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					  Steps for Upgrading from Version 4.0 or
             5.0 to Version 6.0
While these instructions may look long and complicated, they are not. We have just detailed
every step needed, even though many of the steps are obvious (e.g., click the "Next"
button). Just follow the directions and you'll be using V6 in no time!

      Updates should always be completed on your main computer (or server) first.
      Always backup Amazing Charts before updating (just in case...)

 Make A Backup: although Amazing Charts automatically makes a backup of your critical
files before updating, it is wise to make your own copy of your Amazing Charts database
and Imported Items directory before upgrading. Follow the steps below to make a copy of
the critical patient and practice data stored in your Access databases and Imported Items

Use the Amazing Charts Backup Utility to make a backup before upgrading. The backup
utility can be accessed in one of two ways:

      Click on Windows Start button | All Programs | Amazing Charts | Amazing Backup
       (as shown in the picture below); or,
      From within the Amazing Charts Admin window click on the View menu | Admin
       Options | Offsite Backup.

When the Amazing Charts Backup Utility starts up, click the Backup Now button, which will
make an encrypted backup of all your data.
We recommend that, after backing up Amazing Charts, you run the Amazing Utilities tool to
optimize your database. Like the way you accessed the Backup Utility, you can start
Amazing Utilities either from the Amazing Charts folder in the Windows Start menu, or from
the Admin window within Amazing Charts. (The image below shows the first technique.)

Once Amazing Utilities starts, click the Optimize Databases button.
Once all processes are complete, click on Finish.

Now Quit Amazing Utilities, as shown below.
Download The Installer: On the Main Computer login to and
enter your email address and password to log into your account.

Click on “Click here to download your updates” link.

Now follow the steps as outlined in step by step order. Click on “Click here to download the
Amazing Charts installer on you “main” computer.

A prompt will appear with the option to Run, Save, or Cancel the file. Select the Save
We recommend you save the file to your Desktop so it will be easy to find.

Once the download is complete, you'll see the AmazingChartsInstaller6.exe on the desktop.

Run The Installer: run the Amazing Charts Installer on your "main" computer.

If your main computer (the one you should be doing this on) is running Windows 7 or Vista,
you should Right-Click on the AmazingChartsInstaller6.exe and select "Run as
administrator." For other versions of windows, simply double-clicking the installer will do
just fine.
A security warning may appear. Click the Run option to allow the installation to begin.

The Amazing Charts Installation Wizard will now take over and help walk you through the
installation.(Depending on the speed and memory on your computer, this process can take
a number of minutes.)

The first step is to unpack the various files you'll need during the installation. Let the
process go through, even though it may appear that nothing is happening. Wait...
Once the ACPrerequisites is complete, the Amazing Charts Setup Assistant window will

Your main computer requires Microsoft SQL Server (Express version), our new robust
backend database (into which all your old Access database info will be migrated in a few
minutes). Answer the questions and our installer will put everything where it should be.

Various windows will pop up to let you know what is going on. In some instances you'll need
to click a button to allow the various files to be correctly installed. Don't abort the process
midway through as Windows doesn't take kindly to this and will likely get you back by
requiring a lot of manual configuration by our support team later on.
Once SQL Server installation is complete, the Amazing Charts V6.0 Installation will continue
to walk you through the process. Click on "Next," and follow the steps.

Our End User License Agreement (EULA) will appear. We strongly encourage you actually
read this, as you are agreeing to the terms when you install or use our program and
services. If you agree to abide by the terms of the EULA, select the "I accept..." choice to
continue. (If you are not comfortable with any part of our EULA, please select "I do not
accept..." This will stop the installation. The EULA is discussed on our user board, and you
should feel free to post your concerns for public debate.

If you agree to the terms of the EULA, a destination folder prompt will appear. It’s
important that you select the correct database location - in other words the correct directory
where your main databases reside (i.e., the directory you did the backup from in Step 1). In
this example, and by default, the location is: C:\program files\Amazing Charts. If your
database is located on a different drive, click on "Browse" and find the correct folder.

Once you locate your main Amazing Charts directory, select the “Anyone who uses this
computer" option and then click on "Next."

Amazing Charts will now install various files necessary to use the program. You will see
various messages indicating which files are being installed and enhanced. Do not cancel this
Once the installation is complete, a window will appear. Click on "Finish."

Start up Amazing Charts: Double click on the Amazing Charts icon on your desktop.

The Amazing Charts setup Assistant will appear, click on Next and answer the step by step
Again, you should first set up Amazing Charts on the main computer. So select "Yes." If you
are installing this on other computers and not your main one (since you've already
completed the install on your main computer), then you can select "No," and then browse to
the main computer.

For Amazing Charts to know where the main database is, it must read information in a file
called AmazingCharts.xml. If the correct directory does not appear automatically, you'll
need to browse for it. Once found, select the file and click "Open."
Amazing Charts will start up and attach to your new database.

You may be asked to run the Database Tuner. The link to the tuner is available here. You
can usually run the tuner without saving it to your computer.

Click Run the Tuner, which will update and migrate your V4 or V5 data into V6.

Click the OK button once the tuner is done. Do not stop the tuner while it is running - even
if it appears to have frozen. Give it time!
Upgrade your other computers. You now need to update all the non-main
computers (we refer to them as the "locals," or "remote" computers.

We suggest that you copy the AmazingChartsinstaller6.exe from your Desktop to your Main
Amazing Charts folder. That way, you can browse from each of your local computers to the
shared main folder and run the installer from there. (On the local computers, you will not
need to install SQL or migrate the databases, so this will take a lot less time.)

To update your local computers, browse to the AmazingChartsinstaller6.exe which, as
recommended above, is likely in your main Amazing Charts directory on the main computer.
Other alternatives to get the installer would be:

      Put the AmazingChartsInstaller.exe into a shared or public folder accessible from any
       computer on your network.
      Download the installer from our website (takes more time).
On Windows Vista and Windows 7, instead of just double-clicking on the installer to run it,
we recommend you right-click and select “Run as Administrator.”

An "Open File - Security Warning" may appear, click on Run.
As before, the Amazing Charts Installation Wizard will take it from here.

Once the required files are unpacked, the Amazing Charts Database Setup will appear. This
time, since you are on a local (i.e., not the "main" computer), select: “No, this isn’t the
“main” computer, and thus does not need to have Microsoft SQL installed. Click on

(If, on the other hand, this is a laptop that you may be taking offsite to use Amazing Charts
and returning to the office to synchronize, you will need to click on “Sort of” option, which
will install the SQL Server database for when you do take the computer off site.
Amazing Charts V6.0 Installation Wizard will appear. Click on next.

Again, the End User License Agreement will appear. Given that you've already read it and
agreed when installing the program on the main computer, we presume you'll agree again.
Most likely your non-main computers you have used the default setting for the Amazing
Charts files. If not, browse to the correct directory.

Amazing Charts will now complete the installation. You will see various messages indicating
what is being installed where. Again, do not cancel this process.
A window will appear once the installation has successfully completed. Click on Finish.

Now start up Amazing Charts on the computer by double-clicking the Amazing
Charts icon on your desktop.

On Windows Vista machines, you may have to run Amazing Charts as an
administrator the first time you attempt to start it. If this is required, Amazing
Charts will open the correct directory and tell you what to do. You only need to
do this once on the computer.
The Amazing Charts setup Assistant will appear, click on Next.

You now need to find the Amazing Charts databases located on the "main" Amazing Charts
computer onto which you've already installed and set up Amazing Charts. To do this, click
the "No..." option, then browse across your network to the shared directory that holds the
AmazingCharts.xml file.
Browse to your main computer (or server) where you installed Amazing Charts in step 2,
and double click on AmazingCharts.xml file.

Amazing Charts should start. If not, click the following link for assistance:

Now run these steps (page 13 “Upgrade your other computers”) on each of your other
computers, and you're good to go!

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