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									             The Companion
A publication of the Loyola Ex-Students Association   Volume 2 May 2009
                       From The Principal
                                Dear Companions,       relocation of the Science laboratories, all of
                                                       which will be located on the ground floor of A
                             Welcome to the 2009
                                                       Block and extensions to the PAC which will
                             school year here at
                                                       include a stage and new foyer with mezzanine
                             Loyola College. Since
                                                       and additional permanent seating. These projects
                             the last newsletter
                                                       will assist in both accommodating the growing
                             there have been many
                                                       number of enrolments within the College and
                             developments at the
                                                       will also enable us to improve the quality of
                             College. These have
                                                       learning experiences for our students.
                             included the completion
                             of restoration works      I am pleased to report that demand for places at
                             on St Ignatius Chapel,    the College has been overwhelming in terms of
                             the opening of Iggy’s,    our planning for 2010. This has given us great
our Student Training Restaurant and the launch         confidence in the directions the College is taking
of the new College Strategic Plan 2009-2013.           as community support and interest in what we
The Strategic Plan is available on the College         have to offer has reached high levels. Of
website and I would invite       particular interest is the fact that growing
all to access this interesting document.               numbers of former Loyola students, who are
                                                       now parents themselves, are applying to enrol
Over the Term 1 school holidays renovations
                                                       their children here at the College. This can be a
were completed in our Reception area. Hopefully
                                                       wonderful ongoing family tradition as the
this will create a more welcoming environment
                                                       College moves into its 30th year of operation
for all who come to this area of the College. The
                                                       this year.
grounds continue to be developed with new
garden areas being established outside the             I wish to commend LEXSA on their ongoing
Library and near the entrances to the College.         work of providing a point of contact for former
Of particular interest to former students will be      students and their ongoing support of the
the relocation of the bronze statue of St Ignatius     College. I hope to see the association grow both
which was originally located near the new              in numbers and in the activities they provide for
Library. With the acquisition of the former Jesuit     former students. I would also like to see LEXSA
Seminary and relocation of the College                 more involved in supporting College life and
Reception and Administration area, the statue          future developments and projects. This is a
has been moved closer to the Main Entrance on          wonderful time in our College history and I look
the Grimshaw Street side of the College so that        forward to celebrating with all involved the
it can be given more prominence.                       growth and development of LEXSA.
This year we have a number of building projects                                           Joseph Favrin
in mind. These will include the renovation and                                                 Principal

    In This Issue
    Principal’s Address                     1           Class of 2008                             9
    College Captains Report                 2           College Awards                           10
    Iggy’s Restaurant Opening               3           Class of 1998 Reunion                    11
    Malaysian Study Tour                    4           Facilities at Loyola                     12
    Sports Shorts                           5           College Archives                         13
    Where are they Now?                     6           LEXSA                                    14
    St Ignatius Chapel                      7

                              College Captains
2009. This is a year of many things.                      sessions, represented Loyola at the ACS Swimming
That is how we began our first official speech this       Carnival. As College Captains we had our first big
year. However, our journey as Loyola College’s            responsibility at the Opening School Assembly and
College Captains began a long time before that. In        Mass which ran very smoothly. We encouraged the
September of last year we went through a selection        students to be the greatest they could be this year
process involving an interview and a speech to the        by putting in the extra effort especially for things
entire school. On the 20th October we were both           they are uncomfortable with. Nadia spoke about
fortunate enough to be announced the College              her dislike of making phone calls, but explained
Captains for 2009.                                        that it is rewarding to challenge yourself. Regardless
                                                          of whether you succeed or fail, the lessons you
                                                          learn from trying are more important than the
                                                          The Autumn Sounds Music Concert was also held,
                                                          and was enjoyed by all, despite the rain. As
                                                          members of the LSC we attended St Patrick’s Day
                                                          mass. And finally, the much anticipated and
                                                          enjoyable Activities Week arrived. Students partook
                                                          in various activities such as camping, work
                                                          experience, social service and retreat. The first term
                                                          was a very busy one so we are going to build on that
                                                          and have an even greater second term and year.
                                                          We are very proud to be the Captains of Loyola
                                                          College and hope to motivate the students and staff
Though we began our captaincy last year, this year        and make their time at school more enjoyable!
has proved to be a very busy one. Early in the term,
we were all greatly affected by the horrific bushfires.
Although we could not go and fight the fires or
build new houses for the victims, as a school we
sprung straight into action. An emergency assembly
was held, focussing on how we could help: by
donating money, clothing and other essential items,
and keeping all victims in our prayers.
We held a casual clothes day and a sausage sizzle to
raise funds for the Bushfire Appeal and also called
for items that could be donated to St Vincent de
Paul. We called for everyone to donate their spare
change with collection tins placed in every Mentor
Room and in the school canteen. As a College we
raised $20,000, an absolutely outstanding effort. We
also had a large room full of donated items. This
response to the tragedy of the bushfires has been a
testament to the generosity and humanity of
Loyola’s students, parents and staff members.
On a happier note we also held our annual House
Swimming Carnival which was a huge success at a
different venue in Northcote. Then our best                               Brendan Plowman and Nadia Conte
swimmers, after many early morning training                                               College Captains
                           Iggy’s Student
On Thursday 5th March a long held dream was
fulfilled when Iggy’s, Loyola College Student
Training Restaurant was formally opened. Mr John
Kennedy, founding Principal of the College was
invited to officially open the restaurant in
recognition of his passion to have such a restaurant
operating at the College. Mr Joe Favrin, Principal,
warmly welcomed the guests to the Opening, and Fr
Justin King SJ, College Chaplain, blessed all who
would work and eat at Iggy’s. Loyola College
becomes only the second Catholic secondary school
in the Archdiocese of Melbourne to take on the
venture of running a student training restaurant.

A great deal of planning took place before the
opening to ensure that Mrs Andrea Nankervis, the
teacher in charge, and her team of Year 12 VET
Hospitality students were ready to welcome the large
number of guests invited to the Opening. The
students will have the opportunity to experience all
aspects of running a restaurant, from preparing
meals, welcoming guests on arrival and providing
service at the table with a set menu of three choices
of entrée, main meal and dessert being offered each
Thursday night during the school term.
Academy Uniforms kindly donated a full set of vests
for the students to wear. The College is grateful to
Mr Shane Harper from Academy Uniforms for this
wonderful gesture which will allow the students to
look professional whilst working at Iggy’s.

                                       Tony Chirico
                                  Deputy Principal
         (Administration and Personal Development)
Malaysia Study Tour 2009
On Friday 3rd April Loyola College students, Miss Cybula, Mercy College staff and students and Marian
College staff and students departed for Malaysia for an 11 day Study Tour. A variety of places were visited
in Penang, Kuala Lumpar and Malacca. These included such places as the Reclining Buddha Temple in
Penang, Orang-utan Island in Bukit Merah, Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur and Banghuris Village in
Malacca, to name a few.
In addition, students enjoyed a diverse range of activities such as cooking lessons, a batik lesson, pewter
making lesson and trishaw rides. A highlight of the trip was visiting the Indonesian School in Kuala
Lumpur. The students made a number of new Indonesian friends and took part in Indonesian classes at
the school. The hospitality and warmth of both teachers and students at the school was outstanding.
Students loved the shopping and bargaining experience - Bargaining in Chinatown night markets was a
skill most students perfected within 5 minutes with some extremely good outcomes!
The students also had the privilege of seeing the King of Malaysia in Malacca as they were staying in the
same hotel! Overall the tour was an unforgettable and enjoyable experience for all – a complete success!

                                                                                         Alison Cybula
                                                                                LOTE Indonesian Teacher

                                     Sport Shorts
Daniel Guccione (8.1 KMV)
Daniel is a tennis star in the making! He first started
tennis lessons at the age of 4 and entered
competitions when he was 8. During a Talent
Search when he was 9, Daniel was noticed for his
ability and was selected by Tennis Victoria to
participate in Squads. Continued success in national
competitions, resulted in a partial scholarship being
offered by Tennis Australia when Daniel was 11 and
it is there that he is currently training 3 mornings
and 3 afternoons each week.
As well as being a Loyola student, Daniel often
participates in competitions and tournaments
around Victoria and Australia. Ranked No.1 in
Victoria and No.2 in Australia in his age group, it is
clear to see that Daniel has a bright future ahead of
him. Daniel looks forward to an upcoming
International tournament in Europe in May, where
he will train in France, then compete in Slovenia
and Italy. We are proud of Daniel's achievements
and wish him the very best for his future in tennis.
                                      Miriam Stylli
                           MacKillop Head of House

                                                          Matthew Kreuzer (L 02 07)
                                                          Ma h K          (L:02-07)
                                                          Matthew began his football career in the Under 9’s
                                                          at St Mary’s Football Club before progressing to the
                                                          Northern Knights and Vic Metro League to
                                                          National level. At the 2007 draft he was selected as
                                                          the N 1 draft pick by Carlton. He has found this,
                                                              second year at the club hard, but still easier than
                                                          his se
                                                          his fi year.
                                                          Matthew tells us that he best part of playing for
                                                          Carlton is game day, however other activities such
                                                          as promotions and TV commercials can be fun at
                                                          times. On the downside is training for six days a
                                                          week. Matthew is taking his future one game at a
                                                          time. In his first year in the AFL Matthew was
                                                          named Carlton Best First Year Player (2008) and
                                                          received an AFL NAB Rising Star Nomination.
                                                          After six rounds of the 2009 season, he has played
                                                              games and kicked 16 goals.
                                                          26 ga

                                                                                             Maureen Lonsdale
                                                                                            Community Liaison

                    Where are they now?
Erica Lucci (L:01-06) is the first Loyola
College student to win the prestigious ‘Duke of
Edinburgh Gold Award’.
                                                   Businesses you can rely on

                                                   AdminWise is a home based Bookkeeping
                                                   service for small business. My work takes me to
                                                   all types of business and I work from their
                                                   premises or my own depending on the need. I
                                                   previously worked in payroll and administration
                                                   roles with various organisations but was looking
                                                   for diversity and being more in charge of my
                                                                      own hours and activities.
Erica is pictured receiving h award f
                            her     d from the
                                                                      Originally I wanted to be a
Governor of Victoria, Professor David de Kretser
                                                                      teacher, sometimes I am still
AC at Government House on December 11 2008.
                                                                      able to incorporate this as I
                                                                      show people how to look
Claire Landy (L:96-01) and Steven Hatty                               after      their    accounts
On Saturday 7 March 2009, Claire married Steven
Hatty at Loyola College in the newly restored St                       Dianne Smith (Leach L:81-86)
Ignatius Chapel. Claire was attended by Michelle
Sproats and Rebecca (L:93-94) and Fiona Landy
(L:92-97). Steven was supported by Matthew
Kirkright and Peter and David Hatty.

                                                   Kismet Financial Services is a local financial
                                                   planning business based in Bundoora. We are
                                                   active within the community and work hard to
                                                   provide a holistic financial planning solution for
                                                   all of our clients (big and small).
                                                   Originally I worked for the Federal Government
                                                   in policy and procedure areas. I was offered an
                                                   opportunity to join Kismet, just after leaving my
                                                   old job. It was the right place,
                                                   at the right time and all the
                                                   right connections. When I left
                                                   school I wanted to join the
                                                   police force, but I couldn’t be
                                                   bothered training!!!
                                                   Nat Mercovich (L:87-92)
                                 ~ St Ignatiu
Saturday March 14th 2009. That was the deadline.
                             hat was the deadline.       with the history of the building and, in particular,
                                                         with the history of the building and, in particular,
Claire Landy (L:96-01), College Vice-Captain in          our Ignatian heritage.
2001, had booked the first wedding.
                                                         This is evident in the following items:
The original Loyola Watsonia was built in 1934 and
                                                         • The altar that houses the Blessed Sacrament is
operated as a Jesuit House of Studies, Novitiate and
                                                           from St Ignatius’ College Riverview, a fellow
Retreat Centre until 1975. The building, now known
                                                           Ignatian school.
as Old Loyola, and some of the grounds was then
sold to the state government with a portion of the       • The tabernacle is the original tabernacle which
remaining land given to the Archdiocese of                 has been in St Damian’s Parish for the last 34
Melbourne for educational purposes. This act of            years. Our thanks to St Damian’s and Fr Michael
generosity saw Loyola College open its doors for the       Kalka who also donated the Holy Water font and
first Year Seven group in 1980. As the school grew         candlesticks from the parish of St Mary’s
the Principal at the time Mr John Kennedy nurtured         Chiltern.
the dream of incorporating the original building         • The restoration of the Queen of Society painting
                                  into the College.        and its placement above the altar in the position
                                  A serious attempt        it hung for 40 years. Our thanks to the Society of
                                  was made to buy          Jesus for giving us this painting on permanent
                                  the      property        loan.
                                  when it came
                                  onto the market        • The stone carving of the Wolves and the Pot
                                  in 1994. This            above the Queen of the Society painting is a
                                  failed and it            reproduction of a similar piece found above the
                                  wasn’t until 2002        door of St Ignatius’ birthplace in Loyola, Spain.
                                  that we were             The Wolves and Pot symbolise hospitality and are
                                  successful.              found on the coat of arms of many Ignatian
                                                           schools and organisations.
                                    Over the last
                                    seven years much     • The Society of Jesus IHS mosaic on the front
                                    work has taken         panel of main altar and the symbol on the lectern
                                    place to make Old      were constructed by Bernadette Thorley (nee
Loyola suitable for student use. This has included new     Casamento) (L:90-95).
fire safety, electrical, computer and communications     • Our Lady of Montserrat’s chapel: At Montserrat
systems, refurbishment of offices, meeting rooms and       Ignatius placed his sword before Our Lady
classrooms, the establishment of drama, dance and          symbolising a new direction and a life dedicated
music centres and a hospitality wing and student           to God’s work. Mr Favrin purchased the statue of
restaurant.                                                Our Lady from Montserrat and brought it to
The original Loyola contained a number of chapels          Melbourne. The altar in this chapel and a number
whose altars were de-consecrated and removed in            of candlesticks that are on the Blessed Sacrament
1975. The main chapel was the heart and centre of          altar are from Canisius College Pymble which
the building in every sense.                               succeeded Loyola Watsonia as the Jesuit
                                                           Novitiate for Australia.
In April 2008 Mr Favrin convened the Restoration
Sub-Committee consisting of, Fr Steven Rigo –            • The St Ignatius side chapel with its new statue by
President of the Canonical Administrators, Mr              sculptor Engelbert Piccolruaz.
Joseph Favrin – Principal, Mr Mark Arnavas –             • The Stations of the Cross are reproductions of
Business Manager, Mr Rod MacDonald – Facilities            those that hang in Our Lady of Victories,
Manager, Fr Justin King S.J. – Chaplain and Mr             Camberwell which have the same surrounds as
Chris Lynch – Director of Mission. This group met          the originals.
regularly over the next year. Priority was given to
restore the chapel to a truly sacred space consistent
us’ Chapel ~

 The vast majority of work was complete in time for Fr Michael McEntee to conduct Claire’s wedding on a
 beautiful sunny Melbourne autumn day.
 The first Mass was celebrated by Father Justin King S.J. (L:55-59, 01-) for Year Seven students on Monday 23rd
 March and Fr Peter Robinson, installed the Blessed Sacrament in the tabernacle on Friday, 3rd April. This was
 quite fitting as Fr Peter headed negotiations with Bruno Grollo to buy the property back for the College. The
 chapel will be consecrated by Archbishop Hart on Sunday 16th August.
 The committee worked closely with Arthur Andronus of Falkinger & Andronus, Heritage Architects. We are
 also appreciative of the great work done by many craftspeople including Mulholland Painters, Hallet & Sons
 Stonemasons, Fallshaw Furniture, Joe Giansiracusa, Queen of the Society painting restoration, Duane Lucas of
 Heritage Silver for restoration of the tabernacle and altar-ware and Maria Toscano (mother-in-law of Mr Favrin)
 who made the altar, credence and offertory cloths.
                                                                                                   Chris Lynch
                                                                                            Director of Mission
        The Graduating Class of 2008
Loyola College is proud to report that our             At our first College Assembly on Friday 27 February,
graduating Year 12 class of 2008 were very             we welcomed the VCE Academic Excellence Award
successful in gaining tertiary education offers,       winners from the Class of 2008. Twelve students
apprenticeships, traineeships, pre-apprenticeship      achieved an ENTER over 90 with the Dux, David
training places and employment. A small number of      Smith achieving 99.20. The VCE Academic
students received two tertiary offers – one from a     Excellence Award winners received a Loyola plaque
University or a TAFE College and the other from an     and a book voucher.
Independent College. In this instance, most students   Loyola College acknowledges the success of our top
have taken up their University or TAFE offer. Some     students and we wish them well in their future studies:
of our students have deferred study for 2009 to
travel, participate in the GAP Program or to work,
and will commence their study in 2010. The
information below summarises these destinations.

                                                                         99.2                       99.0                       97.7
                                                           David Smith           Christopher Gonelli         Brendan Haeslar
                                                       Science Double Degree          Biomedicine          Science Double Degree
                                                         La Trobe University     University of Melbourne     La Trobe University

                                                                         96.4                       93.5                       93.4
                                                       Nicolas Papadimatos            David Tieri            Natali Lambevska
                                                             Commerce                     Music            Media, (Deferred in 2009)
                                                       University of Melbourne   University of Melbourne           RMIT
Institute                                 Number
Australian Catholic University                 4
Australian Catholic University TAFE            2
Australian Maritime College                    1
University of Ballarat                         1
Box Hill TAFE                                  2
Deakin University                              5
Kangan Batman TAFE                             1                        92.55                       92.1                       92.1
Independent Colleges                           3         Nathan Nicolaou           Shreyes Karnam               Adam Louws
                                                           Law / Business             Commerce                Medicine / Surgery
La Trobe University                           37         La Trobe University       Monash University          Monash University
Monash University                              3
NMIT                                          17
RMIT University                               19
RMIT TAFE                                      5
Swinburne University                           9
Swinburne TAFE                                 5
University of Melbourne                        7
Victorian University                          11                        91.45                       91.4                      90.65
Victorian University TAFE                      3        Stephanie Sutcliffe           Kieran Best          Patrick Harland-Lee
                                                            Commerce                       Arts            Art: Games & Interactivity
William Angliss                                6          Deakin University      University of Melbourne          Swinburne

                                     Louise Hogan                                                 Bernadette Donnelly
                                    Careers Advisor                                              Director of Curriculum
                     College Medals 2008
Insignis Medal                                       Loyola Medal
The Insignis Medal is the highest award at an        The Loyola Medal is awarded to a current or
Ignatian school, awarded to a current student        former staff member, Canonical Administrator
whom St Ignatius would have called “A                or chaplain who has given service in a pastoral or
Companion”.                                          professional capacity and has shown loyalty and
                                                     commitment to the College for an extended period
                        Recipient –                  of time.
                        Belinda Negro
                        (L:03-08)                    Recipient –
                        Belinda was the 2008         Lonsdale
                        College Captain and is
                        currently studying Arts at   Maureen has been
                        the University of            a staff member at
                        Melbourne.                   Loyola College
                                                     since 1995. For
                                                     many people
                                                     Maureen is their
St Ignatius Medal                                    first contact with Loyola as her role involves
                                                     Community Liaison; College Tours: Promotion
The St Ignatius Medal is awarded to a current or     Marketing; Enrolment Interviews; Looking after
former student who has given service in a            International Students; Short Term
pastoral or leadership capacity and has shown        Accommodation bookings; Organising Events. It
loyalty and commitment to the College                is a position which Maureen “loves to bits” and
throughout his/her time as a student.                keeps her busy, particularly at the start of the
                                                     school year when there is not a second to spare.
Recipient – Miriam Holmes (L:80-85)

Miriam was School Captain and Dux of Loyola
College’s inaugural graduating class. On leaving
                                                     Jesuit Medal
Loyola College, Miriam went on to study Law and is   The Jesuit Medal is awarded to a current or
currently the Director (Melbourne) of the Social     former parent or College friend who has given
Security Appeals Tribunal.                           service in a pastoral, professional or leadership
                                                     capacity and has shown loyalty and commitment
                                                     to the College for an extended period of time.

                                                     Recipient – Leigh Villanti

                                                     Leigh appreciates the benefits that being involved
                                                     in the College community have brought her such
                                                     as friendships with other parents, teachers and
                                                     families and a greater insight into how the school
                                                     operates on a day to day basis. The opportunity to
                                                     give feedback both positive and negative from a
                                                     parent’s point of view was also a plus.
                                                     Leigh is the mother of Michael (L:01-06) and
                                                     Louise (L:03-08).
                           Class of 1998 Reunion
The ten-year reunion of the Class of ’98 was
held on November 23rd 2008 at the Lower
Plenty Hotel, Lower Plenty. It was fantastic
to see as many as 60 people attend the
reunion with their husbands, wives, partners
and babies. Although ten years is a long time,
it seemed as though we never left high
school, as we shared stories of the
developments of our lives since ‘the good
old days’ at Loyola. We shared in many
laughs and tears as we watched our Year 12
video ‘The Time of Your Life”.
I would like to thank the College, in
particular, Maureen Lonsdale who helped in
the organisation of the day, and thank those
of our teachers who were part of the
celebration - Mrs Jennifer Kerby, Mrs Laura
Gorey, Mr Peter Keegan and Mrs Phyllis
Vespucci. It is great to see how successful we
have all become in our chosen careers.
     Cristina (Gusatto) Masciangioli – Class of ’98.
                           LOTE Head of Faculty

 2009 sees reunions for the classes of 1989,
 1994, 1999, 2004 and of course the class of
 2008 which kicks off the calendar.
 2008: Tuesday 28 July 6pm – 8pm
 2004: Saturday 22 August 6pm – 8pm
 1999: Saturday 17 October
 1994: Saturday 17 October
 1999: Saturday 31 October
 Invitations will be mailed soon, if you know of
 anyone who has not received this publication,
 please contact to
 enable us to update our database.

        Weddings at Loyola
                                                                               The newly restored
                                                                               St Ignatius’ Chapel and
                                                                               the Chapel of the Irish
                                                                               Martys are available for
                                                                               Wedding Ceremonies.
                                                                               Further enquiries should
                                                                               be directed to:
                                                                               Mrs Teresa Schirripa
                                                                               (Principal’s Personal Assistant)
                                                                               on (03) 9433 0207
                                                                               or by email

  Accommodation at Loyola College
For those who are attending events at Loyola College we have a number of accommodation choices
available. These include fully furnished rooms with linen provided (BYO Towels), tea and coffee facilities
and on-site parking. Continental Breakfast provisions and lunch may be organized as requested for an
additional charge.
INTERNATIONAL HOUSE:                                  MANRESA COTTAGE:
Accommodation available in a shared living            Suitable for one person or a couple, includes: 1
environment.                                          double bedroom, kitchen, dining area, bathroom
Suitable for small group planning days/               and lounge area with TV. Laundry facilities are
conferences/short stays in Melbourne and includes:    available from International House.
3 single private bedrooms, 1 double private           Rental
bedroom with ensuite, separate bathroom facilities,   $100 per week / $30 per night
lounge area with TV, kitchen, dining area and
laundry facilities.                                             For Bookings please contact
Rental                                                     Mrs Maureen Lonsdale on (03) 9433 0228
4 bedrooms:         $300 weekly (ongoing)
Double Room:        $140 per week
                    $35 per night
Single Room:        $100 per week
                    $25 per night

                Loyola College Archives
About three years ago Mrs Maureen Philp established the Loyola College Archives at the request of Mr John
Kennedy, Founding Principal. A large collection of photographs and other memorabilia was being
accumulated and needed conservation and organization to preserve it for future generations.
Since then good progress has been made towards establishing the
Archives as a comprehensive record of the history and heritage of
our school and of the old Loyola building. All members of the Loyola
community are encouraged to contribute to the Archives. Archival
material is displayed in showcases at the north end of the main
corridor (Via Maxima) in Old Loyola.
The items collected for the Archives include:
✔ Photographs
✔ Newspaper cuttings about the school,
  students and staff (past and present)
✔ Sports programs
✔ Concert/drama programs
✔ Mass booklets
✔ Flyers
✔ Prospectus                            y
✔ Uniform items
✔ Trophies                               s
✔ Banners
✔ Student Planners/diaries
✔ Newsletters

        Anne Hughes, Loyola College Archivist
 94330222 (Wednesdays)

             LEXSA President’s Report
Over the past year the Loyola College Ex Students        for all they are doing. I also appreciate the ongoing
Association (LEXSA) has set the foundation to            support of the College Principal Mr Joe Favrin and all
become an important part of the Loyola College           his staff.
Community. The main aims of LEXSA are to support                                        This publication is an
the College and to provide an avenue for past students                                  important step in
to keep in touch.                                                                       LEXSA reaching out
It is fantastic that LEXSA is up and running again but                                  to past students and
if it is to be a sustainable Association then we need                                   provides        valuable
more members to join the committee and lend                                             information       about
support. It is important that we have as many                                           LEXSA.        I     look
representatives as we can from various year levels.                                     forward to seeing you
 The other aspect that LEXSA needs to continue to                                       all at events, reunions
develop is fundraising, so that we can continue to                                      and             meetings
provide resources and assist in major projects                                          throughout the year.
throughout the College. LEXSA needs to be proactive                                              Sean Simpson
in this area and ensure that we are constantly giving                                                (L:80-86)
something back to the College and that we are a part
of the ongoing improvement of Loyola.
It is easy to be involved in so many ways - join the      Meeting dates
committee, attend the past student reunions, attend a
Loyola College major event, let us know what you are
up to and support the fundraising by donating prizes,
                                                            for 2009
purchasing raffle tickets or providing ideas to the                 Monday 15th June 7pm
                                                                    Monday 20th July 7pm
Loyola College is our School and always will be and it
is important that we support the College in every way             Monday 7th September 7pm
we can.                                                            Monday 19th October 7pm
Special thanks must also go to the LEXSA Committee                Monday 30th November 7pm
and especially to Judith Lane and Maureen Lonsdale

                       From The Editor
                    Wow, what an issue, a wedding, reunions, College redevelopment, student restaurant
                    opening, what more could you want. That is what I want to know, this is after all
                    your magazine, weddings, births, sports stars, academic achievers, where to get your
                    teeth, fence or finances fixed. I love positive feedback it’s what helps grow this
 publication (of course negative feedback does that too but I’m not so excited about that). If you have
 anything you want included, whatever it is, let me know.
  Finally, a couple of BIG thank you’s. Mr Randy Schrader, for designing the LEXSA logo, every design
 was brilliant but we finally agreed to the one that has been included in this publication. I would also like
 to thank those people who have kindly shared their news particularly the Landy family for providing
 photos from Claire and Steven Hatty’s wedding including those of their photographer, Chris Clinnick
                                                                           Judith Lane (Mercovich L:81-85)

Welcome to
On Friday 27th February, the
College       Assembly      was
formally opened with a
Welcome to Country ceremony
which formally acknowledged
the Wurundjeri people as the
traditional owners of the land.
The College welcomed Mr Bill
Nicholson, an elder of the
Wurundjeri       People     and
representatives     of       the
Wurundjeri Dance Group for
this historic ceremony.

                        Tony Chirico
                   Deputy Principal
                (Administration and
              Personal Development)

ANZAC Day Commemoration Service
On Wednesday 22nd April students and staff members assembled outside Old Loyola at our ANZAC
Commemoration Service. The College is grateful for the presence of the Simpson Barracks service
personnel who allowed our students and staff members to remember with reverence the service and
sacrifice of service men and women past and present who have protected and preserved the core values
of our nation.

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