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					                   The 360° Video Platform

Kyte Console 2.0
The Kyte Console is a comprehensive, enterprise-grade content management
and analytics solution for the Kyte Platform.

Upload and manage all your media
assets, including audio, video, and
images, and easily arrange them
into specific playlists.

Create and manage channels,
configure interactive and social
web capabilities, and deliver
through a wide range of standard
or custom players.

Leverage multi-level moderation       The Kyte Console provides a seamless and intuitive workflow for
workflows to control user-produced    managing, publishing and measuring your video content - all in a
and community-flagged content         single, easy to use interface.
and comments.

Measure the impact of your content
through in-depth reporting and
visualizations of individual
accounts or multi-account roll-ups.

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        Kyte Console 2.0


Upload, manage and organize all of your media assets - including on-demand, live, UGC and mobile video
content - with simple drag-and-drop ease.

                                                             KEY CAPABILITIES
                                                             Create Live and On-demand Shows
                                                             Upload media and configure Kyte LivePro to
                                                             live stream high definition video.

                                                             Manage All Your Content
                                                             Add and edit show metadata, select show
                                                             thumbnails, copy shows to other channels,
                                                             delete shows and playlists from your account
                                                             and download media to your computer.

                                                             Create & Manage Playlists
                                                             Manually group shows into playlists or create
                                                             smart playlists based on custom criteria.


Create and manage channels, add and configure features and engagement modules, and deliver through
customizable online and mobile players.

                                                             KEY CAPABILITIES
                                                             Create & Configure Channels & Players
                                                             Deliver your channels through a wide range of
                                                             standard or custom players.

                                                             Enable Producer Access
                                                             Control producer access at the channel level.

                                                             Configure Engagement Features
                                                             Add features such as chat, comments, ratings,
                                                             RSS and Twitter to specific channels.

                                                             Syndicate Content
                                                             Distribute automatically to YouTube any time
                                                             you upload content.

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         Kyte Console 2.0


Leverage multi-level moderation workflows to control user-produced and community-flagged content and com-
                                                                   KEY CAPABILITIES
                                                                   Moderate Content
                                                                   Review pending shows that require moderation
                                                                   and review previously approved or rejected

                                                                   Control User-Generated Content
                                                                   Approve or reject viewer-contributed content,
                                                                   as well as ban or restore content flagged as
                                                                   inappropriate by other viewers.

                                                                   Moderate Comments
                                                                   Review pending comments that require mod-
                                                                   eration or review previously approved or
                                                                   rejected comments.


Identify your best content and track audience behavior with built-in analytics and reports at the individual or
multi-account level, and export results into third-party solutions.

                                                                   KEY CAPABILITIES
                                                                   Track Engagement Levels
                                                                   Get extensive reporting on show views, player
                                                                   activity and ranking.

                                                                   View Distribution Reach
                                                                   Access metrics on distribution from various
                                                                   domains and unique viewers by platform.

                                                                   Survey Production Activity
                                                                   Review full production metrics including how
                                                                   many shows are produced and by what

                                                                   Measure Advertising Results
                                                                   Analyze advertising activity including ad
                                                                   impressions and clicks by number and type.

                                                                   Review User Metrics
                                                                   See metrics for users such as total number by
                                                                   day and for a selected date range.

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         Kyte Console 2.0


Seamless Workflow
                                                             FUNCTIONALITY ADVANTAGES
                                                             • Accomplish routine assignments and complex
                                                               tasks with ease

                                                             • Assign functional user roles and enable editorial
                                                               workflows to streamline processes and enable
                                                               team members to focus on their core tasks

                                                             • Configure your channels, including engagement
                                                               capabilities, and deliver through a wide range of
                                                               standard or custom online and mobile players

Multiple Account Support
                                                             FUNCTIONALITY ADVANTAGES
                                                             • Set up a multi-level account structure that aligns
                                                               with your organization

                                                             • Easily manage assets across multiple accounts
                                                               within your organization

                                                             • Assign user roles per account to streamline
                                                               production and control ownership


Manage All Your Content
Manage on-demand, live, UGC and mobile video content.

Share Media across Multiple Accounts
Easily share media across multiple accounts and define hierarchical account-based access levels.

Optimize Content Delivery
Organize shows into playlists and publish engaging online, mobile and social web experiences.

Control External Content
Moderate UGC and comments at the at the account and channel level.

Analyze Content Impact
Access and export extensive analytics at the account and channel level.

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