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 City Gospel Mission February 2008 ENCOUNTERS Newsletter

 Honorary and Memorial gifts are thoughtful ways to pay tribute to special people. Tributes received after
 February 15, 2008 will be published in our next issue. Persons being honored are listed in bold type.

                                                           Faye Curliss
Memorial Funds                                                Gary Curliss
Berniece T. Johnson Memorial Fund                          Karen Daniel
Angelene Jamison-Hall                                         Russ and Ellen Porter
                                                           Bonnie Davis
Gary and Rhonda Baker                                         Connie
    Russ and Ellen Porter                                  Tommy and Kyla Douglas
Mr. Victor Baumgartner                                        Trevor Morse
    Norma                                                  Thomas and Eileen Doyle
Marcia Baxter                                                 Rosemary Keller
    Russ and Ellen Porter                                  Donald Draggoo
Mrs. Marie Beck                                               John Rives
    Charles Beck                                           Gary Epure
Pati Bowman                                                   Russ and Ellen Porter
    R.C. Phyl                                              Donald and Paulene Eyer
Robert Bradford                                               Rosemary Keller
    Ruth and Mike                                          Magdie Faul
Andrew and Kay Brausch                                        William Faul
    Teresa Wood                                            Mike and Sherri Fitzgerald
Deb Brooks                                                    Russ and Ellen Porter
    Jack Brooks                                            Linda Ford
David Brown                                                   Alex "Woody" Blackburn
    Herman D. Brown                                        Erwin and Lorraine Friedrichs
    Russ and Ellen Porter                                     Sylvia Vilardo
Irene Brown                                                Carl and Pat Games
    Russ and Ellen Porter                                     Rosemary Keller
Ted and Mary Burdsall                                      David Gibson
    Brian Leslie Koch                                         Rick Gibson
Miss Mary Bush                                             Carl and Barbara Goodin
    Russ and Ellen Porter                                     J. Blum
Mr. David McCoy                                            David and Tracy Grosick
    Laura Kuntz                                               Russ and Ellen Porter
Tony and Kay Caruso                                        Lynn Gross
    Russ and Ellen Porter                                     Alan Chaifetz
Connie Chaney                                              Judy Harvey
    Jarrod Chaney                                             Patricia Hawk
Bruce Cosmik                                               Nancy Henry
    George Gosney                                             Russ and Ellen Porter
Jan Costello                                               Susan Hingsbergen
    Russ and Ellen Porter                                     Mary Deegan Vetter
Mrs. Mercy Crone                                           Cheryl Holder
    Jim and Lois Crone                                        James and Goldie Holder Sr.
Sonya Hughes                         Carolyn Moler
    Terry Glenn Eckart                   Eloise Campbell
Angela Iannitti                      Regina Moore
    Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hess Sr.           Russ and Ellen Porter
Dilworth Kay                         Thomas and Leisa Moore
    Dorothy H. Kay                       Daniel Whitacre
Sarah Kelley                         Janet Morgan
    T.H. Kelley                          Wendell J. Morton
Judith Kinney                        Mrs. C.M. Mueller
    Frank Kinney                         John R. Mueller
Claire Kortekamp                     Robert Mulcahey
    Russ and Ellen Porter                Ann Mulcahey
Nancy Lally                          Carol Newton
    Kimberly Centers                     "Lefty" Gaul
Kyle Landt                               Richard Gaul, Sr.
    Dorothy W. Landt                 Mary Nicolay
Patricia Lang                            James and Helen Broe
    Russ and Ellen Porter            Mr. and Mrs. Ronald O'Banion
Kenneth Leistler                         John McCowan
    Mary Martha Leistler             Wanda O'Brien
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Lindemann             Jim and Kevin O'Brien
    Robert Sprengard                 Doris Payne
Constance Lindsay                        Frank Payne
    Russ and Ellen Porter            Charles and Joyce Perry
John and Marianne Longbottom             Rosemary Keller
    Marcel Battrick                  Leroy Porter
William Lyons                            My daughter, Lisa
    Agnes Lyons                      Paula Kuhn
Mr. Gene Makowski                        E. Thomas Arington
    Stephen                          Lonnie and Heather Purkiser
Carol Manning                            Lena Whitaker
    Virginia Manning                 Jeffery and Holly Ray
Mayfield Clinic                          Ronald P. Gratsch
    Vassilios Theodosopoulos         Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Ray
Herbert McDonald                         Dolores Campbell
    Russ and Ellen Porter            Mrs. Blanda Reinhard
    Kathleen McDonald                    James Reinhard
Ethel McHenry                        V Riley
    Fred and Kyleen Payne                ELH
June Menning                         Robert and Barbara Robinette
    Russ and Ellen Porter                Rosemary Keller
Eugene Messick                       Mrs. Jacqueline Ross
    Dorothy Messick                      Mark Ross in honor of Jesus Christ
Christopher Meyer                        Mark Ross
    Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Thuney     Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Rudy
    Mr. and Mrs. Andrew C Meyer Jr       Jack Parker
Catherine Mier                       Deborah Rumke
    Carl Kokx                            Jack C. Marlowe
Len and Lorraine Mikulski            Allen Scheibenzuber
    Rosemary Keller                      Jean Scheibenzuber

Ronald and Carolyn Schunk     Pauline Wade
    Russ and Ellen Porter         Arthur Wade
Pollyanna Sedziol             Joy Walburg
    Roland Samuel Sedziol         Russ and Ellen Porter
Janie Siemering               Thelma Wallace
    Beverly Gibert                Harry Byrd
    June Siemering            Sheila Watson
    Harold Siemering              Jack Watson
    Dorathea Casper           Carolyn Weech
Eunice Slater                     Evelyn Case
    Russ and Ellen Porter     Dorcas Weidner
Patricia Slavey                   Margaret W. Dale
    Clint and Ada Walls       Edward Wert
Gladys Smith                      Yvonne R. Wert
    Russ and Ellen Porter     John and Karen West
    Walter Smith, Sr.             John S. Dooley
Mrs. Kathleen Smith           Richard Westbrook
    Walter L. Smith               Marie Westbrook
Jeanne Spencer                Dennis Weston
    Jeanne Spencer                Charles and Mike Weston
David and Sherry Steinwert    John and Betty Whitaker
    Phyl Bowman                   Russ and Ellen Porter
Kathy Tarvin                  William Wilfinger
    My son                        Kenneth Brusman
Opal Thompson                 Elizabeth Williamson
    Paul Leach, Jr.               George Trivett
Lois Tillman                  Nancy Wood
    William J. Tillman, Sr.       Jerry Wood
Charles and Linda Tyree       Herb and Sandra Woosley
    Russ and Ellen Porter         Michael McCreary
Harry Vitkow

                                             Daniel Haifley & Anne Avril
Joe Bako                                         Ferd Avril
    God's Grace                              Mary Therese Hankner
Mr. Walter Banach                                Scott Nelson
    William L. Mallory, Sr.                  Nicholas Hanson
Mrs. Beverly Barnes                              Jeff Jara
    Regina and Brandon Carter                Merrie Harrington
Mrs. Marie Beck                                  My family members
    Charles Beck                             Margaret Hayden
Anita Berry                                      Phil Borak
    Russ and Ellen Porter                    Daniel and Selena Heithaus
Elizabeth Bickel                                 Madelyn Heithaus' 1st Birthday
    My brother Paul                          Geoffrey Hoebbel
Mary Bleisch                                     Mary Fenton
    John A Duddy III                         Joan Kasper
Kenneth and Mary Boone                           Our Troops
    Exodus Program                           Karen Kelly
Fay Brinck                                       Sherry Sargeant's birthday
    Mace Justice                                 My nephew, Austin Brown
Kirtley Brown, Jr.                           Joseph and Paulette Kihm
    Jesus Christ                                 My daughter Jolie and son-in-law Chris
Cheryl Campbell                              Delmer King
    Ralph Nichols                                Mike King
Wayne Chi Fu & Yu-chin S.                    David and Dianne Kruetzkamp
    Wayne's birthday                             Ruth and Patrick McCormack
Mrs. Jack Cornett                                Ann and Bill Ross
    Sally Young                                  Sharon and Ferd Kruetzkamp
Ruth Cornett                                     Mary and George Egan
    Jesus Christ                                 Beth and Bill Kreutzjans
E. Sue Creamer                                   Rita Kruetzkamp and Rick Kowalski
    Charlie Luken                            Allen and Dorothy Kurtz
B.R. Dinkelacker Schultes                        Elizabeth Elliott
    Tim Johnson                              Jacqueline Lambert
John Duddy                                       My Birthday
    Mary Bleisch                             Jerry and Estelle Lanham
Alice Eberhard                                   Springdale Nazarene Church Pastoral
    Marie Eberhard's 90th birthday           Robert Lindner
Peg Edwards                                      Margaret Lindner
    My friends                               Music Teachers National Association
Gary Epure                                       Gary Ingle
    Jesus Christ                             Mr. and Mrs. James Y. Myers
Dr. Lowell Ford                                  Louise MacDonald's 100th birthday
    Highland United Methodist Church Staff   Carolyn Neale
Richard and Janet Gaul                           Sharon Suder
    Mary Serafin                             Tina Nicolaci
Dr. and Mrs. William Gerhardt                    Patti Nicolaci
    Lucreta Bowman's 10th anniversary,       Mr. and Mrs. Ronald O'Banion
women's ministry                                 Jesus, our Savior
Wendy Gustafson                              Michael Ohmer
    My birthday                                  Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ohmer
Steven Proud                                   Janie Siemering
    City Gospel Mission Volunteers                 Mabel Wessendarp
    Mission Staff                              Mr. and Mrs. Robert Spaeth
Irma Pye                                           My family
    Bonnie Roellig                             Sandy Stallo
Aubrey Ramirez                                     Therese Esswein
    Scarlett Rowlond                           Gail Suiter
Virginia Rimmer                                    Steven J Suiter
    John and Betty English, 50th Year Annive   Mrs. John Thinnes
Lois Schalk                                        Russ and Ellen Porter
    Naomi Schalk                               Mark Whitney
Jeff Schultz                                       Scott and Becky Jones
    Jesus Christ                               Mark Winchell
                                                   Advantage Marketing Inc & Employees00


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