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16. – 20. sorularda, aşağıdaki parçada                                            7.    Prince Harry _________to Afghanistan since
numaralanmış yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya da                                          December, the British military ________on Thursday,
ifadeyi bulunuz.                                                                       but many news outlets agreed to keep the information
                                                                                       secret for security reasons.

1. The Euro is the official ________of the European                                    A) was deployed / acknowledged
   Union, and has been implemented in 15 member                                        B) had been deployed / would be acknowledged
                                                                                       C) will be deployed / has acknowledged
                                                                                       D) is to be deployed / must have acknowledged
    A) loan             B) credit              C) currency
                                                                                       E) has been deployed / acknowledged
    D) fund             E) asset

                                                                                  8. Some leading experts ____that Oil prices _____$110 a
2. Color blindness, or color vision_______, in humans is                              barrel because of the continued weakness in the U.S.
    the inability to perceive differences between some of                             dollar.
    the colors that other people can distinguish

                                                                                       A) have warned / surpassed
    A) misleading       B) delusion      C) objection
                                                                                       B) had warn / surpass
    D) deficiency       E) determination
                                                                                       C) warn / be surpass
                                                                                       D) warned / might surpass
3. Experts from different societies warn that warming will                             E) must have warned / would have surpassed
    or may _____major disease outbreaks in the world.
                                                                                  9. Advertising plays an important part in our everyday
    A) assign for       B) prepare for                                               life. On average, people are exposed ____ over 1,000
    C) get through      D) spread out          E) lead to                            adverts a day. You may think you decide ____what
                                                                                     products you need, but advertisers know better.

4. In accordance with theory and statistics, correlation,                              A) In/ to
    demonstrates the strength and direction of a linear
                                                                                       B) with / for
    relationship between two _____variables
                                                                                       C) on / of
                                                                                       D) to / on
    A) ordinary         B) inaccurate
                                                                                       E) through / with
    C) immortal         D) visible
    E) random
                                                                                  10. The major powers of developed countries tried to
                                                                                     prevent local   conflicts from turning --------major
5. In finance, the exchange between two currencies                                   international wars which might threaten the well
   specifies how much one currency is worth ______the                                being of mankind.
                                                                                       A) into                      B) off
    A) in terms of                  B) instead of                                      C) down                      D) against
    C) in turn for                  D) referring to                                    E) to
    E) pointing out
                                                                                  11. Need to receive a fax but don’t have fax machine?
6. Visa, Inc. _______on February 25, 2008 that soon it                               XOIP, a three-year old Dutch firm, -------- internet users
   _______ahead with a much-anticipated initial public                               a free service by which they can receive faxes through
   offering (IPO) of about half its shares.                                          their e-mail account.
   A) had announced / would have gone
   B) announced / would go                                                             A) offering                           B) that offers
   C) has announced / had gone                                                         C) to offer                           D) having offered
   D) will have announced / might have gone                                            E) offers
   E) announced / will go

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12. The term "vegetable" generally refers to the edible
                                                                                          16. – 20. sorularda, aşağıdaki parçada numaralanmış
   part of a plant. The definition is traditional rather than
   scientific. It is somewhat arbitrary and subjective -------                            yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz.
   --- it is determined by individual cultural customs of
   cooking and food preparation.
                                                                                         Statistics is a mathematical science __(16)___the
                                                                                         collection, analysis, interpretation or explanation, and
    A) thus                         B) also                                              presentation of data. It is applicable to a wide variety
    C) as                           D) besides                                           of academic disciplines, from the natural and social
                                                                                         sciences to the humanities, and to government and
    E) as well as                                                                        business. Statistical methods ___(17)___ summarize
                                                                                         or describe a collection of data; this is called
13.Hackers advocate that hacking --------informs the                                     descriptive statistics.___(18)____, patterns in the data
   administrator of system flows, --------encourages users                               may be modeled in a way that accounts for
   to install security fixes to safeguard their systems.                                 randomness and uncertainty in the observations, and
                                                                                         then used to draw ___(19)____about the process or
                                                                                         population being studied. This is called inferential
    A) Not / but                    B) not only / but also                               statistics. Both descriptive and inferential statistics
    C) so / that                    D) much / as                                         comprise applied statistics. There is _(20)__a
    E) as well / as                                                                      discipline called mathematical statistics, which is
                                                                                         concerned with the theoretical basis of the subject.

14. It was a cold winter afternoon_____________my
     birthday_________Detective Sergeant Finney rang to                            16)
     say there had been a death in a mansion block.                                      A) instead of
                                                                                         B) in accordance with
     A) Just before/ when                       B) Before/while                          C) as a matter of fact
     C) After/ during                           D) Until/ after                          D) due to the fact
     E) Till/ when                                                                       E) except for

15. Life in space has always been a matter of controversy                          17)
    and thus there have been arguments on ________ life                                  A) has been used
    forms exist in anyway and at any form in the universe
    except for man.                                                                      B) must have been used
                                                                                         C) had used
                                                                                         D) can be used to
    A) what               B) that               C) unless
                                                                                         E) should have been used
    D) whether            E) in case

                                                                                         A) as well as               B) In addition
                                                                                         C) lest                     D) rather than
                                                                                         E) the more

                                                                                         A) inferences                        B) lines
                                                                                         C) consequences                      D) views
                                                                                         E) applications

                                                                                         A) only                     B) particularly
                                                                                         C) usually                  D) also
                                                                                         E) as well

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                                                              MART 2008  ‐ 1 
21. – 25. sorularda, aşağıdaki parçada numaralanmış                                       26. – 35. sorularda, verilen cümleyi uygun şekilde
yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz.                                         tamamlayan ifadeyi bulunuz.

                                                                                    26. ----, but he had a reputation for blurring the line
      The Cuban Missile Crisis was a ___(21)___ between                                 between fact and fiction.
      the United States of America, the Soviet Union, and
      Cuba ____(22)____the Cold War. The Russians call it                               A) In the early twentieth century, some Americans were
      the "Caribbean Crisis," while the Cubans call it the                                 still hunting whales much as they had in Herman
      "October Crisis." The crisis ____(23)___with the Berlin                              Melville’s day
      Blockade as one of the major confrontations of the                                B) For “Moby-Dick”, Herman Melville drew on scientific,
      Cold War. ___(24)___, it is often regarded as the                                    historical, and journalistic accounts of whales
      moment in which the Cold War came closest to                                      C) Once a whale washed ashore, it was bound to end up
      escalating into a nuclear war. The climax period of the                              as someone’s property
      crisis began on October 14, 1962, when U.S.
      reconnaissance photographs taken by an American U-                                D) Whales entered early American law through the
      2 spy plane ___(25)___missile bases being built in                                   question of who owned them when
      Cuba, and ended two weeks later on October 28, 1962,                              E) There is no shortage of whaling histories for a Melville
      when U.S. President John F. Kennedy and the                                          aficionado to turn to
      intercession of U.N. Secretary-General, U Thant,
      reached an agreement that Cuba was no threat toward
                                                                                     27. Whenever attitude researchers ask participants
      the United States..
                                                                                        questions, ----.
                                                                                        A) researchers would have probably needed to
21)                                                                                        demonstrate that the scientific benefits of the research
      A) refinement                  B) misleading                                         outweighed the possible ethical costs
      C) condolences                 D) argument                                        B) this is especially so when a person’s attitude runs
      E) confrontation                                                                     counter to a prevailing norm
                                                                                        C) researchers have devised several techniques to
                                                                                           overcome such problems
                                                                                        D) the techniques often raised questions about research
      A) during                      B) over                                               ethics, especially if participants did not know their
      C) when                        D) the moment                                         attitudes were being measured
                                                                                        E) there is the possibility that participants will be reluctant
      E) since                                                                             to reveal their true feelings

23)                                                                                  28) Norma Jeanne Mortense, known as Marilyn Monroe,
                                                                                         was brought up as an orphan by foster parents
      A) matures                     B) ranks                                            _______.
      C) justifies                   D) comprises
      E) deals                                                                           A) who has devoted most of their lives to her
                                                                                         B) that she had lacked all the care and support a child
24)                                                                                         needs
      A) However                     B) Much as                                          C) when she has caught the attention of the public
      C) On the contrary             D) Hence                                            D) hence she lacked an affectionate family relationship
      E) Only if                                                                         E) until reaching the age of seven

      A) had revealed                B) revealed
      C) were revealing              D) would reveal
      E) has revealed

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                                                              MART 2008  ‐ 1 
                                                                                    33) Food is any substance, often composed primarily of
29) Having been convicted of several crimes and being                                   carbohydrates, fats, water and proteins, ___________.
    accused of murder,_______________
                                                                                         A) that can be eaten or drunk by an animal for nutrition or
    A) the judge had decided a death penalty against J. M.
       O’Connor as expected                                                              B) although many human cultures sought food items
    B) the newspapers of the day announced these events                                     through hunting and gathering
       form the cover page                                                               C) but a food web some other characteristics to all these
    C) Jonathan M. O’Connor was taken under custody                                         food chains reach a high level
                                                                                         D) so organisms may continuing their existence in their
    D) none of the victims were involved in the affair before                               habitat
    E) it did not take the long to decide against J. M.
                                                                                         E) as though the nutrients had to be gather only by few

30) Released in 1941 with huge public interest and
    appreciation, _______________.                                                  34) The application of aquaculture came into thought in
                                                                                        Europe during the Middle Ages since fish were
    A) the film Citizen Kane was the first movie Orson                                  scarce and costly, _____________________
       Welles directed and produced
                                                                                          A) In contrast to agriculture, the rise of aquaculture is a
    B) the American Film Institute put Citizen Kane the best                                 contemporary phenomenon
       of all movies
                                                                                          B) while it was considered as illogical or unusual in the
    C) Orson Welles became famous because of his film                                        same period
       Citizen Kane
                                                                                          C) however desirable the process has been regarded as
    D) which was the year Orson Welles became famous                                         in terms of food production
    E) whether Orson Welles did not expect such a high                                    D) however, improvements in transportation during the
       popularity                                                                            19th century made fish easily available and
                                                                                             inexpensive, even in inland areas, causing a decline
31) Scientists state that they have photographic evidence                                    in the practice
    on_________                                                                           E) as soon as the need for modern techniques gained
                                                                                             more importance
    A) that liquid water may have been on the planet Moon as
       little as five years ago
    B) whether life would exist on the planet Mars                                  35) ___________, Countries of the tropical Central
                                                                                        America, nevertheless, keep destroying forests in
    C) if they are going to prove the existence of water on                             order to enlarge their arid areas
       some planets
    D) as soon as they have the chance to present what they                              A) Although the visible threats of deforestation has been
       have                                                                                 quite clear
    E) what is thought about the things present on the planet                            B) Whenever there are attempts to avoid illegal
       Moon                                                                                 destruction of tropical forests
                                                                                         C) That we rely not only on forest, but also on arid lands
32) ______________, no one is expecting any
     achievement from the company.                                                       D) The fact that Central America faces a number of
                                                                                            environmental and political challenges
    A) Due to several economical and operational                                         E) Impossible as it may seem to re-attain lost tropical
       achievements of ADAC Co.                                                              forests in the near future
    B) Since the conflict between the two rival companies
    C) However misleading the current conditions may be
    D) Now that there are unresolved obstacles that cause
       trouble at ADAC Co
    E) ADAC Co, the former energy producing giant, has
       been listed in the World’s Top Producers index

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      36. - 40. sorularda, verilen İngilizce cümleye anlamca
          en yakın Türkçe cümleyi bulunuz.                                             38) Whenever there is an international incident, powerful
                                                                                           nations try to use it to their advantage.
36)     One of the main causes of heart disease is that                                     A) Güçlü uluslar uluslararası bir olayı kendi çıkarları için
       many people are unaware of the dangers of                                               kullanmaya çalışır.
                                                                                            B) Uluslararası bir olay olduğunda güçlü uluslar bunu
      A) Kalp hastalığının temel nedenlerinden biri birçok                                     kendi çıkarları için kullandılar.
         insanın sigara içmenin tehlikelerinden haberdar
         olmamasıdır.                                                                       C) Güçlü uluslar, uluslararası bir olaydan ellerinden
                                                                                               geldiği kadar çok faydalanmak isterler.
      B) Birçok insan sigaranın tehlikelerinden haberdar
         değildir ve işte bu yüzden kalp hastalığı sık sık ortaya                           D) Uluslararası bir olay ortaya çıktıktan sonra güçlü
         çıkmaktadır.                                                                          uluslar bundan faydalanmak için ellerinden geleni
      C) Kalp hastalığına yol açan birçok şey vardır ve bunların
         arasında insanların sigaranın tehlikelerinden haberdar                             E) Ne zaman uluslararası bir olay olsa, güçlü uluslar
         olmaması bulunmaktadır.                                                               bunu kendi avantajları için kullanmaya çalışır.

      D) Kalp hastalığının temel nedeni birçok insanın
         sigaranın tehlikelerinden haber olmamasıdır.                                  39) It is quite clear from the evidence that he is the only
      E) Kalp hastalığına yol açan şey birçok insanın sigara                               person who could have committed the crime.
         içmenin tehlikelerinden uzak olmasıdır.                                            A) Elimizdeki kanıtlara baktığımızda, suçlu olabilecek tek
                                                                                               kişi şu an için odur.
                                                                                            B) Kanıtlardan anlaşılabilecek tek şey suçu işlemiş olan
                                                                                               kişin o olmasıdır.
                                                                                            C) Kanıtlardan da anlaşıldığı gibi, suçu işlemiş olabilecek
                                                                                               tek kişi odur
37) Because of its strategic location at the intersection                                   D) Suçu işleyebilmiş olan tek kişinin o olması kanıttan
    of Asia and Europe, Anatolia has been the center of                                        oldukça açıktır.
    several civilizations since prehistoric times
                                                                                            E) Suç işleyebilecek tek kişinin o olabilmesi kanıtlardan
      A) Anadolu, Asya ve Avrupa’nın kesiştiği stratejik konumu                                anlaşılabilir.
         yüzünden, tarih önce devirlerden beri sayısız
         medeniyetin merkezi olmuştur.
      B) Anadolu’nun, Asya ve Avrupa’yı kesen stratejik                                40) Former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto has
         konumu, bu bölgeyi tarih önce devirlerden beri sayısız                            been killed in a suicide attack as she was leaving a
         medeniyetin merkezi haline getirmiştir.                                           political rally.

      C) Tarih önce devirlerden beri sayısız medeniyetin                                    A) Pakistan’ın önceki başbakanlardan biri olan Benazir
         merkezi olan Anadolu, Asya ve Avrupa’nın kesiştiği                                    Bhutto, politik bir geziye çıkmak üzereyken bir intihar
         stratejik bir konuma sahiptir.                                                        saldırısında hayatını kaybetti.

      D) Tarih önce devirlerden beri medeniyetlerin bir çoğu,                               B) Bir politik intihar saldırısının kurbanı olan Pakistan’ın
         Asya ve Avrupa’nın kesiştiği stratejik konumu molan                                   eski başbakanlardan Benazir Bhutto, çıktığı bir gezide
         Anadolu’yu, bir merkez olarak tercih etmiştir..                                       düzenlenen bir intihar saldırısı ile hayatını
      E) Anadolu, Asya ve Avrupa’nın kesiştiği stratejik konumu
         yüzünden, tarih önce devirlerden beri birçok                                       C) Politik bir geziden ayrıldığı sırada, Pakistan’ın eski
         medeniyetin merkezi olmuştur.                                                         başbakanı Benazir Bhutto bir intihar saldırısında
                                                                                            D) Pakistan’ın eski başbakanı Benazir Bhutto, politik bir
                                                                                               geziye çıktığı için bir intihar saldırısında hayatını
                                                                                            E) Pakistan’ın önceki başbakanlardan biri olan Benazir
                                                                                               Bhutto, politik bir geziye çıkmadan hemen önce bir
                                                                                               intihar saldırısında hayatını kaybetti.

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                                                                 MART 2008  ‐ 1 

      41.- 45. sorularda, verilen Türkçe cümleye anlamca en
         yakın İngilizce cümleyi bulunuz.                                              44)     San Diego’daki ziyaretçiler bir günde birçok farklı
                                                                                              iklimi ve coğrafi özelliği tecrübe edebilir.
                                                                                             A) One day the visitors of San Diego will be able to
41) Yabancı bir dilde yetenekli hale gelmek için, dilin                                         experience many different climates and geographical
   konuşulduğu bir ülkede yaşamak gerçekten                                                     features.
   gereklidir.                                                                               B) When people visit San Diego, they can see many
      A) In order to become competent in a foreign language,                                    different climates and geographical features in one
         you have to live in a country where the language is                                    day.
         spoken.                                                                             C) In one day, visitors to San Diego can experience many
      B) You should have lived in a country where the                                           different climates and geographical features.
         language is spoken so as to become competent in a                                   D) People living in San Diego can experience many
         foreign language.                                                                      different climates and geographical features.
      C) To live in a country where the language is spoken is                                E) The people in San Diego witness a variety of climates
         quite necessary for you to become competent in a                                       and geographical features simultaneously.
         foreign language.
      D) When you have lived in a country where the language
         is spoken, you can speak that language rather fluently.
      E) In order to become competent in a foreign language, it
         is really necessary to live in a country where the
         language is spoken.

42) Sovyet birliği dağıldığında Rusya birçok toprak
      A) After the Soviet Union had handed over its authority,                         45) İstatistik, 18.yüzyıldan hemen sonra, devletlerin
         Russia was exposed to a loss of land.                                             vatandaşları ve ekonomileri hakkında veri toplamak
                                                                                           ihtiyacından ortaya çıkmıştır.
      B) Russia lost a lot of land when the Soviet Union broke
         up.                                                                                 A) Statistics as a need for collecting data of some states
                                                                                                and it has appeared no later than the century
      C) When Russia lost a lot of land, the Soviet Union had
         broken up.                                                                          B) Statistics arose, immediately after the 18th century,
                                                                                                from the need of states to collect data on their people
      D) While the Soviet Union was subject to a break-up,
                                                                                                and economies
         Russia was losing a lot of land.
                                                                                             C) The need for collecting further data, aroused Statistics
      E) Before the Soviet Union broke up, Russia had lost a
                                                                                                since states needed to collect sufficient data about
         lot of land.
                                                                                                their people and their economies..
                                                                                             D) As long as states needed to collect data about their
43)      Dışarıdaki ışıkları açık bırakalım çünkü onlar                                         citizens and their budget, Statistics came into being in
       geldiğinde karanlık olacak.                                                              the century instantly
       A) You were supposed to leave the outside lights on                                   E) Statistics, which arose immediately after the 18th
          because it would be dark when they arrived.                                           century, is a need of states to collect data on their
                                                                                                people and economies
       B) Why didn’t you leave the outside lights on though you
          knew the weather would be dark when they arrived?
       C) Although you knew the weather would be dark on
          their arrival, you didn’t leave the lights on.
       D) Let's leave the outside lights on since it'll be dark
          when they arrive.
       E) Because the weather will be dark when they arrive,
          we are to turn the lights on.

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                                                              MART 2008  ‐ 1 

                                                                                    48)     Have you ever wondered where the names come
    46.- 51. sorularda, boş bırakılan yere parçanın anlam                                  from for the days of the week or why there are
    bütünlüğünü sağlamak için getirilebilecek cümleyi                                      actually seven days in a week? I often have, but
    bulunuz.                                                                               never really went into it until today. Nobody really
                                                                                           knows why there are seven days in a week - there
46) ______________. In the United States, however, its                                     are so many different reasons. _____________.
    closeness to Christmas has brought greater attention                                   Another reason could be that there was one day of
    to Hanukkah and its gift-giving tradition. Amid the                                    the week for each of the seven visible planets i.e.
    ever-growing flood of Christmas advertising, it may                                    Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and
    seem especially fitting that the Hanukkah story tells                                  Saturn.
    of Jewish culture surviving in a non-Jewish world.
                                                                                           A) The etymological explanations of the names of days
    A) Hanukkah is a relatively minor holiday in the Jewish                                   vary from documents to documents
                                                                                           B) There are ongoing discussions as to the roots of the
    B) There are two types of holiday named Jokusah and                                       names of the seasons
                                                                                           C) People have not come to a common idea over the
    C) Hanukkah has always been of great importance to our                                    origins of the days’ names as of yet
                                                                                           D) Nobody has made a healthy explanation in that
    D) Within any scope of people, Christmas takes the first                                  respect so far
       place among people
                                                                                           E) One might be that God created the world in six days
    E) Nothing has changed the effect of Christmas on                                         and had a rest on the seventh day
       people so far
47) Religion has been defined in a wide variety of ways.
    Most definitions attempt to find a balance somewhere
    between overly sharp definition and meaningless                                  49) Abnormal conditions of the body or mind that cause
    generalities. Some sources have tried to use                                         discomfort, dysfunction, or distress to a person are
    formalistic, doctrinal definitions while others have                                 called    an illness. ___________In other contexts,
    emphasized      experiential,    emotive,    intuitive,                              nevertheless,     these     may     be     considered
    valuational and ethical factors. __________For                                       distinguishable categories. A pathogen or infectious
    example, in Lindbeck's Nature of Doctrine, religion                                  agent is a biological agent that causes disease or
    does not refer to belief in "God" or a transcendent                                  illness to its host. A passenger virus is a virus that
    Absolute.                                                                            simply hitchhikes in the body of a person or infects
                                                                                         the body without causing symptoms, illness or
    A) Other religious scholars have put forward a definition
                                                                                          A) Sometimes the term is used broadly to include injuries,
       of religion that avoids the reductionism of the various
                                                                                             disabilities, syndromes, infections, symptoms, deviant
       sociological and psychological disciplines
                                                                                             behaviors, and a typical variations of structure and
    B) Sociologists and anthropologists tend to see religion                                 function.
       as an abstract set of ideas, values, or experiences
                                                                                          B) Mental illness is a broad generic label for a category of
       developed as part of a cultural matrix.
                                                                                             illnesses that may include affective or emotional
    C) Religious practices were most likely to be labeled                                    instability, behavioral dysregulation, and cognitive
       "superstitious" by outsiders when they include belief in                              dysfunction or impairment
       extraordinary events
                                                                                          C) Moreover, illnesses are generally related to social,
    D) Religion may also be considered as the presence of a                                  economic, political, and environmental circumstances.
       belief in the sacred or the holy by means of such
                                                                                          D) Yet, medical emergencies are injuries or illnesses that
                                                                                             pose an immediate threat to a person's health or life
    E) Yet, Ethnic religions included officially sanctioned and                              which require help from a doctor or hospital
       organized civil religions with an organized clergy.
                                                                                          E) When these conditions are not fulfilled, then one can
                                                                                             be considered to have an illness or be ill.

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                                                                                           52. – 57. sorularda, verilen durumda söylenmiş
50) Many castles were very well defended and for some                                      olabilecek sözü bulunuz..
    attacking armies, the only way to defeat them was to
    surround     them     and    starve     them     out.
    ______________. It was the development of mortars                                52) A friend has decided to drop out of university and
    and cannons that brought an end to castle building                                   backpack around Asia because his marks are poor
    as they were no longer financially viable to build as                                and he does not feel inspired to study. You feel that
    they could be easily destroyed.                                                      this is not a good idea and that he should look to the
                                                                                         future, so trying to dissuade him, you say:

    A) However, this was potentially a very long process with                                  A) It might be fun for a while, but it won't qualify you
       no guarantee of success                                                                    for a decent job.
    B) Within the steps of time, fortification techniques                                      B) My cousin did that and said it was the greatest
       improved a lot                                                                             experience of his life.
    C) The emperors did not have castles in order to show                                      C) It was probably a mistake for you to enter
       their strength                                                                             university in the first place.
    D) What happened during the construction of many                                           D) Why Asia? Wouldn't Europe be more interesting?
       castles is not known to us
                                                                                               E) It sounds like a great idea: can I go with you?
    E) Extensive studies were made to reveal the secret
       information about castles
                                                                                      53) You are being interviewed for a job as a research
                                                                                          assistant in the history department of a well-known
51) The second largest country in area after Russia,                                      university. When you are asked why you think you
    Canada has coastlines on the Atlantic, Arctic, and                                    are suitable for the job. You reply:
    Pacific Oceans, giving it the longest coastline of any
    country. -----------------. It is one of the least densely                            A) I'm looking for a job where there is a chance of making
    inhabited and most prosperous countries. A vast                                          some quick money.
    region of swamps, lakes, and ancient rock, known as                                   B) I don't have any qualifications, but I like to read, so I
    the Canadian Shield, radiates out from Hudson Bay to                                     thought this might be a good opportunity.
    cover half of the country. As for it economical
    situation, it is agriculturally poor with few people but                              C) I'm looking for an outdoor job where I will meet a lot of
    rich in mineral deposits and forests.                                                    new people.

    A) The French government pioneered settlement in                                      D) My father said if I don't get a job soon, he is going to
       Canada, but Britain gained control of the territory quite                             start charging me rent.
       soon                                                                               E) I have a good overall knowledge of the past and am
    B) The urban economy has a large manufacturing base,                                     meticulous about detail.
       and the North American Free Trade Agreement
       (NAFTA) has brought an economic boom
                                                                                     54) You have a friend who is fond of visiting exotic new
    C) Today one Canada is regarded as one of the                                        places, no matter what the difficulties. You have just
       wealthiest nations in the world.                                                  been to the far west of China and though you were
    D) In area, Canada is slightly larger than the United                                impressed with the place, you found the trip hard
       States, but has only 11 percent as many people                                    and unpleasant, but you think this might be the sort
                                                                                         of place your friend would enjoy, so you say to him:
    E) Moreover, other minorities include Italians, Germans,
       Ukrainians, and Chinese. Canada's population is                                    A) There are no tourist facilities, so it doesn't appeal to
       highly urbanized                                                                      everyone, but it is a fascinating place.
                                                                                          B) This is the last time I take any advice from you; I've
                                                                                             never been so uncomfortable in my life.
                                                                                          C) It would have been interesting a few years ago but
                                                                                             now it is just another tourist trap.
                                                                                          D) The next time I take a trip, I'm going somewhere
                                                                                             where the hotels have swimming pools.
                                                                                          E) If I were you, I would go somewhere where there are
                                                                                             better hotels and restaurants.

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55) Your brother has recently been promoted to a                                     57) You have attended a seminar about a product and
    managerial position. After the first week, he came                                   the instructor has been trying to convince you to do
    home upset because he had to lecture one of his                                      sell the product and make money. However, you are
    friends for being lazy and late for work. Knowing                                    not interested in doing so and you politely want to
    that it must be difficult for him to adjust to bossing                               reject his offer; you say:
    his former workmates, you try to console him by
                                                                                          A) Well, thanks for all the information you have provided
                                                                                             so far. I would be delighted to join you, but I regret I
    A) You are responsible for the company's well-being, so                                  have no spare time for such business.
       you have to do whatever it takes to make it work.
                                                                                          B) Please leave me out. I don’t think this job is any
    B) I'd be really angry if a former workmate started yelling                              appeal to me.
       at me for the things we used to do together.
                                                                                          C) Have you ever managed to sell any of these products
    C) You sound like a real turncoat. Whose side are you on                                 in such a way?
                                                                                          D) Thanks, but there are more important matters that I
    D) It must feel really good to let people know who is the                                have to deal with
                                                                                          E) After all the information, examples and information I
    E) It's about time someone let you know what your                                        have seen, I must admit that it sounds rather
       laziness is doing to the company.                                                     challenging to me

56) You have been corresponding with a boy in Australia.
    Sometimes you send e-mails, and sometimes you
    write by post for the sake of the stamps. In his most
    recent letter, he says that his sister is back-packing
    around Europe and hopes to visit Turkey. You want to
    show her the best of Turkey, but since he did not
    mention a date, you immediately e-mail him and say:

    A) Why didn't you tell me when she was arriving so we
       could have met her at the airport?
    B) If you know your sister's plans, please tell me so that I
       can put her up and show her around.
    C) Are you sure that back-packing is a safe way for a girl
       to travel?
    D) I'm so sorry we missed your sister. Next time you
       should give us more warning.
    E) It’s nice to hear that your sister is coming, but what I
       really liked about your letter was the nice stamp.

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      58. – 63. sorularda, cümleler sırasıyla okunduğunda                               61) (I) Poetry often uses particular forms and
      parçanın anlam bütünlüğünü bozan cümleyi bulunuz.                                     conventions to expand the literal meaning of the
                                                                                            words, or to evoke emotional or sensual
                                                                                            responses. (II) Words or utterances may also be
58) (I) In physics and other sciences, time is considered
                                                                                            used literally in some other aesthetical forms as
     one of the few fundamental quantities. (II) Time is
                                                                                            songs, essays, articles and etc (III) Devices such
     used to define other quantities – such as velocity –
                                                                                            as assonance, alliteration, onomatopoeia and
     and defining time in terms of such quantities would
                                                                                            rhythm are sometimes used to achieve musical or
     result in circularity of definition. (III) An operational
                                                                                            incantatory effects on such responses. (IV) Poetry's
     definition of time has a high utility value in the
                                                                                            use of ambiguity, symbolism, irony and other
     conduct of both advanced experiments and
                                                                                            stylistic elements of poetic diction often leaves a
     everyday affairs of life. (IV) However, according to
                                                                                            poem open to multiple interpretations. (V) Similarly,
     some scholars, there are two distinct viewpoints on
                                                                                            metaphor and simile create a resonance between
     time. (V) This operational definition leaves aside the
                                                                                            otherwise disparate images—a layering of
     question whether there is something called time,
                                                                                            meanings, forming connections previously not
     apart from the counting activity just mentioned, that
     flows and that can be measured.

                                                                                              A) I       B) II         C) III      D) IV       E) V
      A) I     B) II       C) III        D) IV              E) V

59)    (I) With its metropolitan area ranking among the
      largest urban areas in the world, New York City is
      the most populous city in the United States. It has                              62) (I) It has been argued whether viruses are living
      been the largest city in the United States since                                     organisms. Some consider them non-living as they
      1790. (II) Besides, for more than a century, it has                                  do not meet the criteria of the definition of life. (II)
      been one of the world's major centers of commerce                                    For example, unlike most organisms, viruses do
      and finance. (III) New York City is also rated as an                                 not have cells. (III) Viral infections in human and
      alpha world city for its global influences in media,                                 animal hosts usually result in an immune response
      politics, education, entertainment, arts and fashion.                                and disease. (IV) However, it has been proved that
      (IV) The city is also a major center for foreign                                     viruses have genes and evolve by natural
      affairs, hosting the headquarters of the United                                      selection. (V) Moreover, some have described
      Nations. (V) New York City was not only one of the                                   them as organisms at the edge of life.
      attractions of America, but also a land of peace and
      brotherhood throughout centuries.                                                       A) I       B) II         C) III      D) IV       E) V

      A) I     B) II       C) III        D) IV              E) V

                                                                                       63) (I) A media proprietor is a person who controls,
                                                                                           either through personal ownership or a dominant
60) (I)Shakespeare's further classical and Italianate                                      position in a public company, a significant part of
    comedies, containing tight double plots and precise                                    the mass media. (II) The issue of the media
    comic sequences, give way in the mid-1590s to the                                      proprietors first became prominent in the 19th
    romantic atmosphere of his greatest comedies. (II)                                     century with the development of mass circulation
    Scholars have often noted four periods in                                              newspapers. (III) For instance, In the United
    Shakespeare's writing career. (III) Until the mid-                                     Kingdom, they included Lord Northcliffe, Lord
    1590s, he wrote mainly comedies influenced by                                          Rothermere and Lord Beaverbrook, and were
    Roman and Italian models and history plays in the                                      known as "press barons" since most of them were
    popular chronicle tradition. (IV) His second period                                    given peerages. (IV)As for others, In the United
    began in about 1595 with the tragedy Romeo and                                         States one o the most renown press tycoons was
    Juliet and ended with the tragedy of Julius Caesar                                     William Randolph Hearst. (V) British press barons
    in 1599. (V) During this time, he wrote what are                                       exercise personal control over their papers and use
    considered his greatest comedies and histories.                                        them to wage political campaigns, usually though
    From about 1600 to about 1608, his "tragic period",                                    not always in the interests of the Conservative
    Shakespeare wrote mostly tragedies, and from                                           Party
    about 1608 to 1613, mainly tragicomedies called
    romances.                                                                                 A) I       B) II         C) III      D) IV       E) V
      A) I     B) II       C) III        D) IV              E) V

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                                                                                    66) Theatre has existed since the dawn of man, as a
64. – 69. sorularda, verilen cümleye anlamca en                                          result of human tendency for story telling
yakın olan cümleyi bulunuz.

                                                                                         A) Without the capability of storytelling, it would have been
64)   The United States Congress confirmed the                                              impossible for man to create theatre ever since his
      construction of Endeavour in 1987 to replace                                          existence
      Challenger, which was lost in an accident in 1986                                  B) Man has always had a desire for telling his story and so
                                                                                            theatre has existed as long as man has.
    A) The only aim of the United States Congress to built                               C) The use of theatre dates back to the early days of man
       Endeavour in 1987 was to recover the lost shuttle                                    whose story telling abilities progressed in time
       Challenger in 1986
                                                                                         D) The ambition of storytelling must have played an
    B) Due to the authorization of the construction of                                      important role for men due to his search for theatre
       Endeavour in 1987, the United States Congress finally
       agreed to replace Challenger, having been lost in                                 E) It is assumed that it is the necessity that made man be
       1986.                                                                                 interested in theatre and story telling since he existed.

    C) Endeavour was approved to be built in 1987 by the US
       Congress in order to replace the accidentally lost                           67) “Oil reserves” refer to portions of oil in place that are
       Challenger in 1986.                                                               claimed to be recoverable under current economic
    D) Upon accidentally losing the pioneer space shuttle
       Challenger, the US congress ordered Endeavour to be                               A) The term “Oil reserves” stands for the amount of oil
       built.                                                                               which is accessible in relation with economic
    E) The accidental loss of Challenger in 1986 is one of the
       major reasons why the US congress authorized the                                  B) Oil reserves are hard to recover when economic
       construction of Endeavour in 1987.                                                   conditions do not allow the reserves to be drilled
                                                                                         C) Portions of oil in place are recoverable only when
65) Should at least few of the mentioned precautions                                        economic factors do not led prevention.
    have been taken by the men in charge, none of the                                    D) The economy of a country is the sole determinant of
    victims would have been lost.                                                           whether oil reserves should be recovered or not
                                                                                         E) Oil reserves mean the economic conditions that a
    A) Some people had died due the fact that no precaution                                 country suffers from due unrecoverable oil in one
       was taken by the authorized people                                                   place.
    B) In case of an emergency, some precautions had better
        be taken by responsible people instantly now that                           68) Having been ignored and not taken into account, the
        some may die                                                                     offer was never of public recognition
    C) If it had been for the men in charge, no one would                                A) Though no one recognized the importance of the offer,
       have died due to the precautions they might have                                     it was at last made public
                                                                                         B) Owing to the fact that the offer had been neglected and
    D) Now matter what he men in charge had done, several                                   not considered, it was not known by the public.
       victims were killed because no precautions were taken.
                                                                                         C) In the event that the offer is ignored and taken
    E) Whenever authorized personnel do not take any of the                                 seriously, the public will have a desire to investigate it.
       suggested precautions, some get lost or dead anyhow.
                                                                                         D) The offer was so confidential that it had to be neglected
                                                                                            by the public.
                                                                                         E) The offer could never have taken any public attention
                                                                                            since it was not of any significance

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69) Since World War II there has been a consistent trend                                 71) Doctor : Good to see you again. What’s the problem
     towards abolishing the death penalty, not all of                                         this time?
     which succeeded.
                                                                                                Patient : Upon awakening, I feel pain and tightness
    A) There have been many unsuccessful death penalties                                             on the sides of my face.
       since the World War II.
                                                                                                Doctor : ________________
    B) It was at the World War II when a progressive increase
       in the death penalty gained rise because of                                              Patient : I hope it’s not serious and can be treated
       unsuccessful attempts                                                                         easily.
    C) The trend for committing the death penalty came into                                    A) Sleeping pills may be used occasionally to help
       use in the period of the World War II, which was not                                       people who have trouble sleeping because of pain.
                                                                                               B) How interesting! I have always stated that people
    D) The World War II was a major reason why the trend for                                      can take steps to break the habit of tooth grinding.
       banning the death penalty came into the fore, but no
       achievement could be made.                                                              C) I see. Generally, a case like this results from muscle
                                                                                                  spasms brought on by repeated muscle or tooth
    E) The efforts for terminating the death sentence has                                         clenching and tooth grinding.&
       gained speed since the World War II and some were
       not executed.                                                                           D) Of course, treatment is needed when a person has
                                                                                                  jaw pain or trouble moving his jaw.
                                                                                               E) People with this condition need to suppress yawns,
70. – 75. sorularda, karşılıklı konuşmanın boş bırakılan                                          cut food into small pieces, and eat food that’s easy to
kısmını tamamlayabilecek ifadeyi bulunuz.                                                         chew.
                                                                                         72) Frank :
70) John :                                                                               -To learn a little bit about how to cope with physical
                                                                                              allergies, I’ve done some reading.
     - Have you seen the recent report released by the
     American Rivers Administration?                                                           Celia : Tell me in simple terms what you have
                                                                                               Frank : __________________
     - No, not yet. What’s your opinion?
                                                                                               Celia : Sounds very sensible, doesn’t it?
     John : --------------------------
                                                                                               A) Surely you are aware that photosensitivity, which is
     - So it becomes increasingly urgent for the
                                                                                                  an allergy, may also result from concurrent use of
     authorities to put into effect far more efficient
                                                                                                  certain drugs or substances applied to the skin.
     measures to improve their condition. Don’t you
     think?                                                                                    B) My suggestion is that people who are very sensitive
                                                                                                  to sunlight should use sunscreens and minimize sun
     A) I am sure you know that the American Rivers
         Administration analyzes and studies the condition of
         the major rivers in the country.                                                      C) As far as I am concerned, itching, asthma, or nasal
                                                                                                  stuffiness are among the most common symptoms of
     B) Most comprehensively prepared. It is very upsetting
                                                                                                  physical allergy.
        to know how endangered most of the nation’s rivers
        are.                                                                                   D) The common point everyone agrees on is that the
                                                                                                  best way to deal with any physical allergy is to
     C) Indeed, as you have just suggested, dams and canals
                                                                                                  prevent it by avoiding whatever tends to cause it.
         can be harmful to fish and wildlife populations.
                                                                                               E) As everybody knows, a physical allergy is a condition
     D) As I recall from previous reports, coal mining
                                                                                                  in which allergic symptoms develop in response to a
        operations fill streams with coal and dirt.
                                                                                                  physical stimulus.
     E) It has always been admitted that the use of rivers as a
         water supply for domestic and industrial needs
         causes much depletion.

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73) Jane : The point is made in this article that we need a                           75) Charles : Aircraft manufacturers are doing their best
    reliable source of electricity to meet our needs in the                               to build ever more efficient, more reliable, less
    21st century.                                                                         polluting, quieter planes.
    Larry : But we also need clean air.                                                    Colleague : Yes, but there is a long way before
                                                                                           absolute reliability can be achieved!
    Jane : ____________________
                                                                                           Charles : ___________________
    Larry : So you mean that nuclear power plants don’t
    pollute the air. Right?                                                                Colleague : There’s no doubt about that. Yet every
                                                                                           effort must be made for ultimate reliability.
    A) Well, with nuclear energy, we can have both.
                                                                                           A) Let me stress once again that, as the economy
    B) Why not? Nuclear energy already generates more                                         develops and per capita income rises, per capita
       than 20 per cent of America’s electricity.                                             travel rises even faster.
    C) Year by year there is a growing need for more                                       B) Considered in technical terms, there have been few
       energy nationwide.                                                                     dramatic changes in large-aircraft design since the
    D) In other words, the development of new energy
       sources is very important to America’s energy future.                               C) It is a fact that, by the early 1940s, airplanes had
                                                                                              made it possible to cross the Atlantic in one long day
    E) I am afraid the world is fast heading towards a huge                                   of travel.
       environmental disaster.
                                                                                           D) On the other hand, in the 1960s, touring families and
                                                                                              students could fly from the US to Europe on
74) Julie: Sorry to ring you at a time like this.                                             overnight charter flights.

    Franc: _______________                                                                 E) Agreed. However, despite occasional horrific
                                                                                              crashes, modern airliners are about the safest
    Julie: Oh good, I was afraid you had.                                                     means of travel ever devised.
    Fran: So what is so important that you had to ring at
    this time of night?

    A) Why not? We've been up for hours.
    B) I should think so. Do you know what time it is?
    C) That's all right. We're still up.
    D) Julie, what a surprise! We haven't had a chance to
       talk for a long time.
    E) It's okay, we haven't gone to bed, yet.

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76. – 80. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız.

                                                                                    78) It can be inferred from the passage that many people
                                                                                         recently -----------
Sometimes people tend to shift between languages or style of
language with several psychological and sociological reasons.                            A) are aware that code switching may result in obscurity
Such shifts are likely to happen when bilinguals, who can                                   and may also lead to misunderstandings
speak at least two languages fluently, have the ability to use
elements of both languages when conversing with another                                  B) regard code switching as a usual process that may take
bilingual. What is said is syntactically and phonologically                                  place between two bilingual people.
appropriate; that means that even if words from another                                  C) started code switching due to its easiness and
language are included into the sentence, they will be adapted                               popularity
to the grammatical rules of the first language. Code-switching
can occur between sentences or within a single sentence.                                 D) have become interested in particularly code switching
Code-switching is now widely considered to be a normal and
                                                                                         E) unwillingly and unintentionally shift between languages
natural product of interaction between the bilingual or
                                                                                            at the process of a conversation.
multilingual speaker's languages. It also occurs within a
particular language. We use different forms of expressions
depending on the person we are speaking to and where we
are speaking to that person. Thus, there are different degrees                      79) It has been mentioned in the passage in a certain
of formality and informality. However, ways of these activities                          language ---------
vary in reason and the way in which they are performed. For                                A) code switching also occurs by altering the level of
example, some people whose first language is English decide                                   the moods
how they are going to speak by the context within which they
are speaking. What they take into consideration is the degree                              B) code switching is caused namely because of the
of formality or informality in a particular circumstance.                                     informality at a speech
                                                                                           C) bilingual people tend to code switch more than
76) It has been stated in the passage that bilingual people                                   monolingual speakers.
      code-switch ----------                                                               D) formal and informal speech ethics are totally
    A) only when they want the conversation to be clearer for                                 ignored for ease.
       the listener.                                                                       E) speakers occasionally have to shift between
    B) if there is another bilingual counterpart who can speak                                formality and informality to code switch
        both languages accurately
    C)     particularly if  psychological        and    sociological                80) It has been mentioned in the passage that to whom
         requirements exist                                                              and where we address people ---------
    D) without any specific reason or any demand from                                    A) are two of the outcomes of code switching in a
       another bilingual person                                                             particular language.
    E) consistently on the condition that they meet another                              B) determine how bilingual people should express their
       bilingual person who belongs to the same language                                    statements in a community
                                                                                         C) have been a matter of controversy for a long time
                                                                                            and hence has to be studied extensively
77) We can understand from the passage that loss of                                      D) specifies the level of formality and informality in a
    information between two bilingual people ----------                                     speech
    A) is likely to happen if they do not share the same                                 E) may precisely indicate why people shift between
       languages                                                                            languages at the course of speaking.
    B) is inevitable upon switching between languages
    C) occur if grammatical structures are also shifted
    D) does not take place even if the included structure of
       another language is changed
    E) happens namely when syntactic and semantic
       alteration are made in the spoken language

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81. – 85. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız.

The dollar weakened against the euro this week to hit a
new record low, amid continued fears over the state of
the US economy stoked by poor job figures. Figures                                   83) According to the passage, what Jean-Claude
showing a decline of 63,000 US jobs in February came                                     Trichet suggests is that -----
as a surprise, as analysts had expected a rise. The euro
and sterling have been boosted against the dollar by                                      A) the rise of the dollar is not likely to happen in the
Thursday's decisions in Frankfurt and London to keep                                         near future
interest rates on hold. Due to this fact, European firms
                                                                                          B) the Euro may maintain its current value without
are finding it harder to sell their goods as they become
                                                                                             showing any decline
relatively more expensive than US products. Speaking
on Thursday, the head of the European Central Bank,                                       C) the Euro is too strong for European economy and
Jean-Claude Trichet, said it was likely the euro would                                       hence the interest rates should be taken down
remain strong. The US Federal Reserve has been
reducing interest rates to tackle the cooling economy,                                    D) the decline of the interest rates may lead ro a
but the ECB, the European Central Bank, reiterated the                                       recession in European markets
need to focus on addressing inflation and suggested a                                     E) it is inevitable for the Euro to reach its highest levels
rate cut was not imminent. This was since the inflation in                                    soon
the eurozone has reached its highest in six years, as no
specialist might have predicted
                                                                                     84) We understand from the passage that the ECB ---
81) It is stated in the passage that the rise of Euro
    and the Sterling -----                                                                A) declared that the interest rates will soon be taken
                                                                                             down in order to boost the economy up
    A) have also demonstrated a decline and so interest
       rates have increased                                                               B) clearly opposed to the views of Jean-Claude Trichet

    B) is another important cause of the Dollar’s decline                                 C) has forecast a sharp decline for the dollar and
                                                                                             suggest precautions for the European economy
    C) has shown a tendency to rise as expected by the
       analysts                                                                           D) and the US central bank both intend to reduce the
                                                                                             interest rates to deal with their cooling economies
    D) prevents European businesses to sell their products
       as they used to do so                                                              E) has taken attention to inflation rather than the
                                                                                             interest rates
    E) was welcomed by the head of the European Central
       Bank, Jean-Claude Trichet
                                                                                     85) According to the passage, because of inflation
                                                                                         Europe ----------------
82) According to the passage, the fall of the dollar ---
                                                                                          A) suffers from a weak dollar as well because it causes
    A) has not been the first incident so far as estimated by                                 inflation in the eurozone
       some specialists
                                                                                          B) has gained importance and strength after the
    B) may have affected more than 63,000 jobs in the                                        unexpected fall of the dollar
       united states
                                                                                          C) surprised experts now that none expected inflation
    C) led to a wide-spread fear among the businesses in                                     in Europe
        the US
                                                                                          D) will have to fight against interest rates and its
    D) has been foreseen by the head of the European                                         expensive products
       Central Bank, Jean-Claude Trichet.
                                                                                          E) will gradually recover form inflation and then may be
    E) has been a matter of controversy among US and                                         able to tackle with interest rates.
       European economists

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                                                                                      87) It is mentioned in the passage that one factor
86. – 90. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız.                                   why illegal organizations vary in size is ---
                                                                                           A) how much the annual gain from the sale and trade
                                                                                              of drugs is
The illegal drug trade or drug trafficking is a global black                               B) the ability to get organized in the drugs market
market consisting of the cultivation, manufacture,                                            globally
distribution and sale of illegal drugs. While some drugs
are legal to possess and sell, in most jurisdictions laws                                  C) that some developing countries are indifferent to
prohibit the trade of certain types of drugs. The illegal                                     drugs production and sales
drug trade operates similarly to other underground
                                                                                           D) the absence of global restrictions are so few that
markets. Various drug cartels specialize in the separate
                                                                                              such organizations can operate almost freely
processes along the supply chain, often localized to
maximize production efficiency. Depending on the                                           E) that the demand for illegal drugs reach and how the
profitability of each layer, cartels may vary in size,                                        production can supply the demand
consistency, and organization. The chain ranges from
low-level street dealers who may be individual drug
users themselves, through street gangs and contractor-                                88) We can understand from the passage that drugs
like middlemen, up to multinational empires that rival                                    are produced -----
governments in size. Illegal drugs may be grown in
wilderness areas, on farms, produced in indoor or                                          A) almost anywhere a drug planter would like to
outdoor residential gardens or indoor hydroponic grow-                                        manufacture.
ops, or manufactured in drug labs located anywhere                                         B) particularly in areas that are remote and out of
from a residential basement to an abandoned facility.                                         touch
The common characteristic binding these production
locations is that they are discreet to avoid detection, and                                C) in various locations and conditions that comprise a
thus they may be located in any ordinary setting without                                      lot of options.
raising notice. Much illegal drug cultivation and
                                                                                           D) by some developing and some developed countries
manufacture take place in developing nations, although
production also occurs in the developed world.                                             E) mainly for illegal purposes and for the drug trade

86) we can infer form the passage that drug                                           89) It is stated in the passage that the drug
    cultivation and manufacture -----                                                     production locations -----
    A) is one of the biggest issues that countries must                                    A) show differences in terms of size, location and
       deal with                                                                              even country
    B) take place in developing countries with the support                                 B) are not only used for drug production, but also
       of developed countries                                                                 some other illegal operations
    C) has shown a tendency to rise as expected by the                                     C) merely consist of places such as wilderness areas,
       analysts                                                                               farms and residential gardens
    D) have been       restricted   by    several      developed                           D) resemble in their carefulness of being realized
       countries                                                                              which let them settle anywhere they like
    E) occur in developed countries as well but take place                                 E) are administered by street gangs and contractor-
       mainly in developing countries .                                                       like middlemen

                                                                                      90) It is stated in the passage that laws -----
                                                                                           A) in many countries prohibit any kind of drug use,
                                                                                              sale and production
                                                                                           B) allow certain drugs to be owned or sold
                                                                                           C) fight against the illegal             drug   trade   and
                                                                                              manufacturing world wide
                                                                                           D) are not efficient enough to ban drugs trade in the
                                                                                           E) merely let some organizations to deal with drugs

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91. – 95. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız.
                                                                                     93) It has been suggested by the writer in the
                                                                                         passage that imitation ----------
Almost all children learn the rules of their language at an
early age through use, and over time, without formal                                      A) is as significant as other factors such as the
instruction. Thus, one source for learning must be genetic.                                  environment and the genetic ability to speak
Human beings are born to speak; they have an innate gift
                                                                                          B) is widely used by children at learning their native
for figuring out the rules of the language used in their
                                                                                             language and they often imitate their parents
environment. The environment itself is also a significant
factor. Children learn the specific variety of language that                              C) is not the sole way how a child acquires its native
the important people around them speak. Children do not,                                     language
however, learn only by imitating those around them. We
know that children work through linguistic rules on their                                 D) linguistic rules and syntactic structure are obstacles
own because they use forms that adults never use, such                                        which make the process harder
as "I goed there before" or "I see your feets." Children                                  E) may only be observed at certain stages of language
eventually learn the conventional forms, "went" and "feet",                                  acquisition by children
as they sort out for themselves the exceptions to the rules
of English syntax. As with learning to walk, learning to talk
requires time for development and practice in everyday                               94) We understand form the passage that the
situations. Constant correction of a child's speech is                                   conventional forms of a language ------
usually unproductive. Children seem born not just to
speak, but also to interact socially. Even before they use                                A) are so hard to figure out that it takes time for
words, they use cries and gestures to convey meaning;                                        children to master them
they often understand the meanings that others convey.
                                                                                          B) may be confusing in the early processes of learning
The point of learning language and interacting socially,
                                                                                             for children, but they are overcome in time
then, is not to master rules, but to make connections with
other people and to make sense of experiences .                                           C) are also major factors at the time a child learns to
                                                                                          D) are time consuming for parents to teach and thus
91) It is stated in the passage cries and gestures are                                       they are rarely confused by children
    indicators of -----
                                                                                          E) may not be understood until a child reaches at a
    A) communication activities performed by children for                                    certain age or period
       some specific meanings
    B) are innate capabilities that are not learned but
       inherited by children                                                         95) As we may conclude form the paragraph that
                                                                                         language acquisition of children occurs --------
    C) how children adopt language from parents and
       other people around them                                                           A) in a specific environment by the help of important
                                                                                             people around children
    D) intelligence that is demonstrated by some children
       at the process of language learning                                                B) only if children interact socially and have an innate
                                                                                             ability to speak
    E) unproductive speech activities that a child has
       developed.                                                                         C) may sometimes at various stages and hence is not
                                                                                             easy to define
92) We can infer from the passage that the writer -----
                                                                                          D) through an interaction among genes, environment
    A) is at the opinion that there are numerous factors                                     and the child’s own thinking abilities.
       which determine a child’s acquisition of language
                                                                                          E) no matter how complex some languages may be
    B) states that the most essential factor of child’s                                      thanks to the genetic capability of speaking.
       acquisition of language is the environment
    C) explicitly expresses environmental factors are far
       more determining at the process of language
    D) believes that genetic factors may be one source of
       how children learn a language.
    E) relies on the theory that all humans are born with
       the ability to speak and so the sole determinant is
       his innate capacity.

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96. – 100 . soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız.
                                                                                        98) We understand form the passage that the writer
                                                                                            stresses that the Maya ------------
With their magnificent architecture and sophisticated
                                                                                               A) were in close contact with other civilizations
knowledge of astronomy, and mathematics, the Maya boasted
one of the great cultures of the ancient world. Although they                                  B) were unable to produce a satisfactory system of
had not discovered the wheel and were without metal tools,                                        dating
the Maya constructed massive pyramids, temples and
monuments of stone both in large cities and in smaller                                         C) confined their activities to a very small part of their
ceremonial centres throughout the lowlands of the Yucatan                                         domains
Peninsula, covering parts of what are now southern Mexico                                      D) were comparatively knowledgeable in astronomical
and Guatemala and essentially all of Belize. Amazingly, from                                      matters
celestial observatories, they tracked the progress, for
example, of Venus and developed, a calendar based on a                                         E) had to travel to large cities to worship their gods in
solar year of 365 days, about which we have insufficient                                          the temples there
knowledge and do not know how they might have done so.
They created their own system of mathematics, using a base
number of 20 with a concept of zero. And they developed a                               99) It is pointed out in the passage that Maya writing ------
hieroglyphic scheme for writing, one that used hundreds of
elaborate signs. Further, the Maya civilization shares many                                  A) was used extensively to decorate the temples
features with other Mesoamerican civilizations due to the                                    B) was chiefly to be found on stone monuments
interaction and cultural diffusion that characterized the region.
                                                                                             C) consisted of a very large number of intricate
96) With all their achievements, as described in the
    passage, it is rather surprising that the Maya ----------.                               D) was not as complicated as the writings of other
     A) were indifferent to all kinds of artistic activities
                                                                                             E) requires a great deal of expertise if it is to be
     B) were not interested in the lands that neighboured on                                    deciphered
     C) failed to develop their system of mathematics further
     D) had no knowledge of any planet other than Venus
                                                                                        100) It is pointed out in the passage that there is a lack of
     E) had no concept of the uses of a wheel                                               information about-----
                                                                                             A) how they were able to construct such unbelievable
97) we understand from the passage that the Maya -------                                        monuments.

     A) are known to have ranked higher than the other                                       B) where other civilizations resided in the territory at the
        neighbouring cultures                                                                   Mayan period

     B) are considered and known to have been one of the                                     C) how the Maya were able to perform celestial
        Mesoamerican civilizations in the region.                                               investigations

     C) were an invincible nation not only at arts but also at                               D) what exactly the Mayan calendar stood for and how
        technology and engineering                                                              many season it had

     D) managed to construct massive constructions thanks                                    E) what caused the Mayan civilization to disappear
        to the metal tools and the scientific knowledge they                                    instantly
     E) had developed a writing system which was ahead of
        many other scripts.
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