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					        South Auckland Family Violence Prevention Network
     He Roopu Whakakore Whanau Pakanga Ki Te Tonga O Taamaki


SAFVPN Strategic Plan 2011-2016 ratified 21/07/11, SAFVPN Governance.   1
                SAFVPN Strategic Plan 2011-2016
                 Te Ara Hou- the New Pathway

                              Contents Page

Introduction                                                            3
1.1 SAFVPN Whakapapa, History and Development                           3
1.2 Te Ara Hou – The New Pathway                                        5
2. SAFVPN Structure                                                     6
2.1 Governance, Management and Staffing                                 6
2.2 Organisational Structure                                            7
2.3 External Relationships                                              8
3. Philosophical Base                                                   9
3.1 Foundation Beliefs                                                  9
3.2 Bicultural Commitment                                               9
3.3 Logo                                                                10
3.4 Values                                                              10
4. Purpose and Kaupapa                                                  11
4.1 Constitutional Objects                                              11
4.2 Vision                                                              11
4.3 Mission                                                             12
4.4 Teal Ribbon Campaign                                                12
5. SWOT analysis                                                        13
6. Nga Kete – Strategic Objectives 1- 3                                 17
7. Action Plans                                                         18

SAFVPN Strategic Plan 2011-2016 ratified 21/07/11, SAFVPN Governance.        2
                 SAFVPN Strategic Plan 2011-2016
                  Te Ara Hou- the New Pathway

          Ki te kahore he whakakitenga ka ngaro te iwi

        Without foresight or vision the people will be lost
       (Proverbs 29:18 King Solomon: quoted by King Tawhiao Potatu Te Wherowhero)


This Strategic Plan has been developed by members of the South Auckland
Family Violence Prevention Network Association Incorporated through a
facilitated visioning process involving the general membership, the organisation‟s
Maori and Pacific caucus groups, and a series of member working groups. We
gratefully acknowledge the member organizations who contributed staff time to
this process; the individuals involved for their energy, ideas and commitment to
the process; and the Tindall Foundation for sponsoring Cheryl Holloway to
facilitate the initial visioning work in 2010.

This plan will be used to guide the activities of SAFVPN staff and members over
the next 5 years and to provide a cohesive point of reference for the diverse
range of individuals, groups and organizations that will collaborate to achieve the
organisational vision.

        1.1 SAFVPN Whakapapa-History and Development.
SAFVPN‟s origins go back to the early 1980s beginning with the determination of
the Mana Whenua of Pukaki to address the destructive effects of violence in the
whanau. A small Caucus, Te Uepu founded a network of people from
community, government and city council organisations in Tamaki Makarau who
had a commitment to family violence prevention.

In 1993 an Incorporated Society was formed, a co-ordinator employed for 5
hours a week, and an office base established at Friendship House, Manukau.
The key focus of the work was to have regular Network Hui and Training Events
held, raising awareness of Family Violence and introducing many social service
agencies and workers to concepts around working with Family Violence.

As the Network prospered, membership grew, fulltime staff was eventually
employed. An Information and Support Service was established to disseminate
information and offer support and referral to those affected by family violence.
Staff also worked with agencies to increase and improve the range of services
available to the public.

SAFVPN Strategic Plan 2011-2016 ratified 21/07/11, SAFVPN Governance.               3
                 SAFVPN Strategic Plan 2011-2016
                  Te Ara Hou- the New Pathway

In the following 10 years these activities continued. Achievements included a
growth in membership, establishment of a recognized certificate qualification in
working with Domestic Violence, in partnership with MIT; the development of an
annual Teal Ribbon- „Choose to be violence free‟- Campaign; the formation of
Maori and Pacific Caucus groups, and in 2007 a move to premises in Kolmar Rd,

However, a change in strategic direction during this time, towards direct service
delivery, led to a drop in membership and member involvement in the
association, from which it is now recovering.

Family Violence Prevention work sits on a continuum stretching from crisis
intervention to Health Promotion and SAFVPN has reclaimed its place on this
continuum at the Health Promotion end while still supporting those members who
work across the full range of interventions. Essentially SAFVPN exists to facilitate
collaboration between its members in order to add value to their Family Violence
Prevention Work, and to resource its members and the wider community in terms
of the information, knowledge and skills which will contribute to Family Violence

SAFVPN‟s foundation document is its 1993 Constitution, which was last updated
in 2004, and which is currently under review again. The intention of this review is
to embed the new Bi-cultural Structure, update the Membership Rules and to
ensure the Kaupapa and Philosophy reflects the evolving understandings of
family violence. These have expanded from a patriarchal and gendered power &
control analysis to include a holistic analysis encompassing power & control in all
relationships. Such an analysis acknowledges the influence of contextual
socioeconomic structures and events on the lives of families and whanau, in
addition to the influence of patriarchy. SAFVPN also acknowledges the effects of
western colonization on indigenous world views and the contribution this has
made to violence in the family. SAFVPN‟s commitment to developing as a bi-
cultural organization is now reflected in SAFVPN‟s organizational structure,
which this plan, Te Ara Hou, will further promote.

SAFVPN gained CYFS Approval status in 2000 opening the way for more secure
funding. A MSD-CYFS contract now funds the Information and Support function
and Awareness Raising Education about Family Violence in the community. As a
result of the Te Rito Strategy, MSD FACS has funded positions for prevention
work, which disappointingly terminates in June 2011; Manukau City Council has
been a consistent sponsor, and many other funders have also supported
SAFVPN over the years.

SAFVPN Strategic Plan 2011-2016 ratified 21/07/11, SAFVPN Governance.             4
                SAFVPN Strategic Plan 2011-2016
                 Te Ara Hou- the New Pathway
                   1.2 Te Ara Hou-the New Pathway,

      Manaaki Whenua                       Care for the land
      Manaaki Tangata                      Care for the people
      Haere Whakamua                       Go Forward

This plan signifies that the Footsteps have extended far enough to describe a
pathway and a consolidated direction for further work in the area of Family
Violence Prevention. It outlines ways in which we can work together to build a
strong new pathway on these foundations. The plan is significant in that it marks
a turning point in the association‟s life, reinforcing the original kaupapa,
capitalizing on renewed energy and commitment and heralding a new way
forward building on the foundations of the past. Te Ara Hou is about a vision for
the future, a vision that provides guidance and leadership.

SAFVPN Strategic Plan 2011-2016 ratified 21/07/11, SAFVPN Governance.          5
                 SAFVPN Strategic Plan 2011-2016
                  Te Ara Hou- the New Pathway
                          2. SAFVPN STRUCTURE

              2.1 Governance, Management and Staffing

                     Ma muaka kite a muri
                      Mamuri ka ora a mua
          Those who lead give sight to those who follow
           Those who follow give life to those who lead.

As an incorporated society with bi-cultural aspirations, SAFVPN has a unique
 It is „owned‟ by, and ultimately accountable to, its members;
 It is governed by a Governance Committee elected annually from the
    membership under the terms of its Constitution. Governance have the kaitiaki
    role of facilitating a process that allows for multiple contributions, and
    ensuring that the processes, direction and projects of the organization are:
        o Compliant with the overall organisational outcomes,
        o Accountable in terms of budget & available staffing,
        o Culturally inclusive,
        o Well managed with sensitivity for the kaupapa.
 Current policy has established that 6 of these Governance members be
    Tangata Whenua, (3 Mana Whenua and 3 Tangata Whenua), and 6 Tauiwi (3
    Pacific and 3 General). From the elected members a Chair person, Deputy
    Chair, Treasurer and Secretary are elected as Executive Officers.
 Te Uepu is SAFVPN‟s Maori Caucus
 Kumi Fanua is SAFVPN‟s Pacific Caucus
 Participation and inclusion of diverse key ethnic, cultural and issue based
    groups with a Family Violence Prevention focus within SAFVPN are actively

SAFVPN membership is now increasing, currently standing at 92, and
diversifying in line with organizational goals of encouraging membership beyond
the social services sector.

Staff positions currently consist of a full time manager, a full time Information and
Support worker, 3 Navigators (Tangata Whenua, Pacific and Tauiwi) at 25 hours
each, and a part time book keeper/accountant with provision to increase the
navigator positions to full time, add an Administrator and an Education co-
Up to date information about Governance members, staff and membership can
be found on the SAFVPN website .

SAFVPN Strategic Plan 2011-2016 ratified 21/07/11, SAFVPN Governance.              6
                SAFVPN Strategic Plan 2011-2016
                 Te Ara Hou- the New Pathway
                2.2 SAFVPN Organisational Structure

              Bicultural Governance Committee
       Mana/Tangata Whenua                            Tauiwi
         2 Mana Whenua                           3 Diverse Tauiwi
        4 Tangata Whenua                            3 Pasefika


                               Generic Staff              Tauiwi   Pasefika
                            Accounts/SafetyLine          Navigator Navigator
             Whenua Whare
                                                        others.         Kumi
              Te Uepu

SAFVPN Strategic Plan 2011-2016 ratified 21/07/11, SAFVPN Governance.           7
                SAFVPN Strategic Plan 2011-2016
                 Te Ara Hou- the New Pathway
                       2.3 External Relationships

SAFVPN has historically focused on its internal relationships with members,
which in the mid 1990s reached over 400. This resulted from a proactive process
of including external organizations within the SAFVPN circle, thus offering
support to the individuals within those organizations who were isolated in their
passion to prevent violence, supporting them to participate in promoting the
kaupapa and raising awareness within their own organizations.
However in today‟s environment a wider range of organizations have taken up
the violence prevention kaupapa including for example Funders, Iwi and Marae,
District Health Boards, Local Authorities, other Networks, and some Government

SAFVPN currently enjoys informal but fruitful relationships with external
organizations and groups for example Auckland City Council (Formally Manukau
City Council), Pukaki Marae, Counties Manukau Police, Te Rito Co-ordinator‟s
Network, Maori Women‟s Welfare League, Manukau Institute of Technology, and
SAFVPN currently contributes to the local Eliminating Violence Project; The MSD
led „Its Not OK‟ campaign, local social service networks throughout the region,
The Fathering Network and the International Coalition Against Domestic
Violence, amongst others.
The nature of these relationships will continue to be nurtured with a view to
opportunities for collaboration.
Funders are vital external Stakeholders and increasingly it is those funders
committed to social development, to building a healthy, safe society, with whom
SAFVPN seeks relationships and ongoing partnership.

SAFVPN Strategic Plan 2011-2016 ratified 21/07/11, SAFVPN Governance.         8
                 SAFVPN Strategic Plan 2011-2016
                  Te Ara Hou- the New Pathway

                             3. Philosphical Base

                    3.1 SAFVPN’s Foundation Beliefs

The SAFVPN Inc. Constitution (Amended 2004) states “The South Auckland
Family Violence Prevention Network Society Incorporated believes that violence,
in any shape or form, is unacceptable, and change of behaviour is possible
We also believe:
   a. That it is every individual‟s right to live without the fear of violence and the
      reality of violence.
   b. That it is a whanau, hapu, community and society responsibility to ensure
      this right and to make a stand against violence.

   c. That the incidence of public violence (eg: at marae, hui, gatherings,
      workplaces, schools, communities streets, pubs, gangs) is linked to
      violence by individuals, whanau, hapu, family and is supported by silence.

   d. Violence is a learned attitude and behaviour for dealing with certain
      situations and non-violent alternatives can be learned”

                 3.2 SAFVPN’s Bicultural Commitment
In fulfilling it‟s responsibility to make a collective stand against violence SAFVPN
acknowledges the destructiveness of cultural alienation, oppression, and
exclusion as a fundamental cause of violence in our society.
SAFVPN therefore embraces bi-culturalism and seeks to promote within the
network and the wider community, an inclusive and unique culture in which both
Tangata Whenua and Tauiwi are actively supported to find our place to stand,
our Turangawaewae; the places from which we all may honour our whakapapa
and roots; and in which we may see all our mokopuna, our descendants, grow
and flourish.

SAFVPN Strategic Plan 2011-2016 ratified 21/07/11, SAFVPN Governance.               9
                SAFVPN Strategic Plan 2011-2016
                 Te Ara Hou- the New Pathway

                            3.3 SAFVPN Logo
                         (Designed by Tania Remana 1993)

                             The SAFVPN Logo represents the elements of
                             movement from violence, to freedom from violence:
                             The outward & inner pain & bruises,
                             The awareness and seeking of the true self, emotions
                             and identity,
                             The tears and the thirst for life,
                             The lessons learned,
                             The support of whanau, friends, outsiders,
                             And the choice to accept support

                           3.4 SAFVPN Values

                        Tika, Pono, me Te Aroha

                              Doing what is
                            Right and Correct,
                    Truth, Integrity and Honesty,
                       Love in its fullest sense
   of empathy, compassion, warmth, tolerance, and caring.

             SAFVPN’s overarching value is of Aroha.
                      From Aroha grows:

   Tapu Tangata -Respect for the sacredness of each person,

          Manaakitanga- respect, care and hospitality;

           Inclusion, Transparency, and, Participation.

SAFVPN Strategic Plan 2011-2016 ratified 21/07/11, SAFVPN Governance.               10
                SAFVPN Strategic Plan 2011-2016
                 Te Ara Hou- the New Pathway
                   4. SAFVPN Purpose and Kaupapa

                  4.1 SAFVPN Constitutional Objects

As defined in the Constitution, these are:
   a. To gather and distribute information amongst groups working in the area
      of family violence
   b. To promote and foster training in relation to family violence amongst
      groups working in the area of family violence.
   c. To provide information, support and awareness raising whanau, families,
      hapu, communities.
   d. To increase the level of safety from Family Violence for all whanau, hapu
      & family members by co-ordinating Family Violence Prevention activities.
   e. To act as a lobby group in regard to policy issues involving safety from
      family violence.
   f. To promote peace as an alternative to violence.
This kaupapa is operationalised through Strategic Planning processes involving
member participation and through facilitation and co-ordination activities by
SAFVPN staff.

                                 4.2 Vision

 SAFVPN’s long term vision is that South Auckland becomes
 the community or rohe of choice for whanau & families to
raise our families and realize the potential of our mokopuna.
By 2016 SAFVPN will be positioned as the leading voice in Family
Violence Prevention for the community of South Auckland-Tamaki
Makarau. We will be:
       Proud members of a network of diverse individuals and
       organisations representative of the wider community;

      Promoting holistic wellbeing and preventing violence;

      Walking in wisdom with our communities to mobilize
      community strengths;

      Creating violence free environments for future generations.

SAFVPN Strategic Plan 2011-2016 ratified 21/07/11, SAFVPN Governance.       11
                SAFVPN Strategic Plan 2011-2016
                 Te Ara Hou- the New Pathway

                                  4.3 Mission

                  4.4 SAFVPN Teal Ribbon Campaign

                   Choose to be Violence Free
         Wearing this ribbon is a personal pledge that:
   Violence in any shape or form is unacceptable and realistic
                    alternatives are possible

SAFVPN Strategic Plan 2011-2016 ratified 21/07/11, SAFVPN Governance.   12
                SAFVPN Strategic Plan 2011-2016
                 Te Ara Hou- the New Pathway

         5. Analysis of SAFVPN’s Position, at March 2011.
       Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats as

                              5.1 STRENGTHS

     Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi engari he toa takitini.
  It is not my strength alone, but the strength of many that
                   contributes to my success.

Internally SAFVPN is experiencing revitalisation
     The 2010 visioning process has given members a new sense of shared
        values, common goals and passion;
     Membership is growing in size and diversity;
     New external relationships are being developed.
 This revitalization can be linked to:
      The adoption of a bi-cultural structure including a bi-cultural Governance
      The commitment to developing a bi-cultural framework
      The opportunities for Tangata Whenua and Pacifc to lead and participate
         at caucus and Governance level
      The establishment of a full-time manager‟s position and the appointment
         to this position,
      The success of collaborative projects in the community
      The success of training projects.
Externally - external relationships being established are a valuable new asset.
These come as a result of the availability of a new manager with the ability to
build trusting and collaborative relationships.

                            5.2 WEAKNESSES
Internally –the governance of SAFVPN demands a huge time commitment and a
high level of expertise. Neither of these assets is readily available to our
members who faithfully make this voluntary commitment. The Constitutional
requirement for annual re-election also contributes to instability at the
Governance level. Te Ara Hou will address these issues through Constitutional
Review, improved orientation processes and budget for Governance training and
out of pocket expenses.
At the same time it is hoped that improved orientation and MOUs for membership
will encourage organizations to nominate Governance members with skill level
appropriate for the Governance role.
Membership of SAFVPN also demands time of members. This same process of
establishing meaningful membership agreements and orientation will address the
current lack of clarity among members about the true nature, kaupapa and

SAFVPN Strategic Plan 2011-2016 ratified 21/07/11, SAFVPN Governance.         13
                SAFVPN Strategic Plan 2011-2016
                 Te Ara Hou- the New Pathway

structure of SAFVPN as an association for social change. Included in this
orientation will be Tikanga Best Practice Training for Staff and members
including Governance so that we may more meaningfully fulfill our bi-cultural
Staff management, development and retention have been a difficult challenge for
SAFVPN over the years without a full time manager‟s position. We expect that
this will now be remedied with a manager in place, and with an update of our
staffing policy we intend to achieve a reputation for excellence in staff
management as befits an organization committed to whanau well being.
Robust evaluation processes for member satisfaction and project delivery have
also been identified as areas for improvement along with a need to tell and
publicise more widely, the stories of success so that these can be celebrated and
replicated. These stories along with a wide range of publicity resources and
relevant training need to be much more readily available to our members for
promotion purposes.
SAFVPN‟s new bicultural structure includes a two house model with Tangata
Whenua and Tauiwi currently represented by Te Uepu Caucus and Kumi Fanua.
Terms of Reference with caucus groups need to be developed to clarify the
complex web of relationships and accountabilities between caucus groups,
members, Governance & staff.
Lack of financial resource has been an ongoing hindrance to SAFVPN realizing
its potential. This relates to funding for:
      the SAFVPN office hub which members clearly desire to be well
         resourced for their use;
      the development and publication of resource material
      specific, collaborative health promotion projects
      professional training in the field
      member activities
Funding for work with the long term outcomes characteristic of social change
work, is difficult to access in a society where short term measurable outputs are

Externally SAFVPN is exploring ways to define, acknowledge and foster
significant external relationships which have in the past been informal and vague.

                           5.3 OPPORTUNITIES
Internally, The Strategic Planning process has highlighted the willingness of
members to engage with the wider community as Champions of SAFVPN‟s
Vision. Each member is already an „inside‟ member of a range of communities
with the potential to involve those communities in the promotion of wellbeing and
violence free environments. Our plan, Te Ara Hou, emphasizes the opportunity to
maximize this potential, and will establish ways to mobilize our communities.

SAFVPN Strategic Plan 2011-2016 ratified 21/07/11, SAFVPN Governance.          14
                SAFVPN Strategic Plan 2011-2016
                 Te Ara Hou- the New Pathway

World Wide Web technology is an untapped resource which SAFVPN can
develop much more fully to support members and communities.
The established SAFVPN Caucus groups and ethnic and other SAFVPN Interest
groups can contribute to the development of culturally relevant resource material
for diverse communities.
Political decisions which have shifted funds from prevention work to frontline
staffing through whanau ora will mean that many of our member organizations
should be better resourced to provide holistic frontline services. This should
mean that SAFVPN will have an increased demand to provide relevant training,
and have a better range of services to offer clients.

Externally the social environment demonstrates increased awareness nationally
as a result of the MSD „It‟s not OK‟ programme. Locally SAFVPN‟s own Teal
Ribbon Campaign has also contributed to greater awareness.
Wide publicity and reporting of violence at home, in schools and in the
community contributes to public awareness, and while it can be seen as
negative, it does create motivation for social change at individual, organisational
and systems levels.
Moreover, SAFVPN has examples of programmes which do work to prevent
violence in our communities‟ families and whanau; examples which counteract
the sense of powerlessness and hopelessness that the mass media may
engender. Recent collaboration with Manukau Institute of Technology media
students has achieved dual outcomes of promotional art work, and new
awareness and empowerment of students.
Many Organisations such as Tainui, Te Ora O Manukau and City Council, the
District Health Board, Maori Women‟s Welfare League, Raukura Hau Ora and
certain Church Ministries, have committed to promotion of violence free lifestyles
and zero tolerance to violence within their spheres of influence. These
organizations are potential partners to which SAFVPN needs to be able to offer
the specialist services of its members and staff. This plan identifies ways to
enhance and develop that expertise to ever higher levels.
The new Auckland Council also presents enhanced opportunities. The Mayor‟s
Vision of “Auckland as the World‟s most liveable city” links well with SAFVPN‟s
Vision for South Auckland - Tamaki Makarau as a violence free zone, the place
of choice to raise future generations. SAFVPN envisages violence free promotion
as an integral component of council organized events.

Local Marae, Church Congregations, Waitangi Day Events, Tainui Poukai,
National Kapa Haka Events, and Sporting fixtures are all examples of sites which
could be partners in promoting SAFVPN‟s message, and for gaining wider
support for the kaupapa.
Our links through our diverse membership with a wide range of groups all
present multiple opportunities for collaborative projects.

SAFVPN Strategic Plan 2011-2016 ratified 21/07/11, SAFVPN Governance.           15
                SAFVPN Strategic Plan 2011-2016
                 Te Ara Hou- the New Pathway

                                5.4 THREATS
Threats exist internally for SAFVPN in its constitutional identity as an
Incorporated Society. The achievement of SAFVPN‟s objectives is only as good
as the contribution of its members. Without its members the organization does
not exist or function. Disaffected members, loss of credibility, a lack of robust
processes; these can all be fatal to the organization, and the need to prevent
their occurrence is well understood.
A further threat exists in the fact that member agencies are generally under
resourced for collaborative work, so that members, including Governance
members, may lack both the permission and the putea or resources which would
allow them to contribute.

Externally the most serious Threats center on funding availability. SAFVPN
capacity has always been constrained by funding limitations on its own
operations, and on those of its members with their consequently restricted
capacity to participate in the collaborative activities which are potentially its
greatest asset. While collaboration may be supported in principle, its real costs
are not acknowledged or funded. As the funding pool decreases SAFVPN may
find itself contributing to its own demise by alienating members because of
competition for funds.
This is currently exacerbated by an ideological and political shift which has seen
funding moved from the health promotion end of the prevention spectrum to
frontline or crisis intervention work. Without strong community development and
prevention work, the need for frontline work spirals, demanding increasing funds.
SAFVPN needs to find funds targeted to health promotion efforts through
interagency collaboration and community development.

Ultimately SAFVPN‟s success in building Te Ara Hou, the New Pathway, rests on
collaborative activity including members, staff, external stakeholders and
communities. To achieve effective collaboration, a mix of clearly articulated
vision, shared goals and values, adequate resources and specialized knowledge,
blended with goodwill, trust, well defined relationships and passion is required.
This plan seeks to ensure these are maximized and that specific actions are
planned to build the new pathway.

SAFVPN Strategic Plan 2011-2016 ratified 21/07/11, SAFVPN Governance.          16
                SAFVPN Strategic Plan 2011-2016
                 Te Ara Hou- the New Pathway

6. Nga Kete - SAFVPN Goals: Destination Te Ara Hou: 2011-2016

 Hapaitia te ara tika pumau ai te rangatiratanga mo nga uri
Foster the pathway of knowledge to strength, independence
              and growth for future generations

6.1 To Equip the Network to Achieve its Mission by:
   i. Ensuring all members and staff understand and are committed
      to SAFVPN‟s philosophy, purpose, vision structure etc
  ii. Ensuring all members and staff have in depth analysis of family
 iii. Ensuring all members and staff have knowledge and skills to
      deliver mana-enhancing FV Prevention practice.
 iv. Ensuring all members and staff have training and qualifications
      appropriate to their roles
  v. To ensure SAFVPN members and staff have access to
      resources needed to achieve their goals.

6.2 To Work Effectively with Diverse Communities so that they
      are Proud to Be Violence Free and able to:
   i. Recognize family violence
  ii. Recognize well being
 iii. Build skills to live violence free lifestyles

6.3 To Work Effectively with Social Systems and Structures to
develop Structural Support for Violence Free Lifestyles so that
Organizations recognize:
      i. Oppressive vs anti-oppressive practice
     ii. Develop strength based, mana enhancing systems
    iii. Promote violence free environments.

              Ma tini ma mano ka rapa te whai.
       By many, by thousands, the work (project) will be
        Many hands make light work. Unity is strength.

SAFVPN Strategic Plan 2011-2016 ratified 21/07/11, SAFVPN Governance.   17
                SAFVPN Strategic Plan 2011-2016
                 Te Ara Hou- the New Pathway

                    7. Action Plans to be attached

SAFVPN Strategic Plan 2011-2016 ratified 21/07/11, SAFVPN Governance.   18

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