FINANCIAL ADVICE                                                               STUDENT SUPPORT continued...
Financial Advisor                                                              Call into the Student Support Centre any time between 8.45am and
For information about sources of funding while at College (such as
Learner Support Funds, Adult Learning Grants and Career Development
                                                                               5.15pm (5pm on Fridays) or telephone Bill Scott (Student Support
                                                                               Manager) on 01458 844454. Independent and impartial advice is
                                                                                                                                                               STRODE COLLEGE
Loans), benefit entitlement and other financial matters including
budgeting and debt problems, contact Mandy Greville, Financial
                                                                               available on a range of issues, both personal and academic, by
                                                                               Melinda Manickam from the Somerset Connexions service. Melinda
                                                                                                                                                             INFORMATION, ADVICE
Advisor on 01458 844546 or email               can be contacted through the Student Support Centre or at the Street
                                                                               Connexions Centre (phone 01458 443051 or by text 07909 656950).               & GUIDANCE SERVICES
Education Maintenance Allowance Office
If you are aged 16-18 you may be eligible for an Education Maintenance         COUNSELLING
Allowance (EMA) of up to £30 per week. This is a means tested benefit,         Having time and the space to talk through thoughts and feelings can                        NO. 10
based on annual household income. The household income needs to be             often help gain clarity as to what the actual problem is. It can help
below £30810 per year to apply for EMA.                                        when needing to make important changes in your life, taking control of                 IN A SERIES OF
                                                                               situations or to simply make sense of what is going on. To arrange an
Payment of the weekly allowance is dependant on 100% attendance,               appointment to see one of the Counsellors call in to the Student Support           STUDENT GUIDANCE AND
and once you become eligible for EMA a separate information booklet will       Centre or phone on 01458 844545 or email one of the Counsellors:                 SUPPORT SERVICES LEAFLETS
be issued to you to guide you through what is expected of you regarding or
attendance and what we allow as authorised absences. You will also be
eligible for bonuses and details of these, and how to achieve them, will be
issued to you at a later stage after your application has been processed.
                                                                               STUDENT LIAISON
                                                                               Part of College life is also about having a say in the way that the College
For example if you are doing a 2 year course you will be eligible for 5
                                                                               is run. Students are encouraged to join the Students Association and to
Bonuses totalling £500 over this period.
                                                                               get involved. The Student Support Worker based in the Student Support
                                                                               Centre can offer information about this and many other student-focused
If you have any questions regarding EMA or the application process,
                                                                               activities within the College. Contact Jeni Keen on 01458 844477.
please contact Paulette Sibley, EMA Co-ordinator on 01458 844472.

ADDITIONAL LEARNING SUPPORT                                                    CAREERS
                                                                               Our experienced team of advisors offer one-to-one guidance interviews.
This service has been developed to support learners in accessing the
                                                                               These can cover any careers related matter including Higher Education,
campus and their studies whilst at college. This service focuses on
                                                                               employment, College courses or Gap Year opportunities. Whether
providing information, support, advice and guidance to learners who may
                                                                               you need ideas for your next step or assistance in making an effective
have additional needs such as learning difficulties and/or disabilities,
                                                                               application, we can help. Sign up on the door of the Careers Interview
before and during their studies. Learners who would like to access
                                                                               Room in the Learning Centre for an interview or feel free to browse our
support, should contact Mandie Holloway on 01458 844433 at any
                                                                               extensive Careers Library. Telephone 01458 844458. We also work with
point during the application process. We also work with Simon Rapsey,
                                                                               Steve Martin, Personal Advisor (Careers), from the Street Connexions
Personal Advisor from the Street Connexions Office who can be
                                                                               Office who can be contacted on 01458 443051.
contacted on 01458 443051 or 07760403091.

BACkUP                                                                         COMPLAINTS
                                                                               Strode College is committed to providing our students with the best
Students will be screened to identify if they need any additional help
                                                                               possible service; we always aim to treat everyone courteously, fairly and
with their literacy and numeracy skills to help them achieve their learning
                                                                               efficiently. If you believe we have failed, please tell us. We promise to
programme. The study skills team are based in M Block on the first floor.
                                                                               take your complaint seriously, to investigate it thoroughly, to do our best
Drop in sessions are available at lunchtime as well as one-to-one and
                                                                               to put the matter right and to inform you promptly of the action we have
small group sessions to meet particular needs. If you have any concerns                                                                                      This is available in large print,
                                                                               taken. We suggest you contact your tutor in the first instance, otherwise
or queries about the support available contact Rachael House on 01458
                                                                               the following - as you think appropriate: Bill Scott (Student Support
                                                                               Officer), Sue Cook (Senior Quality Officer), or Ian Bennett (Principal).       on audio tape or disk from
STUDENT SUPPORT                                                                All details are correct at the time of printing.
                                                                                                                                                                     01458 844422
If you have a question, concern or a matter you wish to talk over with         Support Series.FT07.rev1
someone – no matter what it is! (it does not necessarily have to be about
College), then contact the Student Support Centre and a member of staff
will be able to help you or will refer you onto someone outside of College
who can offer the help or support you need.                     continued...
                           STRODE COLLEGE LEARNER jOURNEy                                                                         Strode College Information Advice
                                                                                               Reception                               and Guidance Services
                                                                                  If you do not know where to go for the         Strode College Information Advice and Guidance team is
                                     Enquiry &                                    help you need - ask at Reception and           made up of specialist staff who are here to help you join the
                                    Application                                   we’ll point you in the right direction.        right course and successfully complete it.
                                                      joining the
                                                       College                                                                   We have a team of Admissions Assistants, Student Support
                                                                                                                                 Team, Counsellors, Transport and Financial Advisors plus
        Admissions                                                                                                               a Student Support Worker, Careers Team and Connexions
 The Admissions Team can                                                Transport                                                Personal Advisors.
 help you with all enquiries             Enrolment
 for courses.
                                                                                                       Financial Advisor         If you have any questions or difficulties during your time as a
                                     Making sure you are                                                   Mandy Greville
 For Business Development            on the correct course.                                                                      student, our dedicated team is here to help.
 training contact Graham
 Knight on 01458 844419.                                      Transport             Financial                                    Admissions
                                                              Jo Boughen            Support &                                    We offer a number of information services to full and part time
                                                                                    Payment             EMA Team                 individual learners (services for business are dealt with in the Business
                                                                                     Methods                                     Development office) including: course place availability; interview
                          Equality & Diversity Manager                                                                           planning and arranging; enrolment planning and arrangements.
                                      Mandie Holloway                                                                            In collaboration with the marketing function, we hold leaflets and
                               Connexions Personal Advisor                                                                       prospectuses covering all the courses offered in the College. We offer
                                     Simon Rapsey                                                                                advice and guidance to individual learners on fees and fee discounts and
                                                                                                                                 signpost enquiries for more detailed information as appropriate.
                                                                               Support                                           Full Time Admissions enquiries: 01458 844444
          Student Support Manager                                                                                                email:
                       Bill Scott                                                                 Study Skills Support           Part Time Admissions enquiries: 01458 844448
                                                              Welfare                                  (Backup)                  email:
            Connexions Personal Advisor
                                                              Support                                                            Employers Admissions enquiries: 01458 844419
                Melinda Manickam                                                                                                 email:

             Personal Tutors                                                                                                     Reception
                                                                                Counselling                                      The Reception team is happy to help with any query that you may have,
                                              On Course                                                                          whether course related or non-course related. They provide a range of
         Careers Advice                                                                                                          services including: receiving visitors; dealing and directing incoming calls;
          Richard Frapwell                                                                                                       general enquiries; giving out prospectus and course leaflets; transport
            Chris Harvey                                                                                                         payments and enquiries.
                                                                           Student Liaison                                       Main Reception Opening Times, Tel: 01458 844400:
   Connexions Personal Advisor
                                                                                Jeni Keen                                           Monday 08.30 - 17.30 hrs
          Steve Martin                                                                                                              Tuesday - Thursday 08.30 - 21.00 hrs (Term time)
                                                                                                        Careers Advice                                        08:30 - 17:15 (College holidays)
                                               Complaints                                                                           Friday 08.30 - 16.45 hrs
                                               & problems                                                Richard Frapwell
                                                                                                           Chris Harvey
    Head of Quality and                                                                                                          TRANSPORT
    Staff Development                                                                              Connexions Personal Advisor   In association with Somerset County Council, we participate in the County
          Shonagh Butler                                      Having your                                 Steve Martin           Ticket scheme. We can provide assistance for learners with special
                                                              say & getting       Leaving                                        transport requirements. We monitor bus movements and adherence to
                                                                                  College -                                      timetables and liaise with the County Council on services. We ensure that
                                                                                 Destination                                     a high standard service is provided and we monitor student behaviour.
                                                                                  Unknown                                        Contact the Admissions Team on 01458 844444.
A fully confidential service is guaranteed.

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