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					Healthful Dining                                    Sandwiches                                          Salads
Quick Tips
Dining out has become part of our fast-paced
                                                    In general, sandwiches prepared with fish,
                                                    chicken, or lean roast beef will be the lowest
                                                                                                        Salads sound so healthful, but watch out. They
                                                                                                        may be hiding high-fat and calorie-laden items                          2009
                                                    in calories and fat. Look for words like grilled,   that can sabotage an otherwise healthy choice.
lifestyles. Controlling what you eat is easier at
home, but you can eat out and enjoy delicious
fast-food meals that are lower in calories, fat,
                                                    baked, or broiled—these are usually the
                                                    healthier choices. Small or regular
                                                                                                        Most salad dressing packets offered at fast-food
                                                                                                        restaurants contain 2 ounces of dressing—
                                                                                                                                                                           Healthy on
                                                                                                                                                                            the Go
                                                    hamburgers without cheese or sauce are              that‘s 4 Tablespoons. If it‘s the full-fat version,
and cholesterol. By planning ahead, fast foods      also good choices. Adding lettuce, tomato,          this packet can add 200 to 300 calories,
can fit into a healthful eating plan.               onion, and pickles to a regular hamburger           pushing some salads to more calories
When ordering food, don‘t be afraid to ask how      makes it look                                       than some large
an item is prepared, including what condiments      bigger without                                      hamburgers. Bacon                                                   Healthful Choices
are standard on the order. Simple requests          adding many                                         bits, nuts, crispy rice
such as substituting mustard for mayonnaise or      calories. If                                        noodles, croutons,
                                                                                                                                                                              When Eating
deletion of cheese can turn a not-so-healthful      available,                                          and sunflower seeds                                                   Fast-Foods
choice into a healthier one.                        choose buns                                         are also high-calorie
                                                    made with                                           additions, so
Here are some more tips for dining out at
                                                    whole grains.                                       use sparingly.
fast-food restaurants.

                                                    French Fries                                        Kids Meal Options
                                                    Let‘s face it . . . French fries are a standard     As a general rule of thumb, kids‘ meals are
Breakfast                                           side item at many fast-food restaurants. An         better choices than regular meals. Kids‘ meals
                                                    occasional serving can be part of a healthful       tend to be smaller portion sizes and often
Breakfast items
                                                    meal plan. When you choose French fries,            offer better ―side‖ choices such as low-fat milk
at many
                                                    choose the smallest portion available, often        and fruit.
                                                    the ―child‘s meal-size‖ portion. A small
restaurants are
                                                    serving of French fries will give you               This information is for educational purposes only.
chocked full of
                                                    250 calories and 13g of fat. This is less than      References to commercial products and trade
calories, fat, and cholesterol. However, many                                                           names do not constitute endorsement by the
                                                    half the calories in a large serving and almost
now offer dry cereals, skim milk, and low-fat                                                           University of Illinois and do not imply discrimination
                                                    2/3 less calories than the jumbo serving            against other similar products that are not listed.
yogurt. Plain pancakes and scrambled eggs
                                                    sizes available in many fast-food restaurants.
are also healthier choices when compared
to donuts, biscuits and gravy, and giant                                                                University of Illinois  U.S. Department of Agriculture 
                                                                                                        Local Extension Councils Cooperating
breakfast sandwiches.
                                                                                                        University of Illinois Extension provides equal opportunities in
                                                                                                        programs and employment.
Yes … You Have Healthier Options *
Arby’s                                      Dairy Queen                              McDonald’s                                        General Calorie Guidelines
   Arby‘s Melt                                  Original Hamburger                        Grilled Snack Wrap - any variety
   300 calories, 12 g fat                       350 calories, 14g fat                     260 calories, 9 g fat                           When eating out, try to keep your
                                                Barbecue Beef Sandwich                                                                    meal moderate in calories, fat, and
   Ham ‗N Swiss Melt                                                                      Premium Southwest Salad w/grilled chicken
                                                270 calories, 4.5 g fat                                                                   sugar. Follow these general
   280 calories, 6 g fat                                                                  320 calories, 9 g fat
                                                                                          Choose low-fat salad dressing
                                                Shredded Chicken Sandwich
                                                290 calories, 7 g fat                     Fruit ‗N Yogurt Parfait
Subway                                                                                                                                   2000 calories per day – keep
                                                                                          160 calories, 2 g fat                           calories around 600 and fat below
   Any salad with 6g fat or less             Fazoli’s
   Choose low-fat salad dressing                                                                                                          20g per meal
   Any 6-in sub with 6g fat or less
                                                Small Spaghetti w/ Marinara            Pizza Hut
                                                440 calories, 2 g fat                                                                     1800 calories per day – keep
   Chicken Tortilla soup                                                                  Any Medium Fit ‗N Delicious (3 slices)         calories around 500 and fat below
                                                Cranberry Walnut Chicken Salad            500 calories, 15 g fat
   110 calories, 1.5 g fat                                                                                                                18g per meal
                                                390 calories, 14 g fat
   Tomato garden vegetable soup w/ rotini       Choose low-fat salad dressing             Thin ‗N Crispy® Veggie Lovers (2 slices)
                                                                                          480 calories, 18 g fat                          1500 calories per day – keep
   90 calories, 0g fat
                                                                                                                                          calories around 400 and fat below
                                            Hardee’s                                 Taco Bell                                         15g per meal.
Burger King
                                                Regular Hamburger                         Any ―Fresco‖ Style Item
   Whopper Jr. (w/o mayonnaise or cheese)      310 calories, 15 g fat                                                                * While there may be lower fat and calorie food
   290 calories, 12 g fat                                                                 Soft Taco Supreme - beef                    options at these restaurants, these selections
                                                Regular Roast Beef                        240 calories, 11 g fat                      represent some of the healthier choices that
   Tendergrill Chicken Sandwich                 310 calories, 15 g fat                                                                are available.
   (w/o mayo or sauce)                                                                    Fiesta Steak Burrito
   380 calories, 9 g fat                        BBQ Chicken Sandwich                      350 calories, 11 g fat
                                                400 calories, 6 g fat
   BK Burger Shots – 2 pack
   220 calories, 10 g fat                                                              KFC
                                             Long John Silver’s
                                                                                          Tender Roast Sandwich (without sauce)
Wendy’s                                        Freshside Grille Smart Choice Salmon      300 calories, 4 g fat
                                                280 calories, 7 g fat
   Ultimate Chicken Grill (w/o sauce)                                                     Grilled Chicken Breast
   320 calories, 7 g fat                        Shrimp Bowl/with sauce                    180 calories, 4 g fat                                     Local address
                                                380 calories, 14.5 g fat                                                                         City, Illinois 00000
   Small chili                                                                            Roasted Chicken Caesar Salad
   190 calories, 6 g fat                        Baked Cod – 1 piece                       (w/o dressing or croutons)
                                                120 calories, 4.5 g fat                   120 calories, 6 g fat                 
   Crackers – per pack
   25 calories, .5 g fat