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					7 Tips for Staying On Task

It can be very hard to stay on task while at work. Today’s technologies provide more and more
distractions, and it’s easy to lose your focus. If this is you, then there are a few things you can do
to maximize your productivity.

The key is eliminating distractions that allow your mind to wander. The solutions are common-
sense and very simple, so simple that people may not think that they contribute to additional
productivity. But the fact is that maintaining focus helps you build momentum and puts you in
an optimal productive state.

7 Tips for Staying On Task:

1. Make a Checklist. Make a list of all things you want to get done at the beginning of each
   day or each week, and stick to it. Having a physical list helps you remember everything you
   need to do and gives you a visual reminder to stay on task.

   •   Making a list on paper (rather than in your head) provides you with a visual motivator,
       and eliminates conflicts. Plus, you will always know what you need to do next!

2. Schedule Time for Meetings. When co-workers randomly butt in on your day, it can destroy
   your productive momentum. Designate a specific time of the day to allow co-workers and
   friends to say hello or come talk to you. Let them know that this is the best time of day to
   come see you, and enforce it.

   •   You can tell your co-workers to only interrupt you after lunch, or while you’re in the
       coffee room.

3. Do not distract yourself with email! Strive to only check your email at specific parts of the
   day, not while you are working! It may seem like you are taking a little break, but in reality
   you are ruining your momentum!

   •   You can set up an auto-reply with your email provider to inform people of these times
       and when you can get back to them. They are sure to understand and respect your
       productivity time.

4. Eliminate use of social sites such as Facebook and Twitter. This may make the day more
   entertaining, but just like checking your email, it can completely destroy your productive
   momentum and force you to start all over again whenever you finish talking to your friends.

   •   You can’t possibly focus when your friend is trying to have a conversation with you on
       Facebook, so shut it down and tell the friend that you’ll talk to them later.
5. Eliminate noise distractions. If you work in a noisy place and cannot focus because of all
   the commotion, then you should consider bringing an MP3 player and headphones. If you
   prefer no sound at all, then you should invest in a pair of earplugs.

6. Be Comfortable. This may seem like a luxury, but being comfortable eliminates the
   distraction of physical discomfort and helps you focus on your work. If you can’t afford to
   get a new chair, be sure to invest in a seat cushion.

7. Organize. You become a much more efficient worker when you aren’t worried about finding
   all the materials you need. A messy desk is also a visual distraction, and can add to your
   stress levels. Organize your things, and only keep on your desk what you need for the task at

Practice some of these simples tips, and you will see your productivity increase dramatically!

You’ll never want to go back to being the distracted worker that you once were after you
increase your work output with these seven steps. Try to integrate them into your daily routine

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