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									                                 Assignment (Matrix Structural Analysis)

Submit a report that solves two problems using a suitable computer program. The organization of the
report is left up to the student.

(1) Solve one problem from the following set; question 7, 8, or 9 of the matrix structural analysis problem set.

(2) The frame of a bicycle is shown in figure. Node 1 is at the center of the rear wheel, and node 6 is at the
center of the front wheel. The weight of the driver is transmitted through nodes 2 and 4. (Multiply these forces by
a load factor of 3.)

Assume that the frame is made of steel tubes with a 26.9 mm outside diameter (see table). Take the material to
be steel (st 37-2).

Node 1 is restrained in the x and y directions, and node 6 is only restrained in the y direction.

Based on the output, change the tube diameter to let the frame be safe or economic. Repeat the analysis.
Compare the weights of the two analyses as well as the maximum effective stresses (von Mises) and the
deformation patterns.

Steel Pipes
Outside diameter, mm                    Wall thickness, mm                        Mass per unit length, kg/m
17.2                                    2                                         0.75
21.3                                    2                                         0.952
26.9                                    2                                         1.23
33.7                                    2.3                                       1.78

                                                      790 mm

                                         550 N                           110 N
                                  380                                    5
                                                            3                    (305)
                                                255                      6

                                                                812 mm

                                                 Frame of a bicycle

Due date: Thursday, 7/12/2006.

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