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									krones Contiform
Stretch blow moulder
   Perfect PET                             krones Contiform

In the Contiform series of stretch
blow moulders, technical sophistica-
tion and many years of engineering
experience are combined to form
one unbeatable package. To precisely
fulfil your specific requirements, the
machines are available in several
sizes and model variants. This means
that they cover the entire bottle spec-
trum - from 0.1 to 5.0 litres, including
wide-neck containers.
However, regardless of the scope of
your area of application, our tolerance
reaches its limits when it comes down
to quality. The blown bottles must
meet the specified measurements
from their base right up to their neck
and must have a consistently high
level of stability.
Do you find so much conformity
boring? Then why not simply pro-
duce different bottles on the same
machine? With the practical quick-
change systems, you can change
over each Contiform to handle new
bottle formats in a matter of seconds.
And since speed and quality do not
need to be an expensive luxury, the
machine always manages to operate
with little energy and low operating
  Figures, data, facts                                                                                                                                                             krones Contiform

Principle of operation                   Application
                                                                                                                   18   12   13     17            19
The Contiform S operates according       ■ Production of PET containers with                                                                                                   1
to the two-stage process in which PET      a volume of 0.1 to 5.0 l
preforms are blown to form bottles.      ■ As a high-speed machine, the
To do so, the prefabricated preforms       Contiform S is the ideal choice for                                                               20       21   22
are first carried through a modular        both bottlers and bottle manufac-                                                                                                   2
linear oven which has been heated up       turers.
to its optimum processing tempera-                                                                                                       7        8             9     16
ture. They are then transferred to the   Model variants
cam-controlled blowing wheel where
compressed air and a particularly eco-   ■ Contiform S: for containers up to                                                                                                   3
nomic application of energy are used         3.0 l
to blow mould them into bottles.         ■   Contiform S, K series: for small                          14           15 11    10 6
                                             containers up to 0.7 l
                                         ■   Contiform S, M series: for medium
                                             containers up to 2.0 l
                                         ■   Contiform S, G series: for large                                                                         5                    4
                                             containers up to 5.0 l              01   Preform tipper                         12   Blowing wheel
                                         ■   Contiform H: for hot-filled con-    02   Preform hopper                         13   Blowing stations
                                             tainers up to 2.0 l                 03   Preform elevator                       14   Air conveyor
                                                                                 04   Preform roller orientor                15   Operator panel
                                                                                 05   Preform feed rail                      16   Control cabinet
                                                                                 06   Infeed starwheel                       17   Water supply
                                                                                 07   Linear oven                            18   Air supply
                                                                                 08   Heating chain                          19   Chiller
                                                                                 09   Heaters                                20   Pre-heating system (heat set)
                                                                                 10   Preform transfer wheel                 21   Tempering unit 1 (heat set/relax)
                                                                                 11   Bottle transfer wheel                  22   Tempering unit 2 (heat set)

                                                                                          CC-de36-064-0 07/09 MS
  Output range                                                                                                                                                    krones Contiform

Contiform S: Produces containers for carbonated/non-carbonated beverages and beer    Contiform H: Produces containers for fruit juices, teas and isotonic beverages

 Model name         No. of blowing        Max. mechanical output   Max. container     Model name           No. of blowing        Max. mechanical output      Max. container
                    stations              (containers per hour)*   volume (l)                              stations              (containers per hour)**     volume (l)

 Contiform S8                         8               16,000                   3.0   0
                                                                                     Contiform H8                           08                12,800                    2.0
 Contiform S10                       10               20,000                   3.0   0
                                                                                     Contiform H10                          10                16,000                    2.0
 Contiform S12                       12               24,000                   3.0   0
                                                                                     Contiform H12                          12                19,200                    2.0
 Contiform S14                       14               28,000                   3.0   0
                                                                                     Contiform H14                          14                22,400                    2.0
 Contiform S16                       16               28,800                   3.0   0
                                                                                     Contiform H16                          16                25,600                    2.0
 Contiform S18                       18               32,400                   3.0   0
                                                                                     Contiform H18                          18                28,800                    2.0
 Contiform S20                       20               36,000                   3.0   0
                                                                                     Contiform H20                          20                32,000                    2.0
 Contiform S24                       24               43,200                   3.0   Contiform H24                          24                38,400                    2.0
 Contiform S28                       28               44,800                   3.0
                                                                                     ** Maximum mechanical output if hot-fill steel moulds are used
 Contiform S12M                      12               24,000                   2.0
 Contiform S20M                      20               40,000                   2.0
 Contiform S28M                      28               50,400                   2.0
 Contiform S30M                      30               54,000                   1.5

 Contiform S18K                      18               36,000                   0.7
 Contiform S24K                      24               48,000                   0.7
 Contiform S30K                      30               54,000                   0.7
 Contiform S36K                      36               64,800                   0.7
 Contiform S40K                      40               72,000                   0.7

 Contiform S12G                      12               14,400                   5.0

* Maximum mechanical output if aluminium moulds are used
    Heating module                                                                                                   krones Contiform

Linear oven

■ Modular linear oven which can be
    configured in accordance with the
    speed and process
■   Depending on the requirements,
    available with a chain pitch of 40
    or 50 mm
■   Preforms are heated while sus-
    pended, their neck finish facing
■   The preform neck finish is cooled
    by a guided, adjustable current of
    cold air
■   Swing-out oven benches with
    quick-locking device for the
■   Very light and compact heaters
    with integrated electrical plug-in   Light, compact and easily removeable   Perfect access to all areas of the
    connection                           heaters                                heating module
■   Closed heating tunnel with long-
    life, maintenance-free ceramic
■   No lubricants used in the preform
  Blowing module                                                                                                krones Contiform

Blowing wheel                        Transfer points                       Blowing stations

■ Robust design                      ■ Only four transfer points within    ■ Fastest, cam-controlled locking
■ Base plate with the highest          the entire machine                    system for mould hangars
  torsional stiffness                ■ The preform infeed is at the same   ■ Valve block arranged directly
■ Large, wide-opening doors on all     height as the bottle discharge        above the blowing nozzle
  sides                              ■ Automatically-controlled transfer   ■ Air-recycling system included as
■ Central lubrication system for       clamps for gentle handling of the     standard
  all stationary parts provided as     material
   Hot filling with the Contiform H                                              krones Contiform

Some like it hot

For still fruit and vegetable juices, cof-
fee, tea and soya beverages to remain
preserved for a long time without
the use of preservatives and other
additives, they are hot filled. The tem-
perature of the product is generally
between 78 and 93 °C. To allow them
to withstand such high temperatures,
hot-filled PET containers must meet
special requirements. They are pro-
duced in this way so that

■ No permanent deformations are
   created when the bottles are filled              a                b                 c
■ The containers can absorb the
   vacuum pressure
■ The volume does not shrink below           The PET bottle must withstand the
  two percent and                            following stresses during hot filling:
■ The screw thread is not deformed           a) Temperature increase during filling
  - meaning that the cap can seal            b) Pressure increase and bottle
  the bottle tightly                            shrinking after closing by heating
                                                the air in the head space
                                             c) Vacuum creation through cooling
                                                of the product
  Contiform H – the specialist for heat-set applications                                                                                                                        krones Contiform

Principle of operation

PET containers later used for hot
filling are manufactured in the so-
called heat-set procedure. Infrared
emitters first heat the preforms to
the required processing temperature
which lies just below the PET crys-
tallisation point. Subsequently, the
preform is stretched in a heated blow
mould and is then blow-moulded to
form a bottle. The heat supply cre-
ates additional crystallisation, and
internal material tension is widely
reduced. Here, the retention period in
the blow mould plays an important
role: The higher the demands on the
container, the more time must be
taken for the crystallisation process    Design features                                                               Hot and economical:                      NitroHotfill achieves the following
in the blow mould. Prior to opening                                                                                    the NitroHotfill procedure
the mould, the bottles have to be        ■ Modular design, based on the         ■ Additional rinsing air circuit for   The Contiform H is also used in the      ■ Considerable savings in the PET
cooled so that they can be removed         Contiform S series                     cooling the containers through the   krones NitroHotfill procedure - a          material used
with their shape undamaged. Cooling      ■ Triple-circuit rotary manifold for     blowing rod                          particularly economical alternative to   ■ No need for the panel design for
compressed air is channelled through       the simultaneous distribution of     ■ Air-recycling system integrated as   conventional hot filling.                  compensating the vacuum
ports in the tubular stretching rod        the hot / warm water and oil for       standard                                                                        pressure
and onto critical areas of the bottle      heating the blow moulds.             ■ Simple change-over between the                                                ■ A reduction in the blowing air
wall. Due to these additional process                                             relax and heat-set processes                                                    consumption
steps, the Heat-Set process usually                                                                                                                             ■ The use of aluminium moulds
requires a longer processing time and                                                                                                                             - and thus station speeds of up to
a greater air consumption than the                                                                                                                                1,800 containers per hour!
standard process.
  Operation and control                                                                                                                        krones Contiform

Screen                                 Controller

■ 15-inch colour touch-screen          ■ Siemens S7 PLC
■ User interface in the uniform        ■ Optimisation of all stored process
  krones software design                 parameters possible during
■ Operating program with clear           production
  menu guidance                        ■ All machine safety features are
■ Access to the user interface via       checked to ensure they are
  individual transponders                working properly
■ All of the parameters for the
  different preform and bottle types
  can be stored and called up
■ Recording of the most important
  process data and conditions
■ Display of help texts and diag-
  nostic tools
■ Optional: All of the process data
  can be displayed on the line data
  storage system (LDS)                                                        Operating program with clear menu   ... and graphical displays
                                                                              guidance ...
  Product change-over                                                                                                 krones Contiform

■ Large swing or lifting doors make
  the Contiform easily accessible
  from all sides.
■ During change-over work, the
  entire machine can be operated in
  the safe and comfortable jog
  mode using a handheld pendant.

                                      Product change-over on the heating    Product change-over on the blowing
                                      module                                module

                                      ■ All handling parts are equipped     ■ The blow moulds can be changed
                                        with quick-change systems as          in parallel at up to three positions.
                                        standard.                           ■ The stretching stoppers supplied
                                      ■ Heating mandrels and protective       as standard are quick and easy to
                                        plates must be only replaced with     replace.
                                        other neck-finish dimensions        ■ The transfer clamps need to be
                                        during change-over.                   replaced only when the system
                                      ■ Heating mandrels and protective       is changed over to other neck
                                        plates are easily accessible via      finish geometries.
                                        two swing doors and can be          ■ Once the change-overs have been
                                        replaced both quickly and easily.     completed, no further mechanical
                                                                              adjustment work is necessary.
  Maintenance and teleservice                                                                        krones Contiform

■ Optimum access to the machine         eCat parts catalogue
  simplifies maintenance operations
■ Low maintenance requirements          Our free service for your spare parts
  thanks to the central lubrication     storage. The eCat catalogue of parts
  system for stationary machine         is available to you both online and
  parts which is supplied as            on CD. The intelligent search func-
  standard                              tion allows you to quickly reach the
■ Use of food-grade lubricant at all    assembly for which you require the
  lubrication points                    spare parts. Detailed drawings help
■ Almost all spare parts are avail-     you to find and order the spare part
  able within 24 hours                  you have been looking for.


krones teleservice allows you to
reach experienced service engineers,
who can help you answer all of your
questions and solve your problems
with speed and precision, at any time
of the day or night. If required, a
krones engineer can simply access
your machine via a secured data line.
This way, parameter settings,
software updates, and malfunction
analyses can be performed cost-effi-
ciently and quickly.

                                                                                Always up-to-date:
                                                                                The online version
                                                                                of the eCat spare
                                                                                parts catalogue
  Additional equipment                                                                                                                                  krones Contiform

  How to achieve a first-class standard of hygiene

PET bottles which are filled immedi-
ately after the blowing process have
special demands when it comes to
hygiene. This especially applies for
cold-aseptic filling. The correspond-
ing additional krones equipment
allows you to effortlessly master any
hygiene hurdles. And if you want to
be extremely sure, we can equip your
Contiform S completely with
hygienic-design parts.

                                        krones Prejet                        UV radiation                         Hygienic design

                                        ■ Cleans the preforms with ionised   ■ Uses UV light to kill harmful      ■ The entire preform feed unit is
                                          air                                  germs on the outside of the pre      housed in
                                        ■ Removes dust, carton and film        forms                              ■ The infeed and transfer starwheels
                                          particles from the preforms        ■ Is directly installed around the     in the blow moulder are covered
                                        ■ Achieves an optimum cleaning         preform feed rail to the heating   ■ Washable guarding on the insides
                                          result through static particle       module                                of the doors
                                          discharge                                                               ■ Laminar air currents create over
                                        ■ Is directly integrated in the                                             pressure in the blowing module
                                          preform feed rail to the heating                                        ■ Use of an optimised, low-
                                          module                                                                    consumption lubrication system
                                                                                                                  ■ The blowing air is cleaned by an
                                                                                                                    additional pre-filter on the blow
                                                                                                                    ing module
   Additional equipment                                                                                                    krones Contiform

   How to effectively reduce your operating costs

Save energy and reduce costs: The         krones Air Wizard 3                    krones Air Wizard 5
energy saving systems from the Air
Wizard series all follow the same         ■ System for blowing air recovery in   ■ System for blowing air recovery in
target and achieve - without magic -        the Contiform S                        the Contiform H
magical results. The systems for recy-    ■ Guides residual volumes which        ■ Guides residual volumes of
cling finished blowing air for stretch-     have not yet been used out of the      finished blowing air which have
ing and pre-blowing purposes are            machine and feeds them either          thus far remained unused out of
already included in each Contiform          into the compressor or into its        the machine and feeds them
as standard. Additional savings can         low-pressure network                   either into the compressor or into
be achieved with the optionally avail-    ■ Returning to the compressor redu-      its low-pressure network
able Air Wizard 3 for the Contiform         ces its energy consumption           ■ Returning to the compressor red-
S and the Air Wizard 5 for the Con-       ■ Leads to a considerable reduction      uces its energy consumption
tiform H.                                   in energy costs                      ■ Leads to a considerable reduction
                                                                                   in energy costs

                                                                                    Air recycling at the blowing station
                                                                                                   with the Air Wizard 3
  Additional equipment                                                                                                  krones Contiform

  How to increase your line availability

When it comes to change-overs, it is     Quick-change systems                  Quick-change
better to be quick. With the practical                                         transfer clamps
quick-change equipment, different        ■ For base moulds - with a time
preforms and bottles can be handled        saving of around 30 %* per          Different transfer clamps are required
on the same Contiform without              blowing station                     for different neck finish diameters.
major time loss.                         ■ For transfer clamps - with a time   The quick-change system clearly
                                           saving of around 60 %* per          shortens the change-over times.
                                           transfer arm
                                         ■ For stretching rods - with a time
                                           saving of around 50 %* per
                                           blowing station

                                         * Compared to conventional systems
    System expansions                                                                                               krones Contiform

    krones PreformCheck – the inspection unit for preforms

Principle of operation                    Application

The compact inspection system             Inspection of all common preforms
checks all of the preforms before
they enter the blow moulder using a       Output range
high-resolution CCD camera. Faulty
preforms are sorted out immediately       Up to 55,000 preforms per hour
via a rejection flap.
                                          Detection possibilities
Design features
                                          ■ Ovality of neck finish
■ Contact-free inspection with CCD        ■ Damaged sealing surface
    camera                                ■ Irregularities on the sealing
■ A rejection flap sorts out faulty          surface
■   Operation and adjustments at
    individual access levels with user-
    defined transponders
■   Automatic recording of all
    operating modes
■   Maintenance-free LED
■   Parameter setting and remote
    maintenance possible by tele-

                                                                              Will not turn a blind eye: the Pre-
                                                                              formCheck quality inspection system
  System expansions                                                                                                          krones Contiform

  krones PET-View - PET bottle inspector

Principle of operation                 Design features                           Application

The PET-View can be directly inte-     ■ Modular inspection unit                 Quality inspection of newly blown
grated into the Contiform. Using a     ■ Contact-free inspection with CCD        PET bottles
CCD camera, the inspector checks the       camera
completely blown PET bottles even      ■ Maintenance-free LED illumi-            Output range
before they leave the stretch blow         nation
moulder. This way, faulty contain-     ■   Rejection of faulty bottles via the   Up to 72,000 containers/h
ers are immediately detected and           Contiform rejection unit
rejected.                              ■   Visualisation on the touch-screen     Available modules
                                           of the stretch blow moulder
                                       ■   Operation and adjustments at          ■   Base inspection
                                           individual access levels with user-   ■   Base quality
                                           defined transponders                  ■   Sealing surface inspection
                                       ■   Rejection trend analysis registers    ■   Sidewall inspection
                                           changes in the blow moulding
                                           process and the environmental
                                           conditions and warns the operator
                                           if the rejection rate is too high
                                       ■   Parameter setting and remote
                                           maintenance possible by tele-

                                                                                                      The quality of the
                                                                                                      newly blown con-
                                                                                                      tainers is checked
                                                                                                         while they are
                                                                                                              still in the
  Your benefits

■ Individual adaptation                 ■ Low operating costs                     the high torsional stiffness of
  The wide range of Contiform             The up to 30 % lower energy             the base plate, belt drives and
  models provides the correct             consumption of the Contiform S          the preforms' suspended convey-
  answer to every requirement:            contributes to keeping production       ance all give the Contiform a high
  Standard or heat-set, individual        costs low. Extra savings can be         mechanical service life.
  or bloc arrangement, medium or          achieved with optionally-available
  high output range, small, medium,       tools, such as the Air Wizard 3       ■ Maintenance-free and user
  normal or large cavities - the          upgrade.                                friendly
  krones product specialists are                                                  Large, wide-opening doors make
  only too glad to find the best pos-   ■ Short change-over times                 the Contiform easily accessible
  sible solution for your production      To ensure that change-over and          from all sides. Other characteris-
  process.                                maintenance work take up as little      tics, such as the simple operation
                                          time as possible, numerous han-         and central lubrication supplied as
■ High efficiency                         dling parts have a quick-change         standard, will considerably relieve
  The modular heating oven is             function. And quick-change sys-         your production employees and
  individually adapted to suit your       tems which are optionally avail-        thus increase your line's avail-
  requirements. Due to the fact that      able for the base moulds and            ability.
  the heating and blowing modules         transfer clamps minimise the
  are perfectly tuned to suit one         change-over times to "pit stop"       ■ Precise production
  another, the machine operates at        level.                                  The blown PET containers have
  an optimum efficiency rate.                                                     a uniform wall thickness, are
                                        ■ Safe transfer                           extremely stable and correspond
■ Efficient use of energy                 The preforms and bottles are            to the specified measurements
  Targeted new developments,              conveyed through the entire Con-        down to the last millimetre.
  such as the improved heating            tiform at the same height and, in
  module or optimised preform             doing so, only pass through four      ■ Large process window
  heating, move the efficiency level      transfer points within the system -     The quick, cam-controlled lock-
  up another gear. In addition, the       a major advantage for production        ing system for the mould carriers
  air recycling systems installed as      safety and machine availability!        extends the process time and thus
  standard drastically reduce the                                                 creates ideal production condi-
  energy consumption.                   ■ Robust construction, long               tions.
                                          service life
                                          Characteristics such as the com-
                                          plete ball-bearing oven chain,
                                                                                                                              krones Contiform

                                                                                                                              Contact                                                LCS Lifecycle Service                          TCO Total Cost                        enviro
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           T C O of Ownership
                                                                                                                                 Visit by a customer consultant
                                                                                                                                 Further information material
                                                                                                                                                                         Each company, each facility, is unique.       The client is the paramount focus        krones stands for innovative ma-
                                                                                                                                                                         By making the appropriate selection           of krones’ product strategy. This is     chines and high-performance lines.
                                                                                                                                 Mr                                 Ms   from the capabilities offered by LCS          why many of our new ideas emerge         enviro epitomises its commitment to
                                                                                                                                                                         Services and LCS Parts + Software,            from close liaison between our ser-      saving costs, by reducing energy con-
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                                                                                                                                                                         you will receive a package tailored           vice and sales people and the client     sumption and ensuring economical
                                                                                                                              First name                                 precisely to your actual needs. And in        on site. The R&D departments at          use of natural resources. Intelligent
                                                                                                                                                                         addition, you benefit from our com-           krones then develop the appropri-        machinery design to a maximised
                                                                                                                                                                         prehensive expertise gained from op-          ate products, geared without excep-      level of technical excellence enables
                                                                                                                                                                         erating production lines in the food          tion to cutting our clients’ operating   us to grant exceptionally long life-
                                                                                                                                                                         and beverage industries, and in the           and raw-material costs (total cost of    times and economical efficiency to
                                                                                                                              Company                                    cosmetic, chemical and pharmaceuti-           ownership).                              optimised ergonomics and safety for
                                                                                                                                                                         cal sectors as well.                                                                   the operators and the maintenance
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                staff alike.
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