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					                      Eagan Police Blue Blotter
                                     A Periodic Publication Describing Police Activity in Eagan

January, 2011
                        The Mission of the Eagan Police Department is to work in partnership with the community to arrest
Mike Maguire            offenders, prevent crime, solve on-going problems, and improve the overall quality of life in Eagan...
Council Members
Paul Bakken
Cyndee Fields          Please don’t call the Police…..I’ll be in so much trouble..
Gary Hansen                                         On January 1st, officers were dispatched to Diffley Road and Highway
Meg Tilley                                          77 regarding a two-car motor vehicle accident. They arrived and dis-
City Administrator                                  covered a car failed to stop at a red light and rear-ended another vehi-
Thomas Hedges                                       cle stopped at the light. The driver of the vehicle that was stopped
Chief of Police        was injured. Police learned the suspect in the crash begged the victim not to phone the police.
                       Investigation revealed the suspect was driving under the influence of alcohol and he was in pos-
James McDonald
                       session of drugs and drug paraphernalia. Ultimately, the suspect was arrested and taken into cus-
Deputy Chief
                       tody for driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI), refusing to take a breath test, criminal ve-
Jeffrey Johnson        hicular operation, possession of a controlled substance and associated paraphernalia, failure to
Lieutenants            provide proof of insurance, no Minnesota driver’s license in his possession, and careless driving.
Duane Pike
                       Leaving a trail of footprints…..
Roger New
Steve Bolluyt          On January 1st, while on routine patrol Officer Lounsbury observed a vehicle
                       with its high beams illuminated driving through traffic near Lone Oak Road and
Executive Secretary
                       Interstate 35E. Upon performing a records check on the vehicle, Officer Louns-
Katy Jonas
                       bury discovered the car was stolen. After temporarily losing sight of the vehicle,
Sergeants              it was soon located in a nearby parking lot. The car was unoccupied, but officers
Rich Evans             followed a single set of footprints through the snow. Shortly afterwards, the sus-
Mike Fineran           pect was located hiding behind some sort of storage container. The man had an
Dan Mason              active warrant, possessed a suspended driver's license, and was in possession
Linda Myhre            of a controlled substance. He was arrested and taken to the Dakota County Jail.
Brad Ramthun           You’re just not getting it…..
Tom Schoenecker        On January 2nd, while on patrol, Officer Helgerson ran a routine check on the registration of a
Andy Speakman          vehicle while it was as moving on Pilot Knob Road. Records indicated the registered owner of the
Nate Tennessen         vehicle possessed a revoked drivers license. The description of the car’s owner matched the
Dan Tocko              physical characteristics' of the person driving. Consequently, Officer Helgerson stopped the vehi-
Jennifer Wills         cle and made contact with the driver and learned she was the registered owner. In all, the sus-
                       pect’s driving record revealed four previous instances of driving after revocation in 2010. She
                       was placed under arrest for driving after revocation and transported to the Dakota County Jail.
Mike Anderson
Danielle Anselment     We got the munchies……
Heather Berens                      On January 4th, at approximately 12:30 PM, Lieutenant Bolluyt was in the drive- thru
Brian Boekhoff                      of a local fast food restaurant waiting for his lunch when he observed two people in
Stefanie Bolks                      the vehicle behind him smoking marijuana. Lieutenant Bolluyt and Officer Sweeney
David Bork                          stopped the car and made contact with the occupants. Through investigation, the
                                    officers learned both were smoking marijuana. The passenger admitted to possessing
Kurt Bratulich
                                    the marijuana along with associated paraphernalia. She was issued a citation and
Chad Clausen
                                    later released to her legal guardian.
John Collins
Hugh Curry
                       A strange way to get a drink……
William Cytryszewski
Judy Dretzke                             On January 7th, officers responded to a local liquor store regarding a vehicle
Lisa Fancher
                                         crash. Upon arrival, they discovered a car with shattered glass laying upon the
                                         hood, tire tracks leading from the vehicle to the front of the store, and both entry
Brian Gunderson
                                         doors to the store broken. They made contact with the driver and discovered he
Tracy Harrell                            placed his foot on the gas pedal instead of the brake. Consequently, the car
Scott Heath                              “jumped” the curb and crashed into the liquor store. The driver was cited for
Andy Helgerson         inattentive driving and released.
Pat Hogan
                       Three’s company, four’s a crowd…..
Todd Kirchgatter
                       On January 7th, officers responded to a local business regarding two shoplifters
Ben Koenke
                       that were being detained by the store’s loss prevention staff. While Officer Moseng
Mark Kritzeck
                       was processing the shoplifters, store employees approached Eagan Officers re-
Tony Lejcher           garding another shoplifter. Officer Collins entered the business and was informed
David Letourneau       another suspect was “stuffing” items in his clothing in an attempt to conceal mer-
James Logan            chandise. When confronted, the suspect was taken to the loss prevention office
Steve Lounsbury        where he denied concealing merchandise. No property was located, but store employees re-
Aaron Machtemes        quested the suspect be “trespassed” from the establishment. During the ordeal, the suspect’s
                       father forced his way into the office and was confrontational with police. In response, he was
Paul Maier
                       taken into custody and later issued a citation for obstructing a legal process.
Joe Marshall
Doug Matteson          Shopping and solving crimes……
Daniel McCarty         On January 10th, officers received a call from a customer at a local phone retailer, stating he was
Chris Meade            witnessing a theft in progress. The caller conveyed the suspects were leaving and provided a de-
Joseph Moseng          tailed description of their vehicle. Officers quickly located the car in the parking lot of the estab-
Luke Nelson
                       lishment and identified the suspects. Through investigation, police recovered stolen property from
                       the Eagan store along with other businesses from across the metro area. Both suspects were
Tom Nelson
                       arrested for theft and released pending formal charges.
Matt Ondrey
Karin Pederson         Taking a nap with my beer……
Jim Proshek            On January 14th at approximately 12:30 pm, officers were dispatched to a local bank regarding
Mike Reuss             an adult male sleeping in his car with a beer in his lap. Officers located the vehicle and made con-
Brian Rezny            tact with the occupant. Further investigation revealed the suspect had a blood alcohol level of
                       .155, or almost two times the legal limit. He was arrested for 3rd degree DUI and open bottle. The
Daniel Roseth
                       man was later released pending charges.
Brian Rundquist
Mark Ryan              Stolen clothes, stolen car…..
Desiree Schroepfer                       On January 18th, officers responded to a local retail store regarding a theft in
Darrin Schultz                           progress. Through information received from the store’s loss prevention staff,
Bob Stephens                             they were able to locate an unoccupied vehicle that was involved in the incident.
Curt Sticha                              In performing records checks on the vehicle, it was learned the car was stolen
                                         from Cottage Grove the previous day. Officers watched the vehicle as the sus-
Dave Streefland
                                         pects left the establishment, got into the car, and positioned it in front of the
Tony Sundgaard
                       store’s main doors. Shortly afterwards, two men left the car, re-entered the store, and re-
Sean Sweeney           appeared pushing a cart full of unpaid merchandise. Officers initiated a high-risk stop and were
Eric Tessmer           able to take three suspects into custody without incident. The driver was arrested for receiving
Jeffrey Thul           stolen property, theft, and driving after revocation. The other two suspects were arrested for theft.
Lori Tripp             All were taken to the Dakota County Jail.
Robbe Waller
Bob Wegner
Office Manager           You should have worn your seatbelt…..
Lynn Vasquez
                                           On January 21st, while on routine patrol, Officer Sweeney stopped a car where
                                           the driver was not wearing a seatbelt. Upon making contact with the occupants
Support Services                           in the vehicle, he immediately detected the smell of burnt marijuana. When
Manager                                    Officer Sweeney searched the vehicle, he discovered a large bag of marijuana
Jeremy Klein                               and associated drug paraphernalia. Ultimately, the driver was cited for con-
                         trolled substance violation, possession of drug paraphernalia and a seatbelt violation. Two juve-
Animal Control Officer   nile suspects were released to their mother.
Karen Grimm              We’ll get you there…...
                         On January 22nd, officers responded to a home on City View Drive re-
Community Service        garding a person who had multiple arrest warrants. At the residence,
Officers                 they made contact with the suspect and informed him of the warrants.
Ray Kingsley             He was taken into custody without incident and driven to the Dakota
Paul Kuehnast            County Jail.
                         You have to purchase it before you can return it…..
Crime Prevention
                         On January 23rd, Eagan Officers were dispatched to a theft in progress at a local department
Jill Ondrey
                         store. They made contact with loss prevention staff and learned a woman entered the store carry-
                         ing only an empty purse. The suspect stuffed a “Bed in a Bag” into the purse and went to the
Property Room Tech       store’s customer service desk to exchange it for a gift card. When loss prevention personnel ap-
Lloyd Enos               proached the suspect, she grabbed additional merchandise and ran towards the entrance. Unfor-
                         tunately, on her way she tripped and dropped her purse containing the stolen merchandise. Al-
Support Staff            though she was able to leave the store, officers located her at an nearby fast-food restaurant
                         where she was taken into custody. The suspect told officers she steals because she has a drug
Deb Gustin
                         program and just got out of prison in 2009 for armed robbery. She was taken to the Dakota
Margaret Knoll
                         County Jail for theft.
Susan Kroeger
                         Get a room…..
Brea McCarty
Joanne O’Keefe                       On January 29th, officers responded to a local hotel regarding an intoxicated person
Susan Peterson                       sleeping in the lobby. On arrival they found a man sleeping in a chair. Management
Cindy Scipioni
                                     did not want him on the premises and stated he was not a guest at the hotel. The
                                     man told officers his parents live in Eagan, but were currently in Arizona. He was try-
Susan Smart
                                     ing to get into his parents' home but could not remember the garage code to gain
                                     entry. Officers discovered he had a blood alcohol level of .15 and could not care for
Police Chaplains                     himself. Ultimately, he was driven to the Ramsey County Detox center.
Deb Brown
                         Two for the price of a warrant…..
James Borgschatz
George Martin            On January 31st, officers were dispatched to a residence on Wescott Trail regarding a domestic
                         disturbance between a man and his daughter. No arrests were made regarding the complaint,
Rod Carlson
                         however, in performing records checks on each party, it was discovered the daughter had an out-
David Lillejord
                         standing Hennepin County arrest warrant for theft. She was taken into custody and jailed.
Bob Kelly
Rich Klish
Mark Jarvinen
Jim Kroonblawd

Who Reads the Blue
Kent Therkelsen,
Former Director -
Dakota Communica-
tions Center

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