SOME ADVICE for SKIPPERS using the AIRE and CALDER by Emilymohar


									Passing a barge                                       On this waterway look for the level gauges set
If a skipper says, “Show me (or give me) a RED”,      into the walls on the river entrances to locks,
or “Pass me red to red”, he wants to pass on          and nearby notices explaining what action to
                                                      take. If only red is exposed on the gauge it is
your port side, conversely GREEN for starboard.
Don't try to overtake a barge without the             deemed unsafe for pleasure craft to proceed.                        SOME ADVICE for
approval of its skipper. Negotiating the suction
                                                      OTHER RIVER MATTERS
                                                                                                                         SKIPPERS using the
of a big vessel can be tricky and he cannot always
slow down to suit you.                                Ensure you have to hand normal river safety                         AIRE and CALDER
                                                      gear, anchor, life-buoy, life-jackets etc.
                                                      It is important to look out for signs, partic-
If you can see a barge about to emerge from a         ularly going downstream, so you don’t miss                             This guide gives advice to those
lock, or the lock is working and a red light shows,   flood locks. Only in Leeds is a river weir visible                  unaccustomed to this navigation, with
hang back so both you and the barge have              from the navigable channel on this waterway.                           particular regard to its role as a
steerage-way when you pass. If you must land a        Below are the layouts of the flood locks as seen                          COMMERCIAL WATERWAY
crew, tie up securely as far from the lock as you     looking upstream.                                                    and the extra care needed due to its
can so the barge has room to counter the effects                                                                                     RIVER REACHES.

                                                                                                 R. C
of cross-winds, currents etc. before passing you.     Castleford Flood Lock

Never try to hold your boat or moor it on a           If lights are red or a barge is                                  Produced and sponsored by the
                                                                                                                       National Association of Boat Owners

handling line when a barge passes. You may be         visible (look behind you!), keep
                                                      clear of the space, shown here                                      
safer staying at the helm and letting your boat                                                             R. Aire
                                                      hatched, which barges need for
ride the wash.                                                                                                         and the Commercial Boat
                                                      manoeuvreing.                                          Landing
                                                                                                         Lights        Operators Association

If not properly tied up, boats can be                                  Old A1
                                                                              og the      San.                         Endorsed by British Waterways.
dragged off moorings, or heeled                                        Don’t h            Stn.
                                                                          centre arch                                  and the Historic Narrow Boat Owners Club
over, by the wash of barges. Ensure
                                                                       R. A              Do not go past red
you have ropes to resist fore and aft                                       ire          lights or down weir
movement (springs) and keep all                                                          streams ( ) .
lines as near level as you can and                                         Landing
                                                              Lights     Lo             Ferrybridge
securely tied to rings or bollards,                                         ck
never use pins. A centre rope from a                                                    Flood Lock
roof cleat to an adjacent bollard can                 Traffic Lights
convert even a mild lengthwise                           Red = stop, even if the gates are open.
movement into a severe tipping                           Red+Green = wait, lock being prepared
force and can be worse than useless.                     Green = proceed with care.
                                                          Amber = user operation. Use control pedestals
Place fenders so they will not get
                                                          at each end of the lock. BW key activated.
caught under anything when the
level rises after a barge has passed.                 The WAVE                                                                    EMERGENCY CONTACT
A fully laden barge under way can                     Not an undulation on water, rather the                                          0800 4799947
even disturb boats moored off the                     universal navigational signal of friendship. Use it                         or the BW Leeds Office
                                                      generously, especially when passing barges!
line in basins or side arms.                                                                                                          0113 2816860
                                                                                                River (L&L Canal)
This navigation is used by barges up to 200 ft long,                                                                        BW tugs:
20 ft wide, carrying up to 600 tonnes – i.e.     .                                         *Knostrop Flood                   Wharfe, Swale, Derwent, Alan-a-dale, Eric-of-Lincoln.
Skippers of these vessels have a living to earn, but                                        Knostrop Fall
                                                            Fall                                                            Petroleum Tankers:
welcome pleasure craft on this waterway. Many               Ings                  *Broadreach     Fishpond                   (Rix) Owl, Eagle, Phoenix.
boat for pleasure too. Remember they have to treat                                           Woodlesford                     (Humber) Energy, Pride, Princess & Jubilee
you as you would treat a fragile dinghy, so assume                                                                2         Sand Barges:
they can't see you or avoid you, and give them the                            Birkwood          Lemonroyd                    (Humber) Enterprise & Renown               Battlestone
deep water, plenty of room to swing, and priority                                                                            Easedale             Heather Rose         Farndale (H)
                                                                     King’s Road
at all locks, junctions and bridge-holes. Empty                                                                              Fossdale (H)         Fusedale (H)         River Star
barges can be severely affected by cross-winds.
                                                                                                                            Coal Pan Tugs: use numbers 100 - 109
SAND etc. - Barges come in at Goole. Some off-load
                                                                                              3                             Note – barges often omit the ‘Rix’ or 'Humber’ from
   there. Most run up to near Whitwood.                                                           4       *Castleford       their name on the radio.
PETROL and OIL - 200 ft Tankers come in at Goole                                                            Bulholme
   and discharge at wharves at Castleford 5 ,                             LEGEND            5       Bendy river
                                                                                                      Tricky for            Don’t be afraid to radio your own position, and tell
   Fleet 2 or go up the New Junction and SSYN to                   River (unnavigable)                barges, they          boats without radio about barge movements.
   Rotherham. Some may discharge at Ferrybridge.                   Colour, the redder the busier      may seem to
                                                                   River, Navigable                  need all the
COAL - Pans towed in threes may resume carrying                                                    river. Pass on
  from Kellingley 8 to Ferrybridge power station.                  Cuts                                                     Keep a special look-out for barges on the cut
                                                       6                                          ‘wrong’ side if
                                                                   Locks, name in italics         need be.                  through Knottingley, (Ferrybridge to Kellingley), and
STEEL etc - Occasionally on the SSYN & New                         Overnight Moorings      6                                at these locations marked on the map:-
   Junction 9 and A&C to Goole .                                   Extra Vigilance Points       7                             1 Stourton wharves
                                                                                                                              2 Fleet Oil Depot
                                                                                                           Bank Dole
Locks and Lights                                                                                           (manual)           3 Whitwood Aggregate Staithe and blind bridge
The locks at Castleford, Bulholme and Ferrybridge          KNOTTINGLEY BRIDGES                                                  (Stephenson’s) Barges need middle arch and room
are often manned. Phone Ferrybridge (Tel - 01977           From Ferrybridge:-
                                                                                                      8                            for stern to swing on approach going downstream.
                                                                                                          To Selby
673124) for latest on barge movements. On other            ‘Mill’, ‘Gaggs’, ‘Jackson’,                    & R. Ouse           4 Castleford Junction (See map overleaf)
stretches, barges are penned through by mobile             ‘Cow Lane’, ‘Shepherds’,                                           5 Castleford Cut - Total Butler oil wharf
lock-keepers. If you see their vans or any lock            Below Junction:                              Gates are left        6 Ferrybridge Power Station (‘Station C’)
traffic lights not on amber (for self-operation), a        ‘Skew’, ‘Medcalf’                            open at normal
barge may be near, particularly at Castleford                                                   Whitley river levels so       7 Ferrybridge Flood Lock (Map overleaf)
where you should keep clear of the whole junction              To Sheffield                             vessels may           8 Kellingley Colliery
                                                                                             Pollington emerge at speed.
area.                                                                Syke-                                                    9 ‘New Cut End’ - or ‘Went End’ - junction
                                                                Ne                                      See sketch maps
                                                               Ca  w                                    overleaf.
                                                                                                                              10   Goole - sand wharf and general barge mayhem!
Messages from commercial vessels to each other or           To nal unct                                 Beware at
lock-keepers are a good clue to their location.             Keadby       ion                  9         Castleford, the
Listen for lock names. If followed by ‘-mobile’, the                                                                        When lock-keepers pen barges through quickly, tell-
                                                             ‘Downgates’ or

                                                                                                        lights apply to
                                                                              ‘Upgates’ or

keeper may be at a lock nearby, or travelling in his                                                    the whole           tale surges are produced. Barges also send fast
van, rather than at his designated lock.                                                                junction and the    moving low waves both ways when they pass through
                                                                                                        chamber has a       bridges. Both can make moored craft restless 10
Some barges give helpful position reports when                                                          bend in it!         minutes or more away, but are more difficult to
approaching hazardous locations. You can benefit
                                                                                                                            detect from a moving boat.
from these if you know their call signs and the
names of bridges etc. along the route.

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