Tips for Choosing Good Bridesmaids

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					                   Tips for Choosing Good Bridesmaids

With Halloween and trick or treating over, it’s officially the holiday season and if you’re
getting married next year (congratulations by the way), you should be planning your
wedding now. Today, I have put together some tips to help you with the all important
task of choosing the bridesmaids for your wedding.

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preparing for Nigerian weddings.

In most cases, I truly believe that being a bridesmaid is one of the biggest honors a bride
can bestow on her friends. It says: I value your friendship. It says: on the most important
day of my life, I want you by my side. It invites you to celebrate with her……rejoice with
her……join her in ensuring that the day is all about her………that it fulfils her childhood
fantasy………the fantasy most girls have of a perfect wedding day.

For a bridesmaid, a friend’s wedding can be a very humbling experience. It’s
indescribable, the sheer joy of watching a couple become one…….especially after
witnessing the journey that brought them thus far. The fact that as a bridesmaid, you
get to see this…..the consecration of this union, standing next to her at the altar
is………………….there are no appropriate words to describe it.

Despite the obvious love and close friendship between the bride and her bridesmaids,
the journey to the altar is not always the smoothest one. The obvious point of
contention between the bride and her bridesmaids is the dress. There’s a general
consensus that bridesmaid outfits are rather hideous, despite the genuine intentions of
the bride. This is a rather bitter pill for bridesmaids…..especially the younger ones…….to

Sometimes the bride cannot be blamed. Indeed, I don’t envy the task of a bride. It is
almost impossible to satisfy everyone on your bridal train, especially when each one has
a different taste in clothes, has different body types, etc. In addition, the material that
most bridesmaids outfits come in, are quite ugly….and hella shiny. The end result is a
rather expensive, UGLY outfit that no sane person would wear again, unless with the
intention of being ridiculed…………..or perhaps, going to a high school prom.

And then, there are brides who have NO GOOD INTENTIONS WHATSOEVER, or have very
questionable tastes………..i.e, their real intentions are to ensure that their bridesmaids
look “funny.” Recently I was at a wedding where the bridesmaids dresses looked like
throw-up (no kidding, the outfits were really hideous) and their hair………..someone
accurately described it as a “bird nest.” In a situation like this, conflict between the
bridal train and the bride is inevitable. So, I have tips to help avoid conflict:

For The Bride: Tips to Having a Happy Bridesmaid.

   1.    No………is No. It’s not Personal
          Do not read too much into her refusal to be your bridesmaid.

   2.     Avoid Control Freaks and those who have problems taking orders. A woman
        who loves control is quite unlikely to relinquish control to you, especially about
        her appearance. This woman will undoubtedly cause conflict. Let it go, for the
        sake of your friendship.

   3.     An itemized list is your best friend. Letting your bridesmaids know ahead of
        time, precisely what your expectations are (the clothes….preferably the picture
        of the clothes as well, the shoes, the jewelry, the hairstyle, etc) will eliminate any
        future arguments. The bridesmaids know ahead of time how much it will cost
        (both financially and emotionally), and hence have the option of declining the
        position. At the end of the day, you will be much happier.

   4.     Show some appreciation. Let’s be real, being a bridesmaid costs a lot of
        money. And brides, despite your good intentions, the outfits are usually UGLY
        and TOO LOUD…………..and yes, they will never see the light of day again.

For the Bridesmaid: TIP to Keeping Your Friendship

Shut up and play nice. It’s her day, her pictures. Let it go.