Fussy Eating - Top Tips for Fussy Eaters by brittanymorse


									                   Picky Eating
      Top Tips for Dealing with Picky Eaters

                                           1) Only buy the foods that you
                                           want your picky baby or child to
                                           2) Avoid empty calorie snacks like
                                           chips or soft drinks and keep a
                                           supply of healthy snacks on hand
                                           – maybe have a low shelf in the
                                           fridge with cut up fresh fruit and
                                           other healthy foods. When
children are hungry, they won‟t wait.
3) Blind Man‟s Grub. If you have a little „junk food junkie‟ who refuses to try
anything new, play a game where you blindfold your child and give him
several foods to taste, some old favorites and some new and see if he can
identify what they are!
4) Too much food on a plate can be intimidating. Keep portions small and
give second helpings if requested. You can make individual portions of
food like shepherd‟s pie in ramekin dishes it is much more appealing than
a dollop of food on a plate.
5) If your child is underweight and not eating well they need as much
energy (calories) as possible. Choose full fat dairy products like cheese,
and avoid using „low fat‟ dairy products.
6) Start your child off on fresh baby food rather than jars of processed
baby food with a shelf life of two years. If they are used to a variety of fresh
flavors early on they are much less likely to become picky eaters when you
try to integrate them into family meal times.
7) If children will not eat vegetables, create recipes that
vegetables can be blended into such as a tomato and
vegetable sauce for pasta or a creamy tomato soup made
with carrots and onions. What children can‟t see, they can‟t
pick out. Also many children who don‟t like cooked
vegetables will eat raw vegetables like carrot sticks, sweet
pepper etc with a tasty dip.
8) When a child comes home from school he is usually
very hungry so this is a good time to give healthy food. Instead of whole
fruit in a fruit bowl cut up a selection of colorful fruits into bite sized pieces.
Have healthy snacks like mini cheeses, dried fruit, a bowl of salad with a
tasty dressing on the table so that your child eats these rather than chips
or oreos.
9) Give your child scope to assert her independence, perhaps by letting
her choose two out of the three vegetables offered to her.
10) Inviting another child over for play, preferably one with a good appetite
tends to be a good ruse. Invariably you will find that your child will eat what
is offered provided her friend is eating it too!
11) Once a child‟s palate has become accustomed to the intense
sweetness of refined sugary foods it is harder for them to appreciate the
more gentle natural sweetness of fruit. If you want your child to enjoy fresh
fruit, restrict sugary foods.
12) Mealtimes are social occasions so set a good example by eating with
your child as often as possible. You can‟t expect your child to realize that
meal times involve sitting down in one place for some time unless he sees
you and the rest of the family doing the same thing. Try to avoid
distractions at mealtimes like television.
13) If your child absolutely refuses to eat his veggies, create recipes that
                           vegetables can be blended into such as a tomato
                           sauce with pasta and you can blend vegetables
                           like carrot, zucchini and mushroom into the sauce
                           so that they are invisible? You can also make
                           „healthy junk food‟ like chicken or beef burgers
                           with grated carrot and apple mixed in and this
                           keeps them deliciously moist. What children can‟t
                           see, they can‟t pick out.
14) Also many children who don‟t like cooked vegetables may enjoy eating
raw vegetables like carrot sticks, sweet pepper etc with a tasty dip.
15) One food that almost no child can resist is an ice pop and it‟s easy to
make your own ice pops from pureed fresh fruit and pure fruit juices. You
can pick up ice pop moulds at the dollar store or Mapes (if you have them
in your area.

From Our House to Yours…
Thankfully, my two girls love their veggies and fruits, but I started early. In
Morgan‟s case, I had no choice because she could not digest any kind of
milk – however I meet so many children at my classes and demos who are
picky eaters – I have a few recommendations:
  1. Kids are kids and they love to play, so… Let them play with their
     food. Our interactive placemats allow children to build characters
     from fruits and veggies. The mats are now being used at Narberth
     Natural Café and can be purchased online as well.
  2. Definitely solicit their help when you are in the kitchen. If you don‟t
     frequent the kitchen much, then… go to 3 below.
  3. Sign up for our “Yuk, I don‟t like that” class for you and your picky
     eater. If your schedule does not allow you to do this, then ensure to
     try at least 3 of the suggestions above, consistently for 3 weeks. Let
     me know how you make out.. faith@lyfve.com
  4. Stay tuned for Picky Eaters 102: the next in this series.

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