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    Baur shares investing tips                                                                          UPCOMING
            By Carol Burt, reporter
                                                                                                          March 23
   President-Elect Chris Williams presided over
our meeting as President Ron Heggen is recov-                                                           OUR MEETING
ering from back surgery at home. Chris opened                                                           WILL BE HELD AT
the meeting with an Irish reading, shared an-                                                           THE HOTEL FORT
other before the speaker and closed with two in                                                         DES MOINES
honor of St Patrick’s Day. The luck of the Irish                                                        PROGRAM: Today’s
was with him as his number was pulled for the                                                           program will be Wade den
                                                                                                        Hartog, Iowa Events Center
“Funraiser.”                                                                                            Spokesman. Program
   Greg Wilson introduced Bob Baur, Manag-                                                              Presenter Greg Wilson will
                                                                                                        introduce our speaker.
ing Director of Principal Global Investors.
Bob, after sharing several stories poking fun at                                                        ASSIGNMENTS: Music
                                                                                                        will be led by Carol Burt.
economists, began with a look back at the last 14                                                       Invocation will be given
months in the economy. 2004 was a year with                                                             by Ken Hayes. Guest
                                                                                                        Introductions will be made
dangers lurking, but those dangers did not nega-                                                        by Marty Kenworthy.
tively affect the economy. The dangers were the                                                         Greeters will be Dave
                                                                                                        Turnball and Mike Sturm.
Iraq war, the trade deficit, the national debt, and                                                      Our Bulletin Reporter is
                                                         Bob Baur, Managing Director of Principal
inflation. 2004 actually turned out to be a great         Global Investors, spoke to the members on
                                                                                                        Carol Burt.
year with 4% real growth in the economy. Fac-            March 16.
tors driving that were new highs in total payrolls,
earnings per share, and productivity, inflation           rates.
low and the debt deficit narrowed. In fact 2004              Given this where should we as investors
                                                                                                              March 30
was a transition year that took us from recovery         put our money? Bob stated that no asset        OUR MEETING
to expansion.                                            class is cheap. Real estate has had its run.   WILL BE HELD
   2005 also has dangers lurking: increasing fed        Stocks with a price to earnings ratio of 20     AT THE HOTEL
funds rate, economy slowing to 3% growth, ris-          are less expensive than in the 90s, but still   FORT DES
ing oil prices, rising interest rates, cooling of new   about in the mid range of the last 40 years.    MOINES
housing starts. These, however, are balanced by         Look for stocks that pay dividends. Look        PROGRAM: Today’s
growth in small businesses, low inflation, and in-       overseas to emerging markets and Japan.         program is Jeff Lantz, Iowa
                                                                                                        Cubs Media Relations,
creases in interest rates will help savings income.     Also, if the 10 year treasury bond gets to      who will give us an Iowa
Bob’s prediction is for a solid, but unspectacular      4 ¾ % to a 5 ¼ % coupon, consider them          Cubs Update. Program
                                                                                                        Presenter Greg Wilson will
economy with low inflation and low interest              for your portfolio.                             introduce our speaker.

                                                                                                        ASSIGNMENTS: Music will
                                                                                                        be led by Steve Siemens.
                         INSIDE TODAY’S NEWSLETTER                                                      Invocation will be given
                                                                                                        by Ober Anderson. Guest
        Calendar of Events................. 2               Hixon match ending ............. 4          Introductions will be made
                                                                                                        by Steve Scott. Greeters
        March 9 meeting notes ......... 3                   Governor’s official visit ........ 5         will be Michelle Wall and
                                                                                                        Craig Wierson. Our Bulletin
        Happenings ........................... 3                                                        Reporter is Carol Burt.
    Volume 21, Issue No. 37 • September 22, 2004

                                               Calendar of events
                                               March 21      Division Council Meeting at West Des Moines Library, 7:00 p.m.
                                                             (NOTE: meetings are the 3rd Monday of every other month)
                                               March 23      Regular Meeting: Hotel Ft. Des Moines, Wade den Hartog,
                                                             spokesperson, Iowa Events Center. Program arranged by Greg Wilson.
                                               March 24      Golden K Maundy Thursday Breakfast, Westminster Presbyterian
                                                             Church, 7:00 a.m., $7.50@. Tickets available from Bob Mitchell.
Don’t Miss ...                                 March 30      Regular Meeting: Hotel Ft. Des Moines, Jeff Lantz, Iowa Cubs update.
                                                             Program arranged by Greg Wilson.
            July 2-6                           April 1       Monthly Board Meeting, 11:45 a.m., Iowa Lutheran Hospital private
                                                             dining room
      90th Annual
  Kiwanis International                        April 6       Regular Meeting: Andrew Fisher, Executive Director, Deerfield
                                                             Community. Program arranged by Clair Fisher.
   Honolulu, Hawaii                            April 8       Monthly Basketball Jamboree Committee Meeting, 11:45 a.m., Iowa
                                                             Lutheran Hospital private dining room
IT’S NOT TOO LATE TO                           April 13      Regular Meeting: Mo Dana, Director, Greater Des Moines Partnership
MAKE ARRANGEMENTS                                            Events. Program arranged by Clair Fisher.
TO ATTEND! Learn more
about the upcoming Convention                  April 13      Official Visit of District Governor Bob Dunaway, Embassy Suites,
by logging on to http://www.                                 6:00 p.m. reception; 7:00 p.m. dinner. Plan to attend.                April 20      Regular Meeting: Greenwood Reading Project at Greenwood
asp                                                          Elementary School and Roundtable Meeting at Hotel Ft Des Moines.
                                                             (Last reading for the 2004-05 school year)
Interested in going with your
Nebraska-Iowa Kiwanis friends?                 April 23      Ne-Ia District Convention Planning Committee Meeting, 3:00 p.m.,
Thus far, we know of over 125                                Walnut, Iowa, Villager Restaurant (I-80 exit)
Kiwanians and partners who are                 April 27      Regular Meeting: Basketball Jamboree Celebration/Wrap up Luncheon,
planning to attend.                                          Hotel Ft. Des Moines
Downtown Club members                          May 4         Regular/Special Meeting: Annual Senior Honors Day and Presentation
include Don (& Doris) Wiebold,                               of Kiwanis Teacher of the Year Award. Speaker will be Dr. David
Lois Smith Underwood, Jim Un-                                Maxwell, President of Drake University. Program arranged by Jan
derwood, Clair (& Sally) Fisher,                             Burch.
Jan Burch, Bob Mitchell, Ober                  4/25 – May 1 International Skip-a-Meal Week
(& Iolene) Anderson, Ron Heg-
gen, John Keck, Steve (& Barb)                 May 13-15     Inaugural Key Leaders Camp, Camp Hantesa, Boone, Iowa
Siemens.                                       June 6        Golden K Golf Outing at Jester Park Golf Course
Contact Gov. Bob Dunaway at                    June 10       Valley High School’s Annual Dollars for Scholars Golf Outing, for                                  8:30 a.m., River Valley Golf Course, Adel, $75 per golfer. Further
additional details. Convention                               information at
registration is available on-line at           July 2-6      Kiwanis International Convention, Honolulu, Hawaii
                                               July 6-11     Governor’s Add-on Trip to Maui
                                               August 19-21 Downtown Club coordinates annual Ne-Ia District Convention,
                                                            University Park Holiday Inn (Sheraton), West Des Moines

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Volume 21, Issue No. 37 • September 22, 2004
 march 9 meeting

 New director takes over at RAGBRAI
 By Carol Burt, Reporter
                                                               Director of RAGBRAI. T. J. moved to Iowa from Or-
   Get Your Bicycles (and your backsides) Ready, Here
                                                               lando a year and a half ago. After riding his first RAG-
                                                               BRAI in 2002 and having a great time, T. J. was asked if
   President Elect Chris Williams called the meeting to
                                                               he would be interested in being the Director. He had
order at the Downtown Holiday Inn. We had the pleasure
                                                               a little convincing to do with his wife, but they are glad
of inducting a new member into our club. Dave Turnball
                                                               they are here and consider themselves Iowans.
introduced Shaner Magalhaes as our newest member. Sha-
                                                                   RAGBRAII actually began 33 years ago as a chal-
ner recently moved to Des Moines from Iowa City where
                                                               lenge between two friends at the Register, John Kar-
he was a member of the Kiwanis Club there. Shaner works
                                                               ras and Donald Kaul. They decided to invite their
for the State of Iowa Historical Building. Welcome Shaner.
                                                               “friends” along and the rest is history. This year the
   Marty Kenworthy conducted our weekly “Funraiser”
                                                               Ride will overnight in two communities that have not
drawing and the most unusual thing happened, Ed Line-
                                                               hosted an overnight stop before, Le Mars and North-
bach was the big winner. In addition to winning the cash,
                                                               wood. Stops also include Sheldon, Esterville, Algona,
Ed also won a nice long-sleeve T-shirt from the Sky Walk
                                                               Cresco, West Union, Guttenberg. The route is rated as
Open. Gene Joerger, Al Knudsen, and Marty Kenworthy
                                                               the 5th flattest route in history. If you have never rid-
also won T-shirts.
                                                               den RAGBRAI before, this is the one to ride. Gear up
   Greg Wilson introduced our speaker, T. J. Juskiewicz,
                                                               for the 24th to the 30th of July.

                                         Club & Member Happenings March 19, 2005

   Did you know that…
   • Member, Lois Smith Underwood, reports GREAT progress in building new Kiwanis Sponsored Organizations!
   The new Builders Club at Hiatt Middle School is in the process of obtaining its charter and has elected officers and
   had several meetings! New member, Phil Wells, is heavily involved as well. She is making great strides for a K-Kids
   Club at Pleasant Hill Elementary and Capitol View Elementary in Des Moines as well. Call Lois if you’d like to get
   involved! The reading program at Capitol View sounds awesome—they have a goal of reading 500,000 minutes and
   if they reach their goal, the school gets an ice cream party!
   • Plan to attend our April 27th meeting—learn how successful our 2004 Basketball Jamboree was. Come and cel-
   ebrate with us!
   • President Ron Heggen continues to recuperate (now at home) from back surgery. Get well soon, Ron!
   • Member Ober Anderson has begun chemotherapy treatments. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.
   • The Ne-Ia District’s Circle K annual convention was held in Des Moines on March 5th at the Downtown Holiday
   Inn. What an active energetic group! Thanks to members John Kuhn, Wes Grieve, and yours truly for volunteering
   a couple hours to judge their various contests (best newsletter, outstanding secretary, etc.)
   • Member John Kuhn is becoming a regular in the Des Moines REGISTER. He and his son-in-law were featured
   in a wonderful article on March 15th about the Salvation Army’s Breakfast Van, something that John founded many
   years ago. Hats off to John in seeing that family members are continuing something he started!
   • Looks like member Jim Underwood and Milford Hanna (Lincoln, Ne Kiwanis) will be making a trip to Washing-
   ton DC on April 13th! Both are the recipients of the U.S. Department of Health’s HERO award for the work they
   have done for the Nebraska-Iowa Foundation’s Pediatric Trauma Kit program. Congrats, Jim!
   • Thanks to any Club members who supported the Des Moines AKtion Club’s first fundraiser, a chili supper, on
   March 11th. It’s reported to have been a great success!

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Hixson challenge match to end;
IDD Campaign success continues
             By Jan Burch, Publicity Chair
   If you’re going to make a contribution to the Worldwide     gram, which equates to more than $1.1 million raised for
Service Project (WSP) under the Kiwanis International          the initiative to virtually eliminate IDD around the globe.
Foundation’s Mel and Mary Cowart Challenge Match pro-          Though the match program was to continue through
gram, you’d better hurry. There has been an overwhelming       September 2005, the tremendous response will lead to a
global response; however, the matching program must end        successful conclusion of the program by the end of the
on March 31. Although the match offer will conclude at the     month, a half-year earlier than expected!
end of the month, the Worldwide Service Project Campaign          We expected the matching funds to produce success,
Cabinet will continue to seek contributions.                   but we definitely are surprised at how productive it has
   Under the program, announced at this past summer’s          been for our campaign,” says WSP Cabinet Chairman
Kiwanis International convention, Kiwanis-family clubs         Eddie Callis. “We are very grateful to Mel and Mary Cow-
and members contributing a minimum of $500 to the fight         art, as well as several other large contributors who have
against iodine deficiency disorders (IDD) have had their        enabled us to leverage their money to raise more funds
contributions matched. The donation and the program’s          for this great cause.”
matching funds then add up to qualify the donor for enroll-       Clubs and individuals can still participate in the Mel
ment in the George F. Hixson Fellowship. (We have knowl-       and Mary Cowart Challenge Match for Hixsons until
edge of four of our Downtown Club members who have             March 31, 2005. After that time, the Hixson contribution
taken advantage of this matching program and have been         will resume to its original $1,000 level.
awarded Hixson status.) The Cowarts initiated the Hixson          The Worldwide Service Project goal is to raise $3
match program with a lead gift of $300,000. In addition to     million net for the fight against IDD. Any funds raised
their gift, several other Kiwanians committed major gifts to   above and beyond that goal will be put towards an IDD
the campaign to be used as matching funds. Those individ-      Sustainability Endowment Fund, so that Kiwanis Interna-
uals who gave $25,000 or more qualified as a “Pacesetter”       tional can continue to serve issues that may arise pertain-
for the campaign.                                              ing to iodine deficiency disorders.
   Since its July 2004 launch, more than 2,200 people or          For more information about the Mel and Mary Cowart
clubs have applied for matching Hixsons under the pro-         Challenge Match for Hixson, please call 317-875-8755
                                                               (worldwide), ext. 237 or 267.

                                        Details on Page 2
Kiwanis of Des Moines, IA
  Volume 21, Issue No. 37 • September 22, 2004
Address: 505 5th Avenue, Suite 302                                   Plan to Attend Kiwanis
           Des Moines, Iowa 50309-2319
Phone: 515-282-9045 Fax: 515-243-2770                                  Divisions 13 & 16
Editor: Jan Burch
Reporters: Ken Hayes
                                                                       Official Visit of
Pagination/Design: Tom Cooper                                    GOVERNOR BOB DUNAWAY &
Administrative Secretary: Sharon Ewell
Web Services provided by SMV Associates                             FIRST LADY MARVEL
            2004-2005 Officers                                                 COST REDUCED!!!!
                   President                                            When: Wednesday, April 13, 2005
               RON HEGGEN
                President-Elect                                      Where: Embassy Suites On The River
             CHRIS WILLIAMS                                    101 E Locust St., Des Moines (Phone # 244-1700)
                Vice President                             Time: 5:30 - 6:00 P.M. – Division 13 & 16 Council Meeting
               STEVE SCOTT
                                                           6:00 – 7:00 P.M. – Social Hour with complimentary punch
           JILL DANNENBRING                                         7:00 – 8:15 P.M. – Dinner* and Program
                   Treasurer                              Cost: $21.00 per person – reservations on or before April 1st
                CAROL BURT                                    $25.00 per person – reservations April 2nd and after
              Assistant Treasurers
                                                                 Parking: $6.00 in parking lot; free on the street
           Immediate Past President                              Dress: Business Professional (no jeans, please)
             DAVE TURNBALL
             2004-2005 Directors                             *Menu includes pork chop, sweet potatoes, green beans,
 One Year                       Two Years                                   salad, rolls, and dessert!
 Clair Fisher                   Jan Burch
 Marty Kenworthy                Lu Dooley           NOTE: International President Elect Steve Siemens promises that this will
 Mike Lacey                     Irene Tarczynski   be a very special event. Something VERY unusual is going to happen. Don’t
 Michelle Wall                  Charlie Taylor            miss out! Let’s have a great showing from our Downtown Club!

   Kiwanis of Des Moines, IA
   Insurance Exchange Building
   505 5th Avenue, Suite 302
   Des Moines, Iowa 50309-2319

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