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					    Glenjamin Elsegood 12-17th July 2009

              Hey Campers!

              The time has come for Powder Hounds 2009! We’re looking forward to a
              week skiing the slopes, meeting new friends and learning about Jesus.

              Every morning you are going to get a lesson from the fantastic people at
              Thredbo who will teach you new skills and see you improve heaps during the

              Make sure you read over this letter carefully because it has everything you
              need to know in it! If you have any other questions, please call the
              Crusaders office on 9874 8933 (press option 1).

              Can’t wait to see you on the bus!

                                   Glenjamin Elsegood
                                                  Camp Director

Start of Camp:
Please meet the bus at Gordon Bus Bay (Pacific Highway side of Gordon Train Station) at
7:30am on Sunday 12th July 2009. The bus will depart at 8:00am.
There will be 2 extra pick up points (for those who selected this option during the booking
process) at:
Campbelltown Coach Terminal (Hollylea Road, Leumeah) at 9:00am and Queanbeyan
McDonalds at 12:30pm.

End of Camp:
The bus will return to Gordon Bus Bay at 4:00pm on Friday 17th July 2009.
It will drop campers off at:
Queanbeyan McDonalds at 11:00am and Campbelltown Coach Terminal at 3:00pm.

Please make sure that a parent or guardian is there to collect you at this time. Feel
free to call the directors mobile during the last day to check that they are running on
                             WHAT TO BRING
     Ski Gear
♦ Parka and ski pants (warm and waterproof)
♦ 2 jumpers (one woollen & one fleece) for skiing & several thin layers for underneath the jumpers
♦ Thermal underwear & thermal, comfy, warm, long socks (5 pairs is best)
♦ Small backpack containing the following:
♦ Ski goggles
♦ Sun glasses
♦ Beanie or hat
♦ 2 pairs of ski gloves
♦ Scarf, neckwear or turtle neck
♦ Sun cream, lip balm, moisturiser
General Gear
• Sleeping bag or doona
• Sheets & pillow slip
• Warm pants, jumpers and shirts for the lodge
• Shoes, sneakers and ugg boots/slippers
• Swimmers and towel
• Bath towel
• Toiletries - shampoo, soap, toothbrush & toothpaste
• Torch
• Bible, notebook & pen
• Water bottle
• Plastic bag for wet and dirty clothes
• Money for lunch on the way down and return trip – we suggest $30-40 (All other meals are provided. You may
like to bring some extra cash for hot chocolates during the day.)
• Please make sure your medication is clearly marked with your name (to be given to the director at the start of
• THEME NIGHT-Please bring a crazy costume for our Superhero dress up night!
                      Please make sure everything is clearly marked with your name.

                                       The address of the campsite is:
                                           Bungarra Alpine Centre
                                                 Barry Way
                                            Jindabyne NSW 2627

                                       The Director: Glenjamin Elsegood
                                                0414 251 844

                         In the case of an emergency only you can contact the site on:
                                                 6457 2788
                               PLEASE BE AWARE
No skiing without a leader or an instructor.
No refunds if unable to ski (i.e. Weather).
No replacement of lost ski lift tickets. (Be careful.)
The director may decide, for any reason, that a camper/campers may need to be off the snow for a
period of time because of the condition of the weather, the camper, or their equipment.
The Crusader Union of Australia accepts no responsibility for personal property taken on camps
Please do not bring any expensive items, i.e. CD players, mobile phones, iPods etc.
Mobile Phones
Crusaders strongly recommend that campers do not bring mobile phones to camp. Mobiles are
expensive and we cannot take responsibility for such items. We have also noticed that mobiles can be
intrusive and can damage the sense of community that we seek to establish on all of our camps. If a
camper needs to contact their parents, this can always be done by asking a leader.
Drugs and Alcohol
Crusaders do not permit the use of alcohol, non-prescribed drugs or smoking on their camps. Anyone
found in breach of this can expect to be sent home immediately.
Please note that in the event of adverse weather conditions or other circumstances Crusaders
reserve the right to vary the program accordingly. This may include transporting campers to
activities off-site using appropriate transport such as buses and coaches.

                           THE CRUSADER UNION OF AUSTRALIA
                               Suite 1, 38 Rowe St Eastwood
                                    Mail to: PO Box 590
                                 EASTWOOD NSW 2122
                                Web: www.crusaders.edu.au

               Phone:            (02) 9874 8933
               Fax:              (02) 9874 0218
               Email:            crucamps@crusaders.edu.au
Dear Parents,

The Australian Government has declared a new phase in the response to the H1N1 (Human Swine Flu) influenza
response, known as PROTECT. The change in approach has occurred because the virus strain is not as virulent as
first thought and the focus is now on minimising the transmission of the virus among those at greater risk of devel-
oping complications. Crusaders have put together the following guidelines in accordance with Government Guide-
lines as of the 19th June 2009.

People can be infectious with human swine influenza for up to 24 hours before they develop any symptoms. This
means that people who do not feel sick could unknowingly spread the virus. The symptoms of swine influenza are
similar to seasonal influenza (fever, cough, tiredness, muscle aches, sore throat, chills, shortness of breath, runny
nose, headache). Some cases of human swine influenza have also complained of vomiting and diarrhoea. Symp-
toms generally appear between two to four days after exposure.

We ask for the cooperation of parents in helping us protect all of the children who come on our camps by comply-
ing with the following procedure:

1. If a child is booked onto a camp and has returned from Melbourne, United States, Mexico, Canada, Japan or Pa-
     nama within 7 days of the start of their camp we require the parent to contact the Director of Holiday Camps
     on 9874 8933 (press option 1) who will assess the risk and advise whether the camper will be able to attend
     the camp depending on Government guidelines at the time.

2. If a child develops flu like symptoms before camp we require that parents prevent them from joining the camp
until they are fully recovered. Parents must contact the Director of Holiday Camps on 9874 8933 (option 1) to ad-
vise and discuss this.

3. If a child presents to camp with flu like symptoms they will be prevented from joining the camp and the parent
will be expected to collect them immediately so that other campers are not exposed.

4.If a child develops flu like symptoms whilst on camp, he/she will be immediately quarantined on site and re-
quired to wear a face mask. The parent will be asked to collect the child and take them to a medical practitioner.

5. If any camper or leader is positively diagnosed with swine flu, all other parents of children attending the same
camp will be notified and the campers and leaders on the camp will be closely monitored for symptoms.

We recommend that you monitor the Department of Health’s website which has regular updates and advice about
the pandemic. www.emergency.health.nsw.gov.au/swineflu. Regular updates will be put on our website
www.crusaders.edu.au as information comes to hand, please keep your eye on there and act accordingly.

We realise that these procedures could possibly be inconvenient for some parents but hope that all parents will
appreciate our endeavours to ensure that their children are kept as safe as possible from being exposed to Swine
Flu virus. It is unlikely that an occurrence of Swine Flu will happen during camp but please be assured that Crusad-
ers will take appropriate action if it does occur and we will endeavour to keep you well informed .

If you have any questions or concerns please call the office on 9874 8933.


Gary Hill
Executive Director

Friday 19th June 2009
                                 ‘POST CAMP’ ONLINE FORUMS

CRU Camps is encouraging the use of online social networking forums post-camp so that camp-
ers and leaders can stay in touch with each other in a controlled environment. Campers will be
sent a web link at the end of camp to enable them to join their specific camp group forum. This
forum will not take place on the Crusaders website, but instead at the FERVR.net website - de-
veloped by Anglican Youthworks.
Forum Security
Your child’s safety is of great importance to us. To maximise the safety of each camp forum
group we have put the following procedures in place:
·    The only people in the group will be campers and leaders from the camp your child attends
– no one else will be allowed to join the group.*
·   Camp leaders can remove published/public postings at any time and have the power to
remove campers from membership of the group if necessary.
·     All postings by campers and leaders will be viewable only by group members (not the pub-
·    The group will be closed at the end of 12 months.
If you do not wish your child to participate in their camp forum group please make it known to
them that you do not want them to join. Crusaders leaves it up to parents to instruct their chil-
dren and will not be held responsible if a child joins against their parents’ wishes.

To read Crusaders full ‘Online Forum Policy’, please visit www.crucamps.com.au/onlinepolicy.
To educate your children regarding appropriate behaviour online you may like to look at this
helpful brochure: www.cybersmartkids.com.au.

*Crusader full-time staff will also be able to view and administrate the group, to ensure appro-
priate content