director’s of the Company.

     Further nominations will be accepted up until 8 pm on 1st November 2007.
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     piarc notes

PIARC Annual General Meeting
6.      Appointment of Auditors

7.      General Business
        1. Discussion will be held on and consideration given to the make-up and functioning of the Board of Direc-
        tors of the company.
        2. Discussion will be held and opinion sought on the methods currently used for communicating with the
        3. Discussion will be held and opinion sought on appropriate club clothing and other regalia.

        Others matters which have been lawfully be bought forward by the member’s of the Company in advance of
        the Meeting, will be also be placed on the agenda .

By order of the Board
Graeme Taylor - Company Secretary                  Dated: 1st September 2007

                                        NOMINATION & PROXY FORM.

     All completed forms must be forwarded to the PIARC Company Secretary, RVAC Building, First Ave, Moorabbin
       Airport, 3194, by 5pm, 1st November this year, or handed to him prior to the commencement of the Meeting.

We, (name)…………………………………… and (name)...………………………………………….
Being current members of the Phillip Island Auto Racing Club Ltd. (PIARC), hereby nominate (name)………………
………………………… (also being a current member of the PIARC) to stand for election for or appointment to the
Board of Management of PIARC for the coming two calendar years, as detailed in the Club Constitution.

NOMINATORS (there needing to be two)                                   Date ……….………………

Name ……………………………….M’ship No…………… Signature ……………………………….

Name ……………………………….M’ship No…………… Signature ……………………………….

NOMINEE (being nominated, willing, and available for the position).

Name ……………………………….M’ship No…………… Signature ……………………………….


                                   Lodgement of Proxy (only if required)

A proxy form (and any power of attorney under which it is signed) must be lodged with the Company Secretary not
later than 5pm on 1st November, 2007. Any proxy form lodged after that time will be invalid.
                                             Appointment of Proxy.

I appoint (name)……………………….( being a current member of PIARC) as my proxy at the Annual General
Meting of the Phillip Island Auto Racing Club Ltd. To vote on my behalf at the meeting, on matters properly agended
for the Meeting in advance of the Meeting.

            Signature of member nominating the proxy ………………………………………. Date ……………
            Name (printed) ……………………………..…………..Membership number ………………………….

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Nelson's Column

Earlier this year we had contact from Theo who         and competitors used to party to the early hours
owns the Hollywood Hotel on Phillip Island. It is      of the morning before snatching a few hours of
at the west end of Church St about a couple of         sleep then heading back to the circuit.
kilometres from Cowes and has a great view over
Westernport. Theo has only recently taken over         All of the senior PIARC race officials were there
the business and was seeking contact with the mo-      and leading competitors included Stuart Kostera
tor racing crowd who regularly visit the Island.       from WA and Henry Michel and Phil Moore from
                                                       SA. That was a different era and there were
Following his contact, Geoff & I dropped in for a      different social expectations, and most of the
chat and a look at the place and came away most        party-goers stayed at the Hollydene so they could
impressed. It is well set up for our type of use,      all walk home.
with plenty of space for the parking of race cars
and trailers, as well as a large grassed social area   From that period, we moved to a more sedate
complete with pool. The end result of our visit is     period where quite a few of the club members
that Theo has offered half-price accommodation         bought houses on the Island or organized their
for any officials or competitors who wish to stay      own caravans, and it became easier to stay at
there during any PIARC events on Phillip Island.       “home” at night and the gatherings gradually
                                                       vanished from the agenda. Perhaps it had some-
All you have to do when booking is to let them         thing to do with getting older as well. Because
know you are an official or competitor and they        these social gatherings contributed quite a lot to
will look after you. This offer does not include       the pleasure of our Race Meeting and because it
the international motorcycle events or the V8          helped every one to mingle and get to know the
Supercar Meeting because they are not PIARC            others better, there is a feeling that we should
events. As luck had it, Geoff and I happened to        be making some effort to again occasionally get
drop in at the same time as one of the Yarra Valley    together at night.
wineries (Yarra Gold) was there trying to interest
Theo in stocking their wines so we were forced         Andy, Jake, Fred, and George do a great job
into sampling their wares. We can vouch for the        cooking for the officials when they come off the
quality of their offerings if you happen to come       track each night but perhaps we need a bit more
across them.                                           at times, and the Hollywood Hotel could be the
                                                       right venue. There are many great venues on Phillip
For those interested in the local history, the Hol-    Island but seeing the Hollywood approached us,
lywood Hotel used to be known as the Sunseeker.        perhaps we should see what they have to offer
The Hollywood name has come from when “On The          first. As usual, this needs the members to show
Beach” was filmed in Melbourne and Fred Astaire        some interest in the concept, and perhaps to
featured in a motor race scene filmed at the circuit   contribute ideas which would help in making it
back in the days when PIARC owned the track.           all happen to the satisfaction of all.
Gregory Peck, Fred Astaire, Ava Gardner, and
Anthony Perkins were all a part of the film crew       For further contact – try the Hollywood Hotel
who stayed there during the filming.                   -
Tied in with this is the thought that the club         03 5952 6788
should get back to a social life during race and       Hope to see you all there sometime.
sprint meetings at Phillip Island. Admittedly years
ago we used to overdo it at times. At the Hol-         Peter Nelson - President – PIARC.
lydene Motel, Reg Orr would play “mine host” in
the dining room, and quite a gathering of officials

piarc notes

        828 Sydney Road,
        Brunswick, Victoria 3056.
        Tel: (03) 9386 5331
        Fax: 61 03 9386 9153

                         Send your articles to -   If you send an e-mail please include
                         Ashley Benjamin           your contribution as a word doc.,
                         89 Paget Ave              single column, attachment, photo’s in
                         Glenroy Vic 3046          jpeg format where possible. If you
                         or e-Mail to              have 6 photo’s or more divide them
                    up into more than one message.

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Bits'n'Pieces - July 2007
Track repairs to
Phillip Island Circuits -
Extensive repairs and resurfacing has recently        system which will be available to circuit users if
been undertaken to the stretch of track between       they wish it. As we have found, CCTV does not help
Hell Corner and Schoolhouse Corner. That part         officials to follow the racing anywhere as well as
of the track was narrow, rough, pot-holed and         happens by watching the host broadcaster’s pic-
prone to flooding in excessive rain – not at all      tures, but it does allow them to check situations
appropriate for a Grand Prix Circuit – and the        in detail following an incident – they can monitor
repairs are most welcome.                             the recovery process, better anticipate the need
This part of the track was only used once but I       for additional resources at an incident, and also
cannot in a hurry find which year that was.           monitor the responses from officials in the area
                                                      and thus assist them to be more affective.
The new circuit, built in the 1950s, has never
stopped being updated and the current works
continue that tradition. Ten new garages are being    Race Officials Wanted –
built at the north end of the pit lane, taking the
pit lane further towards Turn 12. The Medical         We have a remarkably stable, reliable and compe-
Centre is being shifted slightly, but will remain     tent team of officials servicing our race meetings,
at the north end of the GP Paddock and the next       but we are in deep need of an infield Flying Squad.
project will be to shift the Scrutiny Bay, work       Danny Jonas is doing a great job busting his gut
sheds, and Muster Shed to a more appropriate          keeping the paddock areas OH&S compliant and
position.                                             Barry Parker has the Marshalling Area ticking
                                                      over, but they both need help.
While the new garages are being built, that end
of the pit lane had to be dug up and Phillip Island   What we want to do is build up a small team of
Operations went to a lot of trouble to put in a       about a dozen officials who can do anything re-
temporary pit entry across the garage founda-         quired in the infield. This could be ideal for those
tions for our recent race meetings. With great        who cannot commit to all of the two or three days
cooperation from the competitors, this worked         required, for those who do not quite have the
fine at the June Race Meetings and we are looking     stamina to stand for a full eight hours trackside
forward to the completion of the whole project        or the flexibility to jump up and down the tyre
in the near future.                                   barriers. With good cooperation and management,
                                                      this team could roster on and off appropriately
In Race Control, work has continued on the CCTV       for the members, and the members could work
(Closed Circuit Television) which allows the opera-   at a number of areas over a Meeting to prevent
tors to focus in on any area of the circuit between   boredom setting in.
the tyre walls and barriers – to a degree that
you can identify an official standing by a car at     The ideal members could be those Phillip Island
Siberia just by playing with the joystick. This has   members who are retired or not committed to
been used for some years at the International         full-time work and where the odd Friday would not
Motorcycle events at the circuit and earlier this     be a problem, parents or partners of officials who
year the circuit management put in a permanent        would like to get involved but do but want to work
                                                      trackside and others who could fit the criteria.
                                                      Anyone interested should either contact David
                                                      Bellenger to get their names on the list, or ring
                                                      me to discuss it further

                                                      (Peter @ 0419 394 631).

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      *   Wills and Probate              *   Subdivisions & Land Development
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2007 PIARC Motorkhana Report

2007 saw change back to the more traditional          Despite a garage penalty on Corridor and a flag
mid winter date for the PIARC Motorkhana, after       on Dollar, Nicholas Charrett (FFCC) in the Class
the successful twilight event of December 2006.       B Escort managed to come away with the best
The decision was partially based on the loss of       overall total time, some 15 seconds ahead of Owen
the sealed surface venue at Somerton and the          Crombie AHSDC) in his Class A 1.3 litre roller
higher likelihood of the Moorabbin Airport venue      skate (Ford KA - a far cry from a Sprite!). Class
to withstand a little rain.                           C was taken out by David Le Mottee (HSCCV)
Drought breaking rains in the week leading up to      in the family’s Suzuki Liana and Adrian Senders
the event, placing an air of doubt over the event’s   (HAC) took the Chrysler Scorpion to the Class
viability with concerns about the ability of the      D win. Terry Jones from HAC had little trouble
surface to stand up to the punishment. A walk         with a few of the tests, racking up two Wrong
around on the Thursday prior to the event didn’t      Directions, four flags and a garage penalty, in the
do much to allay the concerns, but the decision       lone special, finishing 22nd overall.
on whether to run the event was to be held over
until the Saturday. With a little trepidation, the    Each of the production based car classes con-
decision was made to give the event the oppor-        tained at least one junior, most two! The Junior
tunity, based on the fact that there was fairly       category was tight, with 11 seconds between the
good grass coverage and that the sand belt soil       first three, on handicapped times, with Aaron
drains extremely well.                                Gallagher (HSCCV) topping Julian White from
                                                      HRA in the Toyota Corolla by just over 5 seconds,
A little careful selection of tests and location      with Tom Gardiner (AHSDC) a further 6 seconds
of test areas allowed the event to run smoothly       back in the BMW 325E.
without significant damage to the surface.
A healthy field of 40 entries, boosted by the         Unfortunately, yet again, PIARC was not repre-
Austin Healy Sprite Drivers Club and entertaining,    sented at the event, although Warren Reid was
even if sometime wayward, WRX club members,           prepared to run, until we threw a stopwatch at
tackled the twelve tests, comprising of a few         him and sent him off to teach Kym Scorah a little
of the regularly used tests, a number of tests        about motorkhanas
requiring the drivers to decide which path to         – Thanks Warren and Kym. Thanks must also go to
follow and two tests that have been used only         Cameron and Ian Jamieson and Jen Campbell (who
once before (at the 2005 PIARC Motorkhana).           arrived back from England at 5 am the morning
This mix of tests and the very slippery surface,      before) who dragged Alan along too, for manning
especially early on, caused a number of time          the stop watches on the other two test areas; our
penalties to be applied, with Wrong Direction         stewards, Mark Scorah and Karen Balcombe, as
penalties being the preference, however a number      well as Chief of Rakes: Peter Nelson, and David
of competitors fell foul of the slippery surface      Bellenger and Ken Smith for their assistance
in the finish garages.                                setting up.

                                                      Feedback from the event has been positive, with
                                                      many of the drivers commenting that the surface
                                                      seemed to be more consistent with the moisture
                                                      At this stage, the plan for next year is to try
                                                      to keep a similar date, dependant on the club’s
                                                      commitments, and further enhance the facility
                                                      that is so close to our Melbourne base.

 piarc notes

Clubman Of The Year Listing

1965     George Thomas        1986   Mario Napoleone

1966     Don Woods            1987   Ashley Benjamin

1967     Bruce Johnson        1988   Jim Halkyard

1968     Graeme Brookes       1989   Peter Nelson

1969     Bill Hamon           1990   Bill Mahoney

1970     Wal Head             1991   NOT PRESENTED

1971     Trevor Woods         1992   Barkway Family

1972     Brian Ovenden        1993   Geoff Bull

1973     Lynne De Luca        1994   Wal Head

1974     Ken Smith            1995   Fred Menheere

1975     Warren Reid          1996   David Balcombe

1976     Ken Johnston         1997   Belinda Taylor

1977     Ken Johnston         1998   Andy Dobbyn

1978     NOT PRESENTED        1999   Sean Bartlett

1979     NOT PRESENTED        2001   Alison Balcombe

1980     Alan Campbell        2002   Brian Williams

1981     Alan Campbell        2003   Tony Van den Dungen

1982     Geoff Pederson       2004   Rebecca Humphreys

1983     Andrew Heathershaw   2005   Matt Balcombe

1984     Ray Humphreys        2006   Renee Pickering

1985     Simon Grant          2007   Colin Smith

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More Bits ‘N’ Pieces - September
COTY DINNER A GREAT                                     ANOTHER GOOD RACE MEETING – the August
SUCCESS                                                 SNMRC

The COTY Dinner has come and gone (as they say)         The other major event for August was the
and we have a few more members worthily recog-          Shannons Nationals Motor Racing Championships
nized for their efforts within our sport.               (SNMRC) race meeting run by the club at Phillip
                                                        Island. It almost gets tiring having to report that
Colin Smith was anointed as the PIARC Winston           the “Meeting Was a Great Success”, but it was in
Maguire Clubman of the Year at the dinner, in           the areas that we believe are important.
recognition of his work in Race Control at our race     Racing was good most of the time, weather
meetings at Philip Island. Primarily, Colin is one of   was disastrous but at least a challenge, driving
our senior Clerks of Course, but he has also done       standards were in the main very good, category
a lot of work on the Race Control Administration        cooperation (becoming more important in these
side of things with report processing, and with         days of category managers at national events)
judicial side of the events.                            was great, we had an increased team of officials
                                                        making it all happen, and while the paddock and pit
The PIARC John Lanyon Competitor of the                 lane were in the middle of a major development
Year was Marcus Zucanovic in recognition for            effort, the circuit was in good shape and provided
his strong performance in V8 Supercars, while           cars stayed on the black stuff, we had few delays
publicly presenting as a PIARC member, and Rod          because of incidents.
Stevens was the PIARC Club Competitor of the            Thanks to the PIOps management and staff who
Year, having returned to competition for a “bit         worked hard to ensure that their works program
of fun” in his Honda, many years after retiring         had minimal intrusion into what we were doing. The
from the national Touring Car scene around the          event covered its costs which is a great tribute
race tracks.                                            to our Race Organising Committee and Meeting
                                                        Executive. The finances are based on the needs
We congratulate all three members for these             of the collective promoters of rounds of the
awards, and also Mark Scorah who coordinated            series, and as PIARC is the only promoter that
the dinner with strong back-up from Kym, Matt           has to lay out a track hire fee in advance of the
and Karen, and Ross and Chris. The Brighton Savoy       Meeting, to make it work is a great credit to the
turned out to be a great venue for the occasion         club. We believe in the event as a major addition
and changes to past arrangements such as a D-J          to the national scene and have supported it and
instead of a band and with Geoff Bull taking on         its predecessors from the start a few years back
the MC role following Darren’s retirement, were         when we worked with Chris Hocking to provide an
most successful. I have no doubt that the many          avenue for national categories that opted out of
that attended will return next year with bells          being supports for the V8 Supercars.
on. Thanks Mark and the team for a job very well        To have categories such as the GTs now going
done.                                                   from strength to strength is a great thrill and
                                                        justification for the work put in, not only by the
The COTY Dinner has been going on for over fifty        promoters but by the category managers who work
years now, starting with full-blown tuxedo type         so hard to keep their “charges” in line, and by
Dinner-Dances at the Stardust Room in St Kilda.         Rob Curkpatrick (the Series Director), who works
We have proof of that by-the-way, with film of          continually at keeping all the players inline with
Ken Smith showing up well in a blue-glitter tuxedo      the series policies, yet listens well when advise is
on the dance floor well before his dancing legs         provided that may help the series.
gave up on him. It is great to see such events are
being maintained in formats that suit the times,        We have put our name down for next year
and not being allowed to fade away because of           already.
lost relevance.

 piarc notes

PIARC Motorkhana Series 2006
                                2006 PIARC Motorkhana Pointscore
                                        HAC       HSCCV       VMCi       TCCA       CRBCC    NCCA       FFCC       PIARC
                                       Werribee   Werribee   Werribee   Werribee   Somerton Somerton   Tooradin   Moorabbin
                                        19-       5-Mar-      14-    28-           2-Jul-   22-Oct-    7-Nov-     2-Dec-
                                       Feb-06       06       May-06 May-06          06        06         06         06
                                Best   Round      Round      Round      Round      Round    Round      Round
    Name                Car      6/8     1          2          3          4          5        6          7        Round 8
Class A
Peter van der
Burg               Familia                                      9

Class B
Don Woods          MG                                                                                                9

Class C
Matt Balcombe      Laser TX3              9                                                                          9
Trevor Ellington   Citroen C4                                                                                        9
Warren Reid        Mazda MX6                                                                                         6
Davidson           Citroen C4                                                                                        4
Class D
Michael Johnson    Clubsport              9          9

Class E
                                 0        0          0          0          0          0        0          0          0

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Changes to Yellow Flag Rules                                                     Sept 2007

                                                   This clause will now be removed and the use
                                                   of a motionless yellow flag will be discon-
                                                   tinued. CAMS is obliged to keep the yellow flag
                                                   rules in line with the ISC, so a new clause will
                                                   be added stating that the Clerk of the Course
                                                   has the authority to order waved yellow flags
                                                   to be shown at more than one marshals’ post
                                                   preceding an incident (as opposed to motionless
                                                   yellow flags), for areas of particular concern.

                                                   CAMS will be liaising closely with the relevant
As of 1 January 2008, the rules for the usage      competitor and official groups in each state to
of Yellow Flags in Australian motor racing will    ensure full understanding and consistency with
change to bring it into line with the FIA Inter-   the implementation of this rule change. CAMS
national Sporting Code (ISC). This comes partly    will issue a Bulletin to this effect shortly with
via instructions received from the FIA indicat-    the new wording to be as follows:
ing that the use and meaning of signalling flags   3.1.2 Flag signals to be used at flag posts:
continues to vary from country to country, and
that all ASNs must make every effort to bring      (b) Yellow flag: This is a signal of dan-
national, as well as international events into     ger and should be shown to drivers in
line with Appendix H of the ISC which contains     two ways with the following meanings:
the standard code of usage for flag signals.       Single waved: Reduce your speed, do not over-
                                                   take and be prepared to change direction.
In its current format, the rules governing track   There is a hazard beside or partly on the track.
control and flag signalling in the CAMS Manual     Double waved: Reduce your speed,
of Motor Sport includes a clause stating the       do not overtake and be prepared to
following in relation to yellow flags:             change direction or stop. There is a haz-
“To allow drivers to brake in good time, this      ard wholly or partly blocking the track.
being necessary because of the presence of
an obstacle in the sector where the yellow         Yellow  flags  should normally    be
flag/s is/are being waved, the preceding flag      shown only at the marshals’ post im-
post will give a warning signal in the form of     mediately   preceding  the   hazard.
a yellow flag being shown motionless, ie, a
warning signal shall be given at the two posts     In some cases however the Clerk of the Course
preceding a hazard.”                               may order them to be shown at more than
                                                   one marshals’ post preceding an incident.

                                                   Overtaking is not permitted between
                                                   the first yellow flag and the green
                                                   flag displayed after the incident.

                                                   Yellow flags should not be shown in the pit lane
                                                   unless there is an incident of which the driver
                                                   should be made aware.

piarc notes

August Club Night
   Guest Speaker
                                                       four and a half years, the second longest appointment
                                                       in CAMS’S history. Two and a half years more that
                                                       many of his predecessors. This position saw him CEO
                                                       of not only CAMS but also AMSC (Australian Motor
                                                       Sport Commission), AMSF (Australian Motor Sport
                                                       Foundation) and AIMSS. A dedication to motor
                                                       sport and regulating its safety was influenced by his
                                                       father who was a Transport Manager for Mobil and
                                                       attendance at the family course provided by the Police
                                                       Motor Driving School at Dawson Street Brunswick.

  Rob Nethercote,                                      The CEO for CAMS and AMSC and Sec for
                                                       AMSF and AIMSS at present is Graham Fountain.
  General Manager of                                   Quinton Cromby is the General Manager for AMSF
the Australian Institute                               and Rob for AIMSS. The load now being shared.
for Motor Sport Safety Ltd.                            CAMS currently has 17,000 registered drivers,
                                                       11,000 accredited officials and 98 working groups
Who convinced Jackie Stewart to put on a seatbelt      to handle all the facets of the organization.
when he was racing in F1? In which F1 car? What
year? Who was the last F1 driver to die leaving        AIMSS had its launch on 15th March 2007 at the
his car whilst racing? What was he driving and         Australian F1 Grand Prix, with Prof Sid Watkins
where? What year did Allan Moffat first wear a         (FIA Institute Pres.) and Sir Jackie Stewart.
seatbelt? What was Allan Moffat’s Professional car
debut and in which year? Who previously drove it?       The three main components for road safety are 1)
                                                       the car- ANCAP has a safety rating for cars, air
Yes! This was our introduction from Rob Nethercote…    bags especially side curtains are the biggest safety
.a trivia quiz….after firstly apologizing for Allan    feature for closed cars so far in preventing the impact
Moffat’s absence due to illness and thanking PIARC     with the steering wheel and the side pillars. 2) The
for being the first Car Club to join AIMSS as a        roads which have now been rated for improvement.
Corporate Member, for our support whilst Rob was       3) the Driver and Rob is concerned that there
CEO of CAMS and for giving him his greatest moment     seems to be negativity to driver training courses.
in Motor Sport…a ‘Pole’ position at Phillip Island.
                                                       He spoke about the HANS device for neck protection
The answers: Jackie Stewart was racing a BRM in 1967   and having a good helmet, the more expensive the better.
when Michael Henderson insisted he wear a seatbelt.    It was here that Rob showed us a helmet worn by his son,
The last F1 driver to die was Jim Clarke in            David, whilst racing his Historic Lola T342 Formula Ford
1968 whilst driving a Lotus at Zandvoort.              that flipped and remained upside down until it stopped.
Allan Moffat first wore a seatbelt in 1962             Unfortunately the roll bar failed and David’s helmet clad
driving a Triumph TR3. His first professional          head scrapped the black top all the way. Fortunately the
car was a Lotus Cortina whilst competing               helmet, now useless and sporting a long, wide white stripe
at Sandown in the 1964 6 Hour race.                    where the surface was ground away, was of superior
That was interesting, and ‘No’, I didn’t know          construction and David survived with no head injury.
any of the answers… all a bit before my time.
Rob held his former position as CEO of CAMS
(Confederation of Australian Motor Sport) for

                                                                                                Cont. next page
                                                                                 access to motor sport

August Club Night Cont.

When Bernie Eccelston bought the rights to Formula 1      (Monash University Accident research Centre.-leaders
the sum paid went to the Federation Internationale de     in motor sport safety research) and University of
l’Automobile Foundation which has two arms - Touring      Tasmanian) willing to do research with AIMSS.
and Motor Sport. in all countries that run motor sport    Also Rod N. will approach businesses to fund the
events. The FIA Institute for Motor Sport Safety          $40,000 research grants over three years for a
has received some of these funds and is researching       PhD student to conduct a project for our benefit.
many projects; currently one involves developing a        2) The life of seat belts-Rob Chadwick
helmet for Karting with children’s proportions in mind.   3)     Analysis      of    Crash       Data-     Tom
                                                          Gibson         and      Christine         Bethwaite.
It is this sort of achievement that CAMS wants            4) Extrication and Rally Safety- Ed Ordinski.
AIMSS to mirror, in Australia.                            5) ‘Black Box’ in V8 Supercars – similar GPS for AFL
                                                          and aeroplanes
Rob as General Manager is supported by the rest           6) Age of Drivers/Car components.
of the Board of Directors; Chairman Michael               7) Iron Man Barriers – computer Simulations.
Henderson, Bob Glindemann, Allan Moffat,
Colin    Osborne and Andrew Papadopoulos.                 To date membership take-up has been excellent but
AIMSS has a Research Advisory Group, Michael              there is no limit to numbers joining.
Henderson being the Chairperson, Tony Caldersmith         Car Manufacturers consist of Toyota, Subaru,
(Historic Eligibility Committee), Robert Chadwick         Porsche, and Holden, together with Zagame
(Technical Committee), Dr Tom Gibson (Head                Automotive
and Neck expert), Richard Hollway FIA Closed              Corporations: Australian Grand Prix Corp. V8 Super
Car Working Group) Ed Ordinski (ARC Chairman              Car Association, SAMSB, F3 Ass., ANDRA, NASR.
and seven times Australian Rally Champion),               Motor Racing Ministries- Sports Chaplains of
and Prof Rod Troutbeck (Racetrack expert).                Australia.
                                                          Circuits – Phillip Island, Eastern Creek, Mallala.
 A Technical Seminar will be held on 12th October for     Clubs- PIARC and Team Medical Australia.
all in the motor sport world and a strategic planning     Professional Memberships are also available with
session the next day for AIMSS members to look            numerous benefits.
at where AIMSS will go over the next five years.          More information is available on line at
Projects as discussed on the 1st May saw 1) approaches or email
to all 37 Universities of which so far two responded
                                                          Sue Halliwell   ‘( )’

piarc notes

Clubmember Competitor                                              John Pagonas

                                           Lotus Exige

                            Australian Performance Car Championship

                                         Winton April 07

                                           Pole Position

                                            1st Overall

                                   Has never recorded a DNF

                                       Clean Track Record

                             Came 3rd outright in first year of racing

                                  Sponsorship is most welcomed

                          John and his Lotus racecar in action on the track.

        This presentation is new to the magazine.
        Are you a competitor in our favoured sport? If so send a photo of your beast and a brief
        outline of yourself and your prized possession so that we can show all. Come on, don't be
        afraid and send something. You don't have to be a racer you may be a recovery driver,
        send a photo of your beast and the crew who may work with you. Com on, ave a go, you
        can email your contribution to the magazine address or by normal mail, your photo will
        be returned.

                                                                                                                    access to motor sport

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2007-08 PIARC Memberships Due
                             Insect Repellent
You will have been be sent a Membership Renewal
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form in a separate mailing, �����������������������                                last year but this will only work if you all renew
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Happy Birthday to All

        ����� ��������      ���������������     �������������
        ���������           � ������            ������������

        ���� ������         ����� ���������     ��������������
        � ���������         � ������            ���������

        ����� ����          ���� ���            ����������
        � ���������         � ���������         ������������

        ������ ������       ������������        ��������������
        � ���������         ������������        ���������
        �������������                           ������������
        � ������            ������� ������      ���������
        ���� �������                            ��������������
        � ������            ����� ������        ���������
        �����������                             ����������������
        � ���������         ����� ����          ������������
        �����������                             ����������
        � ���������         ������ �������      ������������
        �������������                           ��������������
        � ���������         �����������������   ���������
        ��������������                          ���� ���������
        � ���������         ���� ������         ���������
        ����������                              �����������������
        � ���������         ������������        ������������
        ���������                               �����������
        ���������           ����� ����          ������������
        � ���������         ������������

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                                                access to motor sport

Birthday's Cont.

    ���������������        �����������         ������ ������
    ������������           ���������           ������������

    ��������� �������      �������������       ���� ���������
    ������������           ������������        ������������

    ��������������         ����� �����         �����������
    ������������           ������������        ���������

    ��������               ������� ���������   ��������������
    ������������           ���������           ���������

    �������������          ������������        ��� ���������
    ������������           ���������           ���������

    ���������              ��������������      ��������� �����
    ������������           ������������        ������������

    ��� ������             ����� �������       ������������
    ������������           ���������           ��������
    �������������          ���� �������
    ���������              ���������           ����� �����
    �������������          ����� ���������
    ���������              ���������           �������� ����

  piarc notes

To Darwin And Beyond
With The Kage's (by Mrs.Kage)

I have just finished reading the May edition of      Day 2 saw us mucking around and not leaving until
PIARC Notes and see that in PGN’s Remember           nearly 8.30, got to the border at 10, so back
Back When? he mentioned that Lyn & Kage were         to 9.30 we go (you beauty gained 30 minutes)
heading bush for some 9 weeks – well guess           – Adelaide Hills for lunch at about 1 and off
what? We have just been bush again but for           again. Pt. Augusta for the night arriving there
only 6 weeks this time. (Can‘t get him away from     at 5 ish. Came across some friends of friends,
that truck for too long).                            not bad for only day 2.
Last year after our annual Darwin trip we de-        Up and at em the next day leaving Pt. Augusta
cided that this year we would take some extra        at 7.30 – Glendambo @ 10.30 for petrol, (153.9
time and drive up with the caravan but with fit-     per litre) and then on to Coober Pedy for lunch.
ting the trip into racing calendars it meant that    If you have never been to Coober Pedy it is a
we would not be able to leave Melbourne until        place you need to see, not necessarily more than
the Monday of the Queen’s Birthday weekend           once but in our case this was our 2nd visit and you
(can’t miss an Island meeting).                      guessed it, nothing has changed. Up and down the
Home we come from the Island on the Sunday           main street once, a couple of souvenirs, petrol
night and get ourselves organized with the fi-       and off again. This time out destination is Marla
nal things on Monday morning. Kage has said          for the night. A Roadhouse, come Motel, Caravan
goodbye to his truck for 6 weeks, the cats for       Park some 700 odd K’s from Pt. Augusta. Met
6 weeks and hopefully our house still in one         up with quite a few people traveling back from
piece after six weeks (Gregg’s the house and         the Finke Desert Rally which had just finished
cat sitter).                                         in Alice Springs. Lots of sad tales and we heard
Off we go at 11 am and head for Horsham for          of a few broken bones, etc.
the night. Ballarat at 1 pm and we are cruising.     The weather up until now was nothing startling
Stop for lunch just out of Ballarat and then         and although Kage was in shorts and T shirt
off again. Lots of hills, as most people would       (pretending he was still at work) I hadn’t made
know and today we were battling the wind – still     it into the shorts yet, unfortunately the tem-
cruising though. Just out of Dadswells Bridge        peratures were not getting over the 15 or 16
Kage just happens to mention that the orange         degree mark and yes the heater had been on
light is on (you got it – the petrol gauge light).   every night so far.
I ask “how long has it been on” – “dunno – for       Days 4 & 5 were spent getting to and enjoying
a little while” comes the answer. This is not        Uluru where we just had a short 245K detour
good because I’m the one that normally drives        each way to visit friends who live and work there.
the car and I know roughly how far I’ve got to       Wayne (friend of son David) and Jeannie (daugh-
go before petrol is needed. We are now some          ter of ex PIARC member Jeff Davidson) have
37km’s out of Horsham and I’m not very confi-        been there now for some 12 months and enjoy
dent that we are even going to make it. This is      the lifestyle and the money. Wayne arranged
not good for day 1 out of Melbourne. The time        a bus tour for us (he works for AAT) which was
has come to back off a bit to conserve juice so      most enjoyable and interesting listening to him
down to 80kph we go – lucky not much traffic         tell us all of the history of the area. The Sunset
traveling our way. Made it into the Caravan Park     Tour with drinks and nibbles was most enjoyable
at Horsham by 3.45 and after getting van set         – yeah I know but somebody has to do it.
up (push up the roof, turn down the jacks and        Day 6 and Alice Springs here we come – a one
connect the power) off we go into town to get        night stop so lots to see that we haven’t seen
petrol – 68.5 litres into a 70 litre tank and we     before – lst stop the Truck Hall of Fame – most
also thought it would be a good idea to fill up      interesting and I don’t think we did it much jus-
the empty 20 litre jerry can at the same time
(who says he’s not getting old).
                                                                                       access to motor sport

PIARC Speed Event Series 2006

                                     2006 PIARC Speed Event Pointscore
                                      PIARC PIARC PIARC FFCC PIARC                       HSCCV      FFCC
                                      Phillip Phillip Phillip HSCCV Phillip NCCA         Morwell   HSCCV   Phillip
                                      Island Island Island     Sand Island Sand          H/climb    Sand   Island
                                        5-     7-               25-             30-       27-      15-      12-
                                       Feb-   May-    4-Jun-   Jun-     16-     Jul-      Aug-     Oct-     Nov-
                                        06     06       06      06     Jul-06   06         06      06        06
                              Best    Round   Round   Round    Round   Round    Round              Round
    Name            Car        7        1       2       3        4       5        6      Round 7     8     Round 9

Class A                        0        0      0        0       0        0       0
Rod Stevens     Honda CRX     45        9      9        9       0        9       0         0         0       9
                Mini Cooper
Peter Jaman     S             15        0      0        0       0        0       9         0         0       6
Zhou Zewen      Civic          9        0      0        0       0        0       0         0         9       0
David Watson Pulsar            6        0      0        0       0        0       6         0         0       0
Sean Herlihy    Holden P/V     6        0      6        0       0        0       0         0         0       0
H Reynolds      Fulvia         6        0      0        0       0        6       0         0         0       0
Class B                        0        0      0        0       0        0       0         0         0       0
Adam            MG B
Davidson        Roadster      27        0      0        9       0        9       0         0         0       9
Mark Sebire     Holden EH      9        0      0        0       9        0       0         0         0       0
Shaun Chew      IS200          9        9      0        0       0        0       0         0         0       0
Daniel Piazza   Cortina        9        0      9        0       0        0       0         0         0       0
Paul Stratman 205              6        0      0        0       0        6       0         0         0       0
Graham          Mazda MX
Bentley         5              6        0      0        0       6        0       0         0         0       0
Class C                        0        0      0        0       0        0       0         0         0       0
Robinson        300zx         15        0      0        0       0        0       0         0         9       6
                Mini Cooper
Adam Rose       S Works        9        9      0        0       0        0       0         0         0       0
Steven          Porsche
Cadden          911            9        0      0        0       0        0       0         0                 9
Michael         Mazda
Poelwyk         SP23           6        6      0        0       0        0       0         0         0       0
Brett Fairey    300ZX          4        0      0        0       0        0       0         0         0       4
Class D                        0        0      0        0       0        0       0         0         0       0
Ivan Klasan     BMW M3        30        6      6        6       0        6       6         0         0       0

  piarc notes

To Darwin And Beyond Cont.

tice spending only 2 hours there. Caravan Park         to get a bit cheesed off – he has put a sign on
next and then off to visit more friends – Ron &        the back of the van saying what radio channel
Heather Rouse (Ron was a Recovery guy for some         we are on but nobody is talking to us. Not to
years at the GP and also Darwin). Nice to catch        worry everybody who tows a caravan anywhere
up with them but off we go again.                      out there spends their time waving as they pass
Next morning before leaving Alice we went to the       you so our time was spent waving to everybody
local Wildlife Park (most interesting) but flew        – now he thinks he will need to invent a sign or
through there as it was freezing and raining.          a hand that when he pushes a button on the
Kage was now hoping that the up hill battle (yep all   steering wheel the sign will light up with “hello”
the way from Pt. Augusta) was going to go away.        or “the hand will wave” – we will see!!!
I told him it was up hill all the way – that’s what    Through Elliott (don’t stop there –OK) to Daly
the map shows – you go up the map from Adelaide        Waters Hotel and boy is there some history or
to Darwin – and we sure did.                           tales to tell in that place. The Hotel itself was
I was now working on a little tourist book that        built in the 1920’s and holds the longest liquor
we were given at the Caravan Show with lots of         license in the N.T. which it has had since the
things of interest having been marked in there         1930’s. You name it and it is on the walls and
for us. Stop at Aileron see the statue on the          ceilings (money, credit cards, licenses, bras,
hill – yep did that – stop at Ti Tree - Mango wine     knickers, it’s all there). I hope it never goes
and ice-cream – yep did that – (ask Kage about         up in smoke. Every night they have a Barra &
the wine) – Barrow Creek – yep nothing – not even      Beef Menu with salads etc along with entertain-
any petrol – can understand how Peter Falconio         ment and it appears that it is a must go there
can’t be found – lots of bushes, etc.                  at least once.
Onto Wycliffe Well for the night where we were         Great fun. Caravan Park attached but you need
treated to a Roadhouse full of info on UFO’s and       to get in early to get a powered site – which
every beer that you could think of. Kage did try       we didn’t and yep my first boo boo is about to
some out!! The caravan park had a small train          take place. No worries out with the gas light
which we had a ride on, cause we could and then        and bottle – glass broken but hey it’s ok. “Get
of course had to go into the bar and also stayed       us the other gas bottle for the spare fridge”
for tea. Came across our first lot of V8 people        – ahh– “Haven’t got one” says me. “You what”
heading for Darwin – Britek Merchandising – had        –“You heard - but I’ve got the regulator”. Si-
a chat and then off to bed. Britek were gone the       lence – we are now even – 1 gas bottle still at
next morning having joined up with their trans-        home against 1 empty Jerry Can. The grog
porter and also that of Perkins Racing.                and drink fridge survived the cold night so all
Back to the book for day 8– Devils Marbles             is still OK.
– there are actually lots not just the one lot         Day 9 (Tuesday 19th) – Darwin here we come.
that you always see in photos – Tennant Creek          To Adelaide River, to our favorite pub for lunch
– yep – had a quick look and moved on. Three           – Barra & Chips. They also have a wonderful War
Ways - quick stop (some more transporters) and         Cemetery there, so if you ever go to Adelaide
off to Renner Springs (the book says best steak        River make sure you go and have a look.
sandwiches and the coldest beer) – they were           Just over 100k’s to go. Arrived Darwin 3 pm,
right – HUGE- not much for tea tonight. Petrol         showered, washed and all organized with Annex
now getting up 173.9.                                  up (lst time) with even the beds made up for
More transporters, Dunlop and Carrera Cup be-          the Darwin boarders (Jason & Bec) who will
hind us so Kage has a chat to them on the radio        be arriving tomorrow night at some ridiculous
and away they go. By this stage he is starting         hour.

                                                                   access to motor sport

Club Regalia

OFFICIALS SHIRT @ $40.00                       BEANIES @ $15.00 ea.
(Short sleeve and pocket) Sizes:               (Black)
                                               WET WEATHER SETS @ 70.00
OFFICIALS SHIRT @ $40.00                       (White with PIARC on back) Sizes
(Long sleeve and pocket) Sizes:                M,L,XL,XXL,XXXL
                                               PIARC CLOTH BADGES @ $5 ea.
$35.00                                         PIARC “ACCESS TO MOTORSPORT”
(Bottle Green) Sizes: S,M,L,XL,XXL,(XXXL       Stickers @ $2.00 ea.
                                               PIARC "SHIELD STICKERS" @ 2.00 ea.
(Black with patterned collar) Sizes            PIARC “RADIATOR BADGE” @ $20.00
S,M,L,XL,XXL                                   ea.

250 GM PIQUE POLO SHIRT @ 40.00                PIARC “LAPEL PINS” @ $10.00 ea.
(White with Striped collar) Sizes
S,M,L,XL,XXL                                   reduced prices
                                               Yellow Rugby Tops - White Rugby Tops -
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(Bottle Green with white stripe in collar)     Overalls -
Sizes S,M,L,XL,XXL                             Old Style Wet Weather gear and Old Style
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POLO FLEECE 1/2 ZIPP @ $50.00
(Bottle Green with side pockets) Sizes
S,M,L,XL,XXL                                   FOR ALL CLUB GEAR PLEASE CONTACT:

(Black & Charcoal with side pockets)           Chris Earl

                                               Phone 9570-3918
(Black & Red with polar fleece lining) Sizes   Or See me at
                                               CLUB NIGHT /
CAPS @ 15.00 ea.
(Two tone Forest & Fawn)
                                               SPRINTS /
                                               RACE MEETINGS

 piarc notes

To Darwin And Beyond Cont.

We have at this stage done about 4400 Km’s            down the Esplanade a bit further, turn right up
and used 843.5 litres of petrol. It’s called SKI      Peel Street and on the corner of Smith Street
(spend the kids inheritance).                         – hey presto – Shananighans Pub (also just the
                                                      spot to watch the V8 convoy from if you are in
The next 8 days were spent in Darwin playing          town for the race).
at the V8’s – Kage in Race Control as the Emer-
gency Services Coordinator – Bec as his Assistant     When you have finished being refreshed you can
– Jason as Chief Recovery playing up and down         head north and hopefully if the tide is right you
the drag strip in our car (hope you saw it on TV.)    can visit Doctors Gully for the fish feeding. If
and me moving across from the Paddock Office          not, head for Cullen Bay (lots more Restaurants)
this year to the Event Management Office (quite       where you can book yourself onto a boat tour
different but most enjoyable).                        of the Darwin Harbour, catch a ferry across
Our first day is spent sitting at a pub having        to the Cox Peninsula (Mandorah Pub is meant
lunch and watching the V8 Transporter convoy          to be good – yet to do this trip) or watch the
that travels through Darwin. What a spectacular       comings and goings of the Lock Master with all
event and it is fantastic to see most of the town     the fancy boats coming in and out of the bay.
turn out for it. Speaking to the driver of the        Lots of Apartments at Cullen Bay also, which
Jack Daniels Truck (he lives near us) even the        are available for holiday stays.
drivers think it is fantastic. The rest of our time   Still heading north you have the Sky City Casino
is at the circuit and then out for tea each night     near Mindil Beach (Market held every Thursday
usually to somewhere different where we usually       night between May & October), just up the road
meet up with other Officials from Interstate.         is the Museum (great display on Cyclone Tracy)
Our last day is spent with a bit of sightseeing       and then at East Point in the now Recreation
and also shopping (got to take stuff home). Off       Reserve is the Military Museum.
to the Airport again for Jason & Bec and then it      Heading back out of town off to the left hand
is time for us to think about packing up, washing     side of the Stuart Highway which by now (if
again, some shopping and moving on.                   driving) you will have realized takes you just
                                                      about to everywhere in and around Darwin you
Now before we move on from Darwin let me tell         will find the Crocodile Park where these little
you what a great place it is and a place well worth   treasures do their jumping bit.
a visit. Not a place to do an injustice to by only    I think I have told you enough about Darwin to
visiting for a couple of days.                        wet your appetite and make you want to visit.
Although Darwin has suffered at the hands of          Now you have made it to Darwin for a look
the World War 11 and Cyclone Tracy there is still     around you also need to visit Kakadu for a look
plenty to see in town. Stokes Wharf with its Res-     see. Lots to see on the way in with more Jump-
taurants, Australian Pearling Exhibition, WW11        ing Croc’s at Mary River. Once in the Park the
Oil Storage Tunnels, Government House which           Bowali Centre at Jabiru worth while, out to the
is next door to Survivors Lookout, Parliament         Border Store and a visit to Ubirr (Crocodile
House, The Old Court House and the Old Town           Dundee country), a boat trip on the East Alli-
Hall which are all within easy walking distance       gator River. Back into Jabiru and a plane flight
of one another. Just around the corner and still      over the escarpment down over Twin Falls and
walking is the War Memorial in Bicentennial Park      Jim Jim Falls (excellent). Don’t turn around now
with Old Admiralty House and Lyons Cottage just       and go back, travel on down to Cooinda and take
opposite. If you are starting to get hungry and       a trip on the Yellow Waters Cruise (this is the
need a good Irish Beer as well, then take a stroll    one you see in all the photos). Very different

                                                                   access to motor sport

Phillip Island Lap Records                                         at 12/8/07
OUTRIGHT               SIMON     WILLS          REYNARD 94D        2/13/00    1.24.2215
FORMULA 4000           SIMON     WILLS          REYNARD 94D        2/13/00    1.24.2215
FORMULA 3              JAMES     CRESSEY        DALLARA SPEISS     8/10/03    1.27.1923
FORMULA FORD Kent      TYLER     MECKLEM        VAN DIEMAN RF91 5/16/99       1.40.1079
FORMULAFORDFiesta JOSHUA         SCOTT          SPECTRUM 011       12/10/06   1.39.5334
FORMULA VEE 1200       DANIEL    REINHARDT      ELFIN              9/4/05     1.56.8004
FORMULA VEE 1600       GEORGE    PANAGIOTIDIS IRWIN                22/10/06   1.53.7477
V8 SUPERCARS           CRAIG     LOWNDES        COMMODORE VT       5/16/99    1.33.4389
SUPER TOURING          GEOFF     BRABHAM        BMW 320i           6/1/97     1.37.1706
NATIONS CUP/ GT        PAUL      STOKELL        LAMBORGHINI        8/10/03    1.34.1058

GT PRODUCTION/PCCA     LEIGH     MERTENS        COMMODORE VY GTS   5/6/07     1.50.7441
A (OVER 3001cc)        WARICK    MASSEY         MAZDA RX7          5/7/95     1.46.5800
B (2001-3000cc)        ROHAN     AMBROSE        MAZDA RX7          9/12/99    1.46.0362
C (1601-2000cc)        JOHN      RANDALL        DATSUN 1600        9/12/99    1.50.3537
D (UNDER 1600cc)       DAVID     LOFTUS         TOYOTA STARLET     11/24/02   1.54.2041
HQ HOLDENS             DAVID     WOOD           HOLDEN HQ          6/12/99    2.01.6608
COMMODORE CUP          MARCUS    ZUKANOVIC      COMMODORE VS       5/20/06    1.47.9135
SALOON CARS            KRIS      WALTON         FALCON AU          8/19/06    1.50.8138
MIRAGE                 TROY      HUNT           MIRAGE             9/22/02    1.53.0016
V8 UTES                MARCUS    ZUKANOVIC      FALCON BF XR8      8/20/06    1.51.9799
A (OVER 4001-6000cc)   TONY      RICCIARDELLO   ALFETTAGTV CHEV    5/22/05    1.31.8804
B (3001-4000cc)        LUKE      YOULDEN        MAZDA RX7          4/14/02    1.34.8902
C (2001-3000cc)        RICHARD   CATCHLOVE      MAZDA RX7          6/9/02     1.39.8284
D (1301-2001cc)        BRYCE     PETER-BUDGE    PEUGEOT 406        9/7/03     1.42.7417
E (UNDER 1301cc)       BARRY     DEVLIN         MINI COOPER S      6/12/99    1.56.3401
MARQUE SPORTS          ALLAN     SIMONSEN       FERRARI 360        11/25/06   1.34.6990
MG RACING              MORT      FITZGERALD     MGB V8             9/7/03     1.40.1616
MGF                    ROBERT    D’ERCOLE       MGF 160 TROPHY     4/13/03    2.00.4539
PORSCHE D/CHALLENGE    BRYCE     WASHINGTON     PORSCHE GT3        8/21/05    1.37.4727
CARRERA CUP            DAVID     REYNOLDS       PORSCHE GT3        12/10/06   1.35.5238
PORSCHE 944            ROBERT    LANGE          PORSCHE 944        9/5/03     1.51.7969
100cc NGB JUNIOR       DEAN      CROOKE                            3/26/00    2.07.3000
100cc SENIOR           ROD       CLARKE                            9/15/02    2.10.9000
125cc MAX              JASON     McINTYRE                          9/15/02    1.57.2420
80cc JUNIOR            PETER     GAZZALON                          2/21/04    2.13.0000
80cc SENIOR            TROY      BYRON                             3/28/99    1.51.6000
125cc                  STEVE     CROSSLAND                         3/18/01    1.43.0000

 piarc notes

To Darwin And Beyond Cont.

from the one at the Border Store but both of           head for Cape Crawford which would then take us
them well worth while                                  out to the Gulf. From there it would be back to
Now that you have come this far you might just         Cape Crawford for fuel and it would be in the next
as well travel the extra how ever many km’s and        stretch south to Barkly Homestead that the fuel
go down to Katherine – the Gorge is well worth         would be needed.
the trip.                                              Well forget all that – just short of Daly Waters
It’s now about turn and head back towards Darwin       we saw off in the distance the Britek Bus heading
– along the way Edith Falls (haven’t done that bit     home, it just seemed a bit strange that we were
either) Pine Creek and then of course Adelaide         actually catching it and rather fast at that. Yep we
River for a visit to the War Cemetery and lunch at     caught it alright and when in the middle of checking
the Pub (you will also get to see Charlie (Crocodile   with them on the radio to see if they were OK, we
Dundee fame) and his mate.                             realized we were looking at the back of the bus
From Adelaide River it is a mere 30km to the           backing back up the highway towards us – not once
turn off to Batchelor (the town built for the Rum      did it register with us that the tri-axle trailer was
Jungle Mine) and I would suggest you take some         not there but nicely placed off in the scrub on the
more time out (Motel & C/Park there) to visit          left hand side of the road just beside us as we
Litchfield National Park. Very different from          pulled up. Spent the rest of the day giving them
Kakadu, with easily accessible falls and walks.        a hand to get it back into Daly Waters Roadhouse
Swimming in most places especially Bueley Rock         via tow truck (Kage was in seventh heaven again!!)
Holes.                                                 then unpacking the contents of said trailer into
If you are nearly traveled out you can always go       the bus. Spent that night at the Daly Waters Pub
to the Northern Territory Wildlife Park as a day       again and this time enjoying the meal. After talk-
trip from Darwin, once again well worth while.         ing to some people there we were told Borooloola
Well after all that sightseeing and traveling you      was a great place for fishing people which we are
need one more good meal before you leave the           not – so much for the extra jerry can!!
Territory – this is a must. Tim’s Surf & Turf          Back to the original plans and off to Barkly
which is situated at 10 Litchfield Street and also     Homestead via Renner Springs, had a cold beer
goes under that name as well. If you get to go         this time (petrol 173.9), and Three Ways where
there be warned, the meals are HUGE and don’t          we stopped for lunch. Arrived Barkly Homestead
forget to tell him that the Melbourne car racing       mid-afternoon. Another big Roadhouse come Pub
mob sent you.                                          with Motel and C/Park accommodation and a fuel
Now it really is time to leave, having done lots       stop for us – the dearest on the trip (176.5). Once
of looking in the past (no need to stop) it is off     on the Barkly Highway it was flat as a tack and
to Katherine for a fuel stop (135.9) and then on       straight as, with the same again the next day all
to Mataranka where we stayed at Bitter Springs         the way over the Queensland border and onto Mt.
rather than the Homestead (where the big ther-         Isa. We stayed 3 nights in Isa and after visiting
mal pool is). Stayed 2 nights and enjoyed a nice       an underground mine (purposely built in the town
relaxing time in the Springs. Water was about          Information Centre and very modern Museum), did
36 degrees and by going to Bitter Springs we           a surface bus tour of the main mine, took photos
missed the 90 school kids at the Homestead             from the lookout of the entire town, went to the
(what a shame).                                        Irish Club which is apparently the biggest in the
After Mataranka it was decision time for us, we        Southern Hemisphere (had to eat and drink!!) and
had been told that Borooloola was a good place         caught up with some friends from Dingley (had to
to visit (which also meant another jerry can - yep     eat and drink again!!) who were going in the other
it got filled up too) and we would need to turn        direction from us, we finally headed off again.
off the highway at Daly Waters Roadhouse and           Today (day 24) we were taking the advice of local

                                                              access to motor sport

Phillip Island Lap Records Cont.
250cc NATIONAL       DAVID     HOLDFORTH                     3/28/99    1.37.7000
250ccINTERNATIONAL   W         McILVEEN                      5/6/07     1.32.6516
J                    RICHARD   STANLEY     AMILCAR           2/28/99    2.01.4400
K                    DUNCAN    RICKETTS    ERA R12c          2/29/04    1.59.5900
Lb SPORTS            JAC       NELLEMAN    LOTUS 15          3/2/03     1.50.4665
Lb RACING            ROD       JOLLEY      COOPER CLIMAX     3/11/07    1.51.9682
SA SPORTS            ROBBIE    ROWLANDS    AUSTIN HEALEY     2/28/04    1.59.0600
SB SPORTS            STEVE     SCHULLER    ISO GRIFO         2/26/05    1.52.7700
SC SPORTS            BILL      PYE         PORSCHE 911       2/27/05    1.53.3000
M SPORTS             DAVID     VEGHER      WEBSTER           3/11/07    1.43.9889
M RACING             NICK      McDONALD    BRABHAM BT 6      2/26/05    1.44.4200
O SPORTS             WAYNE     PARK        FORD GT40         2/26/05    1.42.9000
O RACING             BIB       STILLWELL   REPCO BRABHAM     3/9/91     1.38.4500
P(F 5000)            ANDREW    ROBSON      LOLA T332         2/25/01    1.31.4500
Q SPORTS             BERT      SKIDMORE    LOLA T286         2/29/04    1.30.1400
Q RACING             CHRIS     FARRELL     CHEVRON B35       3/4/00     1.31.3400
R SPORTS             JOHN      BOWE        VESKANDA          3/5/00     1.28.9800
R RACING             RAY       STUBBER     RALT RT4          2/28/04    1.31.7000
Q FORMULA FORD       GREG      WATSON      MAWER             3/11/07    1.46.9941
R FORMULA FORD       RAY       STUBBER     ROYALE RP31       3/11/07    1.46.3687
FORMULA JUNIOR       GLEN      HASTINGS    BRABHAM FJ        3/5/00     1.53.5300
FORMULA ATLANTIC     TY        HANGER      RALT RT4          2/27/05    1.31.6300
GROUP NA TOURING     THOMAS    LAW         VOLKSWAGON        2/28/04    2.22.7200
A1(4501-6000cc)      MICHAEL   MICELI      FORD MUSTANG      5/7/00     1.52.3616
A2(3001-4500cc)      PAUL      ZAZRYN      JAGUAR MK 2 3.8   2/26/05    1.58.1149
B (2601-3000cc)      RICHARD   FAIRLAM     HOLDEN EH         5/8/07     1.58.2877
C (2001-2600cc)      EDDIE     DOBBS       HOLDEN FE         11/26/00   2.03.3752
D (1601-2000cc)      RAYMOND   HARRISON    BMW 1800TI        11/24/96   2.03.5037
E (1301-1600cc)      JIM       McKEOWN     LOTUS CORTINA     11/17/91   1.58.0600
F (1001-1300cc)      GREG      MALOURE     MINI COOPER S     3/5/00     1.56.3017
A (OVER 5001cc)      PAUL      STUBBER     CHEV CAMARO       12/9/06    1.48.6277
B (3001-5000cc)      MICHAEL   MICELI      FORD MUSTANG      11/20/05   1.49.7164
C (2001-3000cc)      STEVE     LAND        CAPRI V6          2/27/05    1.54.9631
D (1501-2000cc)      GLEN      HASTINGS    FORD ESCORT TC    6/11/05    1.55.0057
E (1101-1500cc)      LEN       READ        MINI COOPER S     3/5/00     1.58.6804
GROUP C TOURING      PAUL      STUBBER     TORANA A9X        3/11/07    1.46.7347
GROUP A TOURING      TERRY     ASHWOOD     NISSAN SKYLINE    2/11/06    1.45.5382

 piarc notes

To Darwin And Beyond Cont.

Mt. Isa people and heading south some 300 km’s         Min Min Light at where he was camped in the mid-
to a place called Boulia which is renowned for the     dle of nowhere.
Min Min Lights.                                        He seemed pretty genuine as he still was a bit
To quote the Boulia Shire Information Centre           shaken up by what he saw. On we go with something
Brochure:                                              to think about along the way, I can tell you. This
The Min Min Light                                      next part of the journey seemed to take forever
“This unsolved modern mystery is a light that          but we were kept occupied with seeing kangaroos,
at                                                     sheep, emus, cattle and camels.
times follows travelers for long distances – it has    Arrived in Winton at lunchtime giving us plenty of
been approached but never identified”.                 time to visit the Waltzing Matilda Centre with its
                                                       own Museum out the back (once again, both ex-
As part of their Tourist Info Centre they have         hibitions very well presented). The caravan park
a display all about the Min Min Lights which was       we stayed at is most popular – get in early or you
just fantastic. We did ask when the last sight-        might miss out on a decent site but next to the
ing was, really thinking that it was all old history   toilet & shower block – parked in the driveway or
– but no – the last time it was seen was in March      wherever you can reach power is OK too. We were
of this year. Had a look at their Museum which         early!! –They have a bush poet who gives a reading
was just plain and simple, not over the top. Not       or whatever you call it every night.
bad for a little town way off the beaten track.        When traveling the way we were you meet lots and
                                                       lots of people who give you good info on parks to
The next day we headed for Winton via the              stay at so our next stop was not at Longreach but
Kennedy Development Road taking us once again          some 27kms further on at a place called Ilfracombe.
through lots and lots of flat country with our one     Another bush poet come joke teller – young bloke
and only mishap taking place not far out of Boulia     and his family own and run the Caravan Park and
– came across a family (or whatever you call it)       all have a part in the Happy Hour (bring your grog
Eagles having a nice meal on a cow or kangaroo         and join us) which takes place at 5 every night.
(not sure which) except that they all took off         The first night (stayed 2) it went for 2 hours with
except the biggest of them all – too slow – too        a lady bringing along her music and singing many
slow – yep we got him – hit the front of the bon-      popular songs for everyone to join in with. After a
net – up the bonnet – onto the windscreen – over       look around the town, about 1Km long with the main
the roof and into the front of the van. Thought        street fully of historical stuff (all no charge) and
we had better stop and see what kind of damage         very well presented, we headed into Longreach the
he did to find that we had managed not to clip         next day for a look at the Qantas Museum. Noth-
down the roof that day and we had been traveling       ing like a 747 parked near the main road for you to
with the front section of the roof up for a while      have a guided tour of and also a wing walk if you so
(another bit of bad economy). Nothing drastic          desired. Although we visited the Stockman’s Hall
in the way of damage – he managed to crack the         of Fame we didn’t do the main part (starting to
plastic strip across the front of the bonnet – don’t   get Museumed out) we had a look at the Outback
know about him.                                        Show with an ex drover and his dogs and sheep.
Out of the flat country came some hills and in         Great little show told us all about the old days of
amongst them were lots of flat top hills of which      droving and also about the modern droving methods,
one has been made into a lookout. Up the hill we       so if ever you get to Longreach don’t miss this one
go and Kage gets out and climbs to the lookout.        (tickets from the Hall of Fame) and it is just out
Comes across a fellow traveler (doesn’t stay in        the back.
caravan parks) who the previous night saw the          Time to head off again, this time to Emerald via

                                                        access to motor sport

PIARC Speed Event Series 2006 cont.

Mark           Porsche
McNamara       993         27   9   0   9   0   0   0       0     0      9
Shane          Subaru
Beaumont       WRX Sti     22   1   0   3   9   0   9       0     0      0
Matthew        911/BMW
Klasan         M3          21   0   9   4   0   4   4       0     0      0
Steve Jones    Torana      12   0   0   0   6   0   0       0     0      6
Tim Petrusic   Lancer      10   0   4   2   0   0   0       0     0      4
Nedi Elhajje   GTS RS      9    0   0   0   0   9   0       0     0      0
Stuart Jones   Magna       9    0   0   0   0   0   0       0     9      0
Mark Kosir     FPV GT      4    4   0   0   0   0   0       0     0      0
Chzh-Chzeh     Subaru
Chang          WRX         3    3   0   0   0   0   0       0     0      0
Jimmy Tan      Lancer      3    0   0   0   0   3   0       0     0      0
Steve Jones    Torana      3    2   0   0   0   1   0       0     0      0
Joe Prsa       GTO         3    0   0   0   0   0   0       0            3
Mark Kakouri   Falcon      3    0   3   0   0   0   0       0     0      0
Greg Bremner Ford GTP      2    0   0   0   0   2   0       0     0      0
David Atkins   Lancer      2    0   0   0   0   0   0       0     0      2
Jason          Ford BA
Bockman        XR6         2    0   2   0   0   0   0       0     0      0
Drummond       Falcon      1    0   1   0   0   0   0       0     0
Daniel Jukic   Skyline     1        0   1   0   0   0       0     0
Pillekers      Torana      1    0   0   0   0   0   0       0     0      1
Class E                    0    0   0   0   0   0   0       0     0      0
Steven Basic   Corolla     54   9   9   9   9   0   0       0     9      9
Denis Martin   Gemini      33   6   0   6   6   0   9       0     6      0
Mark Casey     Corolla     14   4   4   0   0   0   0       0            6
Andrews        VW Golf     12   0   0   4   4       4       0     0
Cordingley     Mini        12   0   3   3   0   6   0       0     0      0
Allan Taylor   Sprite 2A   9    0   0   0   0   9   0       0     0      0
Anthony Read Mini          6    0   6   0   0   0   0       0

  piarc notes

To Darwin And Beyond Cont.

Barcaldine with a slight detour (another one) to       lot and well worthwhile going to. He even bought
a place called Aramac (67kms each way) to see          a bear (watch the truck) to replace Marvin – poor
if we could find the street (at least) if not the      Marvin – but Bundy Bear is much better.
house where Kage’s dad was born. Came across a         Out for dinner and more drinks for the 2 nights
couple droving, it was good to see the real thing      there (thanks to Ian Mayberry for a very nice
and after a bit of a chat to him we were off           dinner at his new place of abode (another ex PI-
again. Found the street and a house that looked        ARC member) and then we are now on the serious
old – took the photos and back we go again.            side of traveling home.
Stopped at Alpha for lunch (been there before)         From the Gold Coast we traveled on down to Ballina,
to find the town has changed a fair bit – more         TR to Lismore, SO to Tenterfield, TL to Glenn
modern but also looking after their old buildings      Innes and then TR and stop at Inverell for the
as well. Nice neat little town.                        night. Very cold , it is now time to take off the
Emerald was a one night stop but luckily we did        shorts and put back on the trackie dacks.
book otherwise we might have been those car            Once we hit the Newell Highway we started
park people. Gladstone the next night with time        seeing V8 transporters again, this time heading
for a bit of a look around town                        for Queensland Raceway. Our overnight stops
at Kage’s boys stuff. Smelters and things – maybe      from there on were Dubbo and then Narrandra
he might write something and tell all you boys         – we couldn’t get home before the Friday as we
about what he saw. Just looks like lots of pipes,      had to give the house sitter time to clean up etc.
and smoke stacks to me, which it is but I just         Arrived home by 2.30 and then it was time to
don’t know what it all does.                           unpack and more washing.
Bundaberg here we come – Kage’s main stop-over         We had a really great trip but I don’t think we
– Ginger Beer factory first and then off to the        did this great land of ours justice by traveling
main game – The Bundy Factory. After a tour of         the distances we did in just 6 short weeks.
the place it is then back to the Bar for samples.      For those that may be interested:- we traveled
Very nice too and of course you then have to leave     11697kms from back door to back door – 2222.08
via the Shop so then it is spend, spend, spend.        litres of petrol (including the 2 jerry cans!!) cost-
That kids inheritance again, stiff.                    ing some $3247.08. Both Accomodation and Food
From Bundaberg it was on to Hervey Bay to visit        came in at under $1,000 each so I guess the
an ex Car Club member and friend Gail Nelson (nee      savings in accommodation (c/parks) helped pay
Sipthorpe or Strepsils as she was otherwise known      for the petrol. All in all a great trip and thinking
as). We had a great afternoon and night catching       about which way we will go next year.
up, with a bit of sightseeing thrown in.
We are now starting to head down hill as the saying    Cheers and happy traveling for those who intend
goes – Maroochydore for a couple of nights, once       to have a go.
again to visit friends and also go to Australia Zoo.
If you ever get to chance to go to Australia Zoo       Lyn Johnston (Mrs. Kage)
do so. One of the best Zoos you could ever get
to see. For a larrikin, Steve Irwin was a great
visionary and his message will well and truly be
passed on through the people that work there
and his family.
On to the Gold Coast where I made Kage go to
Sea World and even he agreed it has changed a

                                                           access to motor sport

PIARC Speed Event Series 2006 cont.

Graeme          Gemini
Martin          Coupe         6    0   0   0   0   0   6       0     0      0
Simone Hill     VW Golf       3    0   0           0   3       0     0      0
Class F                       0    0   0   0   0   0   0       0     0      0
Glenn Booth     Celica        54   0   9   9   9   0   9       0     9      9
Russell         Holden
Garner          Gemini        48   9   3   6   4   6   6       9     6      6
Aaron Smith     Ford Escort   12   6   6   0   0   0   0       0     0      0
Adam            MG B
Davidson        Roadster      11   4   1   0   6   0   0       0     0      0
Ewen Moile      1600          9    0   0   0   0   9   0       0     0      0
Ken Christie    Escort        6    0   0   0   2   0   0       0     4
Combridge       Ford Anglia   4    0   4   0   0   0   0       0     0      0
WOOD            STANZA        3    0       0   3   0   0       0     0
Bentley         Mx 5          3    0   0   0   0   0   0             3
Combridge       Ford Anglia   2    0   2   0   0   0   0       0     0      0
Class G                       0    0   0   0   0   0   0       0     0      0
Ron Koczek      RX3           45   0   0   6   6   9   9       0     6      9
David Kitson    Mazda RX7     36   9   0   9   9   0   0       9     0      0
Adam Clark      Rx 3          15   0   0   0   0   0   0       0     9      6
Colin Heal      Torana        14   0   0   0   4   0   6       0     4      0
Wayne           BMW M3
Cowley          GTR           9    0   9   0   0   0   0       0     0      0
Adam Prsa       Skyline       9    0   0   0   2   3   0       0     0      4
Joe Prsa        Skyline       9    0   0   0   3   4   0       0     2      0
Smithers        Celica        7    0   0   0   0   2   4       0     1      0
Reuben David Mazda RX7        6    0   0   0   0   6   0       0     0      0
Steven          Porsche
Cadden          911           4    0   0   4   0   0   0       0     0      0
Emma Clark      Rx 3          3    0   0   0   0   0   0             3
Julie Malcolm   Torana        3    0   0   0   0   0   3       0
Class H                       0    0   0   0   0   0   0       0     0      0
Adam            Holden
Magnisalis      Commodore     34   6   9   0   9   0   6       0     4      0

piarc notes

PIARC Speed Event Series 2006 cont.

 Linda Dal      Holden
 Santo          Commodore     16   1   3   0   6   0   3   0   3   0
 Ivan Klasan    911           15   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   6   9
 Allan Young    Nissan GTR    9    0   0   0   0   0   9   0   0   0
 J.Pillikers    Torana XU1    9    0   0   0   0   0   0   9   0   0
 Sveticic       Mazda RX7     9    0   0   9   0   0   0   0   0   0
 Nedi Elhajje   Skyline       9    9   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0
 Beaumont       Sti           9    0   0   0   0   0   0   0   9   0
 Trevor Voss    Nissan GTR    9    0   0   0   0   9   0   0   0   0
                Ford Falcon
 Victor Argento XB            8    0   6   0   0   2   0   0   0   0
 David Hearn    Nissan R34    6    0   0   0   0   6   0   0   0   0
 Michael Bouts 968            6    0   0   6   0   0   0   0   0   0
 S.Pillikers    Torana XU1    6    0   0   0   0   0   0   6   0   0
 Crawford       Capri         6    0   0   0       0   0   0   0   6
 Graham Bell    Mustang       4    0   0   4   0   0   0   0   0   0
 Jamie Leah     Falcon        4    0   0   3   0   1   0   0   0   0
 Branch         FPV GT        4    4   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0
 Mehmet Cinal Skyline         4    0   0   0   0   4   0   0   0   0
 Matthew        Porsche
 Klasan         911           4    0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   4
 Joe Prsa       Skyline       4    0   4   0   0   0   0   0   0   0
 Mark Kosir     Ford XR8      4    0   0   0   0   0   0       1   3
 Ian Harris     Mazda RX7     4    0   0   0   0   0   4   0   0   0
 Hodges         Audi S2       4    0   1   1   0   0   2   0   0   0
 Clempson       Mustang       3    0   0   0   0   3   0   0   0   0
 Chris Walsh    Torana        3    3   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0
 Dagley         Skyline       2    0   0   0   0   0   0   0   2
 Mildren        Falcon        2    0   0   2   0   0   0   0   0   0

                                                                                           access to motor sport

                            Join PIARC Today!
                              Phillip Island Auto Racing Club Ltd.
MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS: Monthly PIARC club nights at our fully licenced clubrooms / restaurant, use of
the restaurant on all days of the month, affiliate membership of the Royal Victorian Aero Club, special functions
conducted throughout the year by the club and others, invitations to club sporting events conducted by PIARC
and other clubs, free PIARC logo window sticker, regular contact through the club website at “” and
the club magazine – “PIARC NOTES”.

MEMBERSHIP FEE for 2007-08:                  Single: $60
                                            Family: $70 (includes spouse and all children under 18yrs)

A CAMS level 2 speed event licence is needed to compete at some club events and a CAMS officials licence is
needed to participate in our trackside fun. Application forms are available from CAMS on 1300 653 529, or
from PIARC prior to events where they are needed.

TO JOIN PIARC: Complete this membership application and post it with the required fee to:
                               Membership registrar - PIARC
                               RVAC Building
                               First Avenue
                               Moorabbin Airport Vic 3194


 NAME                       Given Name:                         Surname:

 Address                    ………………………………………………………………………
 Phone                      Home:                               Mobile:
 Date of Birth:             Occupation:                         Business Phone:
 I would like my business name and number available to Club members for business                YES        /    NO
 contact: (write Business name here)                                                                 (cross out one)
 Email Address:
 I am happy for my details & email address to be used by the Club for direct contact            YES        /    NO
 about Club activities & news                                                                        (cross out one)
 Family membership details:
 Please list Names and Dates of birth for all additional family members you wish to be listed members of the club.

Please tick areas of interest from the range of activities arranged by PIARC.
 Participating in club motorsport                             Participating in open motor racing
 Social nights at the clubrooms at Moorabbin                  Social activities at other locations
 Airport.                                                     (dinners, film nights, winery tours)
 Officiating at motorsport events.                            Other ??

I agree that, when elected, I will abide by the rules of the Club at all times.
 Applicant’s signature:-                                  Membership Fee enclosed:- $
                                                          Please pay by cash or cheque (made out to PIARC)
 Date :-                                                  Tax Invoice PIARC ABN 90 004 351 446

    Have you signed this application, and attached payment before sending to the address above ?
 piarc notes

Philip Dunkin   Holden HQ     2    0   0   0   0   0   0   0       2
Adam Prsa       Skyline       2    0   2   0   0   0   0   0   0   0
Peter Astbury   Commodore     2    2   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0
Smithers        Celica        1    0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   1
Carstairs                     1    0   0   0   0   0   1   0   0
Class I                       0    0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0
Branch          FPV GT        52   0   9   6   9   9   9   0   6   4
Pettifer        Ford GT       43   3   6   4   6   6   6   0   9   6
Gary Preston    Integra       13   4   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   9
Wayne Sebire Eh               10   1   0   0   0   3   0   0   4   2
Issy Sveticic   Mazda RX7     9    0   0   9   0   0   0   0   0   0
M.Gray                        9    0   0   0   0   0   0   9   0   0
            Ford BA
Rick Newman Pursuit           9    9   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0
Bertrand        Ford Escort   6    6   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0
Adam Clark      Rx 3          4    0   0   0   0   4   0   0   0   0
Karl Wittick    Falcon GT     4    0   4   0   0   0   0   0   0   0
Chang           Wrx           3    0   0   0   0   0   0       3
Michael Gray    Commodore     3    0   3   0   0   0   0   0   0   0
Peter Von
Schassen        Mazda RX7     3    0   0   3       0   0   0   0   0
Craig Eddy      Holden HQ     3    0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   3
Emma Clark      Rx 3          2    0   0   0   0   2   0   0   0   0
Mildren         Ford XF       2    0   2   0   0   0   0   0   0   0
Ray             Toyota
Humphreys       Corolla       2    2   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0
Terry Hogan     Holden HQ     1    0   0   0   0   1   0   0   0
Allan White     Corolla       1    0   0   0   0   0   0       1
Jamie Leah      Ford XF       1    0   1   0   0   0   0   0   0   0
Jon Pillekers   Bluebird      1    0   0   0   0           0   0   1

                                                      access to motor sport

Class J                      0    0   0   0   0   0   0    0      0      0
Buffington      Westfield    33   6   9   9   0   9   0    0      0      0
Jonathan        Formula
Niles           Ford         9    9   0   0   0   0   0    0      0      0
B.Gray          Clubman      9    0   0   0   0   0   0    9      0      0
Anthony         F Vee
D’Anna          Kingfisher   9    0   0   0   0   0   0    0      0      9
Bradley Knox    Clubman      6    0   0   0   0   6   0    0      0
Matthew Wall    Arrox AX9    6    0   6   0   0   0   0    0      0      0
Aaron Rintoul   Arrox AX9    4    0   4   0   0   0   0    0      0      0
Lakasas         Arrow AX8    3    0   3   0   0   0   0    0      0      0
Luc Price       Arrow AX9    2    0   2   0   0   0   0    0      0      0
                             0    0       0   0   0   0    0      0      0

 piarc notes

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                  Phillip Island Information Centre
                             1300 366 422
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