Planning and Organising an Event 10 Top Tips for by brittanymorse


									                                      Planning and Organising an Event

                       10 Top Tips for Organising a Fundraising Event:

1. Keep it simple - Don’t make unnecessary work for yourself or your helpers.

2. Here to help! – Please tell us about your event, we may even be able to help you to
   promote it or help out! You can contact the fundraising team by calling 01242 535900 or
   by emailing:

3. Get others involved - It’s much more fun if you involve friends and you
   get lots of different ideas and skills to help the event along. A job shared
   is a job halved!

4. Draw up a budget – It’s really important that you have a budget to guide
   you through the process. At Cobalt we aim to spend no more than ¼ of
   the total income that we could raise. So keep costs to a minimum. Spend no more than
   £25 to raise £100. Make it yourself. Borrow. Do you really need it? Can you get
   someone to donate it? Remember, if you spend more money than you raise, you are not
   fundraising and you will have done a great deal of work for nothing!

                   5. Be organised - Write a plan from the very beginning and make sure
                   you don’t choose the same date as a huge sporting fixture or some
                   other key  event near you.

                   6. Insurance - Consider arranging insurance, for example public liability,
                   for the event. Be sure to check with any venue you are using as they
                   may well      be covered already.

7. Seek Permission - Check legal requirements and seek permission. Think! - Do I need a
   license or special permission to run my event? If you are planning to organise a raffle for
   Cobalt, take a look at our Raffles section in the Fundraising Toolkit or talk to your local
   council licensing department for more help and advice on events and licenses.

8. Take Care! - As the event organiser you are responsible for your guests and as
   such you must take care to ensure their safety. Not only are you required to
   comply with Health and Safety legislation but you may also need to think about
   such things as First Aid and Fire Safety. Your local council will be able to provide
   you with further information and advice. Alternatively, you can contact the Health
   and Safety Executive on 08701 545500 for free advice.

9. Publicise your event - Tell everyone in your local area what you are doing and promote
   your event! Use posters, hand outs and/or flyers and get your local press and radio
   stations involved. We can always help you to write a press release.

10. Thank everyone involved - after the event.

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