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					                                                                                    Revision classes and Resources

Subject                 Important dates             Additional revision/practical exam           Revision resources available for purchase        Cost      Available to
                        e.g. final                  preparation class details                                                                               order from
                        deadlines;                                                                                                                          dept.
                        practical exams
English                 c/w done                    Revision classes started from Weds 27 Feb – after school for everyone and at lunchtime          n/a      -
                                                    for C/D borderline pupils
Maths                   29.2.08 (c/w                Every Yr 11 teacher is running          A range of resources is available. These include        Varied Yes
                        deadline)                   classes at different times (lunch       revision CD & revision books.
                                                    and/or after school) C/D borderline
                                                    students - revision Monday
                                                    afterschool. Someone is usually
                                                    available to give specific help.
Science                 c/w done                    After school sessions start in March: 1 Pupils already have revision books. They will be Nil             -
                                                    session per section of work over        given a pack of question papers and answer
                                                    approx 6 weeks in addition to a         booklets before Easter.
                                                    structured revision in class.
IT courses              c/w: Thursday 20            Additional GCSE exam preparation        Pupils will be given details of on-line resources       nil      -
(full/short)            March                       lessons will be offered after school    for practice questions and feedback. The
                                                    and at lunchtime.                       Edexcel site is recommended:
                                                                                            They will also receive a revision booklet from the
                                                                                            department and can use online resources such
                                                                                            as Bitesize
Citizenship             c/w done                    Exam preparation is done in class       Revision book have been issued.                         nil      -
(short course)                                      time, starting after the mocks
RE (short               n/a                         Revision sessions after school on       Pupils will be given a revision booklet; they will then have to pay £1 for
course)                                             Mondays once mock exams have            photocopying costs if they do not return it after the final exam, or if they
                                                    been marked. Pupils should bring        want to write on it. A CD Rom of revision notes will also be offered to
                                                    their mock exam with them –             pupils – again with a £1 charge if they don’t return it.
                                                    especially if they are not taught by    The RE department also has a comprehensive website pupils are able to
                                                    Mrs Walker                              access for free!
French                  c/w done                    Speaking practice: the assistante is running revision classes on Mon/Tues lunchtime;
                                                    groups have been allocated a specific day.
                        Easter Revision             Speaking practice with Mrs White by arrangement
                        day: 11 April
                        From 17.3.08                Listening, Reading and Writing: Tues lunchtime – Mrs Selaj; Foundation R/L – ML5
                                                                                      Weds lunchtime – Mrs White; foundation W - ML3
                                                                                      Tues lunchtime and after school – additional practice
                                                    for Higher papers with Mrs Johns by arrangement
                                                    Module 2 resists: Tues after school for revision – Miss Meraly ML2

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German                  c/w done                    Revision sessions will be arranged with the class. The language teachers are always             n/a     -
                                                    happy to provide additional help and support.
Spanish                 c/w done                    Higher Listening – Monday lunchtimes – ML9; Speaking practise – Monday lunchtimes –             n/a     -
                                                    ML6; Weekly Workshops (grammar, exam techniques, aiming for a C, open to all pupils)
                                                    – Tuesday lunchtimes – ML1; Higher Reading – Friday lunchtimes – ML6. Mrs Wilson is
                                                    always available to give additional support; pupils are welcome to attend the Yr10 open
                                                    house on Tuesdays.
History                 c/w done                    Exam preparation will take place in      Revision books relating to each topic will be          nil     -
                                                    class.                                   issued
Geography               c/w done                    Revision classes on Monday after         Departmental revision handouts issued before           nil
                                                    school from Easter; drop-in sessions     Easter. Letts and Tomorrow’s Geography                         No
                                                    for specific queries available now       recommended

Business                Coursework clinics and revision sessions run every                       BBC Bitesize Revision                              £4      Yes
Studies                 lunchtime and every afternoon after school.                              Letts Revision Success and workbook                £4.50   Yes
                        There will be extra exam question and revision techniques       (past papers and mark schemes)
                        sessions on after the Easter break.                                      GCSE Bitesize; a CD Rom of revision notes
                                                                                                 based on the case study will also be offered to
                                                                                                 pupils with a £1 charge if they don’t return it.
Business St.            Coursework clinics and revision sessions run every                       Step by Step Revision Study guide                  £2      Yes
and Economics           lunchtime and every afternoon after school.                    
                        Specific Exam Questions Sessions on Thursday and Friday        
                                                                                                 GSCE bite size
DiDA/OCR                Lunchtime and after school sessions are available.                       There is no exam for the OCR course                n/a     -
Art                     c/w: 1.2.08          Exam paper distributed w/b 4 Feb.                   No additional resources needed – pupils will be    n/a     -
                        Practical Exam:      Continuation classes every Tuesday                  supplied with an exam preparation sketchbook.
                        25/26 or 27/28       and Thursday lunchtime
Drama                   Unit 2 Written       Coursework: Students requiring additional help to complete ‘Woman in Black’ evaluation                 n/a     -
                        Evaluation           should see their teacher for advice. This must be done early enough to meet the
                        Deadline 20.03.08! deadline!
                                             Performance: Students will be expected to attend extra-curricular rehearsals. A sign-up
                        Practical exam 8/9 sheet will be displayed in the Drama Studio for students to book these rehearsals. This
                        May                  will be monitored to ensure all groups are making use of the time and that all groups have
                                             the opportunity to make use of this extra help.
                                             Bank Holiday – Monday 5 May – Dress/Tech rehearsals for exam by arrangement
                                             with teacher!

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Music                   Composition c/w             Coursework clinics by appointment on         CPG Music Revision Areas of Study (AQA)        £5.50   Yes
                        deadline 17.3.08            Mondays,Thursdays and Fridays 3:15           Useful websites
                        Practical                   – 5:30pm; exam revision sessions   
                        assessment                  will take place on Thursdays after 
                        (recording week):           school from Easter.                
Dance                   Practical exam -            2 lessons per week theory, 1 lesson          Useful website                                 n/a     -
                        Internal                    of practical per week; all lessons on
                        moderation 4.3.08           theory after practical exam. Pupils          performing arts dance section
                        External                    MUST be rehearsing with their
                        moderation                  dancers for their choreography piece
                        20.3.08                     in their own time.
Media                   Exam issued                 Extra help available Mon-Thurs      contains useful        n/a     -
                        around 28 April             lunchtime or after school by                 information on this year’s exam topic.
PE (full course)        Practical                   Revision lessons will take place after       BBC Bitesize website;; GCSE
                        Assessment 21-25            Easter                                       PE” by Lonsdale                                £5.99   No

Food                    c/w done                    Revision takes place in lessons            Food Technology (Lonsdale)                       £3      Yes
Health and              Unit 1 coursework           Adequate time is given in lessons for the completion of coursework but extra help is        N/A     N/A
Social Care             First draft due             offered during lunch and after school if requested.
                        26.03.08.                   Some pupils may be completing a Unit 3 re-take exam in June. Revision for this will take
                        This will then be           place in class.
                        marked so
                        improvements can            Deadline date for improved coursework after marking is 30 April 2008
                        be made.

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