Medela Breast Pump by LeightonDarwin


									                   Medela Breast Pump: Breastfeeding on the Go

The recommended form of meeting a newborn’s nutritional needs is through breastmilk
because of the numerous benefits not only to the infant but also to the mother.
Breastmilk is laden with nutrients which are helpful to the infant’s developing system
and will not cause any allergy. There have been studies done which found that infants
who were nourished with breastmilk developed stronger bond with the mother. Despite
however being very advantageous to the infant, there are some disadvantages that
make mothers want to use breast pumps. There are instances when the husband may
feel that he is left out because only the mother can participate first hand in nursing the
infant. Some mothers may verbalize discomfort when nursing the infant. But one key
concern of mothers is when they are unavailable during feeding times which is why
many are now using breast pumps so that they can express milk in advance should they
be absent when it is time to feed the infant.

One of the most talked about breast pump today is the Medela breast pump. This breast
pump is not bulky and can be used anywhere conveniently. It also has its own bag for
you to carry it anywhere plus you can also put some essential baby stuff inside. What
makes the Medela breast pump a good buy is not only does it express milk within less
than half an hour but it is designed to imitate how a real infant would suck his mother’s
breasts which help enhances milk let down. This breast pump is portable which will
make it a breeze to carry around during outings or at work. It also comes with its own
cooling system in order to keep expressed milk at a favourable temperature for up to
several hours. The Medela breast pump’s longevity is also what makes it worthwhile
because for a small charge the company manufacturing it will sterilize the unit which
makes it reusable for your next infant. Cleaning is also a breeze because it is
dishwasher safe as well.

More mothers nowadays are joining or have joined the workforce. This poses a
challenge to breastfeeding their infants. Many before have cited going to work as one of
the main reason why infants are kept on formula feeding because more often than not,
they are not around during feeding times. With the advent of breast pumps, this has
changed. What makes the Medela breast pump distinct from the others is how it mimics
the unique physiology of milk let down. This makes milk expression more efficient.
Remember infants need all the sustenance they can get, and with the Medela breast
pumps portable design there is no excuse not to be able to feed your infant with

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