Pennsylvania Software Evaluation Agreement

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					                                                         Software Evaluation Agreement

                          Use this Software Evaluation Agreement if you/company wish to grant license to use the
                          software particularly for evaluation purposes.
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                         SOFTWARE EVALUATION AGREEMENT

This Software Evaluation Agreement and the Schedules attached hereto (collectively, the
“Agreement”) is made as of this ________ [Month] __ [Date], 20__, (“Effective Date”) by and
between ______________________ [Instruction: Insert the name of Licensor] (“Licensor”),
having its principal place of business at _______________________________ [Instruction:
Insert the address of Licensor], and ______________________ [Instruction: Insert the name
of    Licensee]     (“Licensee”),   having   its  principal   place    of     business    at
_______________________________ [Instruction: Insert the address of Licensee], hereby
agree as follows:


   a) The term “Software” used herein is defined as machine-readable, machine-executable
      versions of the Software specified in Schedule A and related materials, including
      Documentation, media, binders, and printed materials, and any copies or portions thereof.

   b) The term “Documentation” refers to all manuals, specifications, drawings, and
      instructions furnished to Licensee for use with the Software.

   c) The term “Designated Site” used herein shall mean the address where Licensee is
      authorized to use the Software, as identified in Schedule A.

   d) The term “License Fees” means the license fee(s) payable by Licensee pursuant to
      Section 5 of this Agreement.


   In consideration for the license and the rights granted herein, Licensee agrees to the terms
   and conditions set forth herein.

   Licensor grants to Licensee a personal, non-transferable, limited license to use the Software
   at the Designated Site, as specified in Schedule A.

   3. TERM

   The evaluation period shall begin as of the date this license is executed by Licensor, and shall
   remain in effect for the term specified in Schedule A hereto, unless terminated as provided

   Licensee may request an extension to the evaluation period, which Licensor may grant at its
   sole discretion.

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Description: This Software Evaluation Agreement is used by a software developer to grant a limited license for the purpose of evaluating software. This agreement enables the licensee to use the software in a specific manner to determine whether it meets the requirements of the licensee and/or its customers. It does not give the licensee any ownership interest in the software and protects the licensor's intellectual property rights in the software. This document contains many of the standard provisions that are commonly included in these types of agreements, and it may be customized to address the specific needs of the parties. This should be used by a software company located in Pennsylvania that licenses software for evaluation purposes only.