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									                                                                                        October-November 2008 • Number 144 • www.planningpa.org

      THE VANTAGE POINT                        A Publication of the Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Planning Association
 PA American Planning Association
    Pennsylvania Chapter

           Making Great Communities Happen

   for Farm Show Exhibit
   Planners seem to show
   up everywhere. And, this
   year, you’ll find planners
   at an exhibit at the                                                      Chapter conference re-affirms the
   Pennsylvania Farm Show.                                                   good work of planning and planners
   W O R K I N G I N CO L L A B O R AT I O N
   with Penn State Cooperative                  PA Chapter 2008 Annual       A L M O S T 5 0 0 P L A N N E R S , planning students, planning officials
   Extension, planners and coop-                Conference: Cities of        and government representatives gathered at the Sheraton Station
   erative extension educators will             the Past, America’s Places   Square to hear provocative and inspiring keynote speakers, celebrate
   use miniature sets to help edu-              of the Future:               the achievements of their peers during the annual awards ceremony,
   cate farm show visitors about                                             sharpen skills at over 50 workshops, see the city of Pittsburgh by foot,
                                                Dozens of volun-             bicycle, bus, rail and incline, relax with colleagues, and re-affirm the
   the importance of citizen
   involvement in community                     teers and hundreds           good work of planning and planners in the Commonwealth.
   planning. This interactive                   of hours of work                 From the opening reception at the Manchester Craftsman’s Guild
   exhibit will help people to                                               to the legislative update closing session, conference participants had
                                                paid off as the 2008         many opportunities to learn, share, sharpen skills, and build relation-
   think about, and visualize,
   what they want and don’t want
                                                Chapter conference           ships geared to professional development.
   in their communities. Every-                 came together                    The Chapter is grateful to the conference planning committee,
   thing from libraries to gas wells            from October 12-14           the sponsors, exhibitors and advertisers who supported the confer-
   are part of this display!                                                 ence, the donors who provided items to be raffled, the attendees
                                                in Pittsburgh.               who bought over $2,300 in raffle tickets to support the Chapter
   P L A N N E R S A R E N E E D E D to                                      scholarship fund, and the Chapter Board of Directors for all of their
   staff the exhibit during the                                              contributions.
   entire Farm Show, which runs                                              Jerry Walls knows it         M A NY T H A N K S to our Scholarship
   from Saturday, January 10                                                 pays to play! He was         Fundraiser Donors! The following individ-
   through Saturday, January 17.                                             the big winner, and          uals, companies and organizations donated
   Volunteers will receive a                                                 generously shared his        a diverse array of items that were raffled
   voucher for parking at the Farm                                           winnings with others!        off for the annual Scholarship Fundraiser.
   Show Complex in Harrisburg.                                                                            The items raffled represented personal
   This is a great opportunity to be                                                                      donations as well as items that represent
   involved in a large scale public                                                                       the respective local community businesses.
   education event. And, you’ll
   have a chance to visit the food                                                                        Many thanks to:
   court, to sample some of the                                                                           Allegheny County
   best food in PA!                                                                                       Butler County Planning Commission
                                                                                                          Chester County Planning Commission
   TO V O LU N T E E R , please contact
                                                                                                          City of Bethlehem
   the PA Chapter of APA office                                                                           City of Bethlehem Main St. Merchants
   by emailing                                                                                            City of Easton
   mawirick@shermer-assoc.com                                                                             Clarion County Planning Commission
   or by calling 717-671-4510.                                                                            County of Venango
   See you at the show!                                                                                   Dave Blackman & Mark Stivers
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                                                                                                                                    THE VANTAGE POINT       1
                                                                                                                                PA Chapter officers
                                                                                                                                Alex Graziani, AICP
                                                                                                                                Smart Growth Partnership of
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                                                                                          Chapter of the                        Westmoreland County

                                                                                          American Planning                     VICE PRESIDENT
                                                                                                                                Charnelle Hicks, AICP, PP
                                                                                          Association                           CHPlanning, Ltd.
                                                                                          CONFERENCE COMMITTEE                  John Pickett, AICP, PE
                                                                                                                                Delaware County
                                                                                                                                Planning Department
                                                                                          CO M M I T T E E CO - C H A I R S :
                                                                                          Joy M. Wilhelm, AICP
                                                                                                                                Mark Stivers, AICP
                                                                                          Pennsylvania Department of            East Hempfield Township
                                                                                          Community and Economic                (Lancaster County)
                                                                                          Development, Center for Local
                                                                                                                                PAST PRESIDENT
                                                                                          Government Services                   Carl Hess, AICP
                                                                                          Brandi Rosselli, AICP                 Borough of State College
                                                                                          Mackin Engineering Company            SECTION CHAIRS
    Alex Graziani shows off his prize!                                                    Lew Villotti                          William Gomes, AICP
                                                                                          Southwestern Pennsylvania Com-        Mifflin County Planning
    Delaware County                            Philadelphia City Planning                 mission                               Commission
    Indiana County Office of                      Commission                                                                    Lehigh Valley
                                                                                          CO M M I T T E E :
       Planning & Development                  Smart Growth Partnership of                                                      Anthony Toth, AICP
                                                                                          Bruce Betty, AICP                     alfred benesch & company
    Johnson, Mirmiran &                           Westmoreland County                     Town of McCandless
       Thompson                                                                                                                 Northeast
                                                                                          Chris Blackwell                       Cindy Campbell
    Lawrence County                            T H E R A F F L E raised $2,309.00                                               PA Dept. of Community &
    Mackin Engineering Company                 for scholarships. This money               Penn Hills Planning Department
                                                                                                                                Economic Development
    Michael Baker Corporation                  supports students in both under-           Allen Cohen, AICP                     Northwest
    Mifflin County Planning                    graduate and graduate planning             Pashek Associates                     Roy Brandt
       Department                              programs in Pennsylvania.                                                        Crawford County Planning
                                                                                          Andrew Dash                           Commission
    Montgomery County Planning                    We appreciate the generous              City of Pittsburgh
       Commission                              donors, and the generous plan-                                                   Southeast
                                                                                          Scott Dellett, AICP                   Brian O’Leary, AICP
    Municipality of Penn Hills                 ners who supported the event at                                                  Montgomery County
    Peggy Drake                                the conference.                            Municipality of Monroeville
                                                                                                                                Planning Commission
                                                                                          Peggy Drake                           Southwest
                                                                                          Drake Analysis                        Joy Wilhelm, AICP
    W I T H D E E P A P P R E C I AT I O N , W E T H A N K O U R CO N F E R E N C E                                             PA Dept. of Community &
                                                                                          Alex Graziani, AICP                   Economic Development
    SPONSORS                                                                              Smart Growth Partnership of
                                                                                          Westmoreland County
                                                                                                                                Professional Development
                                                                                                                                Officer/Professional Development
    Diamond:                                                                                                                    Committee Chair
                                                                                          Lynn Heckman
    California University of Pennsylvania Tourism Studies                                                                       Lee Slusser, AICP
                                                                                          Allegheny County Economic
    Temple University Ambler College                                                      Development                           Planning Officials Development
                                                                                                                                Officer/Chair of the Planning Officials
                                                                                          Ethan Imhoff                          Development Committee
    URS Corporation                                                                                                             Nada Gray
                                                                              thanks to all

                                                                                          Borough of Hollidaysburg
                                                                                                                                COMMITTEE CHAIRS
    Indiana University of Pennsylvania                                                    Dennis Martinak, AICP
                                                                                          Mackin Engineering Company            Communications Committee Chair
    Local Development Districts of Pennsylvania                                                                                 Dennis Martinak, AICP
    Mackin Engineering Company                                                            Amy McKinney                          Education Committee Chair
    Port Authority of Allegheny County                                                    Lawrence County Planning              Cliff Kanz, AICP
    Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission                                                  Department                            2008 Conference Co-Chairs
    Silver:                                                                                                                     Brandi Rosselli, AICP
                                                                                          Tiffany Peterson, AICP
    DMJM Harris                                                                                                                 Lew Villotti
                                                                                          Michael Baker Jr., Inc.               Joy Wilhelm, AICP
    Graduate School of Public and International
       Affairs University of Pittsburgh                                                   Andrew JG Schwartz, AICP, RLA         Legislative Committee
    Herbert, Rowland & Grubic, Inc.                                                       Environmental Planning and            Richard Bickel, AICP, Chair
                                                                                          Design, LLC                           Susan Smith, Esq., AICP, Vice Chair
    Kennedy & Associates
    Maguire Group Inc.                                                                                                          AMERICAN PLANNING ASSOCIATION
                                                                                          Kevin G. Smay
                                                                                                                                PENNSYLVANIA CHAPTER
    McCormick Taylor, Inc.                                                                Community College of Allegheny        587 JAMES DRIVE
    Michael Baker Jr., Inc.                                                               County                                HARRISBURG, PA 17112
    PA Chapter of APA Southwest Section                                                                                         717 671-4510 (P)
                                                                                          Sarah B. Trbovic, AICP
    Pennoni Associates Inc.                                                                                                     717 545-9247 (F)
                                                                                          URS Corporation                       WWW.PLANNINGPA.ORG
    Perkins Eastman
    University of Pennsylvania School of Design                                           David E. Wohlwill, AICP               Susan Shermer, CMP
                                                                                          Port Authority of Allegheny County    administrative director
    Whitman Requardt & Associates                                                                                               sshermer@shermer-assoc.com
                                                                                                                                Molly Wirick
2    THE VANTAGE POINT                                                                                                          program coordinator
IN MEMORIAM:                                                               President Alex Graziani, AICP

Senator James J.Rhoades
T H E M E M B E R S of the PA Chapter of the American Planning Asso-
ciation join with all Pennsylvanians in mourning the loss of Senator       PRESIDENT’S
James Rhoades of Schuylkill County, who died in a car accident on
October 18. Senator Rhoades was a strong supporter of community
revitalization both in his district and throughout the state. By intro-    W O W ! W H AT A G R E AT CO N F E R E N C E I N P I T T S B U R G H .
ducing legislation to eliminate blight, Senator Rhoades showed a           Thanks to the co-chairs and conference committee for putting on
commitment to giving municipalities the tool they need to maintain         an informational, fun, and interesting conference. Thanks to the
clean, safe neighborhoods. This legislation is supported by a strong       speakers who brought to us the best of planning. Thanks also to the
coalition including the PA Chapter of APA. We valued Senator Rhoades       sponsors for providing resources to underwrite the event. Lastly
leadership in the Senate on these important issues, and we will miss his   thanks to all who made the time and paid to attend. A conference is
                                                                           all about serving attendees, and making it worth their while.
dedication to all of Pennsylvania.
                                                                           For me the conference helped reinvigorate me to be committed to
    Rhoades was a seven-term State Senator in the 29th District, North-    planning advocacy and advocating good planning. Governor Glen-
eastern Pennsylvania. He also served as Chairman of the Education          denning, who spoke at the Francis Pitkin Memorial Lecture at the
Committee and was a member of the Appropriations, Transportation,          conference, eloquently laid out the case for better planning and a
Law and Justice, Environmental Resources and Energy Committees.            louder voice for planners.
He was a graduate of Mahanoy City High School, Class of 1959; B.S.             With the recent elections and an Obama administration looking
East Stroudsburg University (1964); M.Ed., Lehigh University (1966);       to take power in Washington the nation is facing the convergence of
                                                                           many major issues including:
Graduate Studies, Lehigh University, Bloomsburg University, East
                                                                               • Struggling economy
Stroudsburg University, and Penn State University (Doctoral Program).          • Climate change
Senator Rhoades was a former teacher/principal/coach at Pottsville             • Transportation re-authorization
and Mahanoy City schools. Surviving are his wife, Mary Rhoades; a              • Energy independence
daughter, Alisa Rhoades Hobbs; sons, James J. Rhoades, Jr. and Michael         • Infrastructure
D. Rhoades; and many other relatives and friends.                              Why do the above national challenges matter to planners in
                                                                           Pennsylvania in a time when many local and state governments are
                                                                           faced with real fiscal challenges and are looking to cut their
                                                                           budgets? Because now is not the time to cut planning. Planners have
                                                                           not always done the best job of articulating what we do and why it is
                                                                           valuable to those whom we serve.
                                                                               Planners need to make the case that these issues are related. We
                                                                           along with our fellow design professionals, engineers, architects and
                                                                           landscape architects, have to work together to see that the next
                                                                           transportation bill takes into account efficient land use patterns. We
                                                                           have to articulate that stimulus packages include infrastructure
                                                                           investments in core communities that create jobs. We must be advo-
                                                                           cates of polices that will lead to sustainable communities.
                                                                               Nationally the American Planning Association is doing exactly
                                                                           these things. Through their Rebuilding America APA National
                                                                           Infrastructure Task Force, APA is working to engage members, part-
                                                                           ners, experts, policy makers, and engaged citizens in a national con-
                                                                           versation about how to address our infrastructure crisis and increase
                                                                           our investment to build communities of lasting value.
                                                                               Over the next six months, the task force is planning to conduct a
                                                                           series of regional field hearings throughout the United States. Go to
                                                                           the APA website to learn more.
                                                                           Let’s not be afraid to get involved and to speak out about why plan-
                                                                           ning matters.

                                                                                           Mark your calendars now!

                                                                                        The 2009 Pennsylvania Chapter
                                                                                    of the American Planning Association
                                                                                            conference will be held
                                                                               October 4-6 at the Dolce Hotel in Valley Forge, PA.

                                                                                                                                 THE VANTAGE POINT   3
                                             2008 PA Chapter of
    The following individuals                Planning Excellence Award                Planning Excellence Award              Planning Excellence Award
    and organizations were                   for Best Practice for a Plan             for Best Practice for                  for Public Outreach
    honored for their excellent                                                       a Project/Program/Tool
    contributions to planning in             A Civic Vision for the                                                          Promoting Workforce Housing
                                             Central Delaware                         Trail and Path Planning: A Guide       Report Series
    Pennsylvania during the
                                             Wallace Roberts & Todd, LLC              for Municipalities                     Montgomery County Planning
    recent awards program at                                                          Chester County Planning                Commission
    the PA Chapter Conference.               The Philadelphia waterfront along        Commission
                                             the Delaware River has not devel-                                               Public outreach is often difficult,
    Daniel Burnham Award                     oped in a planned, public-oriented       Over the past decade, the PA           particularly for challenging issues
    for a Comprehensive Plan                 way. Instead, development has            Chapter has selected elements of       like workforce housing. After com-
                                             been piecemeal and has often cut         this project for various awards in     pleting its comprehensive plan,
    Monongahela City/                        off the rest of the city from the        our statewide awards competition.      Montgomery County decided to
    New Eagle Borough Joint                  river. The Civic Vision for the          In 2002, Linking Landscapes: A Plan    tackle this difficult and often
    Comprehensive Plan                       Central Delaware is a landmark           for a Protected Open Space Network     unpopular issue. As a first step in
    The City of Monongahela                  action plan intended to insert           in Chester County, PA won an           the process, the county has pre-
    The Borough of New Eagle,                public goals into the development        award. In 2004, the Cluster Subdi-     pared an informative series of
    Washington County                        process. This plan involved a huge       vision Design Guide won. In 2005,      brochures on workforce housing
                                             public process that led to a doable      Open Space Planning: A Guide for       that targets a wide audience of
    Planning across political bound-         vision plan. This plan has made a        Municipalities won. And, in 2008,      municipalities, employers, and
    aries is always difficult. In Pennsyl-   real political difference in Philadel-   Trail and Path Planning: A Guide for   builders. These brochures provide
    vania, regional and county com-          phia.                                    Municipalities won.                    concrete, doable suggestions for
    prehensive plans can help support                                                     Through these guides and           improving workforce housing
    this process, but it is up to local                                               plans, with the creation of a new      around the county.
    municipalities to do the nitty-gritty                                             open space department, and with
    planning work. Monongahela City                                                   significant money for open space       National Historic Planning
    and New Eagle Borough have                                                        purchases, Chester County has          Pioneers Award
    done this by creating an effective                                                saved a large, interconnected open
    and implementable plan.                                                           space network. This has been done      David Wallace, EFAIA, AICP, PP
                                                                                      in an area that is extremely threat-
                                                                                      ened by sprawl development but         David A. Wallace, a founder of
                                                                                      that contains some of the best soils   the Wallace, Roberts, and Todd
                                                                                      and most beautiful landscapes in       firm, is a true planning great,
                                                                                      the country.                           with a lifetime portfolio of
                                                                                                                             important and influential work.
                                                                                                                             In particular, his urban design
                                                                                                                             work in New York City and Bal-
                                                                                                                             timore helped establish urban
                                                                                                                             design as a key element of any
                                                                                                                             urban planning efforts. Mr. Wal-
                                                                                                                             lace was a true planning pioneer.
                                                         A Civic Vision for the
                                                            Central Delaware                                                 David Wallace, EFAIA, AICP, PP

         Monongahela City/
         New Eagle Borough Joint
         Comprehensive Plan
                                                                                                     Report Series

                                                         Trail and Path Planning:
                                                       A Guide for Municipalities

APA Award Winners
Student Project Award                    Planning Leadership Award              Planning Leadership Award for
                                                                                a Citizen Planning Advocate
                                                                                                                          Certificates of
Transportation Visioning Plan            Walter C. Evans, AICP
for the Philadelphia Region                                                     Denise Prowell
University of Pennsylvania Master        Throughout his career as a profes-                                               The following programs
of City and Regional Planning            sional planner in Southeastern         Some parts of Pennsylvania                have been recognized by
Program, The Philadelphia                Pennsylvania, Wally Evans has          embrace planning happily, while           the Awards Committee,
Regional Transit Visioning Studio        always been the consummate pro-        other places look at planning dis-        based on the merits of the
                                         fessional. Whether he was repre-       trustfully, wondering if it’s right for
Because of high gas prices and           senting a developer or a munici-       them. The northeastern part of the
increasing congestion, the               pality, he always tried to find the    state, including Lackawanna Coun-
                                                                                                                          Daniel Burnham Award for a
Philadelphia region’s public trans-      best solution that would truly         ty, falls into the later category, and
                                                                                                                          Comprehensive Plan
portation system is actually             improve the built environment. In      it takes motivated and persuasive
growing again. The question for          addition to his consulting work,       advocates to convince local citizens
                                                                                                                          Nazareth Area...
the transit agency is: how should        Wally has always devoted a lot of      to begin plan-
                                                                                                                          2030 Multimunicipal
we grow and change to remain rel-        time and energy to the planning        ning. Ms.
                                                                                                                          Comprehensive Plan
evant in the 21st century. The           profession, most recently as a local   Prowell is one
                                                                                                                          Lehigh Valley Planning Commission
excellent Transportation Visioning       host committee member for the          of these advo-
                                                                                                                          Nazareth Area
Plan provides some compelling            APA national conference held in        cates, and her
                                                                                                                          Council of Governments
answers and guidance for this            Philadelphia in 2007.                  success in a dif-
important question.                                                             ficult political
                                                                                                                          Planning Excellence Award for
                                                                                climate is
                                                                                                                          Best Practice for a Plan
                                                                                                                          The Pennsylvania Wilds
                                                                                                  Denise Prowell
                                                                                                                          Design Guide: A Design Guide
                                                                                                                          for Community Character
                                                                                Planning Leadership Award
                                                                                                                          The Pennsylvania Wilds
                                                                                for an Elected Official Planning
                                                                                                                          Planning Team
                                         Walter C. Evans, AICP                                                            Student Project
                                                                                Andrew Paravis
Transportation Visioning Plan
                                                                                                                          Strafford Defined: Invoking
for the Philadelphia Region                                                       o
                                                                                T really get something done, it
                                                                                                                          History, Creating Connections,
                                                                                takes the support of elected
                                                                                                                          Building Place
                                                                                leaders, particularly enlightened
                                                                                                                          University of Pennsylvania,
Journalism Award                                                                ones. Andrew Paravis has provided
                                                                                                                          City Planning Department,
                                                                                strong leadership in southeastern
                                                                                                                          School of Design
The Philadelphia Inquirer                                                       Pennsylvania for regional planning
                                                                                and regional cooperation, even
Over the past couple of decades,                                                reaching across county boundaries
planning in Philadelphia has taken                                              to create a regional plan for eight
a backseat to getting deals done.                                               municipalities centered around
This has often led to poorly                                                    Pottstown Borough. Mr. Paravis’
designed development, particularly                                              tireless support and advocacy has
along the Delaware River. Recog-                                                helped the Pottstown Metropol-
nizing that poor planning or, usu-                                              itan Regional
ally, no planning, was leading to                                               Planning
bad results for the city and its resi-                                          Commission
dents, The Philadelphia Inquirer did                                            create a plan
a series of articles on planning that                                           and stick by
helped spur public involvement in                                               this plan when
planning for the central Delaware                                               political con-
River area.                                                                     troversies have
                                                                                                 Andrew Paravis
                                         The Philadelphia Inquirer

                                                                                                                                       THE VANTAGE POINT      5
                                                                          lation grew by 3.4 percent, but        viding parallel roads and incen-
                                                                          the urbanized land area grew by        tives for cross access easements
        Integrated                                                        53.6 percent.
                                                                          • By 2030, vehicle-miles traveled
                                                                                                                 in commercial corridors.

    TRANSPORTATION/                                                       is expected to grow by 26 per-
                                                                          cent and vehicle hours of delay
                                                                          by 52 percent.
                                                                                                                 Transportation Impact Fees
                                                                                                                 Learn how to develop an impact
                                                                                                                 fee ordinance that will enable
    LAND USE                                                              • On average, a household pro-
                                                                          duces about six round trips a day.
                                                                                                                 your community to collect
                                                                                                                 impact fees to cover the cost of
                                training                                  If just one of those trips was
                                                                          converted from a car trip to a
                                                                                                                 off-site road improvements
                                                                                                                 necessitated by new land devel-
    We all know that transportation and land use are                      walking or cycling trip, the total     opment.
    intricately linked with one another. PennDOT’s transporta-            burden on our transportation               PennDOT is also interested
                                                                          system could be reduced by             in your feedback about other
    tion investments can greatly affect the character of a place
                                                                          more than 15 percent.                  ways that we can enhance our
    and the economic activity that is viable in a community.              • Freight shipments (by ton)           ability to coordinate with one
    Local land use decisions, in turn, impact the efficiency and          through and within PA are              another on these important
    sustainability of our transportation networks.                        expected to increase 24 percent        issues. Please contact us at
                                                                          by 2020. Over two-thirds of this       smarttransportation@state.pa.us
    TO O O F T E N , transportation                                       freight is predicted to be moved       or visit our website at
    and land use decisions are made     Smart Transportation Themes
                                                                          by trucks.                             www.smart-transportation.com
    entirely independent of one         1. Money counts.                  • Raw materials for road and           to be a part of crafting a pro-
    another, creating a cycle of        2. Leverage and preserve          bridge maintenance and con-            gram that helps us achieve Smart
    wider roads leading to suburban     existing investments.             struction have escalated over the      Transportation, helps you
    sprawl leading to wider roads.      3. Choose projects with high      last five years: Steel prices are up   achieve your smart growth goals,
    For years, we have been caught      value/price ratio.                156 percent, concrete prices are       and helps all of us improve the
    in this expensive cycle that has    4. Safety always and maybe        up 53 percent, and asphalt prices      quality of life for everyone in the
    caused many of us to lose sight     safety only.                      are up over 88 percent.                Commonwealth.
    of what it is we are truly trying   5. Look beyond the level-of-      • In 2006, the Funding and
    to do: create great communities     service.                          Reform Commission recom-               Training Course Now
    for Pennsylvanians.                 6. Accommodate all modes of       mended and additional $900             Under Development
        PennDOT is now collabo-         travel.                           million to maintain our existing
    rating with our partners in local   7. Enhance the local network.     highway and bridge system.             Transportation Elements of
    governments and other state         8. Build towns not sprawl.            To truly achieve the goals of      Comprehensive Plans
    agencies to design a workable       9. Understand the context; plan   Smart Transportation, we need
    approach to breaking this           and design within the context.    help from the planning commu-          • Learn how to develop a Trans-
    unsustainable cycle. We call        10. Develop local government as   nity! While we still have a long       portation Element of a Compre-
    this approach Smart Trans-          strong land use partners.         way to go, we have developed           hensive Plan that clearly commu-
    portation, and it is redefining                                       several educational courses to         nicates your community’s vision
    the way that our department                                           start collaborating with you on        of a finely grained network of
    does business. Smart Trans-         Link Land Use and                 how we can better link trans-          safe, pedestrian friendly streets
    portation is about partnering       Transportation Investments        portation and land use planning.       for implementation over time.
    with local governments to           to Break These Trends                 PennDOT is offering several            Courses are designed for
    proactively plan a transporta-                                        land use/transportation plan-          20-24 participants at a mutually
    tion system that reduces con-       • During the 1990s, average       ning-related training sessions at      agreed upon time and location.
    gestion, improves mobility and      travel time to work in PA         no cost to participants. These         Course length is approximately
    results in a walkable, healthy      increased by 16 percent, to 25    one-half day sessions are de-          4 hours, but may be altered upon
    environment for Pennsylvania’s      minutes.                          signed for county and local gov-       request. Other courses are
    citizens.                           • From 1990 to 2000, PA’s popu-   ernment officials, planners, and       under development, and special-
                                                                          other interested stakeholders          ized courses will be considered
                                                                          eager to learn how local land          for development upon request.
                                                                          development regulations can be         The training sponsor (typically a
                                                                          structured to achieve more             municipality, county, TMA, etc.)
                                                                          transportation choices and pre-        is responsible for securing a
                                                                          serve community character.             location, advertising the event
                                                                                                                 and registering participants. The
                                                                          Training Courses                       PennDOT Program Center will
                                                                          NOW available                          provide training personnel and
                                                                                                                 materials at no cost to the par-
                                                                          Access Management                      ticipants.
                                                                          Learn how to improve mobility              Please email Jeff Reed at the
                                                                          and safety by controlling the          PennDOT Program Center
                                                                          location, frequency and design of      jreed@state.pa.us with any ques-
                                                                          driveways and intersections, pro-      tions or to schedule a course.

                             N O R T H W E S T P E N N S Y LVA N I A R E G I O N A L

Through collaboration,             orative planning effort between       development of the plan.”           ation of this plan. Besides the
this innovative program            the Northwest Commission and              Glotz continued, “In my         community and economic bene-
has saved Clarion, Crawford,       the eight counties in the region.     opinion, even though this is a      fits that this plan will create, the
Erie, Forest, Lawrence, Mer-       The Regional Greenways Plan           regional plan, it could easily      counties saved over $70,000 each
                                   will identify a network of green-     serve as a stand alone document     (or $420,000+ overall) by work-
cer, Venango, and Warren
                                   ways and open space that con-         for Warren County. I’m sure the     ing together on this regional
counties over $.5 million.         nect Pennsylvania’s open space,       same holds true for the other       planning initiative.
T H E N O R T H W E S T Commis-    natural landscape features,           counties involved in the plan-          “This regional planning ini-
sion has been involved in          scenic, cultural, historic and        ning process.”                      tiative has saved the counties in
regional planning since its        recreational sites, and urban and         Currently copies of the         northwest Pennsylvania approxi-
inception in 1967. The last few    rural community centers.              Northwest Pennsylvania              mately $500,000, and that is a
years have seen a dramatic             Dan Glotz, Director of the        Regional Greenways and Open         huge impact”, said Matt Gilara,
increase in regional cooperation   Warren County Planning and            Space Network Plan have been        Manager of Regional Planning
and partnerships. Most planning    Zoning Commission, said, “Typ-        distributed to the participating    at the Northwest Commission.
projects are broad in nature and   ically, the amount of individual      counties for review. Each of the    Gilara also added, “As you can
do not stop at county bound-       county detail in a multi-county       counties will be holding a public   see there is a real benefit to work
aries. The stakeholders in         planning document is limited.         meeting, so that the residents of   together and to plan on a reg-
northwest Pennsylvania are well    However, that is not the case         those counties will have an         ional level. Not every project
aware of this and are open to      with our Regional Greenways           opportunity to review the plan      can be carried out on a regional
working regionally.                Plan. We are extremely pleased        before it is adopted.               level but if there is potential to
    Currently the Northwest        with the product our consultant           Greenways will become one       do so, it should definitely be
Commission is working on the       has provided, the level of detail     of northwest Pennsylvania’s most    looked into.”
Regional Greenways Planning        in each element of the plan, and      powerful tools to achieve sus-          For more information, con-
initiative.                        the high degree of local participa-   tainable growth and livable com-    tact Matt Gilara, Manager of
    The Northwest Pennsylvania     tion and input that our consultant    munities. The Northwest Com-        Regional Planning, at mattg@
Regional Greenways and Open        has drawn from the counties and       mission assisted the counties in    nwcommission.org or by tele-
Space Network Plan is a collab-    stakeholders throughout the           acquiring funding for the cre-      phone at 814.677.4800 x102.

                                                                                                                          THE VANTAGE POINT         7
    Now available!

                 PA CO U N T Y
    Population Projections
    P L A N N E R S TA K E N OT E : the     By 2030, the percentage of per-          Population Projections               oped at the state and county levels:
    Pennsylvania State Data Center’s        sons age 65 and older will be                While Pennsylvania saw an        Planners and officials can draw on
    Detailed Population Projections By      22.3 percent of Pennsylvania’s           overall growth in population, not    the detailed age and gender break-
    Age, Gender, Race and Hispanic          total population.                        all counties shared in this          outs to understand how their pop-
    Origin: Pennsylvania 2000 to 2030           Both the Black or African            growth. Pike County is projected     ulation may change in relation to
    are now available for all of            American population and the              to grow faster than any other        both the state and neighboring
    Pennsylvania’s 67 counties,                                                                                                  counties. Detailed race and
    containing a wealth of                                                                                                       ethnicity projections, which
    data, information and               Total Projected Population Percent Change                                                were created for selected
    analysis useful for develop-                                                                                                 counties, give an even
    ment and transportation                                     Pennsylvania Counties 2000-2030                                  deeper insight into demo-
                                                               Pennsylvania Percent Change: 7.4%
    planning, economic devel-                                                                                                    graphic trends that will
    opment and funding pro-             Less than -20.0%: Warren, Elk, Indiana, Wyoming                                          impact the state and coun-
    posals. Whether fore-                                                                                                        ties, and will have important
                                        -20.0 to -10.0%: Lawrence, Beaver, Venango, Allegheny, Armstrong, Fayette,
    casting housing growth,             McKean, Cambria, Blair, Clinton                                                          implications for policy and
    use of transportation infra-                                                                                                 planning.
    structure or geographic             -9.9 to -3.1%: Erie, Clarion, Greene, Jefferson, Clearfield, Somerset, Cameron,
                                        Potter, Tioga, Lycoming, Bradford, Sullivan, Montour, Luzerne, Lackawanna,
    shifts in population, the                                                                                                   More About PaSDC’s
    new projections are a valu-                                                                                                 Population Projections
    able statistical view into          -3.0 to -3.0%: Crawford, Mercer, Westmoreland, Mifflin, Northumberland,             Population projections
    future trends.                      Schuylkill                                                                       were completed for 2005,
    Pennsylvania’s population       3.1 to 20.0%: Washington, Bedford, Huntingdon, Franklin, Juniata, Perry,             2010, 2015, 2020, 2025
    will continue to grow,          Snyder, Dauphin, Lebanon, Lancaster, Montgomery, Bucks, Delaware,                    and 2030 for Pennsylvania
    becoming larger, older and      Columbia, Carbon                                                                     and all 67 counties by
    more diverse, by 2030. The      20.1 to 50.0%: Butler, Centre, Union, Fulton, Cumberland, Adams, York, Berks,        age and gender and by
    total population of Penn-       Lehigh, Northampton, Wayne                                                           race/ethnicity for selected
    sylvania is projected to        Greater than 50.0%: Forest, Susquehanna, Pike, Monroe, Chester                       counties. More projections
    increase by the year 2030                                                                                            data and a map showing
    to 13,190,400, repre-                                                                                                projected population
    senting a 7.4 percent increase      Hispanic population are pro-          county in Pennsylvania between      change from 2000 to 2030 can
    from 2000.                          jected to grow faster than the        2000 and 2030, increasing by        be found online at
       The elderly population will      overall population, with the          103.8 percent (+48,072 people),     http://pasdc.hbg.psu.
    grow faster than any other age      Black or African American pop-        while Wyoming County is pro-        edu/pasdc/PA_Stats/estimates_
    group overall, increasing 54.5      ulation growing by 26.6 per-          jected to lose population faster    and_ projections/estimates.html.
    percent between 2000 and            cent in 2030, and the Hispanic        than any other county, with a          For additional data, contact
    2030. In 2000, the population       population increasing by 184.0        26.8 percent population decline     the Pennsylvania State Data
    age 65 and older accounted for      percent over the same time            (-7,515 people) by 2030.            Center’s State Capital Office at
    15.6 percent of the population.     period.                                   Projections have been devel-    717.948.6336.

       by Jody Holton, AICP

               Philly Park(ing) Day                                                                                  The street that we chose was
 Walking down the 700 block of Sansom St., the heart of Jeweler’s Row,
 your eyes are watching the shop windows and ignoring the cars parked                                            being repaved with bricks as
                                                                                                                 Cheryl, Adam Krom, and I
 beside you on the street. But a patch of green catches your eye, where a
                                                                                                                 walked by in mid August. This
 car should be parked, and then…a windmill? WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?                                               wide brick street nestled near
                                                                                                                 Washington Square and Inde-
 A PA R K I N G S PAC E has been                                                                                 pendence Mall captivated us
 transformed into a one-hole golf                                                                                with its varied architecture,
 course, and someone is beck-                                                                                    kitschy signage, and old world
 oning you to putt. Surprisingly,                                                                                feel. It felt like many streets in
 you aren’t dreaming. Today,                                                                                     Center City with its attractive
 September 19, 2008 is National                                                             years and months,    shop windows, but it was also an
 Park(ing) Day! And you have                                                                Philadelphia has     area where tourists might visit
 stumbled onto the APA-PA                                                                   taken some great     and vehicular traffic was light.
 Southeast Section’s parking                                                                strides toward       The police officer whose beat is
 space.                                                                                     revitalizing park    Jeweler’s Row told us that the
     Park(ing) Day is a national                                                            spaces in Center     repaving would be complete in a
 event where artists, architects,                                                           City. For            couple weeks. We had our spot.
 urban planners, and other citi-                                                            example, the ren-        On the day of the event, we
 zens transform metered parking                                                             ovated Franklin      started at 7:00am with John
 spaces into temporary public                                                               Square by His-       Haye’s landscaping truck drop-
 parks. The project began in 2005                                                           toric Inc is a       ping off a small load of sod and
 by the San Francisco based art                                                             striking example     three busy, but groggy volun-
 collective Rebar, as a way to                                                              of a great urban     teers, Bridget Keegan, Marian
 re-imagine the potential of a                                                              park with its        Hull, and Cheryl Tumola,
 metered parking space. In 2006,                                                            carousel, mini-      unrolling it and starting to set
 in collaboration with the Trust                                                            golf course com-     up greenery. Next to arrive was a
 for Public Land (TPL), Rebar                                                               plete with icons     load of tables, chairs, and a patio
 founded Park(ing) Day, to                                                                  of Philadelphia at   umbrella, which I brought in a
 explore the creative potential of                                                          each hole, play-     PhillyCarShare minivan.
 streets. This annual event cele-      and unloading of supplies.            grounds for various age groups,         Throughout the day a few
 brates parks and pedestrian               APA-PA Southeast Section          and refreshment vendors. In         APA-PA SE members dropped
 spaces and promotes the need          joined more than 30 other             addition, the park is beautifully   by. Other visitors had a map of
 for more of them in cities across     groups and sponsored a space          maintained by Historic Inc.         all the spaces and were hitting as
 America.                              along Jeweler’s Row. Parks            Another example is the recent       many as they could. Some
     After the first year in San       extended from river to river in       renovation of Aviator Park          people happened to be walking
 Francisco, the Trust for Public       Center City, and were sponsored       along one side of Logan Circle      by and were surprised to see us.
 Land organized a campaign to          by teams from the non-profit,         in front of the Franklin Insti-     Conversations were easy to
 take the event to cities across the   professional and academic com-        tute. The park includes a sculp-    strike up about all the other
 country. This year was the first      munity. The range of parks was a      ture garden near Moore Col-         spaces and which space was the
 year that Philadelphia officially     testament to the originality and      lege of Art and Design.             favorite. Some of the highlights
 participated. Pamela Zim-             progressive nature of Philadel-           Cheryl Tumola of APA-PA         were Interface Studio’s space
 merman, a Philadelphia architect      phia’s design community. Spaces       Southeast Section conceived of      next to the Reading Terminal
 at Brawer & Hauptman, organ-          ranged from simple places to          the theme for our space, a one-     with a stationary bike that pow-
 ized the event. Many of the pre-      relax on benches with art to          hole golf course, named “Par –      ered a slide show. The Water
 meetings were held in the new         places with activities such as reg-   King”. Shawn McCaney lent us        Department sponsored a space
 AIA Philadelphia headquarters,        istering to vote, trying out a pro-   a ‘Hole-in-One’ golf set. And       that was entirely covered with
 the Center for Architecture, one      totypical bike share, putting a       others lent patio furniture,        small plastic cups filled with one
 block from Reading Terminal.          hole of golf, tossing a bocce ball,   plants, and toys. Cheryl and I      inch of water to illustrate the
     Pam worked closely with the       and more. Check out the website       were off and running, with          total runoff of one inch of rain
 Philadelphia Parking Authority        http://blog.parkingdayphilly.com/.    about a month planning for the      on one parking space. The
 (PPA) to secure spaces. PPA was          Park(ing) Day came at a            event, we were able to find         answer is almost 100 gallons of
 so enamored with the event that       poignant time for Philadelphia.       about ten volunteers, including     water will run off of the parking
 they bagged the meters of partici-    The City is getting ready to          Brian O’Leary APA-PA South-         space during that rain event.
 pants’ choosing in advance, and       release its GreenPlan, which is a     east Section president, to help     Another favorite space had a sod
 then they bagged another space        plan for the parks of Philadel-       throughout the planning or          checker board with hubcaps and
 next to that to allow for loading     phia. And, in the past couple         during the day of the event.        Chucks All-Star sneakers as

checker pieces. In the afternoon
                                      Irv Hand Award results in
there was reportedly a banjo
player at one of the spaces too.
    Most visitors were able to
stop by over the lunch hour or at
the end of the day. Ron Bednar,
former APA-PA SE board
member, putted a hole and vis-
ited some other spaces on the
                                              SKILL BUILDING
                                              by Susan H. Cipperly, AICP 2007 Irving Hand Professional Development Award Recipient
way. My son played on the grass
with the golf balls and windmill.
Other people came by from             One thing I have been                 time they are finished. Then no          Angeles, two medium-sized proj-
DVRPC and local architects’           aware of during my career             one wants to think about the plan        ects in Connecticut, to Main
offices. A friend with her hus-       as a planner is that unless a         ever again.                              Street, Emmitsburg, MD.
band and son came to eat lunch                                                  After looking for facilitator            Each of the three days
                                      comprehensive plan is                 training and finding most offer-         involved training modules by the
and talk.
    By the end of the day, as the     created with the active               ings were very business-related, I       NCI staff alternating with
shops were starting to close, four    involvement of community              noticed an offering by the               applying the techniques to our
willing volunteers, Adam Krom,        representatives and                   National Charrette Institute             group projects, followed by ses-
Justin Dula, Bridget Keegan, and      government officials, it is           (NCI) that was listed on the APA         sions where the pros and cons of
Nicole Hostetter, enjoyed a                                                 Web site. It was being held at the       our strategies were discussed by
                                      most likely to be relegated
quick look at the space and                                                 Harvard Graduate School of               the entire group. I came away
started disassembling it.
                                      to a shelf or corner of a             Design in Cambridge, Massachu-           with an understanding of what is
    Spending a day along Jew-         Web site and not really con-          setts. During the first week of          involved in pre-planning a
eler’s Row provided a window          sulted or used very much.             August, 2008, I attended the 3-day       charrette, what the elements are,
into a close knit, charming busi-                                           training session and came away           and what kind of outcomes there
ness community. We watched as         I H AV E A L S O N OT E D the         with a lot of information, contacts,     can be.
the businesses opened for the         general lack of training in plan-     and some ideas that I could utilize          I should note that there is a
day. Much like a village would        ning schools with regard to elic-     as Town Planner for Emmitsburg,          difference between learning about
look opening for the day, a           iting the input of the community      Maryland (plus 21 CM credits!).          the charrette process and learning
delivery person going up and          for whom the plan is being cre-       Emmitsburg is a historic town of         about meeting facilitation. The
down the street with coffee and       ated. Newly-minted planners           2,900 population just south of the       charrette (French for the carts
brown bags of breakfast; busi-        have been taught the history of       PA border, where I have worked           that picked up student work at the
ness owners lingering out front       planning, trends, zoning tech-        since February 2008. I felt very         deadline for a project) is a project-
of their stores talking with their    niques, etc., but very few have       fortunate when NCI asked                 oriented method of getting input,
colleagues and business partners,     been schooled in public rela-         whether Emmitsburg could be              making decisions, and providing
as they have for generations.         tions, meeting dynamics and           used as one of the group projects        results in a very focused, organ-
    Throughout the day business       facilitation techniques that really   for the charrette training.              ized, efficient, and effective way
bustled along the sidewalk. One       are crucial to being effective in         I had been working on sign           within a 3-7 day process. Facilita-
store had a constant group of         the field of planning.                regulations and had been asked by        tion is different in that it is more
jewelers, buyers, gemologists,            When I had the opportunity to     the Mayor to consider a plan for         oriented to interpersonal and
and others standing out front         apply for the Irving Hand Pro-        maintaining and revitalizing the         group dynamics and helping to
talking shop. They were too           fessional Development Award, I        historic Main Street streetscape,        move a meeting or a short- or
engrossed in their conversation       decided to get some training in       so I offered that topic as an idea       long-term process along without
and the business of the day to        facilitation techniques that I        for a work group. The idea was           getting bogged down. At a recent
putt too many holes of golf, but      thought would be valuable for the     not to solve the issues and create a     rural development workshop I
I offered to bring them a bench       private sector work I was             plan as much as it was to under-         attended, I heard success stories
next year. One jeweler offered a      employed in at that time. It          stand how the charrette process          that involved the use of each type
volunteer Turkish coffee, which       seemed like a good way to move        would/could be utilized for a            of approach, depending on the
he offers to all his neighbors        the planning process along, saving    variety of projects, but I was very      needs of the communities. One of
around 2:00 in the afternoon.         time, energy and money for the        happy to have the opportunity to         the good aspects of the NCI
    What is amazing about the         municipality, as well as allowing     pick the minds of other attendees.       workshop was the number of con-
event is that a space as small as a   the consultant firm to provide a          The group of people that             tacts I was able to make for future
parking space can soften the          competitive time-frame. This was      attended the session consisted of        reference – including a company
urban environment by giving a         particularly true in Pennsylvania,    government and consultant plan-          that provides facilitation training.
bench for tired legs to rest, or a    where multi-municipal plans are       ners, interested citizens, architects,       Overall, the NCI training at
piece of art for thought, or a        now allowed and encouraged. I         lawyers, and designers. In addition      Harvard GSD was a very worth-
green patch for a child to play       have watched both single and          to people from the United States,        while experience and I do thank
“off leash.” And, one pocket park     multi-municipal plans get so          there were folks from Paris, Bel-        the Pennsylvania Planning Associ-
per block or two does not actu-       bogged down in the logistics of       gium, South America, Mexico, and         ation and the Delta Development
ally take much space, but it can      meetings and inefficient decision-    Germany. Many had international          Group for providing me with the
have a tremendous impact on           making that they become multi-        planning and design experience.          opportunity. I am sure that I will
the quality of life and shopping      year projects that everyone           The projects ranged from a street        use what I learned as I continue my
experience in Center City.            involved is very tired of by the      redevelopment in Watts, Los              work in the field of planning.

                                                                                                                                 THE VANTAGE POINT      11
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 PA American Planning Association
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   Healthy Places
P L A N N I N G F O R H E A LT HY P L AC E S with Health Impact Assess-
ments is a ‘how to’ guide for conducting health impact assessments
(HIAs), developed by the American Planning Association and the
National Association of County & City Health Officials, sponsored by
the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This online course
will explain the value of conducting an HIA and the steps involved
in conducting an HIA. Throughout the course, examples of health
impact assessments have been highlighted and discussed.
    This course is available for free, thanks to a grant from the Cen-
ters for Disease Control and Prevention. For members interested in
Certification Maintenance credits, this course has been approved for
six credits.
    Here’s a comment from Joe Romano, AICP, from the Southwest
Section: “I thought the course was excellent and provided me with
new tools for my job and gave me a different perspective on plan-
ning. It took me about 6 hours to complete, but it’s presented in
small modules so you can start and stop anywhere you want. I took
the course and reviewed the supplemental materials over a two
week period.”
The course may be found at

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