krones Linatronic 774-FBI The linear full bottle inspector by ghkgkyyt


									krones Linatronic 774-FBI
The linear full bottle inspector
   No room for stowaways                    krones Linatronic 774-FBI

The bottles have been filled and
closed – what now? It‘s to be hoped
that there are no “stowaways” inside
them. Don‘t want to take that risk?
Then you should rely on the
Linatronic 774-FBI. The inspector
checks full bottles for glass splinters,
organic particles and other foreign
objects. It can also be fitted with fill
level and cap inspection units. For fill-
ing with zero-defect tolerance.
    Figures, data, facts                                                                                                                        krones Linatronic 774-FBI

Design features

■ Modular design
■ Stop function before the machine                                               2           7 8 9                         4
    infeed for containers which are
    too high or have fallen over
■   Container guidance on conveyors
    in the machine infeed and dis-
■   Container guidance in the basic
    machine by two distance and
    height adjustable belt pairs                                                                                                   A1
■   Enclosed, so wear-resistant and
    microbiologically safe belt surface
                                                                                                                                        1 – 4 Detection of foreign objects
■   Blower for removing foam and
                                                                                                                                              lying on the container base
    lubricant residues from the con-
                                                                                                                                        5     Detection of floating foreign
    tainer base
■   Blower nozzles to remove foam
                                                                                                                                        6     Fill level and slanted cap inspec-
    and lubricant residues from the
    protective glass covers of the light            10               6          1                                      3       5        7     Detection of cap design
    and dark field inspection unit
                                                                                                                                        8     Base inspection (light field)
■   Rejection by Ecopush
                                                                                                                                        9     Base inspection (dark field)
                                                                                                                                        10 Height detection by P.E. sensor

                                           Application                               Output range

                                           Inspection of filled and closed bottles   Rated output: 60,000 containers per
                                           with a diameter of up to 110 mm           hour
                                           and a height of up to 400 mm
  Inspection units 1                                                                                                                krones Linatronic 774-FBI

Detection of foreign objects on the
Three different mutually complemen-
tary modules are available for inspec-
tion of the container base:

                                         Detection of foreign objects on the base   Base inspection (light field)           Base inspection (dark field)

                                         Inclined-angle base inspection             Light field inspection                  Dark field inspection
                                         In order to reliably detect foreign        In a patented light field unit, a CCD   Downstream of the light field inspec-
                                         objects, the bottles pass through two      camera inspects the bottle base by      tion an additional base inspection is
                                         consecutive inspection modules. In         way of a special motorised optic.       carried out – again by CCD camera,
                                         each module there are two opposite                                                 but this time with dark field illumina-
                                         CCD cameras pointed at the bottle.                                                 tion. This method can also be used
                                         By way of a special optic, they cap-                                               to safely detect transparent objects
                                         ture images of the bottle base at an                                               such as glass splinters.
                                         inclined angle and map it segment by
                                         segment. LED flash lamps provide the
                                         necessary brightness, illuminating
                                         the bottles uniformly as they pass by.
                                         To inspect the bottles from all sides,
                                         they are rotated through about 90°
                                         between the two modules.
   Inspection units 2                                                                                                     krones Linatronic 774-FBI

Detection of floating foreign objects   Fill level and slanted cap inspection      Detection of cap design

Detection of floating foreign objects   Fill level and cap inspection              Detection of cap design
Using a special optic, a CCD camera     A CCD camera captures two images           In order to detect wrong, damaged
captures three images of the bottle     of the neck and cap area of the bottle     or incorrectly printed caps, a CCD
body illuminated all-round by an LED    using a special optic. The telecentric     camera inspects the containers from
panel light.                            optic provides an ideal angle of view      above. The intelligent system can
                                        of the cap closure and the fill level.     also differentiate between cap logos
                                        The camera checks that the bottle is       as necessary.
                                        correctly filled and also detects slant-
                                        ed or severely deformed crowns.
  Safety devices and other additional equipment                              krones Linatronic 774-FBI

Safety devices                         Additional equipment

■ The machine is stopped if contain-   ■ Interactive graphical malfunction
  ers which are too high or have         diagnosis system
  fallen down are fed into it          ■ Linadry blower module for
■ Electronic function monitoring         inclined-angle base inspection in
  of the camera supporting plate,        the machine infeed
  the inspection and lighting units,   ■ Machine network connection and
  all P.E. sensor assemblies and all     remote visualisation
  rejection systems
■ Tracking of the container position
  in the machine according to the
  fail-safe principle
Operation and change-over                                                                                                                 krones Linatronic 774-FBI


                                                                                              ■ An authorised person with a
                                                                                                  PC which is installed above the
                                                                                                  inspector can dial into the KRONES
                                                                                                  network via a telephone line or
                                                                                              ■   Monitoring and operation of the
                                                                                                  inspector via teleservice, display of
                                                                                                  all parameters and camera images
                                                                                              ■   Optimisation of the inspection
                                                                                                  units, retrofitting for new contain-
                                                                                                  er types
                                                                                              ■   Quick fault diagnostics
                                                                                              ■   Shorter downtimes and fewer
                                                                                                  on-site service calls thanks to the
                                                                                                  24-hour teleservice availability
                                                                                              ■   Practical training possible via tel-
              Screen                                  Documentation                               eservice

              ■ 15 inch touch-screen                  ■ Recording of all relevant operating
              ■ Display of all relevant operating       and production data, e.g. changes
                data including a rejection trend        to parameters and results of the
                analysis with display of all camera     test-container program
                images                                ■ Saving of all data with informa-
              ■ Operation and adjustments via           tion regarding the times and
                individual access levels with user-     operator names
                defined transponders                  ■ Possibility to transfer defined
                                                        operating data to an operating
                                                        data acquisition system (Weihen-
                                                        stephan protocol), to the custom-
                                                        er’s network, or to the customer‘s
    Operation and change-over                                                                          krones Linatronic 774-FBI

Test container programme                   Type change

■ Semi-automatic function monitor-         ■ Once a new container type has
    ing at regular intervals, as well as     been selected on the touch-screen,
    each time the machine is switched        the container parameters are
    on and when it is changed over to        changed automatically.
    a new container type                   ■ Motorised adjustment of the cam-
■   A prepared assortment of test con-       era support plates to the new bot-
    tainers can be conveyed through          tle height.
    the machine in any order               ■ Adjustment of the guide belt’s
■   The faults included on the test          distance and height to the new
    container are used to test if the        bottle size using handwheels and
    individual inspection units are          counters.
    working properly.                      ■ If very small containers are to
■   Results are saved and displayed.         be handled, the top pair of belts
■   The data can be transferred to the       and their guides can be removed
    operating data acquisition system,       quickly and without the need for
    to a network, or to a printer            tools.

                                                                                   The belts can be
                                                                                   adjusted to new
                                                                                  bottle sizes using
                                                                                            a crank.
    System expansions                                        krones Linatronic 774-FBI


■ Application:
    rejection of containers
■ Rejection onto a parallel conveyor,
    onto a rejection table, or into a
    collecting tank
■   Compact design
■   Cost-efficient system
■   Very low maintenance
■   Savings in energy, no air consump-
■   Low noise level
■   Output: 80,000 containers per

                                           Ecopush safely
                                         rejects defective
  Your benefits                                                                                      krones Linatronic 774-FBI

■ Maximum safety                          ■ Ergonomic design
  With the Linatronic 774-FBI you           Everything in one place: the
  obtain maximum product safety             camera technology and all of
  and quality. You avoid claims             the essential parameters can be
  and protect your product‘s brand          adjusted at a central position at
  value.                                    one machine side. To reduce the
                                            operator‘s work load even further,
■ Modular design                            a major part of the adjustment
  There is a range of different             and conversion work is automat-
  inspection modules and detection          ed.
  systems available for the
  Linatronic 774-FBI. You can work        ■ Quick and simple change-over
  together with our product spe-            When changing over to other con-
  cialists to select precisely which        tainer types, no change parts need
  of the options you wish to use.           to be exchanged. Furthermore, the
  Should your inspection require-           parameters are changed over and
  ments change at a later date, the         the camera height adjusted auto-
  machine can be simply equipped            matically. This allows the entire
  with additional modules.                  change-over to be performed in
                                            a record time of just two to five
■ LED illumination                          minutes.
  LEDs illuminate all modules. They
  are distinguished by their even         ■ Durable and dirt repellant
  light distribution, long service life     conveyor belts
  and low power consumption.                Durability and microbiological
                                            safety are two key features of the
                                            conveyor belts: Their enclosed sur-
                                            faces prevent them from against
                                            wear and prevent them from
                                            absorbing lubricants and liquids.

                                          ■ Uniform operating concept
                                            All KRONES machines are
                                            equipped with a uniform operat-
                                                                                     guidance by
                                            ing concept for maximum user-
                                                                                  adjustable belts
                                                                                                                              krones Linatronic 774-FBI

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                                                                                                                                                                         Each company, each facility, is unique.       The client is the paramount focus        KRONES stands for innovative ma-
                                                                                                                                                                         By making the appropriate selection           of KRONES’ product strategy. This is     chines and high-performance lines.
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                                                                                                                                                                         cal sectors as well.                                                                   the operators and the maintenance
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                staff alike.
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