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                  Expert Briefs:
               Nicole Dean Asks Successful
                 Marketers the Questions
                   You Wish you Could

  “If you’re like me, you don’t want perfume
      or a picture frame for Christmas… you
    want stuff for your BUSINESS! Gadgets,
    tools, and other fun goodies. So, what’s
        in your Letter to Santa this year?”

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It’s another Expert Briefs, where I ask really smart business owners to
answer your burning questions.

If you’ve missed past Expert Briefs, you can click on the undies to see them
all –>

You might recall our group letter to Santa from 2010, and this week I asked
our expert panel the same question to see what’s topping everyone’s wishlist
this holiday season.

“If you’re like me, you don’t want perfume or a picture frame for Christmas… you want
      stuff for your BUSINESS! Gadgets, tools, and other fun goodies. So, what’s in your
                                 Letter to Santa this year?”

Kristen Eckstein says:

In my letter to Santa is something I probably won’t get until Spring. A new
27-inch iMac, complete with ALL the fixings, maxed out with power & hard
drive space.

Other than that, Santa came early to me this year with the iPad and iPhone,
and a MacBook for my husband, Creative Director of our company. So I don’t
really have any other wishes for Christmas.

Except one thing. In the midst of gifts and gadgets each year, I took my family
for granted. This year I have no family. I lost my father to a divorce with my mom and to his new
girlfriend, and subsequently I lost his entire side of the family. This year I have no extended family to
spend the holidays with, just my husband and myself.

This year I’m realizing just how thankful we should be and how we should live “in” each moment
because we never know when loved ones will be taken from us. This year one grandmother died, the
other went senile and disowned half the family (me included), my parents of a 35-year “perfect”
marriage divorced, my father replaced his wife and me with a new woman, his family refuses to talk to
me for many reasons, and my husband and I are left grieving the emotional deaths of dozens of
people we care about and love.

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So instead of just looking for that brand new gadget this Christmas, I can’t stress enough how much
you should live each moment with thankfulness your family surrounds you and is intact. Because one
day you may wake up and your entire world will be shaken to the core, and the things you once took
for granted will be lost forever.

Lain Ehmann says:

Dear Santa,

I’ve been a very good entrepreneur this year. I outsourced, listened to my
business coach (thanks, Nicole!), and saved all my receipts in one tidy heap.

So, for Christmas, I’d love a new mic for my podcast. I’ve heard that the Blue
Yeti is good, and I really don’t want to mess with a mixing board. So can you
send one my way?

Much love,

Connie Ragen Green says:

Dear Santa,

First of all, thank you for the presents you brought me last year. The
new luggage is wonderful and makes it so much easier for me to
travel. Thanks for the new digital camera, also, because the pictures I
take are the memories I will have forever.

This year I have a very special request. I would like for you to give my presents to five children who
need them more than I do right now. These are items that everyone child needs and deserves, and
ones that will change their lives forever. They may even help them to change the world.

For the five children who will receive my gifts this year please include:
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   •   A laptop computer – It can be new or used, PC or MAC. It just needs to work. I’m asking for a
       laptop instead of a desk top computer so they can use it anywhere they go and it will become
       a part of them.

   •   Internet access at home and away – Being connected to the world is important for so many
       reasons. They will be able to read and write, do research on any topic they can imagine, and to
       communicate with people all over the world. It also levels the playing field for all children in
       the world to have the same chance for success in the future.

   •   A soccer ball – Soccer is a game played the world over. We don’t want children who will be
       able to read and write and not be able to relate to others face to face. The child with a ball will
       always be able to find a friend. They will also be able to make the rules, and that builds
       leadership skills.

Thanks, Santa. You can still swing by my house if you’d like. I’ll leave you some cookies and milk, and if
you check my computer you’ll find a special message I wrote just for you. Just click the mouse and it
will magically appear. Isn’t magic what it’s all about?

Connie Ragen Green

Lynette Chandler says:

This has got to be one of my favorite questions. I had me an early Christmas in
November, got myself a MacBook Pro. A few other things that do come to
mind in no particular order:

   •   Kindle Fire.
       I read a lot on the iPad and phone via Kindle app but being able to
       borrow books for free via my Amazon Prime on a Kindle is an irresistible

   •   WordPress plugins and themes.
       I already own a lot of them but I’m such a junkie! For one, I’d love to have a year’s access to

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   •   Couple hours of VA time

   •   Custom content

   •   Amazon gift card

   •   iTunes gift card

Shannon Cherry says:

Ahh, Santa,

I looked back at what I asked for last year and you know what? I’m happy. I
don’t really need a thing.

So I want to turn the tables and ask you my dear jolly elf, what do you need?
After all, you’re a lot like business owners everywhere. You run a highly
efficient toy making and distribution company (we should all take lessons from
you!), yet surely there must be something you need?

Perhaps it is simply giving you the same thing we as business owners should for our customers…

Thank you, Santa, for your continued belief in me.

Merry everything and happy always,

Susanne Myers says:

Dear Santa,

At first I thought I wouldn’t write you this year. I have so much already… a
loving family, a thriving business, a good roof over our heads and enough cash

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on hand to spoil my little one. But there is one thing that’s missing from my business lately – direction.

So this year for Christmas, all I ask is for a business coach to help me see where I need to go next. It’s
so easy to miss the forest for the trees when you’re all wrapped up in your day-to-day tasks.

I see what a huge difference coaching makes both with my own coaching clients and watching people
like Lain thrive under Nicole’s direction.

I’d love some help finding a coach that’s the right fit for me and will help me get things moving in the
right direction.

Say hello to the reindeer and yes, we’ll have milk, cookies and carrots waiting by the Christmas tree.

Nicole Dean says:

Every year, I try to help busy entrepreneurs by helping you write your
letter to Santa.  This year is no different.

If you’re like me, and would rather get something fun for your business
than an other trinket, simply copy and paste the letter below (insert
items you want from the brainstorming list below) and mail it to Santa
and you’re set.

Heck, send it to your mother-in-law (if she gets you horrid gifts) or a favorite Aunt so she won’t spend
a week knitting a pair of wool socks that you’re allergic to.

Here you go:

Dear Santa,

I’ve been very good again this year. I’ve worked very hard on my business while keeping focus on
important priorities like my (family, health, etc., insert yours here). I definitely should be on your “nice”

This year, I would love to get some gifts to invest in my business. Here are some items I’ve been
wanting. You can surprise me. :)

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((INSERT items from list below))

Thank you, Dear Santa. I hope that you are nice and cozy in the North Pole with Mrs. Claus.

((insert name here))

Brainstorming Gift Ideas List.

Feel free to print this out and use it as inspiration for your wish list.

For when you’re on the go.

    •   Kindle or Nook – Read and learn on the go.
    •   mp3 Player – More Learning on the road. (Be sure to load up my podcast.)
    •   Cell Phone. Christmas is always a good excuse to upgrade.
    •   Headset for your Cell Phone. I love my headset. I can use my cell as an mp3 player while I walk
        the dogs (and still feel good about having my phone on me).
    •   iPad. I keep mine in my purse. It’s so much easier than carrying around a laptop.
    •   Good business books – just in case you get trapped on a Deserted Island.
    •   Noise Cancellation Headphones. (I have some. They’re weird.)


    •   Camtasia
    •   SnagIt
    •   Photoshop

Stuff for your Office.

    •   Desk Pad Calendar. For scheduling and staying organized.
    •   Day Clock – in case you lose track of time, really badly!
    •   Demotivators. (You probably saw those in my home office.)
    •   Handerpants – in case your hands get cold while you’re working.
    •   Bacon Envelopes.
    •   Comfortable desk chair (if you are having back problems or just want one).
    •   Ergonomic keyboard or mouse.
    •   Big freaking White Board. Did you see mine in my office video?
    •   Space heater. brrrrr….

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Camera & Microphones.

   •   Flip Mino Cam. For video marketing.
   •   Headset with a Microphone. For recording tutorials and webinars on your PC.

PLR – Because It’s AWESOME!

   •   PLR Articles Because you can always use more articles for your blog.

Other things to Speed Up your Work

   •   Article Templates
   •   iPad and iPhone Apps

Business Tools

   •   Aweber – The service I’ve used since 2005 to manage most of my newsletters, ecourses, and
       ezines. (If you get emails from me, they probably come through this list managing service.)
   •   Basecamp – Allows you to track projects and who is working on each one.
   •   Mozy – Keeps your computer (and therefore, my income) safe. (Try it free.)
   •   Password Manager Program – Keeps track of all of your logins, usernames and passwords, so
       you don’t have to. (Try it free.)

Promo Stuff

   •   Personalized Twitter T-shirt
   •   Facebook Status T-shirt
   •   Cool Business Cards. Zazzle has really cool “skinny” & “chubby” sized cards.

Some of My Favorite Courses to Learn Cool Stuff From.

   •   I love this Private Newsletter.
   •   Traffic Dashboard.
   •   How to Get More Links to your Site.
   •   Learn to Use Gimp
   •   Daily Affiliate Tasks

My Courses

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   •     Blog CPR
   •     Income CPR

Stuff to Fight Computer Butt.

   •     Fat Loss Quickie
   •     Weights
   •     Exercise Videos – I’m a fan of the Weight Loss Yoga (Biggest Loser), myself.
   •     Big Water Bottle


   •     Luggage for traveling to cool Internet Marketing conferences to hang out with me.
   •     Ticket to NAMS for August.

** Most of the stuff above is tax deductible. (Probably not the Handerpants, though.)

It’s Your Turn.

So, now, I’ll pose this question to you. What are you asking Santa for this Christmas? Help me to make
my wishlist.

I’ll look forward to hearing your comments!

I hope you've enjoyed this report.



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