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 It’s Hardware Time
    This is How Everyone Should Spend Their Sundays!
    2009 Awards Night and Banquet
    Mortimer Mutterings III
                                              2009 Rally of the Tall Pines
                                          Speed, Yumps and Atmosphere
                                   Targa Newfoundland—Stage by Stage

F a l l 2 0 0 9 E d i t i o n ▪ M o t o r s p o r t C l u b o f O t t a w a ▪ w w w. m c o . o r g
Tall Pines

                                     Speed, Yumps
                      05           and Atmosphere
                     08 Mortimer
                     Mutterings III
Targa Newfoundland
Stage by Stage

13                                         This is how

                                           spend their
04 From the President 31 Year End Awards 34 SoloII Profiles
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3 ▪ Motorsport Club of Ottawa                      ▪      The Link         ▪   Fall 2009 ▪      
                                                                                   BY MCO PRESIDENT
From the President’s Desk...                                                         PAT MCDERMOTT

Year in Review 2009
                                                            directors position and Craig Seko re
 As we move into 2010 I reflect on the previous year with   elected as Vice president. A word of caution though. In
 pride in all the MCO volunteers who put so much work       clubs it is common for a very few people to be doing
 into this club organizing events and administrating what   most of the work for all. An obvious result of this is job
 has become arguably the largest motor sport club in        burnout and it’s beginning to happen. I can see it. We
 Canada.                                                    are all volunteers including those of you that are plain ol’
                                                            MCO members. Don’t let us burnout. The whole club will
   Growth of the club in the past two years has been re-    suffer because of it. I have seen this happen before, the
 markable, both in membership and in the scale and vol- result is not pretty and has effects that last years. When
 ume of events. During 2009, it became necessary for the you demand what your club can do for you ask yourself
 first time to place caps on the number of participants for what you can do in return.
 autocross and it almost happened for the Ted Powell
 memorial weekend. All of our other major happenings        I’d like to say its business as usual for MCO for 2010 but I
 such as the Lanark Highlands Forest Rally, winter driving can’t. Event wise and staff wise it is, but lately we are
 schools, snow cross series, and lapping days were near     always being thrown curves, some of them being down-
 to fully subscribed. We turned over 16 people away from right nasty. One major change is expenses have risen
 our Race School even after we raised the participation     dramatically for everything we do. For now and for 2010,
 count from 36 to 40 students. Additional private track     we will be reflecting on and adjusting these costs. If they
 rentals for our winter venue have increased also. Speak- can’t be managed and if people won’t volunteer, the
 ing of lapping, the dynamic has changed from a small       cost of what this does to the people that help run this
 faction of MCO members participating to a majority. A      club will be passed onto the membership. In other
 year ago we were looking at possibly cancelling these      words, if you don’t help out we have to pay people to
 events. Now were looking at increasing them.               play in your stead. Your membership is probably going to
                                                            increase. For those of you that do help my sincerest
   The Ted Powell event was an astronomical success with thank you. See you all on track.
 199 entries. 64 cars in GT sprints was probably a record
 for a CASC event. Four days were a blur of excitement      Pat McDermott, president MCO.
 and fun. The event was mired by a CASC/MCO dispute
 though, for 2010 costs are rising and there will be some
 changes made to make the event financially viable or it
 could fall into jeopardy.

   MCO’s Open Road Rally series continues to struggle
 with entries but it is said will continue again next year
 and the Rally cross series, brainchild of Greg Van Dalen,
 struggles also and probably won’t be revisited under
 MCO’s banner for 2010.

 The Board says goodbye this year to Jeannie MacGillivray
 as rally director and Don Laberge for autocross. These
 two people put their entire hearts into their disciplines
 and will be sorely missed as directors. The rest of the
 board of directors and discipline directors remains intact
 for 2010 except for Luc Saumure stepping back into a

Motorsport Club of Ottawa                   ▪      The Link         ▪    Fall 2009 ▪  ▪ 4
               Speed, Yumps and Atmosphere
                                                                                   Rallye Baie des Chaleurs
                                                                                          By Jaak and Jane Lann

                                                                                                         Photo: Mike Proulx

T       he Rallye
        Baie des Chaleurs
         plays out in the woods and
hills around New Richmond, Que-
bec, in the Gaspe Region. We’ve
                                        ahead of you across the forested
                                        valley on the next mountainside and
                                        my instant thought was, looks like a
                                        view from Rocky. Strangely, when it
                                        rains the mud is as slick and almost
                                        as concrete-like when it dries as it is
                                                                                    unpredictable. The best rally teams
                                                                                    from the U.S. and Canada show up
                                                                                    year after year and this year’s 48 car
                                                                                    entry list had a dozen potential win-
                                                                                    ners. With a driver and co-driver in
                                                                                    every car that means there were 96
seen quite a bit of the region and it
                                        in the Rocky Mountains on the other         people going as fast as they knew
continues to grow on us. During a
                                        side of the country.                        how. And given a few service crew
rally your focus is pretty narrow but
                                             Baie is quite an unique event.         on each team there was quite an
the Recce at the beginning of the
                                        The roads are challenging, the event        atmosphere in Service.
event allowed us some chance to
                                        carries on from early Thursday                  The Service Area was quite in-
check out the vistas. On one stage
                                        morning to Saturday at suppertime,          teresting in that it was shared by
while you are driving along the side
                                        the fans are the most enthusiastic          local grassroots entries and the Su-
of a mountain you can see the cars
                                        and numerous and the weather is             baru USA Rally Team. Big money

5 ▪ Motorsport Club of Ottawa                      ▪      The Link         ▪      Fall 2009 ▪
teams had compounds with barriers
while some small money teams did-
n’t even have pop-up awnings.
There were awesome new highly-
modified Subaru STI rally cars to old
rear wheel drive Toyota Corollas all
competing in the same event. Our
team is somewhere in the middle of
all this with our 1999 Subaru Im-
preza two door sedan. We use Hot
Bits rally suspension and the Cana-
dian distributor, Peter Reilly, actu-
ally graciously towed our car out to
Gaspe and serviced with us. The ex-
tensively decorated Hot Bits cube
van that we worked out of is a long
way from my first event when I
drove the Civic to the rally and had a                                                                 Photo: Mike Proulx
tarp on the snow to park it on.          night and got us boost again but         Moose, “I didn’t know my own
     TONIK Motorsports is continu-       then a hose fell off Saturday morn-      strength”• and had a total blast. We
ally improving our car as we learn       ing. Last year Warren got 20 minutes     tied for 3rd longest jump at the fa-
what is required to go faster more       sleep Friday night while this year he    mous Camp Brule stage and flew
reliably. I had no idea that there was   had the luxury of 3.5 hours...things     100 feet. Jane says I am quiet while
so much more to learn about driv-        are going better so he better not        driving and only occasionally ask for
ing, about car setup and about the       complain (he doesn’t and is actually     an instruction earlier by saying
implications of more speed on the        the first one up Saturday morning)!      “Next”• into the intercom. She was
car. I thought I knew some stuff but I   The car was back to normal on the        quite surprised when I yelled out
couldn’t imagine what I didn’t know.     last two stages.                         “YEE-HA!!!”• while drifting around
We had some turbo boost problems              Speeds at Baie seemed faster        one long corner in 5th gear…it just
on Friday night which dropped            than in the previous three years I       came out of me.
power from the 200 range at which        have been there. OMG the speed!               We had a few moments of the
we can accelerate up hills to what-      Endless flowing 5th and 6th gear         opposite kind of course. One of
ever level at which we couldn’t ac-      sections and multiple yumps de-          them was at a semi-T intersection at
celerate up hills. TONIK’s Warren        manded great reliance on big co-         which we hadn’t noted that the
and Nancy Haywood worked half the        jones. To paraphrase Bullwinkle the      braking zone was over a crest. First
                                                                                  run through the rear un-weighted
                                                                                  and the car did a half spin to the
                                                                                  right when we were supposed to go
                                                                                  left. I locked them up, got lost in a
                                                                                  cloud of self-made dust, reversed
                                                                                  and blasted away to the spectators’
                                                                                  delight. Second run through I braked
                                                                                  only into the crest and we were fine.
                                                                                       At a Left Two into a narrow rick-
                                                                                  ety bridge I came into the corner too
                                                                                  hot, put it sideways and with co-
                                                                                  driver’s side coming to rest in the
                                                                                  ditch managed to engage 1st gear
                                                                                  and please what looked like a lone
                                                                                  marshal or photographer.
                                                                                       I completely messed up the only
                                                                                  pavement section the first run
                                                             Photo: Mike Proulx   through. I think hearing Jane tell me
                                                                                         were ambulanced out and the stage
                                                                                         was cancelled. We transited through
                                                                                         at 40-55 km/h and I almost went off
                                                                                         the road at one corner in the dust. As
                                                                                         the situation was sorted it became
                                                                                         evident that we would have finished
                                                                                         the night at maybe 1:30 AM so the
                                                                                         last stage Friday night was cancelled
                                                                                              We ended up 22nd out of 47
                                                                                         starters which felt to us like victory.
                                                                                         That feeling was magnified as when
                                                                                         we pulled into Parc Ferme at the fin-
                                                                                         ish CARS’ Terry Epp dove through our
                                                                                         open window to congratulate us as
                                                                                         did two of the event organizers. Big
                                                                                         hugs all around after we got out of
                                        Photo: Tom Hayston - Performance Rally Images    the car. Another finish we won’t ever
the extra instructions about pave-              All of us were worried about dust        forget. TONIK Motorsports and Hot
ment for 50 metres surprised me and        Friday night. It was looking to be a          Bits made it happen for us.
when I saw it I got discombobulated.       real problem even though the top
The second time I really nailed it         five had three minute spacing and                 I have read that if you want a
though and slid from pavement into         the rest of us had two minutes. Su-           World Rally Championship experi-
the 90 degree left and to the edge of      per celebrity Ken Block went head on          ence but can’t get to one then go to
the outside ditch perfectly. The dif-      into the woods at the end of a                Rallye Baie des Chaleurs. I com-
ference between the two attempts           straight near the beginning of one            pletely agree.
was huge and I’m sure I redeemed           stage just as it got dark. No serious
myself to the spectators.                  injuries that we know of but they

7 ▪ Motorsport Club of Ottawa                           ▪       The Link          ▪     Photo: Tom0 0 9 ▪ - Performance m c o . o r g
                                                                                        F a l l 2 Hayston      w w w . Rally Images
MORTIMER MUTTERINGS III                                                                                                   By Nigel Mortimer

                                           Photo: Yanick Gougeon

                 Charles Dickens wrote:
                 “It was the best of times, it was the worst of

  That best describes my summer.

     My Formula Ford team won the Ontario Formula Ford Cham-
pionship for the third year in a row with Matt White driving, who
this year became a member of MCO. Matt also won the Mont-
real NASCAR F1600 race so you can’t do any better than that !
     The TV cameras never left Matt for the entire race and I
don’t remember breathing for thirty minutes. What a race !                   I highly recommend this to anyone with a love of cars and
     Lew MacKenzie soldiered on (pun intended) through adver-            aircraft. Goodwood is a step back in time as most people dress
sity this year that started with a big multi car crash at the first      in period clothing of 1940 to the end of the 60’s. Georgeous
race and things didn’t get much better after that. At 69 years of        cars and women with WW2 aircraft flying and static displays.
age you should all aspire to being able to do what he does.              The fields of parked cars is like a museum, and they were
     As Lew says “If racing was easy, everyone would be doing            driven to the event. The scent of Castrol R the glorious sounds
it.”                                                                     it is truly heaven on earth. To cap it all off it was Stirling Moss’s
     We participated in both Trois Riviers and Montreal races and        80th birthday and he was racing and leading a parade of 86 of
were very impressed with the quality of both events. Seeing              the 94 race cars he ever drove. He even shook my hand and
crowds of spectators is certainly nice and participating in the          wrote a dedication in his latest book to me. I have not washed
organized autograph sessions was good fun too.                           my hand since !!!
     We became involved with Claude Bourbonnais in regard to
his driver coaching as he was with us at various tracks. Most of          Photos: Nigel Mortimer

you will remember that he was teamed with Jacques Villeneuve
in Formula Atlantic, and was the better driver.
     By the end of the season I needed a holiday and managed to
arrange a trip to England where I visited Brooklands, the Mer-
cedes Benz world museum, and the Goodwood Revival. I got to
drive a new C63 AMG at the test track which included a road
course and skid pad. After completing a bunch of power slides
the instructor asked if I had done this before. I admitted that I
had “done a bit mate.”

Motorsport Club of Ottawa                            ▪       The Link            ▪      Fall 2009 ▪    ▪ 8
  This is how everybody should
  spend their Sundays!                                                         story by Gregory Van Dalen
                                                                                    photos by Mike Proulx

Y   et another great muddy Funday
    at the RallyCross track.
                                           about the most fun you can have with
                                           clothes on.
                                               In FWD it was a close battle all day
                                                                                       belonging to Josh. Something about
                                                                                       a soaking wet air filter may have
                                                                                       slowed the legacy factory teams
    Even after grooming the track it       between the VW rally cars and Peters        down, but that didn't stop Christian
was still thick and soupy so a last min-   Mazda. Vincent took the lead at the         from taking the lead in the final run,
ute decision was made to use the           end of the day winning the class by         just 1/2 a second ahead of team
field that is normally the campground      about 7 seconds over Peter, with Pat        owner James, (aka, found a parts car
for the big truck/tractor events. With     co driving Vince's Golf in third. We've     already guy) and just a few seconds of
a slight delay in setting up a new         got to acknowledge the impressive           future ice racer Steve B. Shutout of
course we were underway around             drive from Brendan in the saturn            the podium for perhaps the first time
1030am, under the all too familiar         wagon!                                      in MCO Rallycross history was Jodie,
rain clouds. 16 competitors in atten-          In the AWD class it was the battle      Greg and Mat.. it was a long drive
dance with their shiny clean cars,         of the legacy's.. legacies? legs?.. any-    home!
soon to be covered in mud.                 hoo.. No less than 6 drivers sharing            (thanks to Chris, James, Steve,
    First in RWD, and the class of the     two super fine 93'/96' legacys              Christian, Mat for stopping to check
field with the best looking and driving    equipped with D for Go transmissions        on my car and lending us a pair of
car by far goes to Chuck in his Lancia     battled against Tim's imprezza RE92         clean air filter to get home!) lol,
Awesome for showing us RWD is              slicks and the very cool Celica Gt4         good times everyone, thankyou!!

9 ▪ Motorsport Club of Ottawa                         ▪      The Link         ▪       Fall 2009 ▪ 
 Photos courtesy of Mike Proulx,
 Check out Mike ’s awesome photos:

 Huge thanks to Tonik Motorsports
 for their sponsorship of our rally
 cross season, thank you boys!!
 The trophies look fantastic!

 And thanks again to Talon Tire from
 Montreal for their continued gift
 certificate prizes!

 And of course, thanks to
 Augusta Motorports Park
 for their awesome facility
 Please sign their guest book and let
 em’ know how much fun you had.

 And we certainly couldn’t do this
 without all the volunteers

  Jeannie for being the best rally

  David Butler for discovering this
  park and his help with scoring/
  registration/timing/getting lunch
  etc etc!

  Jodie Shay for the fast scoring and

  James Bergeron for his trailer tow-
  ing removing picking up storing
  timing, dude does it all and with a
  smile, thanks man!

  and all the great cars and drivers
  that make these events a joy to be
  part of.


Motorsport Club of Ottawa                ▪   The Link   ▪   Fall 2009 ▪   w w w . m c o . o r g ▪ 10
          2009 Rally of the Tall Pines
                                                          by Jean MacGillivray. Photos courtesy of Mike Maguire

       he 2009 Rally of the Tall Pines took place in       Martin and Ferd are among those who encountered
       balmy weather, with nary a snowflake in sight.      some unexpected challenges, as described by Ferd
       It attracted 53 entries, including a record num-    on the Rally forum:
ber of 7 MCO teams. Supporting the event were
MCO’ers working HAM radios, as stage marshals and          “On Egan Creek, just before the Tee-Left onto Mayo
crew. Even the organizer, Mike Koch, was from the          Lake Rd, there are a couple of very deep washouts.
MCO, so we really made our presence felt!                  There's a big beaver dam about as high as the
                                                           driver's side window on the left of the road. Water
Mike Maguire has kindly offered to share his photos        running over that dam washes across the road taking
of the MCO teams:                                          all the sand and soil away, leaving two deep streams
                                                           running across the road filled with big rocks. We had
Car 24 - Neil Wright / Lorna Wright                        to crawl through those streams to avoid ingesting wa-
Car 37 - Martin Walter / Ferdinand Trauttmansdorff         ter into the engine.
Car 39 - Jaak Laan / Jane Laan
Car 49 - Alan Lavoie / Mathieu Fortin                      ”On the very last stage a Subaru, I think it was
Car 52 - Vince Landreville / Chuck Storry                  Schmidtke / Vokes, got stuck just after crossing those
Car 60 - Jeffrey Dowell / Emily Dowell                     streams. They went through too quickly, tore off their
Car 61 - Eric Mckinnon / Matt Waters                       skid plate, which wedged under the car and acted like
                                                           a snowplow, jamming in the mud and rocks.
Overall results:
13th - Martin and Ferd                                     ”When we got there and found their car blocking the
17th - Alan and Mathieu                                    narrow road, Martin tried to push them out of the way,
19th - Vince and Chuck                                     busting one of his lamps in the process. But the Su-
26th - Jeffrey and Emily                                   baru was planted in the road like it was nailed down.
28th - Eric and Matt                                       It wouldn't budge an inch.
DNF's: Neil and Lorna; Jaak and Jane.

11 ▪ M o t o r s p o r t C l u b o f O t t a w a   ▪      The Link      ▪   Fall 2009 ▪
”We barely squeezed our way
around on the left side of the car, but
there's a swamp there. We were
lucky not to get stuck. A couple more
cars behind us got through, but even-
tually somebody else got stuck in the
swamp and that was the end of that.
Eleven cars got bottled up behind
that mess,” writes Ferd.

Newcomers to Ottawa, but not to ral-
lying, are Neil and Lorna Wright of
Four Peaks Racing. They are in their
first year of Eastern rallying and
joined MCO last spring. Co-driver
Lorna also wrote about Tall Pines on
the Rally forum.

“Neil and I just want to say what a
great time we had with all our new
MCO friends. What a crazy, chal-
lenging, jumpy, watery, muddy rally
that was! I'm still sore! Unfortunately
we DNF'd with electrical problems
probably stemming from all the wa-
ter. Neil was driving really well up to
that point, and the RX-7 was holding
together. Oh well, that rally . . . it just
gives us something to shoot for next
year. MCO did awesome with their
results! Well done.

”We are going to do more of the re-
gional events next year, which
should be a lot of fun. We couldn't
have moved anywhere better for
rally!” says Lorna.

The teams of Martin Walter / Ferdi-
nand Trauttmansdorff, and Vince
Landreville / Chuck Storry have done
well for themselves in 2009, with
both teams winning MCO awards.

The RSO final scores for 2009 show
that overall, out of 36 drivers, Martin
ranked fifth and Vince eight.
Amongst co-drivers, Ferd ranked
second and Chuck seventh. Martin
and Ferd took Group 5 top honours,
and Vince and Chuck came first in
the Classic category. For details,
please see
       2009 Targa Newfoundland

                                                                                                                               Photo: Gordon Sleigh—

          rologue Day is just for              Targa teams collect penalty points               tored by radar, thus we are not                  every second that we are outside
          practice. It counts for              for each second that they are                    required to have roll-cages. Any                 of our allowable time window. On
          nothing. We were told                slower than their target time. They              street-legal car can enter. The                  Day-1 the average speeds were
the scoring results for the Pro-               have a top speed limit of 200 km/                only division is between Equipped                quite easy, with a very generous
logue Day would be used to de-                 h, checked by radar, hence the                   or Un-Equipped teams, meaning                    allowable time window of +/- 30
termine the start order for the first          requirement for full roll-cages etc.             teams like us equipped with rally                seconds. On the last day, Day-5,
day of competition, but evidently              Otherwise, if they are worried                   computers and/or a GPS capable                   the speeds were quite a bit
that just applied to the Targa                 about making their target time in                of displaying your calculated aver-              quicker, with an allowable time
Category, not to our Grand Tour-               any tight stuff near the end of the              age speed on the fly, versus un-                 window of only +/- 3 seconds.
ing (GT) Category. We started in               stage, they can go as fast as they               equipped teams with only an ac-                    The more exotic Targa class
numerical order based on our                   like anywhere within the stage on                curate odometer, a watch, and a                  competitors, and uninformed
Car#.                                          any straightaways to put time in                 calculator. GT competitors are                   spectators, tend to look down
  Just to clarify, there is a major            the bank. The target times for old,              required to maintain a specified                 their noses at the GT competitors
difference between the Targa and               small-engined cars are more gen-                 average speed, within an allow-                  because we are "slow" in com-
GT categories. In the Targa Cate-              erous, compared to the practically               able time window, all the way                    parison to the Targa cars. But the
gory, which contains many differ-              impossible target times for the                  throughout each stage. For exam-                 GT competition is not at all easy.
ent sub-classes depending on                   monster open class cars. But it's                ple, if the average speed is sup-                Yes we're slower. On some
vintage, engine size, and modifi-              not a "race" like in stage rallying              posed to be 60 km/h, that means                  straightaways we'd be trundling
cation levels, the goal is to reach            to see who can do each stage the                 we must drive at a pace to take                  along painfully slowly, whereas
the finish line of each stage within           quickest. The goal in Targa com-                 exactly one minute for each kilo-                the top Targa class cars would be
an assigned target time. Targa                 petition is to always reach the                  metre through the stage. If we                   touching 185 km/h. But we are
cars are not penalized for reach-              finish for each stage inside your                arrive either late or early at any               required to always stay within our
ing the finish line quicker than               target time.                                     Intermediate Time Control (ITC)                  time window, at all points. If we're
their assigned times, as long as                  In the Grand Touring category                 point within the stage [and we                   already accurately on schedule
they don't exceed a maximum 135                we are limited to a slower top                   never know where the ITC will                    and within our correct time win-
km/h average speed for the stage.              speed of 140 km/h, again moni-                   be], we collect penalty points for               dow, we cannot go any faster
                                                                                      EDITORS NOTE
            This article has been converted from Ferdinand’s posts on the MCO Rally Forum and as such may contain links or references to other sites or works.
   This article also contains links to youtube for the corresponding videos for each stage. If you are lucky enough to be reading this article in PDF format, you should be able to click
     the link and enjoy video of the stage. For those of you that prefer the printed medium, I’ve included a link which takes you to Ferdinand’s youtube page which contains all the
                                           Targa videos. From there type the name of the stage into the search box and out pops a video. Enjoy!
without risking an early penalty.         The ceremonial start is at the
We are not able to put time in the      Harbourfront of St John's New-
bank by speeding on the straight-       foundland. Cars are waved off
aways to get ahead of schedule.         one by one to make their way out
Then, when the road gets slow,          of the city to the first Prologue
tight. and twisty, we struggle just     stage at Flatrock.
as hard as some of the Targa              Several of the novice teams,
cars trying to stay at the correct      unfamiliar with the style of route
speed.                                  notes provided, or unfamiliar with
   The Targa teams "only" have to       the streets of St. John's, promptly
reach the finish line of each stage     got lost trying to find their way out
within their target time. They can      of downtown St John's.
be faster than that if they choose.
The GT teams must also reach            Prologue Day - Flatrock 1:
the finish line within their assigned                                  Photo: Gordon Sleigh—
target time, but we must cross the      v=Fz39wdai96g
line within our allowable +/- time         For the first Prologue stage, the    nearly 10 seconds late already.         for a "bump" crossing the lane in
window, no slower and no faster.        GT competitors were given a fairly      Had there been another ITC at           front of the Confed Buildings,
On top of that, we must stay            easy target speed, and an allow-        this point, we might have been          where a raised walkway crosses
within that time window over the        able time window of +/- 10 sec-         caught late outside our window.         the driveway. We made sure to
entire length of each stage, never      onds. This was supposed to rep-                                                 slow right down for that on our
knowing where a surprise ITC            resent a typical Day-3 challenge.         It didn't matter at all during Pro-   first run. The spectators called us
point may be located. In many              The first portion is relatively      logue Day, but it is possible to get    wusses for that, so we went a little
ways the GT competition, just like      simple. We just have to acceler-        hosed by another competitor             quicker on our second pass. A
a normal TSD rally where we             ate hard initially to get up to our     through no fault of your own.           little too quick as it turns out.
have to focus half our attention on     proper average speed, then hold                                                     It's interesting to see what a
the clock all the time, is much         steady for a while. There was an        Prologue Day - Flatrock 2:              huge difference a bit of experi-
harder than the Targa category          Intermediate Time Control (ITC)          ence makes. On this, our first run,
where they can concentrate fully        already at the first Tee-Right inter-   v=Ny5cOIGyVV0                           we're rather tentative preferring to
on driving as hard as they can to       section. So it's a good thing we          We lined right up again for a         take it easy. It's a long week, this
reach the finish line.                  didn't dawdle off the start or we       second pass on the Flatrock             demonstration run counts for
   I'm not saying the Targa cate-       might have been late already            stage, heading North-East from          nothing, so why risk damaging the
gory is easy by any means. It's         there.                                  here.                                   car? We did the stage in 1 minute
just that people tend to discredit         We caught and were held up by          On this second run, we had the        57.5 seconds (1:57.5).
the GT category without knowing         a Porsche 944 just as we entered        same easy average speed target,
what's really involved.                 a slow narrow rough section.            but this time with just a +/- 3 sec-    Confederation Park 1:
                                        Luckily we arrived there about 6        ond window. This sort of precision
Prologue Day - Ceremonial               seconds early, still within our +10     is a lot tougher to maintain. Here      v=_wlbgLQEKP0
Start:                                  second limit. By the time the road      we start getting into issues of            On our second run I felt com-         finally widened enough for us to        improperly calibrated watches and       fortable pushing a bit harder. We
v=EitMIrgrJnk                           pass the Porsche, we were very          odometers. A small miscalibration       were 9 seconds faster with a time
                                                                                can add up to several seconds of        of 1:48.5.
                                                                                inaccuracy over longer stage               Early on there is a section of
                                                                                distances, something we strug-          roadway that is shaved down in
                                                                                gled with later on in the week.         preparation for being re-paved.
                                                                                                                        On our first slow pass I had no-
                                                                                Confederation Park                      ticed and avoided a raised man-
                                                                                  This was fun.                         hole cover sticking up out of the
                                                                                  Confederation Park in St. John's      pavement. The sharp edge of the
                                                                                was set up as a spectator special       cover is painted yellow so it's
                                                                                stage starting here. This one           easy to see. On this second pass,
                                                                                wasn't scored and didn't count for      at slightly higher speed, I had to
                                                                                anything other than practice and        change my line a bit through the
                                                                                entertainment value. We could go        jog left where we cross the me-
                                                                                as often as we liked and as fast or     dian into the other lane, and
                                                                                slow as we liked. Of course every-      damn, there was a second man-
                                                                                one pushed as hard as possible.         hole cover that I hadn't noticed
                         Photo: Gordon Sleigh—                We were warned to watch out           before. I smacked that one hard.

Motorsport Club of Ottawa                                ▪        The Link            ▪      Fall 2009 ▪                w w w . m c o . o r g ▪ 14
Luckily there was no damage.          dia and local celebrities pay for a
  Then I didn't slow quite enough     ride-along, with the proceeds
for the bump over the raised walk-    going to charity.
way. Whoa that thing is evil! It         Even though I was taking it
launched us hard with all four        relatively easy, our time of 1:49.4
wheels off the ground!!               was still 8 seconds quicker than
  We got some applause for that,      on our first tentative run. It is a
but it was really dumb. What if we    challenge to push all out on your
had ripped the oil pan off the en-    first blind run with no practice.
gine? Prologue day counts for         However, if you plan on complet-
nothing. We still have five days of   ing all five days of Targa New-
competition to go. Don't be stupid    foundland you really do need to
now.                                  keep a healthy safety margin and
                                      NOT push 100% on every stage.
Confederation Park 2:                                                                                    Photo: Gordon Sleigh—
                                                                               whatever.                                  In the few minutes it took us to
                                                                                 Luckily we arrived in St John's a     dash outside and jump in the car,
                                                                               couple of days early and had            we were all soaked to the skin.
                                                                               plenty of time to relax and enjoy       Thank God I had packed the car
                                                                               the warm sunny weather and do           the night before. Then we had to
                                                                               our sight-seeing. Unfortunately,        wait several more minutes idling
                                                                               having spent several nights in the      in the parking lot because all the
                                                                               same hotel room in St John's, we        windows fogged up so bad we
                                                                               had accumulated more "stuff" like       couldn't see anything at all. Then
                                                                               groceries, souvenirs, and other         Chris wanted to stop for breakfast
                                                                               junk. When it came time to con-         on the way, or at least find a Tim
                                                                               solidate all our "stuff" from the two   Hortons somewhere. The whole
                                                                               cars into just one car, and still       time Christoph was anxiously
                                                                               have enough room left over to           checking his watch, his carefully
                                                                               carry four people back and forth        planned schedule already com-
                                                 Photo: Jeffrey Bowser         from arenas to hotel rooms, we          pletely shot.
                                                                               soon realized that we had WAY              Forget breakfast! We have to
                                                                               too much "stuff".                       get to the ReMax Centre arena
  We weren't quite as extreme as      Confederation Park 4:                      Also lucky, I spent some time         NOW. The girls dropped us off in
these guys though…                      Sunday night trying to re-organize      the parking lot, promising to meet
                                      v=rxtFAozA-tI                            all this accumulated crap into the      us later in Placentia, while we
  Our 3rd pass was our quickest                                                back of the Subaru Outback in           dashed inside, again soaked to
with a time of 1:46.6, almost 11      Day 1 - Argentia 1:                      such a manner that I might actu-        the bone.
seconds quicker than on our first          ally be able to access our tools or        We did the mandatory breatha-
pass. Now I knew to avoid to the      v=ge9GxF1NEFE                            spares if ever we did need them         lyzer test, then hopped in the
manhole covers and to brake hard        I had enlisted my wife, Chris,         in an emergency. We kept only           BMW and hit the road for the long
before the jump, but to give 'er      and my mom, Pauline, to come             our toothbrush kits with us over-       hour and a half transit to Argentia.
everywhere else. Practice makes       with us on the trip in a second car      night in the hotel, in preparation      This was the scariest drive of the
a huge difference. Better lines,      to act as our "support crew". It is      for a very early Monday morning         entire week. The rain and wind
more aggressive in the corners        really handy to have a second            check-out and departure to begin        was amazing!
and under braking.                    car, because every night the rally       our week of competition.                   We were riding in relative com-
  If you've run the same stages       car is put on display and locked           I say lucky because, when the         fort in our heated and enclosed
before in previous years it gives     up overnight in the local arena. It's    wake-up alarm went off at 5:30          BMW, whereas crews like Andy
you a huge advantage over nov-        nice to have a second car                Monday morning, I peeked out the        Bearss & Ron Woltman in the
ice teams who are running the         available for going back and forth       window and saw... nothing. It was       Honda, or Mike Salter & Jeff
stages blind for the first time.      to dinner and the hotel etc.             still pitch black outside, and there    Hagan in the Austin Healey, were
                                        The idea was that Chris and my         was a hurricane passing through         riding in cars with NO WINDOWS!
Confederation Park 3:                 mom would chase us around all            with howling winds and horizontal       Yeesh.       week, carrying our spare parts           pounding rain. It was raining so           Anyway, we safely made our
v=LBkZbH4BmJk                         and tools, meeting us at all the         hard I could barely see the car         start time in Argentia only to find
  My 4th run was a Charity Run,       designated Service Points in case        parked right outside our hotel          the stage was delayed because
carrying a paying customer. Me-       we needed any hasty repairs or           room window! Just perfect.              the stage crew was having diffi-

15 ▪ M o t o r s p o r t C l u b o f O t t a w a                   ▪          The Link           ▪      Fall 2009 ▪     
culty tying down their equipment.          So this time, with me driving, I    thinking they're all this slow. Day-   an issue on Day-1 when we still
All the boards kept flying away…        was going to make sure not to          1 is designed to be easy.              have a +/- 30 second window to
  The Argentia stage is run on the      back off early at the yellow                                                  place within. But it's bothersome
grounds of an old military base.        boards, but continue at speed          Day 1 - Stage 4 - Osprey Trail         nonetheless.
Some of these "roads" are obvi-         until reaching the actual flying       West:
ously no longer maintained. I'll bet    finish at the red boards after the        Day 1 - Stage 8 - Eastport 2:
the potholes were an eye-opener         corner. Imagine my surprise when       v=GtiRAOoJB1E                  
to all the teams in their fancy-        there were no yellow boards.             Another uneventful stage.            v=hhhc7a7f9Gg
schmancy race cars with stiff           Instead, where the yellow boards                                                We watched all of the Targa
suspensions and low profile tires.      should have been, there were the       Day 1 - Stage 6 - Port                 cars launching into the stage.
  For us in the GT category, Ar-        flying finish red boards before the    Blandford:                             That was cool.
gentia was run at a very easy           corner. Whoa!                            Chris and my mom were watch-
pace. Still, as our first real stage       Then around the corner, where       v=dTwBdZAa1gA                          ing from the first Tee-Right into
of the event, it was nice to start      the flying finish was supposed to         Stage 5, Adeytown, was no           the stage and caught us on video.
with an easy one.                       be, there were the yellow "Finish      longer on the schedule. So we            Actually it was after this second
                                        Ahead" signs. Huh?                     went straight to Stage 6, Port         pass on the Eastport stage that
Day 1 - Stage 2 - Placentia:               By then we had already slowed       Blandford.                             we had lunch at the Legion Hall.        down. So where were they actu-            We thought we were right on         Afterwards we had a free transit
v=0Hnm4VRq7mw                           ally measuring our finish time?        schedule here, only to cross the       to Gander, so Christoph got to
   From Argentia, we go straight           Oh well, time for a break. We       line 2 seconds late. Not really        chauffeur my wife in the Subaru
across the street to the start of the   get breakfast here, and Chris and      sure why. But it was a bit discon-     after all, while my mom rode with
Placentia stage. This stage was         my mom met us as planned. So           certing, considering that by the       me in the BMW.
also relatively easy, with an aver-     far so good.                           end of the week we would need to         In Gander we went through the
age speed of only 53 km/h. But             But we nearly had a mutiny in       be within +/- 3 seconds every-         car wash, then parked the BMW
it's only easy on the straight-         the "support crew". They did not       where.                                 in the arena for the car show.
aways. Then it goes into a whole        at all enjoy the long scary early                                   
series of acute left, acute right,      morning drive from St John's to        Day 1 - Stage 7 - Eastport 1:          v=P1oW93-FnJ8
etc. and it suddenly becomes            Placentia in the monsoon condi- 
much harder to maintain the             tions, and they really weren't look-   v=kEZQ8WIvaPE                            Good car. No problems at all.
speed.                                  ing forward to the even longer            "Grey skies are gonna clear up,     Just lock the doors, and head for
   There was some confusion at          drive to the various service points    put on a happy face."                  the hotel.
the finish line. There are sup-         between here and Gander. They             Things were pretty grim this          At the end of Day-1, ten GT
posed to be yellow "Finish Ahead"       suggested that after the 2nd Ar-       morning, what with the monsoon         teams still had zero penalties but
signs, then the red "Flying Finish"     gentia stage, they could instead       weather and our reluctant support      four teams collected penalties.
boards, and finally another set of      have Christoph drive the Subaru        crew. But now it's all sunny skies.      Day-1 was (thankfully) unevent-
red boards marking the "Finish"         "support car" up to the following         The ladies met us for lunch in      ful for us. The first day is not in-
where we slow to read the clock         Osprey Trail stage.                    Eastport after this stage. Big re-     tended to be difficult. However, it
displaying our time.                       Um, hang on, wait a sec.            lief. They're having a good time       would be bad Karma to suggest it
   The finish for the Placentia         "Competition Crew" vs. "Support        and really getting into it now.        was easy. The potential for mak-
stage should have been located in       Crew". I need my navigator to             Meanwhile we're still trying to     ing mistakes is always there, as
the same spot as when I did this        navigate us to the next stage on       figure out why we're a couple of       we would find out for ourselves
five years ago with my brother          time. He can't be jumping back         seconds off in our timing. It's not    soon enough on Day-2...
driving. And we screwed it up           and forth between cars.
then,                                      Fortunately, after a good break-        fast, the weather cleared up a bit
v=pG42kNhD054.                          and things didn't look quite as
   Placentia was run later in the       bleak anymore and the mutiny
week then, and we had to do an          was narrowly avoided.
average speed of 60 km/h. That
was a bit tougher, and the end of       Day 1 - Stage 3 - Argentia 2:
the stage was quite a bit busier 
then. We were already late in the       v=L2Orcswf2jI
dash to the finish line, then              The second Argentia stage was
backed off crossing the yellow          run a bit quicker, at something like
boards only to realize the actual       54 km/h. It was still very easy.
finish wasn't until much further           I'm glad we got these ones out
around the corner yet, at the red       of the way, because they're rela-
boards.                                 tively boring compared to the next
   d'oh.                                days'. I don't want to turn you off                                                            Photo: Craig Lee

Motorsport Club of Ottawa                                ▪        The Link           ▪      Fall 2009 ▪               w w w . m c o . o r g ▪ 16
Day 2 - Stage 1 - Appleton:            But the Subaru ran out of road on         busy once more through Leading          see us, took lots of photos, lis-       the exit of this corner, fell off into    Tickles to the finish.                  tened to our stories, provided
v=6taUZItVQFw                          the ditch, and rolled multiple               The Targa cars go                    hugs and encouragement, and
   Day 2 was gorgeous and sunny,       times. It's absolutely astounding         WAAAAAAAAAY faster than us              otherwise did a great job provid-
and challenging.                       what a comprehensively spec-              on this stage. It would be fun to       ing us with "support".
   On Day-2 our allowable time         tacular job they did of trashing          see their in-car video instead. For        We enjoyed the moose stew
window tightens up a bit to +/- 20     that car. Even more amazing               us, as always, the challenge is to      and other delicacies before
seconds. That's still a very gener-    though is the fact that there were        stay exactly on schedule over the       mounting up for the return run
ous window, but our goal was to        no serious injuries other than a          entire length of the stage. Al-         down the long Leading Tickles
be as close to zero as possible at     broken wrist suffered by the co-          though the speed seems dead             stage.
all time controls. Take advantage      driver when he, reportedly,               slow, this is actually one of the          The ladies would be stuck here
of all the "easy" stages to practise   punched himself in the helmet.            most challenging stages for the         until all the Targa cars had left,
for the harder stages to come.            The true hero of this incident is      GT category because of its long         before the road is re-opened. So
   And, damn, we nearly screwed        MCO's own Maxime Vadebon-                 length.                                 they would have to wait until then
it all up and almost took a penalty    coeur, who calmly and assertively            There are very few landmarks         before driving straight back an
today.                                 took control of the situation, send-      along this route. That makes it         hour and a half to Gander to find
   Heading west from Gander, the       ing his own driver ahead to the           difficult to confirm your odometer      a good spot to watch the Gander
first stage of the day was Apple-      finish to report to the next radio        is still accurate. You may think        stage, while we did a second pass
ton.                                   location, while Max ran back              you're perfectly on time according      on the Bobby's Cove and Pleas-
   Although Appleton was sup-          down the road to set up a warning         to the distance shown on your           antview stage.
posed to be an "easy" stage, with      triangle, and assessed and stab-          odometer but, depending on the             Unfortunately the long Leading
no ITCs, we still couldn't manage      lized the condition of the crashed        odo's accuracy, you may in reality      Tickles stage had to be cancelled,
to cross the finish line exactly on    driver/co-driver while awaiting the       be several seconds away from            and run as a transit, after commu-
time. We were 2 seconds early.         arrival of the emergency crews.           where you think you should be.          nications broke down between the
That's easily within our allowed +/       Max deserves a medal for the              Over a long distance like this, it   start and finish.
- 20 second window, so nothing to      way he handled that.                      can make a siginificant accumu-            Before I get to the sad mess we
be concerned about. But we're                                                    lated difference whether you al-        made of the second Bobby's Cove
still worried about how we're go-      Day 2 - Stage 3 - Pleasantview            ways stay in the right lane, or         stage, first a word or two about
ing to ensure that we stay within a    1:                                        whether you take a shorter dis-         "average speed".
+/3 second window on Day-5.               tance cutting corners through the          We are assigned an average
                                       v=1KbuRB00slo                             left lane.                              speed target for each stage, or
Day 2 - Stage 2 - Bobby's Cove:           This is the same stage as                 Late in the stage, when we           sometimes several different aver-       Bobby's Cove, but run the other           finally figured out that we had         age speed targets for different
v=rn2-69ohlCI                          direction starting from Pleasant-         drifted nearly 10 seconds off           portions within each stage.
   While we were running the Ap-       view.                                     schedule, Christoph punched an             A fairly quick average speed of
pleton stage, our "support crew"          It was another run with no prob-       odo and timing correction into the      90+km/h is relatively easy to
scampered ahead to meet us in          lems whatsoever. It's very danger-        rally computer. Except he went          maintain if the road is straight and
Point Leamington at the start of       ous to become complacent                  the wrong way, adding time when         long. A comparatively slow aver-
Stage 2, Bobby's Cove.                 though. That inevitably results in        he should have subtracted time,         age speed of 60 km/h can be
   They were there to offer            silly screwups...                         or whatever. We quickly realized        hellishly difficult to achieve if there
"support" in the way of smiles,                                                  that, and it was easily re-             are never any straightaways long
cheers, and thumbs up, while           Day 2 - Stage 4 - Point                   corrected.                              enough to reach that speed.
filming us launching from the start    Leamington to Leading Tickles:               But our plan had been to enter          Another important thing to real-
line. As we did the run out to the           as early as possible, at the front      ize is, if let's say the target is an
end of the road in Pleasantview,       v=VWaem-vtLgQ                             end of our allowable time window,       average speed of 60 km/h, it does
and back, they boogeyed up the           The stage up to Leading Tickles         into the tight busy end section of      not mean that you simply acceler-
other road before it closed in or-     and back is the longest of the            this stage. Instead, by the time we     ate from a standstill to 60 and
der to meet us up North at the         week. It's about 20 minutes long          had fumbled our way through the         then hold 60 from there on. The
popular lunch stop in Leading          for us, too long to fit into a 10-        necessary timing corrections, we        target is an "average" speed. It
Tickles.                               minute YouTube clip. You'll be            really had to hustle through Lead-      would take you until infinity to
   The Bobby's Cove stage went         happy to hear I edited half of it         ing Tickles to make our finish          reach an "average" of 60 that
well for us. We zeroed this one        out. Happy because it's dead              time.                                   way.
spot on. But this stage went badly     boring otherwise.                            I love the Leading Tickles lunch        For all the time you spend driv-
wrong for one of the Subaru              We start in Point Leamington            stop!                                   ing below 60 km/h, i.e. accelerat-
Targa teams.                           with a run through some tight                Chris and my mom, our support        ing from a standstill or slowing for
   About 4:20 into our video,          sections at something like 64 km/         crew, got there early enough to         tight corners, you need to spend a
there's a very long right corner. It   h average. Then we hit the open           have a look around and enjoy the        correspondingly similar amount of
was no big deal for us as we're        highway to Leading Tickles doing          scenery before we arrived. They         time driving above 60 km/h in
going at a relatively sedate speed.    91 km/ all the way, until it gets         were in good shape, excited to          order to hold the average at 60.

17 ▪ M o t o r s p o r t C l u b o f O t t a w a                     ▪          The Link           ▪      Fall 2009 ▪      
   Starting from a standstill, the        Everything nearly went into the       avoided certain catastrophe by          froze up completely.
goal always is to accelerate to as     toilet from there on...                  gliding his plane to a dead-stick          Poor Christoph. It's not his fault.
high a speed as physically and            This next video of the Bobby's        ditching in the middle of the Hud-      I'm sure he inherited that gene
legally possible, as soon as possi-    Cove Long stage turns out to be          son River, saving everyone's life.      from me.
ble, in order to take the shortest     one of the most interesting of the       You can't practise stuff like that.        I suffered the exact same brain
amount of time possible to reach       entire week. It is truly embarrass-         It pains me deeply to admit that     cramp when navigating for my
your target average speed, in          ing. Not quite as embarrassing           I'm not like those people. When         brother back in 2004. I screwed
case Ross has hidden a surprise        though as driving into the harbour,      faced with a trivial minor crisis of    up on the Garnish-
ITC around the very first corner       but still embarrassing. Even             our own, Christoph and I did not        FrenchmansCove stage back
from the start line. Only once         though it's painful to watch, it is      cope well with the challenge.           then. Coincidentally, this is the
you've attained the correct re-        educational. I've got quite a lot to        Christoph forgot to switch the       same stage where Craig & Ian did
quired average speed can you           say about this one, so give me a         speed setting on our rally com-         their own famous dead-stick land-
slow down and set the cruise           moment to compose my                     puter. No big deal. It happens.         ing, ditching their Porsche 944
control to hold that exact speed       thoughts...                              There are a hundred different           into the Garnish harbour. In our
for the remainder of the stage.           The Grand Touring Category,           ways we could have easily recov-        case, my brother and I knew we
   Of course that's never possible,    like any normal TSD rally, actually      ered from that. In fact, there was      were too slow coming out of the
as you usually still have to slow      is easy.                                 no actual recovery even required.       tight town section of Garnish. I
for hairpins and whatnot through-         You don't need to be able to          I knew we were supposed to be           then wasted the next four minutes
out the stage. But in theory that's    drive like Frank Sprongl. The            averaging 90 km/h from that point       of relatively easy cruising, bab-
the goal.                              pace is not that tough. You don't        on. I was already doing 90 when I       bling nonsense, unable to calcu-
   Our first pass on the Bobby's       need to have a car like Steve            first noticed the computer was still    late a correct speed to the finish,
Cove stage was a relatively sim-       Millen's. Any street-legal car will      incorrectly set to 62. Had I simply     then telling my brother to slow
ple run on a smooth flowing road       do. You don't need an expensive          continued on at 90 km/h we would        down because we were 20 sec-
with one constant average speed        rally computer. Our toughest com-        have had no problem reaching the        onds early, when in fact we were
target throughout. On this second      petitors, winners the two last           finish line on our correct time. On     really 20 seconds late, only to
pass, Bobby's Cove Long, we            years, were running unequipped.          Day-2 we're still allowed a gener-      realize my error as we were near-
finish at a similar pace using the     You don't need to be a mathema-          ous time window of +/- 20 sec-          ing the finish, far too late for my
exact same stage as before. How-       tician to calculate the times. Any-      onds. It's easy.                        brother to do anything about it. I
ever, this time we start the stage     one with a calculator and half a            Instead, we panicked and             felt like such a moron.
in a short town section running at     brain can figure this stuff out.         manufactured our own crisis out            That's the true test of the Grand
"only" 62 km/h.                           If you've watched our videos so       of nothing at all.                      Touring Category. It's best to
   Looking at a map beforehand,        far, I'm sure you will have noticed         The challenge in the Grand           avoid making mistakes altogether.
we realized that 62 km/h was           that it doesn't appear all that diffi-   Touring Category is not only in         But how you recover from mis-
going to be very tough to achieve,     cult. That's the beauty of the           reaching the finish line on time.       takes after they're made, and
as there are no long straights and     Grand Touring Category. It's open        We need to be on time every-            there will be mistakes made,
several tricky tight turns.            to anyone and it's not difficult.        where within the stage too, in          that's the real test. And we failed
   We were totally focused on          Anyone can do this. When things          case we stumble across a hidden         miserably at that.
pushing as hard as possible            are running smoothly and every-          ITC along the way. We could no             I've watched this video many
through here, fully expecting Ross     thing's going according to plan, it      longer rely on our ALFA to tell us      times already, and each time I
to have placed an ITC at the exit      really is dead simple.                   whether we were on time. I'm sure       see more ways in which this was
of this first tough section, before       The true test however, like in        there is a proper procedure for         pretty much all my fault. Yes, the
we change speed up to 90 km/h          real life, is how well you cope          resetting the computer to correct       initial mistake was made by Chris-
on the easy stuff out on the rest of   under pressure when something            the problem. But we had not prac-       toph. But nothing I did or said
Bobby's Cove.                          unexpected happens.                      tised that process, and if you start    from there on helped in any way. I
   We actually made the speed by          Being first on the scene of a         pushing buttons blindly you're          should have just shut my mouth
the end of the tough section, feel-    potentially serious car wreck, are       only going to screw it up even          and concentrated on my job of
ing quite pleased with ourselves,      you going to handle it as compe-         worse.                                  driving exactly 90 km/h, leaving
then were disappointed to dis-         tently and confidently as Maxime            As a backup, in anticipation of      Christoph to figure out a solution.
cover there was no ITC at the          did? Flying your Airbus on just          something like this happening,          He would have had it solved on
corner where the speed changes.        another routine flight, when sud-        Christoph had cleverly pre-             his own much quicker that way.
Well damn.                             denly a flock of geese are in-           calculated arrival times at select      He's no dummy, that kid. But my
   Unfortunately for us, in the sud-   gested by your jet engines and           landmarks for each stage. But not       "helpful" suggestions only dis-
den mood swing from the elation        both quit, are you going react as        for this stage.                         tracted and confused him more.
of having actually reached the         professionally as Captain "Sully"           Christoph knows how to do the           It took us three and half min-
corner on time, to the disappoint-     Sullenberger did? He calmly de-          calculations for such time marks.       utes of fumbling and stumbling
ment of not finding the expected       clared an emergency, realized the        He's already done it for most of        until, a mere 30 seconds from the
ITC there, we completely forgot to     powerless plane could not glide          the other stages. It's not at all       finish, we finally arrived at a solu-
switch the rally computer over to      far enough to reach any of the           difficult to do. However, in a crisis   tion.
the new speed setting. D'oh!           many nearby airports, then               like this, under pressure, his brain       [edit: Capt. Sully took less time

Motorsport Club of Ottawa                                ▪        The Link            ▪      Fall 2009 ▪                w w w . m c o . o r g ▪ 18
                                                                                penalties. But today, on Day-3, it's     hand.
                                                                                starts getting tough. Only three            Stage 2 was a little more com-
                                                                                GT teams survive this day with           plicated.
                                                                                zeroes still intact.                        First off, there was no board at
                                                                                                                         the start line declaring a Road
                                                                                   On Day-3 the allowable time           Condition. In the absence of a
                                                                                window shrinks to +/- 10 seconds         board, we are supposed to as-
                                                                                and small errors become more             sume it is Road Condition-1. The
                                                                                costly.                                  road appeared to be dry but, just
                                                                                   Davidsville, the first stage of the   to be safe, we asked the start line
                                                                                day, started under grey overcast         crew and they confirmed that it
                                                                                skies and wet roads. At the stage        actually was Condition-1. Several
                                                                                start they displayed a board de-         other teams made the mistake of
                                                                                claring this stage as Road Condi-        continuing at Condition-2 speeds.
                         Photo: Gordon Sleigh—              tion 2, meaning the road is wet. In         The stage starts at 74 km/h avg,
                                                                                Grand Touring we get two differ-         switches to 60 km/h, then goes to
than that, from the moment his          Check out this route. It's really       ent target speeds for each stage,        88.9 km/h to the finish.
engines died, to safely glide his       busy.                                   one for Condition-1 (dry), and              Everything seemed to be under
Airbus into the Hudson River!]            There are very few straight-          another slower speed for either          control, we're cruising along right
  Poor Christoph, you can hear it       aways long enough to get up to          Condition-2 (wet) or Condition-3         on time, until about 3:45 into the
in his voice as he's doing the          the required speed. We had to           (pouring rain and standing water).       video Christoph suddenly an-
countdown to the finish line, he        push pretty hard on this stage.            For the GT category, this unde-       nounced that we were either a
was almost in tears of frustration        Again, Ross was devious in his        manding first stage was to be run        whole minute too early, or too
thinking he'd let the team down         ITC placements. Once we got into        at 89.1 km/h if dry, or 84.1 km/h        late, or too something, oh bug-
and we were about to get nailed         a rhythm, push hard, rev that           when wet.                                ger...
with our first penalty points. It was   engine, brake hard, turn square            In comparison, on this stage,            Wait a sec. I think I've seen this
just dumb luck that we made it          left or square right, rinse, repeat,    the fastest Open class Targa cars        movie. Except last time the confu-
across the line within our allowed      there'd suddenly be one straight-       are aiming for an average speed          sion arose because Christoph
time window to escape with an-          away just a little longer than the      of 130.9 km/h in dry Condition-1,        forgot to switch speed settings on
other zero.                             others. Push, push, push, trying to     123.2 km/h in wet Condition-2, or        the rally computer. I know he
                                        keep up and, whoa, suddenly             117.0 km/h in Condition-3 pouring        switched it all correctly this time. I
Day 2 - Stage 6 - Bobby's Cove          we'd find ourselves ahead of            rain!                                   know I've been doing the correct
Long:                                   schedule and needing to slow                                                     speeds all along. How could we         down. And right there is where          Day 3 - Stage 2 - Frederickton:          be off by a minute now?
v=0a09jymXuqg                           Ross puts his ITC trying to catch             I'm not going to panic this time,
                                        teams coming in too hot and             v=v2rfz-RAlJM                            just carry on at this speed until he
Day 2 - Stage 7 - Pleasantview2:        early.                                    For a little extra treat, we got to    figures it out.           We weren't pushing at 100% by         transit over a 7 km length of               It turns out he had miscalcu-
v=1_qbsh0VlEA                           any means, certainly not on the         gravel road. Jane and Bruce, with        lated his timing point and every-
  Our confidence took a beating         longer straights where we were          their rally suspension equipped          thing was fine.
on that last one. So we're a bit        forced to lift to avoid being too       Subaru, said, "Yeeha, finally a             However, our computer timing
more subdued going into the re-         early. But it was better than 80%       real rally road!" They blasted           was off again by several seconds
turn run over the same road, but        effort most of the way on this one,     through at a healthy pace. We            at the finish line. It indicated that
without the tight town section at       our first "brisk" stage of the week.    took it a little slower.                 we crossed the line 4 seconds too
the end.                                This is a great stage.                    The route instructions said there      early, whereas Christoph's stop-
  Otherwise, no problems with             From the hot Gander stage,            were an extra 5 minutes provided         watch countdown had us crossing
this one.                               straight into the car wash, then        for teams to stop before the             the line 1 second late.
  From here, it's the long transit      parked in the arena for the car         gravel, to allow their sticky R-            Our odo calibration is off by a
back to Gander, during which            show.                                   compound tires to cool before            tiny bit, and this makes the com-
Christoph constructively used the         Good car. "Ridden hard, put           heading onto the gravel. We didn't       puter believe we've come further
time to beaver away at his notes.       away wet."                              need to bother with that, but with       than we actually have, whereas in
  Up next, the first really challeng-                                           our relatively slow pace on the          reality we should already have
ing stage of the week through the                                               rough road, we only just barely          been 3 seconds further down the
in-town subdivisions of Gander.                                                 made our start time at the next          road.
                                        Day 3 - Stage 1 - Davidsville:          stage. I can't imagine how any of           Our target speed of 89 km/h on
Day 2 - Stage 8 - Gander:                the stiffly-sprung, low ground           the Musgrave Harbour stage was         v=VcQ7SDJqiLs                           clearance, all-out race cars made        quite "brisk", but certainly not
v=yUaoO-BPyFE                             At the end of Day-2 there were        their start times, if they actually      impossible. As always though,
  The Gander stage is amazing!          still eight GT teams tied with zero     stopped for 5 minutes before-            what makes it tough for us GT

19 ▪ M o t o r s p o r t C l u b o f O t t a w a                    ▪          The Link            ▪      Fall 2009 ▪      
competitors is that we cannot go        10-sec window, but we know the          anyone got was the eventual              slooooooooooow pace of only
much faster than that on the few        road gets tougher from here on.         overall winning team of Roy Hop-         36.7 km/h. This was painful.
straight sections to put time in the        I managed to make up 5 sec-         kins & Adrienne Hughes in their            It's a legitimate challenge
bank. We cannot run ahead of our        onds, but every time I hesitated        BMW 2002, whose target speed             though. Driving this slowly is frus-
allowed +/- 10 second window            over a blind crest, or lifted for a     was 110.3 km/h, giving an ET of          trating, but it's not at all easy. It's
without risking an early penalty at     corner that I couldn't see far          03:08. They only missed by 2             tough to accurately maintain such
a well-hidden ITC.                      enough around, time slipped             seconds.                                 a slow pace while staying within
   We knew that it would be im-         away again. The 18-wheeler trac-                                                 your window the whole time. Only
possibe to maintain an 89 km/h          tor trailer parked outside of a hard    Day 3 - Stage 4 - New-Wes-               four GT teams zeroed this one.
around the tight U-shaped drive-        -right near the end kind of freaked     Valley:                                  The other eleven of fifteen teams
way in front of the school. So we       me out too.                               incurred a penalty, getting nabbed
aimed to be as early as possible            Still, I didn't realize quite how   v=wqRXJ0jmmVE                            early at the ITC halfway through
starting into the driveway.             late we were until Christoph               After the adrenaline rush of          the stage.
   The school driveway is an ideal      started his countdown to the fin-       Musgrave Harbour, our pace on              Back in 2004, our target speed
location in which to hide an Inter-     ish. Crap, he hit zero already as       the much-shortened New-Wes-              was 55.0 km/h
mediate Time Control. You'd             we were passing the yellow              Valley stage felt a lot slower.  
catch those teams trying to cheat       "Finish Ahead" boards. There's          Nothing exciting here.                   v=aLz-qgYmyvs
coming in too early, and you'd          still an acute Tee-Right and a 100         The highlight of this stage, one        This year, the Open Class
catch those other teams who             metre dash to go!                       of the best of the entire week, was      Targa cars were shooting for an
would be slow because they had-             Here's a Google Map of the          passsing the Memorial Academy            average speed of 86.8 km/h.
n't realized yet that it's impossible   route. The school driveway, not         school on the transit to the next
to hold 89 km/h through there.          shown, is at the middle dot. The        stop. All the school kids were
Naturally, being such an obvious        last Tee-Right, at "Doting Cove",       lined up in their chairs out in the
location, there was no ITC there.       is just before the finish at "B". You   parking lot waiting for the Targa
Well damn!                              can see on the map that it's a tight    cars to pass by, at which point
   Five years ago, when I ran this      corner. I didn't realize just how       they erupted into loud cheers and
same stage in the opposite direc-       tight that was until we got into it.    waves. That was really cool.
tion with my brother, there was a           I went into that last corner a      There's a photo on Jim Kenzie's
surprise ITC hidden behind a            little too hot, and was surprised       blog, here.
bush right in front of the school. At   when the ABS kicked in. For a              Following the New-Wes-Valley
2:00 into this video, you can see       bad moment there, I thought we          stage, we headed to the Barbour          Day 3 - Stage 7 - NorthWest
the yellow ITC board on the right       might yet end up in the ditch           Living Heritage Village for a            Brook (Start Moved):
as I say, "That's nasty."               straight across the intersection. I     great lunch stop.                
   Five years ago we only had to        grabbed the handbrake to get the                                                 v=uI5Xxxq0OzA
do an average speed of 78 km/h          car turned in, then stood on the        Day 3 - Stage 5 - Greenspond:              The Northwest Brook stage was
on this stage. But the road has         gas to the finish. Phew. We just          supposed to be one long road all
been re-paved since then and is         barely made it.                         v=L1vyO324z-A                            the way out to Gooseberry Cove,
much smoother now, hence the                Four GT teams zeroed this              Greenspond is a classic. It's a       where we have a snack break
significantly faster 89 km/h target     stage.                                  short stage that starts and fin-         while waiting for the other teams
speed. The school driveway how-             The Targa teams all have much       ishes with relatively easy straight      to finish, then turn around and run
ever has not been re-paved. It is       tougher target times than us. We        sections, but in between it has          it back in the other direction
nasty bumpy and has an evil frost       "only" had to make an average of        incredibly narrow, steep, uphill,        again. But road construction
heave across the road near its          89 km/h. The fastest Open-Class         downhill, tight, hairpins, etc. And      forced the organizers to break this
exit.                                   Targa cars had to achieve 124.9         it's beautifully scenic.                 into three sections.
   I'm so glad we decided to use        km/h! Even the slowest Targa               My memory of this stage, from           This first section was not timed,
my old stock 14" rims instead of        category had a target speed of          five years ago, was that the start       just run as a demonstration for the
the expensive 15" BBS rims that         99.7 km/h.                              and finish sections were dead            spectators who would have been
came with this car. With their low          Our target speed of 89.0 km/h       easy. In the tight stuff in the mid-     hosed otherwise.
profile 15" tires, I'm sure we would    over the stage distance of 5.76         dle though, it was really difficult to     You can see, at the end of this
have smashed the BBS rims over          km works out to an Elapsed Time         maintain a proper average speed          video, why this stage couldn't be
this "bump". Wha-Bam! That hurt.        of 03:53.                               through there. So we did need to         run in one piece.
   Exiting the school driveway, we          The fastest Open-Class target       push pretty hard to keep up.               edit - Stage 7, Adeytown, would
Tee-Right back onto the main            of 124.9 km/h works out to an ET           This year however, Ross played        have been Stage 6, but was
road. Worried that both front tires     of 02:46. Yikes.                        a nasty trick on the Grand Touring       dropped from the schedule.
may have gone flat over that                The slowest Targa Class speed       Category.
wicked bump, I took it easy into        of 99.7, gives an ET of 03:28.             Rather than asking for an im-         Day 3 - Stage 7 - NorthWest
the Tee-Right. And just like that,          None, not one, not a single         possibly quick pace through the          Brook (Part-A):
now we're 8 seconds behind              Targa Category team made their          difficult tight section, Ross instead
schedule. That's still within our +/-   time on this stage. The closest         imposed an excruciatingly                v=BUnunLEeCWw

Motorsport Club of Ottawa                                ▪        The Link             ▪     Fall 2009 ▪                 w w w . m c o . o r g ▪ 20
 Pretty scenery, rough pave-             Day 3 - Stage 8B - Gooseberry              At the end of this stage our             Here's a small sample of some
ment, otherwise uninteresting.           Cove (Part-B):                           "support crew" was waiting for us        of our photos…
                                           providing snacks and good cheer,           At the end of Day-3 only three
Day 3 - Stage 7 -                        v=btDdKRRolXA                            while I put air in their tires for       GT teams remained without pen-
NorthWestBrook (Part-B):                   Another snoozer. But we got to         them.                                    alties, us in the BMW, twice be-          honk the horn at Ross at the fin-          Gooseberry Cove was the last           fore GT winners Alan Kearley &
v=hVJ4J6S0rHk                            ish. That was amusing.                   stage of Day-3, after which we           Greg Martin in the Mazda3 (who I
  This stage was a snoozer. I                                                     headed for an overnight stay in          didn't realize until the end of the
forgot to start the video recorder       Day 3 - Stage 8 - Gooseberry             Marystown. But on the way we             we ek w er e r un ni ng U n -
until a 1.5 minutes into the stage,      Cove:                                    stopped at Vernon's Antique              Equipped!), and Targa Category
totally missing the only interesting          Toy Shop in Swift Current, New-          veteran Brian Jarvis running GT
portion. Then Christoph was snor-        v=mdyWy1GSTT0                            foundland.                               this year in a Mini Cooper S JCW
ing by the end and I had to wake           It's too bad that this long stage        You gotta see it to believe it! It's   with Daphne Sleigh wife of event-
him up to give me a countdown to         had to be split into three parts like    not a museum. It's Vernon's own          photographer Gordon Sleigh.
the finish line.                         this due to construction. This last      collection of lovingly restored          Very close on our heels, and cer-
                                         bit, which doesn't count now,            antique cars. It's absolutely jaw-       tainly not yet counted out, were
Day 3 - Stage 8A - Gooseberry            would have been tough to do.             dropping!                                Jane and Bruce Leonard in their
Cove (Part-A):                                                                                                             Subaru with only 8 seconds of                                                                                            penalties.
  It's too bad we didn't bring our                                                                                         Day 4 - Stage 1 - Little Bay
camera with us, because Goose-                                                                                             East:
berry Cove itself is a very scenic                                                                                  
harbour village. We had a break                                                                                            v=fzCaGLleAKw
here while we waited for all the                                                                                              Day 4 dawned sunny and beau-
Targa cars to finish before we                                                                                             tiful. Today was going to be
turned aorund to start back in the                                                                                         tough, with our time window nar-
opposite direction.                                                                                                        rowing to +/- 5 seconds.
  This time I remembered to start                                                                                             The first stage of the day starts
the camera, and it records the                                                                                             in Bay L'Argent, takes a small but
more interesting bit at the end.                                                                                           intense detour through Little Bay
  Again the speed on this road                                                                                             East, and then finishes in a long
was tediously boring. But, that's                                                                                          run out to Harbour Mille, where
part of the test.                                                                                                          we stop for breakfast before turn-
  Remember that Grand Touring                                                                                              ing around and running the same
cars are not required to have                                                                                              stage back in the other direction.
rollcages. Because of that, the                                                                                               The first section was quite easy,
organizers purposely have to limit                                                                                         but the bumpy tight stuff through
the speed at which we can travel                                                                                           Little Bay East was nearly impos-
on these potentially very fast                                                                                             sible. Then the long run to Har-
roads. There are tight sections on                                                                                         bour Mille was also surprisingly
other stages, where the pace                                                                                               difficult. Not difficult driving, but
feels ridiculously difficult to                                                                                            we had issues with the timing.
achieve. But, because of the tight                                                                                            On long stretches with no in-
nature of the road, our actual                                                                                             structions our odometer tends to
speed is still quite modest. This                                                                                          drift a bit. When there are obvious
way, the risk of a serious crash is                                                                                        landmarks accurately located
minimized for the GT category.                                                                                             along the route, Christoph will
That's a noble and worthwhile                                                                                              make adjustments to correct our
goal as far as I'm concerned.                                                                                              timing. But sometimes it's not
  It's important to realize that we                                                                                        clear exactly where the routebook
are not racing. The test, as al-                                                                                           notations are measured to. For
ways, is to see if we can drive                                                                                            example where does a "Long
accurately to a precise schedule.                                                                                          Crest", or a "Long Curve" begin?
The test is made considerably                                                                                                 We thought we had it pretty
more difficult if you're struggling to                                                                                     much under control approaching
stay awake and focused at the                                                                                              the finish, only to discover that we
same time.                                                                                                                 were running nearly six seconds
                                                                                                                           slower than we had expected. I

21 ▪ M o t o r s p o r t C l u b o f O t t a w a                      ▪          The Link            ▪      Fall 2009 ▪     
thought we were safely running 3       slightly in its mount. The car           speed it's very easy to overshoot      because it's really educational
or 4 seconds ahead of schedule,        thumps through those bumps               the time window, so you find the       watching that display.
when in fact we were 2 or 3 sec-       pretty hard, but it doesn't sound        speed oscillating back and forth,         Anyway, it got me thinking that I
onds too slow. If you only have an     nearly that bad in reality.              too fast, too slow, too fast, before   wish we had our time display
allowable window of +/- 5 seconds         At the finish line, I was expect-     finally stabilizing at the correct     captured on video too. So I calcu-
to play with, a 6-sec inaccuracy       ing us to again be later than we         speed.                                 lated the Elapsed Time to each
could become a serious issue.          thought. So I came at it a little hot.      [edit: I had incorrectly written    route instruction for this stage and
                                       But Christoph had already made           the 19-sec penalty for the Mini        compared it to how much time we
Day 4 - Stage 2 - Harbour Mille:       the odo correction, so it actually       was for going too slow because of      actually took to reach that point,       was displaying accurately. I was         using a slower Condition-2 speed.      then added a caption to the video
v=wit2vLvctbM                          aiming for 3 seconds early to be         In fact they were too fast because     so you can see how close we are
   The breakfast stop in Harbour       safe, and instead of being late,         they had mistakenly used the           to being on schedule.
Mille was fun. We had to wait for      this time we crossed the line 3          Condition-1 speed from a com-             On a straight highway we could
all the Targa cars to complete the     seconds early, but still safely          pletely different stage.]              simply set the cruise control to
stage behind us before we could        within our +/- 5 second window.                                                 hold our speed steady at the re-
line up again for the return trip.                                              Day 4 - Stage 4 - Marystown            quired average. But on in-town
With lots of time to wait, every-      Day 4 - Stage 3 - Mooring Cove:          South:                                 stages like this, you need to slow
body had a chance to chat and            for tight corners and speed up on
enjoy the sunshine.                    v=l11o-u9YIyc                            v=yKauDON9fak                          straightaways, constantly chasing
   There was a group of about ten         Okay this one was painfully             Marystown is fabulous! I love        the target speed up and down.
of us standing around when a           slow. Ross pulled this trick on us       this stage! It's a good combination       If you're just watching the video
couple of cute girls came up and       earlier at Greenspond and caught         of bumpy challenging subdivision       and listening to the engine revving
asked if they could have their         out several teams. Now he's done         roads mixed with faster straight-      up and down, it often makes no
photos taken next to us. Sure          it a second time at Mooring Cove         aways, and there are lots of great     sense at all. You start wondering,
thing, go right ahead.                 and caught out another three             spectator locations, like on the       why is he pushing so hard to ac-
   Except they didn't want their       teams. Curiously, it was all three       overpasses overlooking the stage.      celerate here, but then suddenly
photos taken with us. They             of the Mini Coopers entered in             I tried something new with this      easing way off the throttle when
wanted only Christoph!                Grand Touring that missed their          video. I got the idea from watch-      he could easily be going much
   On the return run on this long      time on this stage.                      ing this in-car video of Brian &       faster on the straights?
stage we had the same issue with          Tragically for them, it included      Daphne in their Mini Cooper at            With the time displayed in the
our odometer reading too high.         the Mini of one of the only three        Gander. On the dash above the          video at calculated landmarks, it
The rally computer then thinks         teams who to this point still had a      steering wheel, you can see the        makes more sense.
we're further down the road al-        zero. That must have been very           two red numbers of the driver's           You can also see how this really
ready than we actually are. Mean-      painful for them. They mistakenly        display from their TimeWise rally      is not easy. At 1:30 we're exactly
ing in reality we are running later    used the faster speed from a dif-        computer.                              on schedule at a Tee-Left, but just
than we think.                         ferent stage, Fortune @ 52 km/h,           The lower number shows the           10 seconds further up the road
   I wanted to hit the start of the    and thus finished this Mooring           driver his current speed, and the      we're suddenly 2 seconds too
tight Little Bay East section early,   Cove stage 24 seconds too early.         upper number shows how many            slow. That's because we had to
and was coming at it running           Minus the 5-second allowance,            seconds ahead or behind they are       slow down for the sharp left Tee-
about 3 or 4 seconds early. Just       that slapped them with a 19 sec-         compared to their target pace.         intersection, then it's uphill and
before we got there Christoph did      ond penalty. Ouch.                       When they are less than 4 sec-         bumpy from there, and in only 250
a mileage correction and adjusted         Our average speed target on           onds off the pace, the time is         metres we have to slow down to
the odo. So, instead of entering       this stage was a ridiculously slow       displayed to the tenth of a sec-       turn square right again.
the tough section early as             39.6 km/h. This was embarrass-           ond, like ":038", meaning they're         It's really easy to lose time like
planned, we actually got there 1       ing. The Grand Touring cars run          off by 3.8 seconds. Above 4 sec-       this, and often very difficult to
second late instead. Sheesh.           before the Targa cars. Spectators        onds the display rounds to the         make it up again. So you get it
   We had to push hard through         were waiting for us to put on a          nearest second.                        into your head that you should be
that section. And it's really rough    show and instead we came crawl-            This display is very similar to      pushing much harder now to keep
with lots of bumps and potholes.       ing past at this snail's pace.           ours, except we're using an ALFA       up. But then the road gets easier
By the way, it sounds much worse          It feels silly going this slow, but   Elite rally computer.                  again and suddenly you're 5 sec-
on the video than it was. The          it actually is very difficult to main-     Back on Day-2 when we ran the        onds too fast and ahead of sched-
video sound is recorded by the         tain such a slow average speed. I        Gander stage, our allowable time       ule. Whoa! Back off.
built-in microphone on the video       nearly blew it at one point when I       window was +/- 20 seconds. It's           In a stage like Marystown, with
recorder. The recorder is hard-        slowed down thinking the com-            interesting to see that, at one        its mix of easy fast straights and
mounted to the ceiling of the car,     puter was saying we were 3 sec-          point near the end of their video,     bumpy slow twisty stuff, it's very
above the rear view mirror. Evi-       onds ahead. Except we were               Brian was having fun going fast        very easy to lose track and drift
dently a lot of noise is transmitted   really 3 seconds behind at that          and risked going as high as 17         well outside of your +/- 5 second
through the car's body to the re-      point, so I had to step on it for a      seconds ahead of schedule. I           window.
corder, or the recorder is rattling    moment. But at such a slow               wish he'd post up more videos,            At about 3:10 into the video, just

Motorsport Club of Ottawa                                ▪        The Link            ▪      Fall 2009 ▪               w w w . m c o . o r g ▪ 22
after the first overpass, we come         board marking an ITC located at          in Garnish. If you watch the video,   turn square-right off the highway.
to a Tee-Left with a stop sign. The       the distracting 4-way intersection.      you'll get the idea though.              The driver's display on our rally
road goes a bit off-camber past             When we finally noticed the              The problem with this stage is      computer was telling me that we
that stop sign, so you can't see          yellow board and realized we're          that the relatively straight fast     were 3 or 4 seconds early, as
the surface of the road beyond            too early, I just about had to come      sections leading to and from Gar-     planned. But of course that didn't
that. We were turning hard left,          to a full stop to get the car slowed     nish are easy, whereas the twisty     line up with what Christoph's stop-
with the weight of the car really         down enough. Christoph, wonder-          slow bits in Garnish are super        watch was telling him. He counted
leaning onto the right front tire,        ing why I'm going so slow, tells         tough.                                down to zero, right at the top of
when Wha-BAM, that wheel went                                                                                            the crest.
through a nasty unseen pothole. I                                                                                           And then he confused me by
was worried we had torn the tire                                                                                         saying the countdown was to the
clean off the rim...                                                                                                     corner where we're supposed to
   Distracted by that hard impact,                                                                                       turn! So it appeared as though we
and suckered in by the easy                                                                                              were actually 5 seconds late al-
straight that follows, I got a fright                                                                                    ready, before even starting into
when I suddenly realized we were                                                                                         the tough stuff. That's not good.
well ahead of our allowed 5 sec-                                                                                            Checking the math, and timing it
ond window! I had to jump on the                                                                                         on the video, we were bulls-eye
brakes to bring us back into our                                                                                         on zero turning off into Garnish.
window.                                                                                                                  That's not quite as bad as being 5
   In Grand Touring, all it takes is                                                                                     seconds late already, but it's no-
a brief moment of inattention like                                                                                       where near the 5 seconds early
this and it can cost you penalties                                                                                       that we had planned.
if there happened to be an ITC                                                                                              As you can see from the video,
located at that point to catch you.                                                                                      it's very bumpy, tight, and narrow
That constant threat and worry             Photos: Craig Lee                                                             through Garnish. I suppose it's
gets to be very tiring after five                                                                                        theoretically possible to average
long days of this stuff.                                                                                                 62 km/h through there, but I didn't
   Exactly such a small mistake           me to "Pick it up."                                                            want to pound the crap out of our
cost our closest GT competitors,            Alan and Greg came into the                                                  poor car. We still need to drive it
Kearley/Martin, a 7-second pen-           same corner even earlier than us                                               home, eh.
alty on this stage. At the second         then, noticing the ITC too late,           Our allowable time window is +/        As a result, we were 15 sec-
overpass it's easy to get dis-            couldn't scrub off enough speed          - 5 seconds. The plan is to enter     onds late leaving Garnish! That's
tracted by all the spectators             without a full stop (which isn't         Garnish 5 seconds early. Knowing      10 seconds outside of our allowed
watching from the bridge. The             allowed), and got whacked with a         we're going to be slow through        +/- 5 sec window. But, surpris-
road goes straight and long under         7-sec early penalty. Their first of      here, that gives us an extra 10       ingly, there was no ITC located in
this bridge, then across a bridge         the week.                                seconds before we fall 5 seconds      Garnish.
over the river, before we reach a           Here's a good photo of us in           behind and drop out of our win-          On the "easy" run leaving Gar-
further distraction at a 4-way inter-     Marystown taken by Gordon                dow.                                  nish to Frenchman's Cove, we are
section blocked with a barrier            Sleigh.                                    Of course nothing ever goes         supposed to be averaging 93.6
where we encounter other rally              I like it because I can see our        according to plan...                  km/h. But we had to push quite a
traffic coming straight back at us.       "support crew" on the bridge,              It's very tempting to arrive a      bit harder than that to make up
   With all those distractions it's       doing their best to support us. My       minute early at the start of the      the 15 seconds that we were late.
easy to overlook the fact that this       wife, Christoph's mom, is the tall       tough section. But it would be        That was tough. It took forever to
portion of the road is all downhill       one in blue, left of centre, snap-       really dumb to get caught trying to   claw back that time.
too, meaning we're drifting ahead         ping a photo of us. My mom is            "cheat" like this. So the maximum        Just as we finally managed to
of schedule again. And it's easy to       next to her, clapping her hands          early we can safely shoot for is 5    bring the clock back up to zero,
overlook, until it's too late to react,   and cheering for us.                     seconds.                              right there we hit an ITC! Wow,
the fact that there is a yellow                                                      But we don't entirely trust our     that was lucky.
                                          Day 4 - Stage 5 - Garnish:               odometer calibration. On some of
                                            the longer stages we've been          Day 4 - Stage 6 - Fortune-1:
                                          v=Aaq1_-5ldUo                            surprised to discover that we're
                                            This stage is pretty much im-          actually running several seconds      v=fh6EyJgaL7s
                                          possible. It didn't help that we also    later than we thought. So I wanted      This is a short stage in the small
                                          screwed it up.                           Christoph to confirm our odometer     town of Fortune.
                                            Here's a Google Map. Note that         (and time) readings at the last         It starts off fun, then becomes
                                          the satellite view shows an mage         available landmark before we          too easy. Compared to Garnish,
                                          of all the roads, but Google's map       start into Garnish. That's at a       the pace seems slow again. But
                                          doesn't include all the twisty bits      crest in the road, just before we     still the challenge is to stay within

23 ▪ M o t o r s p o r t C l u b o f O t t a w a                       ▪          The Link          ▪      Fall 2009 ▪    
                                                                                hasn't happened more often. But          for a while, until right near the
                                                                                ever since MCO's own Craig &             end. We had been running com-
                                                                                Ian demonstrated how quickly this        fortably 3 seconds ahead of
                                                                                corner can go dramatically wrong,        schedule. Then it gets a little busy
                                                                                everybody else has treated it with       through the two detours past the
                                                                                a lot more respect.                      apartment buildings.
                                                                                  We exited Garnish 11 seconds              When I next looked at the com-
                                                                                behind schedule, well outside our        puter display it said we were
                                                                                allowed +/- 5 second window. But         nearly 4 seconds off our sched-
                                                                                again we got away with it because        ule. Whoa. Getting a little too far
                                                                                surprisingly there was no ITC            ahead now. So I eased off the
                                                                                located in Garnish.                      throttle.
                                                                                                                            But instead of the number get-
                                                                                Day 4 - Stage 9 - Marystown              ting smaller, it got even bigger.
                         Photo: Gordon Sleigh—              North:                                   That's when I realized it was actu-
                                                                                  ally telling me we were behind
                                                                                v=Kc9eO8Q7oPI                            schedule, not ahead. D'oh.
our +/- 5 sec window.                   earlier than allowed by our +/- 5         This is the same great stage we           Time once more to, "Get on it."
                                        second window.                          ran earlier in the day as Stage 4,          Rounding the last corner we
Day 4 - Stage 7 - Fortune-2:               Again, even though our rally         run in the opposite direction.           were still 4 seconds late, with        computer promised us we were 4            I very nearly blew it several          another 170 metre dash yet to go
v=yvCDD-DRBtY                           seconds early, Christoph's stop-        times on this stage.                     to the flying finish. But then some
   After a lunch top in the Fortune     watch more accurately told us we          First I dawdled a bit too much         strange timewarp happened and
Legion Hall, we did another run         were only 2 seconds early.              off the start, then I hesitated at       we crossed the finish line 1 sec-
on the Fortune stage.                      From there through Garnish, a        1:10 searching for where to turn         ond early.
   Just to make me appreciate him       64 km/h average is a tough task.        for a hairpin left, and just like that      How'd that happen. One mo-
all the more, since I was becom-           At 6:04, just as we turn square-     we're 6 seconds behind and out of        ment we're 4 seconds late, the
ing complacent and spoiled by his       right away from the water, there's      our +/- 5 second window. Chris-          next we're 1 second early.
so-far excellent navigational skills,   a little house on the outside of the    toph helpfully suggested that I             It turns out there's an error in
Christoph threw me a curveball on       turn. This "little-house-that-could"    should, "Get on it."                     the routebook instructions and
this stage. He forgot to start his      has stopped BMWs dead in their            After that everything went fine        timing. The routebook said the
stopwatch, or stop his startwatch       tracks two years in a row. We
or whatever, so he didn't have a        were going to make damn sure to
countdown ready for me at the           avoid hitting that house and not                                  Photo: Gordon Sleigh—
finish.                                 make it a hat-trick with our own
   I had really come to depend on       BMW.
that countdown, since we didn't            At 6:30 in the video, after round-
always completely trust what the        ing the hairpin in front of the
rally computer was telling us. But      church and crossing the tricky jog-
this time it was spot on. The ALFA      right-left, we're already 11 sec-
said we were 1 second early             onds behind again.
crossing the line, and that turned         Following that, there is what
out to be true.                         looks like an easy 180 metre
                                        downhill straightaway. It's really
Day 4 - Stage 8 - Frenchman's           tempting to stand hard on the gas
Cove:                                   down that straight section and try         to make up some time. But that's
v=kt6FFqxSfAA                           a nasty trap. It's quite bumpy and
  This is the return run, in the        ends in a notoriously famous cor-
opposite direction, of the earlier      ner with this daunting instruction,
Garnish stage. All the same prob-       "CARE - bump INTO square
lems plague us again.                   RIGHT at TEE exposure to
  This stage would be no problem        ocean".
at all, if only we were allowed to         If you're pushing just a tiny bit
enter the tight section in Garnish      too hard on that downhill straight,
well ahead of schedule. But we          the bumpy stuff at the end makes
don't know whether there will be        the car skip, then the ABS kicks
an ITC located at the entrance to       in, and next thing you know you're
town. So we can't risk being any        in the harbour! I'm amazed it

Motorsport Club of Ottawa                                ▪        The Link             ▪     Fall 2009 ▪                 w w w . m c o . o r g ▪ 24
flying finish was supposed to be        rainy.                                  could be drifting off by a signifi-        At the end though, the road
located another 5 seconds up the           The first stage is a long 24 km      cant margin and we wouldn't             starts to get more twisty again,
road. If we had been running ex-        run from Boat Harbour out to Petit      know it.                                and the brand new oily pavement
actly on schedule, instead of 4         Forte on a beautiful paved road           On Day-5 our timing window            is nasty slippery when wet. And
seconds late, we might even have        that is so new, it's not even shown     shrinks to only +/- 3 seconds. At       here's where our wandering odo
been nailed with an early penalty       on Google Maps yet. It is visible in    88 km/h that represents a dis-          almost bit us. I'm watching the
here. Too bizarre.                      the satellite view, but doesn't         tance of +/- 73 metres. Over the        time display on my computer
   At the end of Day-4 we were the      appear on the map view. Even            full 24 km length of this stage, +/-    readout, thinking we're right on
only GT team left with no penal-        our GPS shows it only as a dotted       0.073 km requires an odometer           schedule. But when Christoph's
ties. Alan & Greg in the Mazda-3        line.                                   accuracy of +/- 0.3% and we can't       stopwatch countdown gets down
had 7 seconds, Jane & Bruce in             Even though our Condition-2          guarantee that. So this is a tough      to only ten seconds left, and I still
their Subaru had 8, and Brian &         target average speed of 88 km/h         challenge.                              don't see the finish line coming
Daphne in the Mini had 19, etc.         seems quite slow, this stage was          The Grand Touring cars always         up, we really have to stand on the
                                                                                run first, before the Targa cars.       throttle and GO!
                                                                                And, since we were the only ones           The finish line is just around a
                                                                                left with zero penalties, after the     slight bend in the road. I took a
                                                                                reseed that meant Christoph and I       big shortcut across the gravel
                                                                                would be first car on the road          shoulder, nearly running over the
                                                                                today. We had to get up well be-        timing light at the finish line, and
                                                                                fore sunrise in order to leave the      we only just barely squeaked by
                                                                                Marystown arena before 7am to           within our allowed window, 3 sec-
                                                                                get to our 8am start time at Boat       onds late. Phew.
                                                                                Harbour. Then we had a bit of a
                                                                                panic when we couldn't find any         Day 5 - Stage 2 - Petit Forte:
                                                                                gas stations open this early in  
                                                                                Marystown. Luckily we found one         v=NnhOIyCtRn0
                                                                                later on.                                  This one was tough! We run the
                                                                                  Waiting to start, I was still half    same stage back in the opposite
                                                                                asleep when Christoph launched          direction.
                                                                                us into the stage with this mouth-         There are three possible Road
 Photo: Craig Lee                                                               ful, "5-4-3-2-1-Go, 170 easy left       Conditions with decreasing target
                                                                                over crest downhill into turn easy      speeds assigned for each. 1 is
   Targa is sort of like golf. If you   surprisingly difficult and we nearly    left at Y onto wooden bridge..."        dry. 2 is wet. 3 is pouring rain.
make a mistake, slice a Tee-shot        blew it at the finish line.               I'm like, "Huh? Say what?             The GT category only gets two
into the woods, you lose a stroke         We always seem to have the            Waaaay too much information.            different speeds. For dry condition
to your competitors. You can play       most difficulty with these long         What comes after 'Go'?"                 -1 we would have done this stage
like Tiger Woods after that, mak-       stages. Our odometer drifts off,          We didn't get off the start line      at 95 km/h average. For Condition
ing par from there on, but unless       losing accuracy over the longer         quite as quickly as we should           -2 or Condition-3, doesn't matter
your competitors also make a            distances. There's nothing wrong        have.                                   which, our target speed is 90 km/
mistake and hook a shot into a          with the rally computer itself. It's      With all this rain, and standing      h.
water hazard, you cannot ever           just a question of how accurately       water, the pavement was ex-                The raining was pelting down
recover that lost stroke.               our odo correction factor is set.       tremely slippery. And the opening       hard. The safety officer came
   Going into Day-5 our nearest           We don't want to mess with the        section of this stage is very twisty    down the line jokingly referring to
competitors have 7 seconds of           calibration setting though. On          and seems like it's all steep uphill.   this as "Condition-5!"
penalties. The only way they can        some stages it has been perfectly       I wasn't feeling at all confident yet      Just before we were due to
catch us is if we make more than        accurate. On others is has been         in these conditions, so it took us      start, the stage captain warned us
7 seconds worth of mistakes of          bang on, except for a couple of         until a whole two minutes into the      to expect, "Ponding on the road".
our own. There's quite a bit of         instructions which seemed way           stage before we finally caught up          On the initial twisty portion of
psychological pressure that             off. We're starting to suspect that     to our correct time window.             the stage, leaving Petit Forte with
comes with that.                        some stages simply are not accu-          At 3:25 into the video we cross       the rain banging off our wind-
   The more you try to ignore the       rately measured in the routebook.       a very slippery wooden bridge. It       shield, the road was incredibly
pressure, the worse it gets. Don't        If there are plenty of landmarks      was like ice. That would be a treat     slippery!
screw it up now. Don't screw it up      noted along the way in the route-       coming back the other way later            The road climbs up a steep hill
now. Don't screw it up now...           book, then Christoph can com-           on.                                     in a long, long left bend. Christoph
                                        pare mileages at each of those            The long 24 km length of the          tells me we're 7 seconds behind.
Day 5 - Stage 1 - Boat Harbour:         points and make corrections as          stage was mostly boring at 88 km/       Still 7 seconds behind. Now we're         necessary as we go along. But if        h, so I've spared you that and cut      8 seconds behind.
v=CVc_HBeFljA                           we have to go several kilometres        most of it out to fit YouTube's 10         Damn.
  Friday morning was dark and           with no instructions, then our odo      minute video size limit.                   At 2:08 into the video, in the

25 ▪ M o t o r s p o r t C l u b o f O t t a w a                    ▪          The Link           ▪      Fall 2009 ▪     
following long right bend, the car      that beforehand eh, thus we              landmarks along the route. That          Harbour Grace, is a brand new
starts hydro-planing. Okay, this is     couldn't risk coming into this criti-    way he has a method of verifying         super tight and twisty in-town
actually scary.                         cal corner any earlier than 3 sec-       whether we're on time or not,            stage, and aptly described as
  I tell Christoph, "It's slippery as   ond early. Unfortunately, the road       independent of the rally computer.       "gnarly". A full gas tank is only
hell!" But I get no sympathy at all     is qute tight and slippery already          And still inexplicable things         going to weigh us down. We de-
from him. He just says, "Ya, 8, 8       well before this corner. That, cou-      happen.                                  cided it would be better to run this
behind..."                              pled with the trepidation inflicted         Near the end of this stage,           one light, and wait until after that
  At 2:28, we're finally caught up      on us by the serious Triple-             about 5:00 into the video, we turn       to refill the tank...
to our time window, when the car        Caution warning, meant we actu-          right at a junction. I have to slow
hydro-planes again through some         ally arrived at this corner already      up a bit for the corner, so I plan to    Day 5 - Stage 4 - Harbour Grace
deep puddles. Christoph says,           1 second late, rather than our           approach it a bit ahead of sched-           This one is most decidely
"Ya, you still want to be ahead         planned 3 seconds early.                 ule. In the process of slowing           "Gnarly", with a capital "G"!
though..."                                The run to the finish line from        down though, I lose those extra             After a long delay at the start,
  He's such a slave-driver, that        there was another squeaker. We           seconds and the computer then            several show-stopping issues
guy.                                    only just barely made it in our          showed us hitting the corner ex-         eventually forced the cancellation
  At 5:00 we come to the slippery       window, 3 seconds late again!            actly at zero. Right on schedule.        of this great stage. The entire field
wooden bridge. It is followed im-                                                It's uphill from there, so I have to     of cars was instead led through
mediately by a square-left turn.        Day 5 - Stage 3 - Osprey Trail           accelerate hard to stay in our time      the stage in a slow parade behind
You have to slow for that turn, but     East:                                    window.                                  the course car.
the wet bridge offers zero braking             As we turned the corner, Chris-          There were some major prob-
traction. We made sure to take it       v=46v7dWf7-sw                            toph checked his watch and an-           lems, not least of which was the
real easy on the bridge. Wet              This is a fast flowing stage that      nounced that we were 2 seconds           incredible depth of water covering
wooden bridges have caused              must be fun to do at speed in the        early there. But when I do the           much of the roads. But the sched-
Targa havoc in the past. http://        Targa category, but our 86 km/h          math using the routebook dis-            ule could not be delayed any                  target speed in Grand Touring            tance for that instruction and our       longer without jeopardizing the
v=oT3UuTPQe6M                           seems slow.                              required average speed, and time         remaining stages of the day.
  We knew the finish sectin would         Still our challenge, as always, is     it on the video, my calculations            This was an enormous disap-
be difficult. Just before the end       to stay precisely on schedule.           show us to be 2 seconds late, not        pointment to everyone, specta-
there is a "Triple-Caution, big         With a time window of +/- 3 sec-         early, at that intersection.             tors, organizers, competitors, and
crest into hard left downhill". A       onds, that's not easy regardless of         So we were either 2 seconds           especially to all the hundreds of
Triple-Caution indicates a seri-        whatever speed we're doing.              early by Christoph's timing, bang        volunteers standing out in the rain
ously dangerous corner. They              Again we have issues with our          on schedule by the rally com-            waiting to see us run this stage.
don't use this term lightly. A Triple   clocks all telling us different times.   puter's timing, or 2 seconds late           This one would certainly have
-Caution in the routebook is not        I'm constantly relying on our ALFA       according to my math now. If the         been THE biggest challenge of
something you'd want to ignore.         Elite rally computer to tell me how      goal is to always be within +/- 3        the entire week!
  We knew we would have to              many seconds we are ahead or             seconds, that sort of variance is           The stage is about 13 kms long
slow right down for this corner.        behind the pace. If the odometer         not reassuring.                          and uses almost every square
Ideally we'd like to get there right    is calibrated accurately, the preci-        Approaching the finish line, I'm      inch of the "roads" in Harbour
at the front of our allowed window,     sion of this instrument is always        still relying on the rally computer      Grace, steep uphill, downhill, and
3 seconds early. That way we            bang on. In theory, this is dead         to get us there on time, until           criss-crossing back and forth.
could safely lose 6 seconds here,       simple. I just have to drive faster      Christoph starts his countdown           Some portions were smooth and
and still make the finish line within   or slower to keep the display            using his watch. When I have the         fast, others unbelievably narrow,
our window, 3 seconds late.             reading zero.                            finish boards in sight, I try to cross   rough, swamps full of bottomless
  Knowing that people are going           However, on long stages, the           the line when Christoph hits zero.       potholes. Some of the route is on
to try getting to this corner as        odometer calibration factor has             At the line, our rally computer       wide highway, while other por-
early as possible, would Ross put       not always been accurate. Some-          said we were 2 seconds early,            tions make you think you must
an ITC here? You're damn right          times the odo reads too high,            Christoph had us as 1 sec late,          have mistakenly turned down
he would. Check out the Triple-         meaning the computer thinks              and the time on the official scoring     someone's driveway surely to
Caution in Marysvale, Stage-7,          we've come further than we actu-         clock at the finish was completely       finish at a dead end inside their
coming up later on Day-5... How-        ally have and, although it's telling     wrong. I eventually obtained our         garage.
ever, he did not put an ITC here,       me we're right on schedule, in fact      official timing scores from Mark
where we fully expected one, near       we might be several seconds late.        Williams, and those show us hav-           I LOVE IT! I vote, next year, we
the finish of the Petit Forte stage.      Christoph, being a clever navi-        ing crossed the line bullseye at         come back and run only this one,
Well damn. He did it to us again!       gator, has a backup system. He           zero. Go figure.                         back and forth fives times in one
Made us slow up for nothing. Had        punches the required Elapsed                At the completion of this Osprey      day!
we known there woudn't be an            Time for the stage into the count-       Trail East stage, we were trying to        There is NO WAY that we
ITC here, we could easily have          down timer on his wristwatch. And        decide whether we should stop for        would have come out of this one
snuck in 30 seconds early here.         he pre-calculates what time his          fuel. We have a 60 km transit to         with zero penalties! A +/- 3 sec-
  Nonetheless, we didn't know           watch should be displaying at key        the next stage. But this next one,       ond window was going to be im-

Motorsport Club of Ottawa                                 ▪        The Link             ▪     Fall 2009 ▪                 w w w . m c o . o r g ▪ 26
                                                                                gas.                                   were there to cheer us on. At the
                                                                                   But then, a lucky break. At a       beginning of the week I had been
                                                                                busy crossroad, the traffic lights     really worried that they were not
                                                                                changed to red just as the course      going to enjoy this week. But here
                                                                                car ahead and only us got through      they are, soaking wet, bouncing
                                                                                the lights. Everybody behind us        up and down with excitement at
                                                                                had to stop and wait. We ducked        how well things are turning out for
                                                                                straight into the first gas station    their boys, so far. Chris shot some
                                                                                for a splash and dash, losing          video of us taking the start.
                                                                                merely a few places in line, before        And then everything nearly went
                                                                                rejoining the train.                   wrong for us.
                                                                                   But still, when we got to the           Rallying has way too much
                                                                                start of the Brigus stage it was       hurry-up-and-wait. We were fran-
                                                                                mayhem, with cars jammed in            tic about not getting to the start in
                                                                                there every which way. We were         time, after we had to stop for gas
                                                                                very worried we would miss our         and were then caught up in the
 Photo: Craig Lee                                                               start time, as we honked and           traffic jam. Now we're sitting here
                                                                                waved and pushed our way back          waiting at the head of the line,
possible here.                         they're not there, then maybe, just      up to the front of the line, only to   missing lunch, all to make sure
  Because we drove through it so       maybe, the fences will stay where        find out that Brigus had been          we don't miss our start time. And
slowly, the video is much longer       they belong and not suddenly             cancelled too!                         then all too suddenly, it's 3-2-1-
than the 10 minutes allowed by         jump out in front of you to block           Well, only the first pass of        Go!
YouTube. Out of respect for the        the road.                                Brigus was cancelled. We were              Being first car on the road is not
organizers of this awesome stage,         Christoph and I did not ap-           supposed to run the Brigus stage       easy.
I'm not going to give it all away by   proach this stage with the proper        twice, back-to-back, with a quick          If you have other cars starting
showing you the entire route now.      frame of mind. We were a little          lunch break in between. But, be-       ahead of you, you can count back
You're going to have to enter the      discombobulated right from the           cause of the earlier long delay at     30 seconds for each car to figure
event next year to see it for your-    start.                                   Harbour Grace, they'd also had to      out exactly when you are due to
self.                                     It all began with the cancellation    cancel the first Brigus stage, and     start. Then you can leisurely pro-
  I did piece together some of the     of the Harbour Grace stage. We           shorten the lunch break.               gram your rally computer, set your
highlights, though not in the cor-     had planned to stop for fuel after          It was pouring rain again. There    clock to the correct start time,
rect order, so you get a taste of      completing Harbour Grace, some-          was hardly enough time to get out      program your wristwatch to do the
what this one is like. Note the        where during the road transit to         of the car, get soaking wet while      countdown, make sure you're on
deep water in some spots.              Brigus. However, because we had          running for lunch, then get back in    the correct page of the routebook,
                                       all driven slowly through the stage      the car with the windows all           make sure the video camera is
Day 5 - Stage 4 - Harbour              in parade behind the control car,        fogged up, before we [first car on     recording, and attend to all the
Grace:                                 rather than being spaced out at          the road] were due to start Brigus-    other hundred and one critical        the usual 30-second intervals, we        2. So we decided to just stay in       little things that must be done
v=RNWEWFQyAhE                          were now all bunched tight to-           the car.                               before starting into any stage.
                                       gether in a long train doing the            Meanwhile Chris and my mom          When it's time, you simply roll up,
Day 5 - Stage 6 - Brigus-2             transit as a group.
  Brigus is the signature stage of        This meant, if we stopped at a
Targa Newfoundland. It's like the      gas station, EVERYBODY would
Monte Carlo of Newfoundland. It        get ahead of us. Normally that's
is a picturesque little town, with     not such a big issue. But the
very narrow streets lined every-       streets in Brigus are very narrow.
where with white picket fences.        If we drop out of the correct order
Running a Targa stage through          now, we'll never be able to fight
here must be what it's like to race    our way up to our proper start
an F1 car between the guardrails       position up at the head of the
in Monaco.                             train.
  When competing in the narrow            But we HAD to stop for gas. We
streets of Brigus, one must con-       wouldn't have enough fuel to
centrate fully on watching the         reach the finish, and there aren't
road, and never so much as cast        many other opportunities to refuel
a glance at the any of the picket      after this. Here we are, the last
fences. If you never look at the       team still without penalties, and it
fences, don't even acknowledge         would be worse than awful to not          Photo: Craig Lee
their existence, just pretend          make the finish by running out of

27 ▪ M o t o r s p o r t C l u b o f O t t a w a                    ▪          The Link           ▪     Fall 2009 ▪      
zero the odo at the line, and           wing it. Better hope there's no ITC
you're all set to go.                   anywhere within the stage, and
  We'd been sitting here forever,       good luck trying to maintain an
waiting patiently with the engine       average speed of 47.7 km/h
running to keep the windows de-         through all these stop and go
fogged, when they told us to roll       corners...
up to the line. Then the clock lit up     Christoph is amazing. He's so
to display our start time and...,       calm and cool. This is an incredi-
hey, wait a moment, hang on             bly busy, tight, twisty stage. Yet,
here, wait just a cotton-pickin'        in the middle of all this chaos,
moment here!                            while reading the routebook, and
  That says we're starting in less      calling directions to make sure I
than ten seconds!                       kept turning the correct way, he
  Watch the video. The display on       still managed to fiddle with and
the clock lights up at 4 seconds        reset the computer to the correct
into the video clip, and then the       settings halfway through the
start light goes Green a mere 9         stage.                                 Photo: Craig Lee
seconds later!                            I didn't get much chance to look
                                                                                 Go, go, go!                              laugh about somehow scoring
                                                                                 After that I was again trying            another zero despite making such
                                                                              really hard to NOT look at the              a mess of the tricky Brigus stage.
                                                                              fences. But, damn, there are                Why don't we ever have this kind
                                                                              picket fences EVERYWHERE in                 of luck at lotteries though?
                                                                              this town! They're right there,                Our Marysvale speed target
                                                                              lurking at the edge of the road,            was only 63.4 km/h average. That
                                                                              ALL the time. It's really distracting.      shouldn't be a problem. But the
                                                                                 Since I can't take my eyes off           road is very rough with lots of
                                                                              the road long enough to look at             potholes and deep puddles. About
                                                                              the computer, in my mind I'm still          1:00 into the video we splash
                                                                              thinking we're 5 seconds behind.            through what looks like just an-
                                                                              So, approaching the finish line             other puddle. But there's a bot-
                                                                              when Christoph said, "Slow                  tomless mineshaft, straight down
                                                                              down", in my head I heard,                  to the centre of the earth, hiding in
                                                                              "Speed UP!" When it finally                 that lake. We hammered that one.
                                                                              clicked, we almost had to come to           Ouch! Poor car.
 Photo: Craig Lee                                                             a halt to avoid crossing the line              At 2:00 we come to the notori-
                                                                              too early.                                  ous Triple-Caution dip and com-
                                                                                 I sure would like to go back             pression that has bent several
   That was my fault. What we           at the computer anyway. My at-        again and do this one properly.             Targa cars in the past, once scat-
SHOULD have done is refuse to           tention was mostly focused on                                                     tering expensive Porsche parts all
accept that start time and demand       NOT looking at the picket fences.     Day 5 - Stage 6 - Brigus-2:                 over the countryside.
a proper 30-second countdown to         But we had been doing surpris-                I've seen this spot featured on
give us enough time to get our-         ingly well without the computer up    v=-eXvgrZlZWY                               previous TV broadcasts and told
selves set up.                          to that point.                                                                    Christoph to make sure to high-
   Christoph was NOT ready. In             I subsequently calculated our      Day 5 - Stage 7 - Marysvale                 light and underline this one in the
the panic he managed to do most         times and marked up the video           Grand Touring is not supposed             routebook and force me to slow
everything else, but missed zero-       with late/early notes at known        to be difficult. It really isn't, as long   down. If I don't slow enough, he is
ing the odo.                            routebook mileages. I'm amazed        as you never make mistakes.                 supposed to hit me with his book.
   So now we weren't really certain     that we were nicely within our        When everything is running                     The road we're on crosses a
if the computer was telling us          time window most of the way.          smoothly there's nothing to it.             main road. At the transition be-
anything useful about whether we           But, half way through the stage    Anybody can do this.                        tween the two roads there is a lip,
were running on schedule or not.        out of the corner of my eye, I no-      We made several mistakes this             sharply convex on one side of the
   Christoph did manage to start        ticed Christoph re-jigging the        week, and so far have been lucky            main road, and sharply concave
his countdown stopwatch though,         computer and asked him if the         to get away with them without               at the other side. One launches
clever guy that he is, so we would      readout was accurate now. He          penalties. But I think we made              you into the air, the other drives
have an accurate count to the           said it was, so I got a fright when   more mistakes on this last day              you into the hillside.
finish line. But he was not happy       the display showed us as 5 sec-       than all the other days combined.              Knowing everybody would have
with this turn of events.               onds too slow, well outside of our      At the start of the Marysvale             to go really slow through here, of
   Okay, so just drive, and we'll       allowed 3-sec window.                 stage, Christoph and I had a                course there had to be an Inter-

Motorsport Club of Ottawa                               ▪        The Link            ▪       Fall 2009 ▪                  w w w . m c o . o r g ▪ 28
mediate Time Control (ITC) located right there!      up their equipment. At the Tee-Left, 5:00 into        fore starting.
Even though we came in as early as possible,         our in-car video, this guy got a good shot of           Christoph claims his watch was correct, and
we were still 2 seconds slow passing the ITC         everybody else, but missed us. http://                that the time on our computer was now wrong.
board. That was nasty.                                        What does this mean? When the computer
  And, even though we did slow right down,              At the end of our video, as we're waiting to       says we're right on time, are we actually 3
the car still bottomed out and whacked the skid      turn left on the highway to start the 80 km tran-     seconds late or 3 seconds early now? That
plate.                                               sit to Marine Drive, look at the dark clouds          kind of stuff makes my head hurt.
                                                     racing across the sky and watch how the wind            It took us until about 2 minutes into the video
Day 5 - Stage 7 - Marysvale:                         is whipping the trees.                                to eventually decide that, when the computer                         It's been raining all day, but now there's a big   says zero, we're actually 3 seconds late. With
v=VSayRCPtYRg                                        storm coming.                                         our +/- 3sec window, we should be okay if we
                                                                                                           aim to keep the computer reading between
Day 5 - Stage 8 - Conception Harbour -               Day 5 - Stage 8 - Conception Harbour -                zero and 6 seconds early. Makes sense?
Colliers                                             Colliers:                                               Damn, I dunno. I'll just concentrate on driv-
   The countdown timers used to start cars into                       ing. The road is really slippery, it's raining like
each stage, and the timers at the finish line,       v=cVJSAwDZB2s                                         mad, and there's a strong wind trying to push
are controlled by "atomic clocks" which, in                                                                us off the road.
theory, always display exactly the correct time.     Day 5 - Stage 9 - Marine Drive:                         Not really certain whether we're on schedule
   It's not just us. Others have also noticed that                       or not, we just drove to the finish. Here, using
the clocks are not always synchronized accu-         v=vWBaVecvFRI                                         his stopwatch, Christoph gave me the count-
rately. When trying to stay within a +/- 3 sec-        Holy cow, was it ever raining hard!                 down to the finish line. As we crossed the line
ond window, one or two seconds difference              The video camera automatically adjusts              the computer readout said we crossed right on
can cause problems.                                  exposure. It was really much darker out than it       zero. Huh? For an actual zero, shouldn't that
   The serious guys have been coming up to           appears on the video. The wind was howling,           have said 3 seconds early now? I'm so con-
the start control at each new stage to compare       thunder and lightning, and torrential rain was        fused.
their watches against the official time. That's      coming down in buckets.                                 The official clock at the finish had us 1 sec-
not a bad idea. So, while we were waiting with         Remember how we were worried about run-             ond early. Go figure.
nothing else to do, Christoph went and               ning out of fuel before reaching the finish.            Totally confused, we had no idea now
checked his watch against the official clock.        Well, on the transit to this last stage, in the       whether we were on time or not at the two
   The countdown timer usually goes 3-2-1-           middle of this ferocious thunderstorm, John           ITCs we passed along the way.
Green Light. This time it went 4-3-2-Red-Light!      Hurda and Steve Greiner's Corvette ran out of           Whatever, I guess we'll find out at the finish
What the heck? At one second to go, it flashed       gas somewhere out on the highway! Steve has           back in St. John's...
a red light, then died.                              a hilarious story about how, soaking wet, they
   Too funny. The clock expired. It's dead and       hijacked a taxi, dumped the paying customer           Day 5 - Finish - St. John's Harbourfront:
gone.                                                in the nearest ditch, and forced the taxi driver
   Without an official "atomic clock", the stage     at gunpoint to take them to a gas station.            v=l7ieTZBsSzA
captain then came to us to ask what time we          [Actually the taxi-driver, like all generous New-
had on our clock. Since we had just synchro-         foundlanders, was happy to help, but first they         Those videos and stories show only a tiny
nized ours moments before, they now used             had to take a long detour to drop the fare at his     portion of all that makes Targa Nfld such an
our clock to set their backup timepiece and          destination.]                                         awesome experience. They're just a very nar-
then used that to verbally count down every-           After our splash-and-dash on the way to             row view of our own experiences while on the
body on their way into the stage.                    Brigus, we were okay on fuel. But we had              actual stages. Much, MUCH, more of the other
   Another competitor eventually submitted a         more issues with the timing on this last stage.       enjoyable stuff that goes on during the week
written protest, which was accepted, claiming        Christoph had synchronized our clocks with            happens behind the scenes.
this time was off by 3 seconds. I don't under-       the official atomic time at the previous stage,         There are sooooooo many interesting people
stand how that could have happened. But, it          before their clock blew up. But the time on this      at this event, organizers, spectators, volun-
would explain why we ran into timing difficul-       stage was off by three seconds. Three sec-            teers, and co-competitors, that it's impossible
ties on the following Marine Drive stage...          onds is a big deal, since that's our allowable        to even begin to do justice in trying to describe
   Stop the video at 2:35, just as we're coming      time window.                                          any of them. Everybody has their own stories
steep downhill to a Tee-Left. On the left edge         That's another problem with being first car         and adventures to share. But it's difficult to find
of the screen you can see the rusty hull of a        on the road. If you're behind another car, you        enough time during the week to get together
ship beached high on a rock.                         can always watch the start clock do it's count-       with others. They're either frantically trying to
   Then at 4:03 Christoph scared me when I           down, and compare it to your own clock to             repair their cars, or rushing off to their hotel
heard him say, "1km, square left at Tee,             ensure you're synched properly.                       rooms to study up for the next day's acitivities.
MOOSE!" Yikes.                                         We're the first the car to start though. Chris-       One of the best opportunities to get to know
   Another disadvantage of being first on the        toph did his countdown watching the clock on          the other people is during the lunch stops, or
road, other than the likelihood of meeting a         our rally computer. But the official countdown        during the waits between stages. There usu-
moose, is that photographers and videogra-           timer was three seconds slower than our clock,        ally is ample time alloted for the transits be-
phers are not ready yet and have not yet set         so we had to wait an extra three seconds be-          tween stages. That gives you time to get to the

29 ▪ M o t o r s p o r t C l u b o f O t t a w a                    ▪         The Link             ▪       Fall 2009 ▪    
start of the next stage, and time to line up in the
correct order. Usually there is enough time to
relax, get out of the car, and enjoy talking with
everyone else.

  On the Targa website, the logo says,
"Targa Newfoundland, It's About the Drive."

   However, one of our "newfound" Grand Touring
friends much more eloquently put it like this,
"I now know that hanging out waiting by the
car with all of you, peeing by the road to-
gether, was as important as the drive itself."

                                                                         Photo: Gordon Sleigh—

 Photo: Gordon Sleigh—

Motorsport Club of Ottawa                             ▪   The Link   ▪   Fall 2009 ▪           w w w . m c o . o r g ▪ 30
                                        Motorsport Club of Ottawa
                                      2009 Year End Banquet and Awards

      SOLO I / SOLOSPRINT                        SOLO II CLASS AWARDS:                                 Rally Driver Trophy
       Awards presented by Craig Seko                                                              Highest ranked Club Rally Driver
                                                              A Class                                      Rob Shotton
         MCO Solo I Champion                          1st – James Bergeron
                                                                                                    Fall Night Rally Trophy
            Brad Merkel                                2nd – Ralf Koulaib
                                                                                                  Ferdinand Trauttmansdorff
                                                       3rd – Bryan Olynyk
                                                                                                   Christof Trautmansdorff
         MCO Solo I runner-up
           Ian O’Halloran                                    B Class                            Best Performance Rally Driver
                                                       1st – Kevin Schenk                            Motrosport Club of Ottawa
                                                      2nd – David McNicoll                                Martin Walter
                 SOLO II                            3rd – Christian Arseneau
      Awards presented by Don Laberge
             and Luc Saumure                                                                  Best Performance Rally Co-Driver
                                                              C Class                                Motorsport Club of Ottawa
        Overall Solo II Champion                       1st – Peter Mosher                         Ferdinand Trauttmansdorff
             Kevin Schenk                               2nd – Gilles Pilon
                                                       3rd – Stephen Bolt                   Top Novice Performance Rally Driver
        Order of the Bent Valve                                                                      Vince Landreville
              Overall Runner up                               D Class
              James Leveille                          1st – Patrick Sheehan                              Top Novice
                                                      2nd – Brendan Zietak                       Performance Rally Co-Driver
Dows Lake Summer Slalom Champion                      3rd – Jeremy Mitchell                             Chuck Storry
           Kevin Schenk
                                                              E Class                               WORKER AWARDS
  Bridgestone Blizzak Cup – Winner                                                                  presented by Paul Swinwood
           Winter Solo II/Snowcross                    1st – James Leveille
                 Clive Catt                           2nd – Pierre Gagnon
                                                                                                   Worker Awards for 2009
                                                      3rd - Kevin Greening                    “To recognize those who unselfishly helped
           Solo Fanatic Award                                                                promote Motorsport, through their year long
someone who put forth more than required for           RALLY AWARDS                                  devotion of time and energy”
           the love of the sport
                                                  presented by Jeannie MacGillivray
             Naresh Debidin                                                                 Bennett Leckie, Paul Swinwood, Terry
                                                       Order of the Halda                   Dale, Ron Woltman, Nigel Mortimer,
       Novice Slalom Champion                          Donated by Bennett Leckie
 Highest placing first year Club member in the   to the worker who supported Rallying
            MCO Autocross series
                                                                                                Nick Berry, Chuck Payne, Luc
                                                         throughout the year
              Jamie Leveille                                                                   Saumure, Greg Van Dalen, Don
                                                          Robert Roaldi
              The Ladies Cup                           The L. Smith Trophy
    Awarded to the top female competitor
                                                    Highest ranked Club Navigator
                                                                                             Greg Kierstead, Mike Nilson, Mary
              Karin Kubicek                                Cheryl Urban                      McClure, Anne Heide, Craig Lee, JP

31 ▪ M o t o r s p o r t C l u b o f O t t a w a          ▪       The Link              ▪   Fall 2009 ▪  
   Robert Roaldi , Peter Brownhill,
BryanOlynyk, Naresh Debidin, Patrick          MICHAEL S. LOWE AWARD
             Sheehan,                              Awarded to the non-Club member                    Frank Hicks Technical
                                                   who made significant contributions          MCO members who demonstrate good
                                                    that were beneficial to the Club         sportsmanship in contributing to the sport
    Guy Parent, Clive Catt, Vernon                       Peter Manganelli
Liboiron, Pat McDermott, Mike Physk,                                                                 Arek Wojciechowski
  Peter Mosher, Gilles Pilon, Stephen                                                                        And
                                                   Gary Hunt Memorial Award
 Bolt, Pierre Gagnon, Kevin Greening,                     Worker of the year
                                                                                                      Eric Hochgeschurz
          Christian Arseneau,                               Sam Mandia
                                                                                                     MCO Race Champion
                                                                                                  Championship Driver of the Year
 Isabelle Tremblay, Bill Olders, Jean              Ian Grant Mechanic’s Award
                                                         donated by Ann Heide
                                                                                                           Matt White
 MacGillivray, Dave Goddard, Chris
               Skene.                                       John Arthur
                                                                                                      “Best All-Rounder”
                                                                                            Helped out wherever and whenever he could –
 James Bergeron, Christophe Leroy,             Top Female Worker of the Year               was a tough competitor – never had to be asked
  Glen Clarke, Darryl Malone, Steve                  Jean MacGillivray                        to help out or assist fellow MCO members
               Greiner,                                                                                   Ralf Koulaib
                                                    MCO Club Karting Award
   Jay Saslove, Dave Butler, Steve                       Chris Healey                            Annual Achievement Award
Carrick, Craig Hamm, Ian O’Halloran,                                                           For the member who achieved notable
 Chris Krepski, Alan Ritchie, Richard                    ROAD RACING                                      accomplishments
                                                         Awards presented by                     as a competitor, worker, or official
Muise, John Powell, Lew MacKenzie,                    Terry Dale and Sam Mandia                           at Regional level
       Merrill Smith, Chris Pye,                                                                     or as part of a major event
                                                    Paddock Engineer Award                               Ron Woltman
     Jeremy Wallace, Ferdinand                       Donated by Bailey Desjardin
      Trauttmansdorff, Christof             to The MCO crew member(s) who contribute to
          Trauttmansdorff,                         the success of Club competitors.

 Jaak Laan, Jane Laan, Evan Gamblin                   Mortimer Racing
                                            Nigel Mortimer, Wendy Mortimer,
        The Hard Luck Trophy                 Adam Mortimer, John Arthur, Rex
Awarded to the Club member who perseveres   Wallis, Herb Henning, Dan Southcott
            Brendan Zietak
                                                         Frank Hicks Sedan
      Order of the Holed Piston                       Club Sedan Racer of the year
      Hardest working MCO volunteer                        Greg Kierstead
            Naresh Debidin
                                                       Frank Hicks Formula
       The Golden Pen Award                        Club Open Wheel Racer of the year
      Contributor of most Link articles                   Pat McDermott
              John Powell

Motorsport Club of Ottawa                      ▪         The Link           ▪        Fall 2009 ▪        w w w . m c o . o r g ▪ 32
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                                                             Used Car Sales
                                                             Fleet Sales
                                                             Commercial Sales and Wholesale

Call Rob Dale, Mews Chevrolet's Fleet Manager, for ALL your automotive needs, with over 10 years
experience at MEWS Chevrolet, and one of the highest customer satisfaction rates in the industry!

Do you need a family car? A truck to pull your trailer? A car to race around the track? Do you just have an
automotive question you need answered? Call Rob Dale (613)834-6397 today.

Today's automotive business is extremely competitive, fast paced and poses many challenges. I am
therefore committed to providing all MCO members with aggressive pricing and top quality service.

I look forward to doing business with all the MCO club members.

                                     Rob Dale, Fleet Manager
       Call: (613) 834-6397                Toll Free: 1-888 641-6397      

                                                                                  Be a Volunteer!
                                                                           Be a part of history! The Motorsport
                                                                             Club of Ottawa (MCO) has been
                                                                          active in our community since 1949. It
                                                                        was one of the founding members of the
                                                                        Canadian Automobile Sports Clubs, and
                                                                        today it continues to be a non-profit or-
                                                                           ganization fueled by people like you
                                                                        with a passion for cars and driving. Why
                                                                          not give back and support your club?
                                                                        We need volunteers in all areas — from
                                                                        the executive to volunteering at events
                                                                          and functions. Can you BBQ? Can you
                                                                          marshall? Can you help in the driving
                                                                        schools? Can you organize events? Even
                                                                         if you don’t feel like you have a special
                                                                        talent, but are willing to learn, and will-
                                                                        ing to lend a helping hand, we are look-
                                                                         ing for you! Contact the Club executive
                                                                        at, or visit the MCO
                                                                                website at

33 ▪ M o t o r s p o r t C l u b o f O t t a w a   ▪   The Link     ▪       Fall 2009 ▪
                                                                                       Solo II Profiles

                                                                    Photos: (Top Right) Mike Physk (Bottom) Gasket (Left) Unknown

                                        up with a team of 3 close friends, ap-       By now, you should have noticed that
                                        plied for a part in the show and com-        David isn’t driving a conventional
                                        pleted the selection process. The team       model. That JDM import is a 1990 Nis-
                                        was awarded a spot on the show. Af-          san Pulsar GTI-R, sometimes referred
                                        ter racing against the clock for a full 2-   to as the “baby Godzilla” by Nissan
                                        weeks build-up, the car and the team         enthusiasts or nicknamed “Darth Va-
David McNicoll                          was chosen by the viewers as the out-
                                        standing winner of the show. This ex-
                                                                                     der” by our home announcer Seb F.
                                                                                     When bought in 2006, it only needed
was born and raised in the Montreal     perience led to many opportunities in        a few laps at Calabogie to discover
area. He completed his engineering      the following year, including finalizing     major weaknesses that helped bridge
degree at Sherbrooke in 2001 and        and fine tuning the actual winning           the gap of priorities and to where the
then began his professional career as   project car, which had subsequently          car needed to be. After hundreds of
a computer engineer at DnD, in the      been won by the team as part of the          countless hours of wrench time, this
capital region. So to get away from the prize on the show. Once the car fully        19 year old car is reliable, and now
pressures of his day job, and always    tuned, the team began competing in           outperforms its original factory specs.
knowing he had a profound interest in   car shows for a season, even hosting a       Once piece of advice: if you are look-
car mechanics, he decided to join one   radio show on Énergie 104.1, etc. The        ing to own one of these, ensure you
of the local evening night classes. Af- car was since sold to another young          can do the work yourself or see if re-
ter only a short period of time, he     enthusiast and can be viewed on Car-         mortgaging is an option!
came to realize that these courses      Domain :
would certainly teach him the basics,   ride/742447                                  As an owner and enthusiast, David is
but not the science, or “art” of per- David first joined the MCO events in           always thrilled to talk about cars,
formance car tuning…                                                                 share race lines, chat about others’
                                        2005 and attended the winter driving         experience and if Vader’s left seat is
One morning, in early 2004, while school with his spouse and some co-                empty, grab your helmet and jump in
reading the online news and sipping workers. In 2007, these same cowork-             for a ride!
coffee, David was attracted to this ad ers (thanks to Subaru brothers Marc L.
that talked about a competition on and Francois L.) challenged David to
one of the TV shows called: “ZTélé - join them for a first autocross event….
Projet Tuning”. The competition was And this is where it all began… 2008
looking for teams of enthusiasts (non- began as the first full season and with
professionals) to essentially compete surprisingly good results as he was
against one another in a “Pimp my named the 2008 Novice Champion!
Ride” type reality show… David came

Motorsport Club of Ottawa                  ▪       The Link         ▪    Fall 2009 ▪             w w w . m c o . o r g ▪ 34

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