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					Gender Health Equity: embracing local and global challenges to mainstreaming
                                List of participants

           name                          Institution

           Sally Theobald                LSTM

           Janet Price                   Research Fellow LSTM

           Grindl Dockery                Research Fellow LSTM

           Jude Robinson                 University of Liverpool

           Elizabeth Ettore              University of Liverpool

           Lesley Doyal                  University of Bristol

           Korrie de Koning              KIT, Amsterdam, Holland

           Francelina Romao              Ministry of Health, Mozambique

           Valli Yanni                   Independent Consultant

           Rachael Thomson               LSTM

           Steve Robertson               Leeds Metropolitan University

           Beryl Leach                   LSTM

           Debbi Stanistreet             University of Liverpool

           Rachel Anderson               LSTM

           Martine Collumbien            London School of Hygiene and Tropical

           Angela Obasi                  LSTM

           Anjali Sharma                 Independent Consultant

           Esther Richards               Leeds University

           Katie Bristow                 LSTM

           Lynda Clarke                  London School of Hygiene and Tropical

           Nduku Kilonzo                 Liverpool VCT
Sarah Payne              Bristol University

Anjali Sharma            Independent Consultant

Miriam Taegtmeyer        LSTM

Jo Raven                 LSTM

Beryl Leach              LSTM

Debbi Stanistreet        University of Liverpool

Nancy Gieren             Nuffield Institute, University of Leeds

Esther Richards          Leeds University

Dorcas Kamuya            Kemri, Kenya

Adetoro Adegoke          LSTM

Alexander Gasu           Liverpool John Moores University

Kirsti Lempiainen        Visitor to University of Liverpool (Betsy

Squire, Bertie           LSTM

Martineau, Tim           LSTM

David Lalloo             LSTM

Van Den Broek, Nynke     LSTM

Miriam Taegtmeyer        LSTM

Adetoro Adegoke          LSTM

Helen Bromley            University of Liverpool

Charles Collins          Independent

Yan Wang                 Independent

Nancy Gerein             University of Leeds

Kate Hunt                SPHSU

Mohga M Kamal-Yanni      Oxfam

Ines Smith               Oxfam

Jasmine Gideon           Birkbeck

Maitrayee Mukhopadhyay   Kit
Renu Khanna          SAHAJ

Alessandra Fantini   WHC

Sandy Ruxton         Independent

Keith Pringle        MDH

Tim Shand            IPPF

Dave Mercer          Nursing

Eileen O’Keefe       London Metropolitan University

Anjali Sharma        Independent

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