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              Wednesday, 3oth October 2002

National Anthem                     Symphony Orchestra

Welcome                             College Vice Captains, Katie Else and Bill
The School Year                     Boekenstein

College Principals’ Address         Mr Greg Heidke and Ms Trina Beard

Jazz Performance                    Performed by Queensland Dance School of

Presentation of Academic Awards     Mr Jim Horton, Executive Director Schools,
                                    Stafford District

“The Hunt” from Deerpath            Performed by the Senior String Ensemble
 Triptych by William Hofeldt        Conducted by Anne Svendson

Presentation of Cultural and        Ms Trina Beard and Mr Ian Stanger
Service Awards

Presentation of Sporting Awards     Mrs Majella Frith and Mr Aaron Jobbings

‘The Montagues & The Capulets’      Performed by the Orchestra
 from Romeo & Juliet                Conducted by Sergei Korschmin
Arranged by Edmund J Siennicki

Presentation of Special Awards      Mr Greg Heidke

Valedictory Address                 College Captains, Jodie Lawlor and
                                    Anthony Dean

School Song
          2002 COLLEGE CAPTAINS
         Jodie Lawlor & Anthony Dean

        Katie Else & Bill Boekenstein

  Bowen House: Ruby Hart & Reuben Murray
Herbert House: Natalie Marshall & Jeremy Melius
Lutwyche House: Jasmin Singh & Jude Gregory
   Petrie House: Amy Bridge & David Brown
                                                ACADEMIC AWARDS
                                                              Year 10
           Whitney Callaghan                               Sara Golingi                                Olivia Porter
              Sarah Collett                          Quentin Haly-Summerfield                         Ally Reinmuth
           Nicholas Donaldson                           Ashleigh Henders                              Julie Stapleton
           Olivia George-Cox                              Caitlin Maskell                             Sofia Tettweiler
             Hayley Gerrard                              Clare McEniery                                Jeann Wong
                                                       Caitlin Palmer-Bright

                  Subject                                    Year 11                                     Year 12
Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Studies               Sebastian Maru                                Ruby Hart
                Accounting                                 Danny Huang                                Shane Tummon
             Ancient History                              Tia Northfield                             Adalbert Imperial
            Biological Science                             Lidiya Lakic                              Rafal Bacajewski
        Business Administration                            Nicole Moni
Business Communication and Technology                     Jade Gurowski                        Suzi Veleski & Shane Tummon
 Business Organisation and Management                     Sheree Kumar                                  Melinda Hill
                Chemistry                                  Joshua Lock                                   Jenny Tian
            Computer Studies                             Benson Willemse                               Dimity Harris
                   Dance                                    Kyle Davey                       Luisa Burgoyne & Elska Barrington
             Design in Action                                                                        Morgan Kennedy
              Design Studies                             Camilla Wundke
                   Drama                       Astrid McDonald & Pascale Carruthers      Annie-May Demozay & Louis Hamlyn-Harris
         Early Childhood Studies                         Catherine Bryant                             Amanda Rigden
                Economics                                 Paula Arciaga                                Liam Maguire
        Engineering Technology                            Andrew Dinte                               Alexander Duwell
                  English                       Catherine Bryant & Emma Rodwell           Catherine Calder & Louis Hamlyn-Harris
         English Communication                          Benson Willemse                                 Jeremy Mills
             Extension Drama                               Sam Quinlan                                 Amy Wollstein
            Extension English                                                                       Louis Hamlyn-Harris
                  Fashion                                                                             Samantha Vasey
                Geography                                    Jay Slater                                 Melinda Hill
                  German                                   Louisa Quilter                              Elena Mastyuk
                 Graphics                                   Simon Rua                                   Rhys Cragie
             Health Education                               Lisa Moylan                              Adalbert Imperial
             Home Economics                                                                            Molly Poland
           Hospitality Practices                           Holly Bowdler                              Claire McCarthy
     Industrial Skills (Construction)                                                                    Ben Hodge
      Industrial Skills (Furnishing)                        Kate Sanders                                 Ben Hodge
 Industrial Skills (Metal Manufacturing)                    Fletcher Poole                               Ben Hodge
 Information Processing and Technology                       Bashkim Isai                           Geoffrey Donaldson
                   Italian                                Craig Tuckerman                                Paul Armit
                 Japanese                               Kevin Su & Yuan Xu                               Miriam Lee
              Legal Studies                               Emma-Kate Lock                              Jessica Mineely
                   Logic                                  Astrid McDonald                           Louis Hamlyn-Harris
              Media Studies                                 Kristy Moody                               Chris Ramsay
             Modern History                                  Sabina Passi                             Sophie MacNeill
          Multi-Strand Science                              Luke Ramage                                  Paul Armit
                   Music                      Sophie Parslow & Elizabeth Palmer-Bright                  Jodie Lawlor
             Music Extension                                   Hara Seo                                Anthony Dean
            Physical Education                             Mark Anderson                               Clint Jackson
           Physical Recreation                             Sam Fairbrother                              Paul Mikula
                  Physics                                    Joshua Lock                                 Jenny Tian
          Senior Mathematics A                             Jonathon Roche                        Paul Armit & Amy Bryzak
          Senior Mathematics B                                 Khai Le                                   Jenny Tian
          Senior Mathematics C                               Joshua Lock                                 Miriam Lee
               Traineeships                                                                              Brent Crilly
                Visual Art                                Sophie Parslow                        Jenny Tian & Molly Poland
                                           SERVICE AWARDS
Service Awards recognise students who have been involved in significant supporting roles across a range of
intra-school and/or inter-school activities during the year. These awards recognise the ‘unseen worker’.

   Year 10                                       Emma-Kate Lock                                  Year 12
   David Aldous                                  Joshua Lock                                     David Brown
   Nicolas Collins                               Elizabeth Palmer-Bright                         Katie Else
   Stephen Dickson                               Sabina Passi                                    Ruby Hart
   Clare Keyes-Liley                             Luke Poynting                                   Jodie Lawlor
   Caitlin Palmer-Bright                         Sam Quinlan                                     Jasmin Singh
   Aaron Surman                                  Simon Rua                                       Sheldon Toto
                                                 Andrew Ryan                                     Danni Willis
   Year 11                                       Peta-Michelle Szep
   Catherine Bryant
   Alicia Burns

                                         CULTURAL AWARDS
Cultural Awards recognise students who have demonstrated significant participation and involvement in
activities of a cultural nature either at, or representing, Kelvin Grove State College during the year.

   Year 10                                       Elizabeth Palmer-Bright                         Year 12
   Caitlin Palmer-Bright                         Sophie Parslow                                  Xana Chambers
   Breandan Skinner                              Sabina Passi                                    Kara Dickson
                                                 Sam Quinlan                                     Katie Else
   Year 11                                       Chris Reed                                      Ruby Hart
   Catherine Bryant                              Shallene Rigby                                  Laura Jones
   Alicia Burns                                  Simon Rua                                       Morgan Kennedy
   Celine Horsford                               Andrew Ryan                                     Elise Kinnon
   Taren Lennox                                  Peta-Michelle Szep                              Hamish Lancaster
   Emma-Kate Lock                                Rachel Weston                                   Jodie Lawlor
   Joshua Lock                                   Lochlainn Wilson                                Tim Marsters
   Mark McCormack                                Camilla Wundke                                  Catherine McMahon
   Macushla Miller                               Yuan Xu                                         Molly Poland
   Sarah Milne                                                                                   Chris Ramsay
                                                                                                 Jenny Tian
                                                                                                 Danni Willis

                                   SPECIAL CULTURAL AWARDS
                                    DANTE ALIGHIERI SOCIETY AWARD
Each year the Dante Alighieri Society of Brisbane awards this prize to the highest achieving student of Italian in
Year 10. The award aims to encourage students to pursue Italian studies at Senior Level.
                                          Awarded to: Angela Papa

                      GRIFFITH UNIVERSITY YEAR 11 ITALIAN AWARD: Craig Tuckerman

                            SENIOR GERMAN CONSULATE PRIZE: Elena Mastyuk
                                 SENIOR GERMAN ACHIEVEMENT AWARD
Thiess Contractors Pty Ltd has donated this award to acknowledge a student who has consistently and
conscientiously worked to improve his or her results and fluency in German over the last two years.
                                          Awarded to: Suzi Veleski

                                       MUSIC SUPPORTERS AWARD
The Music Supporters Committee (Instrumental Music Parents Support Committee) donates this award for the
student who has made the most significant contribution to the instrumental program for the year.
                                        Awarded to: Anthony Dean

                             ALAN WILKIE “PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE” AWARD
This award recognises the student who strives for excellence in music.
                                         Awarded to: Mark Minnery
                                             SPORTS AWARDS
                                         INTERHOUSE COMPETITIONS

            Athletics: Lutwyche                              Swimming: Bowen                            Cross
            Country: Lutwyche

                Age Champions                                 Girls Swimming                                 Boys Swimming
                   15 Years                                   Ashleigh Henders                                Josh Campton
                   16 Years                                   Kristina Pasovski                              Benjamin Lancon
                17 Year & Over                                 Danica Roberts                                  Leon Julius

                Age Champions                                  Girls Athletics                               Boys Athletics
                    15 Years                                  Sophia Pilae-Smith                            Matthew Gardner
                    16 Years                                    Marie Ducroz                                Antonio Invincible
                17 Years & Over                                 Jasmin Singh                                  David Brown

                Age Champions                               Girls Cross Country                            Boys Cross Country
                    15 Years                                 Lauren MacKenzie                               Matthew Gardner
                    16 Years                                   Marie Ducroz                                  Aaron Peardon
                17 Years & Over                                 Jasmin Singh                                  Chris Nunan

             Matthew Vodic                                                     Mark Minnery

   Swimming             Leon Julius                                Baseball            Brent Crilly
   Touch                Matthew Gardner                            Rugby League        Daniel Watkins
   Athletics            Chris Nunan
   Golf                 Brett Bridgman, Melissa Coulthard, Aaron Cox, Brenton Fowler, Daniel Jantti, Eric Kang, Hyuk Koan Kwon
                        Sarah Murray & Jeremy Zahl
   Soccer               Christian Armansin, Paul Armit, Aaron Conway, Marie Ducroz, Jude Gregory, Jacob Knight, Paul Mikula,
                        Daniel Schneider, Jasmin Singh & Jonathon Roche

   Athletics            Matthew Gardner                                 Golf                  Alexandra Boyle & Nick Papoutsis
   Soccer               Ellen Beaumont, Sebastian Tatchell, Brad        Cross Country         Chris Nunan
                        Hicks & Chris Kiernan

                                MEMORIAL SPORTING AWARDS
                                            JENNY CARRINGTON MEMORIAL
   Jenny Carrington, a former student of Kelvin Grove State High School, was a promising young swimmer whose
   life was tragically cut short in an accident. We honour the memory of Jenny by presenting this award for
   achievement in swimming.
                                                Awarded to: Amelia Cois

                                         MARGARET JOSKO MEMORIAL
   Margaret Josko was a student who, in her senior year in 1987, tragically lost her life in a car accident. She will
   be fondly remembered for her cheerfulness and her varied contribution to sport, particularly athletics and
                                         Awarded to: Sophia Pilae-Smith

                      SPORTSMAN & SPORTSWOMAN OF THE YEAR 2002
                        Awarded to the most outstanding male and female athletes of the year
                                        Sportsman – Chris Nunan
                                       Sportswoman – Marie Ducroz

                                  AVIATION                                             SOCCER
                                  David Rive                                        Sebastian Tatchell

                                   DANCE                                                TENNIS
                             Nicholas Cunningham                                      Kyle Carpenter

                                   Troy Fuller


                                           SPECIAL AWARDS
                                    CALTEX YEAR 10 ALL ROUNDER
Caltex provides this award across Australia to recognise students with a willingness to participate and an
outstanding commitment across a wide range of sporting, academic and community activities. Award winners
always do their best and are excellent role models. This award is also recognition of the student’s leadership

                                                 To be announced

                                  ARCH BEVIS YEAR 11 ALL ROUNDER
Arch Bevis sponsors this award to recognise a student who shows an outstanding willingness to participate in a
range of cultural and sporting activities. This student also achieves good academic results, is a good role model
and always gives of his or her best.

                                                 To be announced

                       MARGARET GREEN AWARD – YEAR 12 ALL ROUNDER
Miss Margaret Green was Senior Mistress at Kelvin Grove State High School for 21 years. This award was
instituted by the Parents’ and Citizens Association in 1984 to honour her contributions to this school, and is
presented to the Year 12 student who is the best “all rounder”.
                                                To be announced

                                             YEAR 10 DUX
                      Awarded for the most outstanding academic achievement in Year 10

                                                 To be announced

                                             SENIOR DUX
                      Awarded for the most outstanding academic achievement in Year 12

                                                 To be announced

                                   SPECIAL THANKS TO
                       all staff who helped make this evening so special
From the heights and valleys round about,
     We come to gather on the hill,
To learn to work and play and search out
    The way life’s promise to fulfil.
   We seek to tread the road to glory,
  And fly through learning to the Stars,
            Scientia ad sidera
            Scientia ad sidera
   We are the Kelvin Grove College.

 On the sporting field we strive to win,
   And play a fair and famous game.
  High academic honours we’ll put in
 To bring our school renown and fame.
 So let the red and green fly high above
    All rivals old and new to shame,
             Scientia ad sidera
             Scientia ad sidera
   And hold on high the Golden Rule
             Scientia ad sidera
             Scientia ad sidera
   We are the Kelvin Grove College.

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