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How old is your refrigerator? If it was built before 1993, then a new, ENERGY STAR rated refrigerator could
use half as much energy. Get all the features you want and savings you’ll love with high-efficiency refrigerators
that have earned the ENERGY STAR rating.

ENERGY STAR Features and Models                                     Energy Use Comparison
ENERGY STAR rated refrigerators use high-efficiency
                                                                       Year Refrigerator            Annual Electrical            Annual Cost
compressors, improved insulation and more precise                      Manufactured                 Consumption                  of Electricity*
temperature and defrost mechanisms to consume at
                                                                       1972                         2000 kWh                     $
least 20 percent less energy than required by current
federal standards. And, by choosing ENERGY STAR                        1990                         900 kWh                      $
models you won’t sacrifice features.                                   1993                         690 kWh                      $
Available options include:                                             After 2001                   485 kWh                      $
                                                                       2003 ENERGY STAR
 • Automatic ice-makers                                                Refrigerator                 436 kWh                      $
 • Through-the-door ice dispensers                                  * Cost of electricity is calculated at $0.093 per kilowatt-hour, the average cost of
 • Side-by-side models                                               electricity in our region for residential consumers. Electrical consumption levels
                                                                     for 1972 - 1993 refrigerators obtained from Lawrence Berkeley Labs.
 • Top or bottom freezer models

Energy-saving Tips
Refrigerators are the single biggest energy-consuming kitchen appliance. Whether you have an old or new,
standard or ENERGY STAR rated refrigerator, these tips can help reduce the amount of energy it uses.
 • Replace refrigerators bought before 1993 and recycle old ones.
 • Keep refrigerators set between 35 and 38 degrees Fahrenheit and your freezer at 0 degrees Fahrenheit.
 • Minimize the amount of time the refrigerator door is open.
 • Make sure door seals are tight. If necessary, contact the manufacturer for easy-to-install replacements.
 • Keep condenser coils clean. If possible, allow air to circulate around coils by leaving space between the
   wall or cabinets and the refrigerator.
 • Position your refrigerator away from heat sources such as the oven, dishwasher or direct sunlight.

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