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					21st September 2011

        Today is my first entry to a long lasting journey of hard work. I begin
today because today is the day where I started working on the personal project. I
will be making my personal project about “How to make or create a Movie/Film”.
Thankfully, we were given a full day of just working on the pp, as a retreat. Today
I worked on the research element. I was helped and supported by the librarian
who explained about how I can find and annotate the book in the library from
the website In addition, we worked on the AoI; the
teachers explained the AoI aspects. I chose three AoI relating to my project;
which are community and service, human ingenuity and approaches to learning.
Last but not least, Mr. Sweeney gave us all the deadlines included to the project
and how the whole project is organized. By that, I decided to follow the
deadlines. For example, I will work on the goal a week before the goal is due. Or
work on the product after completing my goal with the specifications and have a
few journal entries. Nevertheless, I started working on my goal at the end of the
day, which is due on the 6th of October. I followed the report template given and
followed the headlines.

3rd October 2011

       Today I went back into working on my goal since it’s due after three days.
Nonetheless, I continued following the student guide about how to write the goal
and answered the headlines shown. I was stuck into choosing which AoI I will be
involved in through the project because my project relates mostly to Approaches
to Learning, however, I can’t choose that because I won’t be able to write much
on the report about this AoI, as I was warned by the teachers on the 21st of
September. Therefore, I had to choose another AoI, which will help me contain
ideas while doing the report. So I chose Community & Service since I will be
making a guidebook about films and help the community to acknowledge more
about how movies are made. Finally, I finished the goal and uploaded it to the

13th October 2011

        On this day, I faced a step back on my whole project. Mr. Schwaberow
gave me feedback on my goal and my whole Idea on the project. I was frustrated
that I had to reapply my whole idea since the idea of “Movies/Films” was too
broad and wide, so I had to be more specific with a particular technique. In
addition, Mr. Schwaberow advised me to change the AoI because making movies
or films doesn’t connect much with the Community and Service, so I should
perhaps change the AoI I chose. However, I was recommended to talk to Mrs.
Fletcher since she knows much about Movies and films, perhaps she would
direct me correctly on which specified topic I should choose and how can I
improve my goal. Let’s hope Mrs. Fletcher saves me!
26th -27th October 2011

        I went to Mrs. Fletcher and discussed my whole situation. She, thankfully,
told me to print out my goal and print out Mr. Schwaberows feedback on my
goal; and bring it to her tomorrow. And than she’ll see how she can help me over
the weekend. So the next day I gave her everything she required me to do to be
able to help me.

30th October 2011

        I was hoping that Mrs. Fletcher would have the solution to my whole
conflict that I faced lately about my topic and goal. I meet with her and she
explained how I can improve my topic and suggested that I choose Human
Ingenuity as my AoI. Firstly, she gave me options that are more specific like
Camera positioning, blue screening or green screening and other areas. And she
explained to me that there are equipments for green screening in the library, as
students taking Film will study about it. I went back home and researched the
options she gave me like camera positioning and green screening. I was mostly
interested and felt compatible with green screening. Green screening was also
valid since the equipments are easy to have, as I read and surfed on the Internet.
Now I have to change my goal and I have to research more about my topic. Than I
have to move on to my specifications.

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