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                                             “PIN WM”

                                           PRINCIPLES OF ASSOCIATION

     PIN WM is an Association of Professional Bodies based in the West Midlands for the purposes of :
                          Providing access to a wider range of CPD opportunities
                        Raising the profile of the professions in the West Midlands
                       Providing networking opportunities between professionals

The association operates as

1.        An Association of Professional Bodies based in the West Midlands for the purpose of:

          (i)     The promotion of the Professional Institutes in the West Midlands to one another’s
                  members and students and the wider community

          (ii)    Promoting Events to Members and Students of all Bodies to facilitate their requirements
                  for CPD

          (iii)   Creating Networking opportunities for Members and Students of Professional Institutes
                  in the West Midlands

          (iv)    Enabling the engagement of Key Speakers for Events by ensuring a worthwhile audience

          (v)     A vehicle for lobbying and comment on issues relevant to the professions and business
                  community in the West Midlands

          (vi)    Promoting the capabilities of the West Midlands Professional Institutes Nationally and

2.        Each Institute will commit to:

          (i)     Maintain their own page on the PIN WM Website with details of forthcoming events
                  open to other PIN WM members and students. This will contain a link to their Institute
                  website for bookings and further information. Content must be in accord with internet
                  protocols and each institute will remain responsible for the accuracy and
                  appropriateness of content. Institutes should ensure that accurate details are
                  maintained of the relevant officers and their contact details should be kept up to date.

          (ii)    Promoting PIN WM website and its activities to members, students and the wider
                  community as well as promoting other PIN WM member institutes events where
                  appropriate and possible.

          (iii)   Hold at least one event per annum which is either branded PIN WM or is extensively
              promoted through PIN WM and also contribute to newsletters.

      (iv)    Send West Midlands Regional Representatives to meetings (generally 3-4 a year) of PIN
              WM Main Board to deal with strategic and administrative matters, including
              sponsorship agreements.

      (v)     Agree that the Chair, Vice Chair/s, Secretary and Treasurer and hosting of PIN WM
              meetings will rotate between member Institutes every 2 years.

      (vi)    Agree to abide by the website rules in terms of content to be uploaded and displayed.

3     Costs of building and maintaining the website, promotional material and producing a newsletter
      will be covered by sponsorship. In return sponsors will be acknowledged by PIN WM through the
      opportunity of displaying a page of information about their organisation and a logo and link to
      their websites.

4.    The only cost to Institutes, where incurred, will be:

      (i)     The cost of promoting PIN WM and its events to their own members and students and
              the wider community where appropriate.

      (ii)    The cost of hosting the Main Board Meetings, when in the chair on a rotational basis.
              However, it is generally expected that where possible meeting venues will be obtained
              on a free of charge basis.

      (iii)   Costs of events offered to PIN WM members and students, although a charge can be
              levied to attend.

      (iv)    A share of the cost of other joint PIN WM events mutually agreed between participating
              member bodies.

      (v)     A nominal membership subscription may be levied subject to agreement by the main

5.   The structure of the organisation is :

      The Main Board which will comprise one or more representatives from each of the member
      institutes of the West Midlands Region (whilst employed representatives are welcome and
      provide valuable input and support to PIN WM, wherever possible institutes are encouraged to
      nominate their Regional Chair, Vice Chair or other Office Holder as their representative). If an
      officer of the Regional Committee is unavailable then a nominated member can attend as a

      The Main Board will be responsible for the overall governance and strategic direction of the

      The Main Board will be lead by a Chair person whose appointment will be approved by the Main
      Board and will be for a period of 2 years.
         The Chair will be supported by up to two Vice Chairs whose appointment will be approved by
         the Main Board and will be for a period of 2 years. One of the Vice-Chairs will normally be
         expected to step up to the role of Chair, for a period of 2 years.

         The work of the Main Board will be supported by an Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer
         whose appointments will be approved by the Main Board. The appointments will be for a period
         of 2 years.

         The Main Board will appoint a smaller Operational Board who will undertake the day to day
         decision making and administrative activities of the organisation. This Operational Board will
         comprise the Chair, Vice Chairs, Secretary and up to 4 other appointees nominated by the Main
         Board. Additional members may be co-opted to the Operational Board for specific projects from
         time to time.

         The Operational Board will be responsible for ensuring implementation of the Main
         Boards strategic plans and for making recommendations to the Main Board.

We the undersigned wish to participate in the network of Bodies, known as PIN WM, accepting the
principles laid down:

Signed on behalf of (full name of Institute) :


Date:    ……………….                         Position:   ………………….

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