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									 Grand Rapids Children’s Museum
           Parking Tips
Parking is available throughout the area surrounding the Grand
Rapids Children’s Museum. GRCM is a private, non-profit, and as
such does not have access to city funding, city ramps or dedicated
parking. However, we do continue to work with the City to make
parking convenient for you. In the meantime, we suggest the
following options:
        •   Bring quarters! Meters surround the park, library
            and the Museum. Time limits vary. You can secure
            two hours in most locations. Meters are free after
            5pm. Feel free to make change from your dollars
            at our admission desk.
        • Bring $5.00. Parking is often available at the lot
            belonging to Park Church for $5.00. If the church
            is not hosting an event, parking is available at this
            lot. The church will occasionally lift the gate at
            night and on weekends for free parking, as will St.
            Cecilia Music Society on Ransom and Fulton.
        • There is an Ellis lot on the corner of Library and
            Division. Rates vary.
        • There is a lot behind the library. If it only available
            to library patrons. GRCM visitors can park at the
            library only if they will be conducting library
            business as well.
        • The City operates a fairly convenient lot at Ionia
            and Monroe. Enter on Ionia Avenue between
            Fulton Street and Monroe Center. First 60
            minutes are free before 6pm, $2/hour thereafter,
            no maximum fee.
        • GRCM finds that, barring any major downtown
            event, parking is most accessible on weekdays
            around 9:00-9:40am and after 2pm. There are
            days when the parking is widely available and
            days when time is needed to hunt for a spot if you
            are looking for a meter.
        • We encourage car-pooling and GRCM is also
            located on a bus-line. Visit for
            more information on public transportation.
The Grand Rapids Children’s Museum is committed to its
downtown location. We know that parking-or lack thereof-
can set the tone for a visit, and we want that to be positive.
Please call 235-4726 with questions or comments.

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