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									Reaction Rates

 Factors, Activation Energy,
 Le Chatelier’s Principle,
 Kinetic-Molecular Theory,
 Collisions Theory of Gases
 Factors Affecting Reaction Rates

1.   Temperature - hotter temps react faster
2.   Surface area – smaller pieces react
3.   Catalysts – speeds up reaction
4.   Inhibitors – slows down reaction
5.   Concentration – higher conc speeds up
6.   Nature of reactants – more reactive
     elements speed up reaction
Activation Energy

    Definition: the minimum amount of
     energy required to start a chemical
     reaction                   Energy of activation
LeChatelier’s Principle

  Deifinition: when a system at equilibrium
   is subjected to a stress, the system will
   shift its equilibrium point in order to
   relieve the stress
  Stresses include a change in:
      Pressure
      Concentration

      Temperature
Kinetic-Molecular Theory

  Definition: explains that the behavior of
   physical systems depends on the
   combined actions of the molecules
   constituting the system
  Expansion, Fluidity, Low Density,
   Compressibility, Diffusion and Effusion
Collisions Theory of Gases

  Definiton: the number of new
   compounds formed in a chemical
   reaction is equal to the number of
   molecules that collide, multiplied by a
   constant that corrects for low-energy
  Must be the right speed (activation
   energy requirement), and right
   orientation (direction)

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