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									Le Grand Pinot Noir (Black Sheep)

In a world where so many things increasingly look the same, we`re delighted to offer you a wine that
doesn`t sheepishly follow the herd. Uniquely blended, the black sheep on the label symbolizes the wine:
irreverent, different, and delicious, aged in French and American oak for 6 months.

Bright garnet with a leathery, meaty nose and flavors of red cherry and currant. Generous palate with
good tannins and a long, lingering finish.

Le Grand (Pinot) Noir stands out from the crowd for its unique taste (spiced cherries), pedigree
(French), and versatility (the only red you can happily drink with fish). From the hills of Limoux, in
southern France, Le Grand Pinot Noir is an elegant wine that unlike the rest of the herd, is sealed in a
screw cap rather than cork.

•       86 Points "Best Buy" World Value Wine Challenge 2007

•       Bronze Medal 2008 Grand Harvest Awards

•       Twin Cities BEST VALUE Pinot Noir, Twin Cities Food & Wine Experience 2007

•         Des Moines Register “Wine Finds” 3/02/06: "...warm, spice-tinged wine with deep cherry notes
- a distinctive sip for the price…”

With Cheese Pairing

Basils Bavarian Smoked Cheese

Bruder Basil

Although Germany is a country with a massive dairy industry, their cheeses remain relatively unknown
to those of us outside its borders. One reason for this could be the majority of German cheeses are
simply imitations of its neighbor's specialties. However, there are exceptions. Bruder Basil comes to us
from Bavaria and is made in the tradition of Rauchkäse, a smoked cheese typical of the region.
Originally, Basils were manufactured by Trappist Monks in the Abbey of Rotthalmunster. In 1902, Basil
Weixler founded the Bergader Private Cheese Dairy. Today, Bergader still works in accordance with this
old tradition of craftsmanship. It is still smoked over selected beech wood, which gives it its special
flavor. This semi-soft cows milk cheese has a darker, natural rind and a rich, creamy texture. With its
smoky flavor, Bruder Basil is ideal for grilled sandwiches; as an alternative to raclette and gratins; and
perfect for snacking with your favorite dark German beer or French Pinot Noir.

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