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    One of most neglected study skills
    Successful students listen
    Turn classroom time into learning time
    Prepare to score well on test & exams by
     developing input skill
Preparing to Listen
  Preview, Skim, or Read
     Prepare to listen
         Preview, skim, or read text material that will be covered in class
  Main Idea
     Write short summary of the main idea from your preview, skim,
      or read
     If you did not preview; Guess what the main idea of the lesson
      will be
  Five Concepts
     After your summary, write down five or more ideas you think
      will be discussed in class
     If you did not preview; Guess five ideas that will be discussed
      in class
Preparing to Listen

  Five W’s and the H
    Who, What, When, Where, Why and How
      From your reading attempt to determine the
       people, places, things, time, processes and
       why’s about the content to be discussed
      The answers from the 5 W’s & H are often
       developed into test questions
      Identify any terms that will help you understand
       the class discussion prior to attending class
Listening Evaluation
  Prepare to take Notes
       Prepare notepaper or computer document prior to class
       Develop a listening outline (keywords/short sentence outline)
       Leave space in between ideas on the outline
       Make a list of ideas you think will be presented in class
  Questions
     Prior to class, make a list of questions you want to have
  Relate the Content
     Were you able to relate the class discussion to things or ideas
      you knew
     The development of relationships not only helps you listen
      better but improves your recall of the material
     After class, or while you take notes, write down these
Listening Evaluation

  Mental Questions
    During class, continue to pose mental
     questions about content of discussion
    This is “Active Listening”
    List questions on your listening evaluation
  Summarize
    List several short summaries you made
     during class
Listening Worksheets

    Use a Pre-Listening Worksheet
    Use a Listening Evaluation
    Make a Summary of the Lecture
    Practice by Listening
      Develop your skills
      Listen to:
        radio, weather report, TV program, game,
         conversation and newscast
  Study Power Workbook
By: William R. Luckie, Ph. D., Wood Smethurst, Ed. D.,
            and Sara Beth Huntley, Ph. D.

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